Sasuke and naruto (yaoi, sasuke needed :D)

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This is a story,when everything was over all the fighting with the akatsuki and itachi,sasuke had avenged his clan, naruto had took his revenge on pain for nearly destroying the village and his sensie, now since its all over naruto has fallen in love with sasuke, but he dose not know if sasuke feels the same way, he might not and if so naruto will find someone else.

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So you need a Sasuke? I think I can manage.
  UchihaSasuke1313 / 8y 27d 20h 49m 48s
looks around ummm idk if this is active or not but im dropping since you dont seem to be on or you just dont wanna rep
  Sasuke Uchiha / VYxD / 9y 326d 7h 54m 29s
ah alright and ill join then though i have not watched or read naruto i get tidbits enough to past me by through SOME rps
  Light Yagami / VYxD / 9y 329d 29m 43s
lol if you wached naruto shippuuden,they were all in battles with the skatsuki so its based on that ending,and that sasuke came back to the village after killing his brother, and now naruto has feelings for him but is to scared to tell sasuke.

g2g i'll be back tomorrow =3
  naruto-kun (sexy ;]) / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 37m 20s
lols >< if you could explain it a bit easier ill go find a picture and join >< im a little out of things and simple plots confuse me on weekends
  Light Yagami / VYxD / 9y 329d 40m 34s
lol sorry XD
  naruto-kun (sexy ;]) / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 43m 24s
Naruto woke up looking around his room,he sighed 'only a dream' he said in a cold sweat,he had seen sasuke dien in his dream, he was scared about sasuke,his face went bright red 'don't be silly he won't feel the same as me' he said to himself getting up and putting his trousers and coat on but he kept his coat unziped, he looked at the clock 'ahhh i'm going ot be late for kakashi sensie' he said to himself and bolted out of the door locking it behind him and headed to the dark forest,and sat in a tree waiting for sasuke and sakura to show up.
  naruto-kun (sexy ;]) / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 1h 35m 53s

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