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  my family / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 72d 11h 43m 35s
XDDDD heck yea he is XDDDDDD
  u hurt my feelings / Deaths_twin / 8y 243d 43m 2s
Deaht the kid is awsome!!
  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 243d 2h 19m 56s
  Kataru / Sheoldred / 8y 243d 6h 2m 21s
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 250d 3h 12m 51s
  Sameria / 8y 250d 6h 52m 21s
It will be. xD
  Black_Emotion / HowlingMoon / 8y 250d 11h 2m 47s
o3o sounds funn XDDDDD
  my family / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 250d 11h 4m 6s
Hiyas! My whole class is going to a graveyard on Monday. Go figure. :P xD
  Black_Emotion / HowlingMoon / 8y 250d 11h 4m 57s
Its a whatever thing now. Cause im starting to give up shit hurt's I said im sorry but i guess its not good enough
  Kaname. / matthardy / 8y 286d 1h 29m 15s
"I see."
  Kataru / Sheoldred / 8y 286d 1h 44m 4s
Its my job to take care of her. But it feel's like im not fucking up some how when im not. Ill fight for her if i got to
  Kaname. / matthardy / 8y 288d 30m 24s
"I see."
  Kataru / Sheoldred / 8y 288d 37m 7s
cause i feel like this dude is hitting on my girl. And i want to bite his face off. She's mine mine mine mine mine mine mine.
  Kaname. / matthardy / 8y 288d 37m 50s
  Kataru / Sheoldred / 8y 288d 38m 6s

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