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"Do you see me?"
"Do you hear me?"

"Do you remember?"

Gone. She was gone from the realm of the living. A young girl- Murdered! Taken away before she was ready, before she could spread her wings in the world. The police had no leads, the family has dark secrets, and her former lover has only heartache. She had been everything to him, his little moonlight beauty. Now she was gone.
The funeral service was nice. Many people came - Co-workers, friends from college, and her family of course. It was all a blur of poems, songs, and whispers of love and affection falling over the dead. He couldn't stomach it with out her. He couldn't handle the way her family stood there like statues. He couldn't bare to live with out her.
Three in the morning, he stood above her freshly made grave. His eyes glassy from drink, his breath misting in the air. Kneeling down, his knees became wet and dark stained as wet graveyard soil sank into the denim. It had rained after the funeral. He didn't care.
Fingers, knuckles nicked from slamming his fists into a wall over and over, a faint bruising discoloration already in affect, traced her name so gently. How many times had he traced the curve of her neck that way? How many times had he run his fingers through her silken hair as they had lain curled together on movie night? Yet now all he could trace was her name carved in cool garnet.

"Do you see me?"
"Do you hear me?"

"Do you remember?"

Oh he loved her so much, he was losing his mind, her voice fluttering through his head even still. Her sweet and gentle voice, a bit high pitched. He loved it when she spoke, always telling her she sounded so cute even though she felt she sounded like a child. Hands rose and covered his ears, though, he could not take her voice now. She was gone, away from him, oh so far away, and he would never hold her again.
Gone, gone was his sweet serenity, and along with her his sanity. Could it be that he would lose her yet gain her? Perhaps she was simply sleeping. Yes, yes only sleeping.
Curled there on the grave of his beloved, he found himself falling deeper, deeper into a dark void of madness. Of torment... Of torture...
His screams were what did it in the end. His cries for her, her name falling from his lips, a call so heartbreaking, it pulled her to him. Pulling him into her world. A world where he didn't belong.

"Do you see me?"
"Do you hear me?"

"Do you remember?"

Blinding light, flashing around his form, he couldn't breath, couldn't think. He had heard her voice, his eyes stinging, red and glossy. The alcohol in his system had flushed away as he had made the transition into this new world, this unseen play of existence. His mind in a blur, his body feeling as though he had taken several hits on the old football field.
Yet, like the light, the pain began to fade, and he found himself standing alone in a dark tavern, strange glowing orbs dancing about outside slightly shadowed windows. Where was he? Had he gone mad and lost his mind?

"You shouldn't have come here..."
"I was kind to you before..."

"You wont find her in time..."

That voice... That voice wasn't hers. It wasn't gentle or kind. There was evil in that voice, cruelty dripping like venom. What did it mean by he wouldn't get to her in time? Was she... Was she here?

"Do you see me?"
"Do you hear me?"

"Do you remember?"

She was lost. She didn't know where she was, who she was. All she could do was follow this strange being that had called out to her very soul. She tried though, tried to speak to him, tried to make him see, but he was lost from her. Why, why was he so important?
But then, she could only follow him for so long until she was pulled away. Pulled into a void of whispers and mutterings. The voices, so many yet so few, sounded so familiar to her. It was as if she knew them, could feel them close. Yet she didn't even know who she was. Couldn't remember why she was there in the void or where she had come from. Didn't understand her connection with the man who had brought what felt like tears to her eyes.
Hand lifting, she tried to brush them away, but she felt nothing there, not even her own form. She was a wisp, a wraith of nothingness, and it was killing her. He could not see, appeared not to hear, and couldn't help her remember. All she had was brief glimpses of his form then back to the void she seemed to go.

Local Male Vanishes After Girlfriend's Unsolved Murder

The police were in an uproar today, as a member of the murdered young woman's family came forward to release vital information. It appears that early in the morning or late last night, the young woman's boyfriend disturbed her grave and removed her body from it's resting place. There are no leads as to where the young man has disappeared too, and the police have started a manhunt. With the killer of this poor young woman still out there, they promise to do all that they can to find the distraught boyfriend and the young woman's body so that she can once again be placed to rest. However we at local channel news want to know why this young man took the girls body in the first place, and if he is as innocent as the family and police believe he is over her murder.

Before the Bodies Began to Vanish

In Earlington, a young woman is found dead, her body left in the park by a fountain. The circumstances behind her death are unknown, as is who killed her. The only thing the police understand about the death is that the girl's body was completely drained of blood, which they assume happened from the slice marks across her wrists, throat, and left thigh. Inside sources let it leak out that the girl was not killed where her body was found, but dumped there later on due to lack of blood around the corpse. Baffled, the police search for the killer, speaking to the family, friends, and boyfriend of the deceased. All agree that the victim was a sweet and innocent girl who held no known enemies.

Three Weeks Later

Police are getting reports from other towns around Earlington. Young women and men are turning up dead, killed in the same way as the unsolved murder case. Like the young woman, their graves seem to be robbed of their bodies. Still no leads on the boyfriend or the whereabouts of the girl's body. The family of the girl had since packed away their things, refusing to stay in Earlington anymore and have decided to move out to their estate in the country.

Are They Really Dead?

Reports are coming in all over the countryside. Sightings of the unsolved murder victims are ringing in to news stations everywhere. Glimpses of the young men and women in the shadows. Sightings of them in graveyards or near lover lanes. Families all over are frightened and many who lost a loved one are beginning to riot around the police station demanding answers. More details at ten.

Days have gone by since he found himself staring up at her pale skinned form. At first she hadn't even recognized him, her face turned into a feral snarl. She had launched herself on him, and he had let her, even though the pain of her dull teeth ripping his flesh racked his body, he held her. She was his love, his lady dearest.
They had moved on though, from that night. She was slowly remembering who she was, who she had been. He didn't care that now she stalked the night, that she had to feed from strangers, had to kill even at times. So happy to have her back in his arms, to hold her, to love her. It didn't even bother him that they spent days in cold sewers, old mausoleums, and even right next to a fresh corpse.

She... She was remembering. He, the male who had called to her, who had brought waterless tears to her eyes, he was hers. Knowing that, knowing he was hers, made her happy inside. But she could only be so happy. With every pounding ache, the need to drain a person's life away, she felt a stab of immense pain in her heart. Somewhere, deep down, she knew she was not this person, not this monster who killed and relished in it at the time.
But she did relish in it, her teeth sharpening, slicing quicker and easier through her prey's flesh. Their warm and sweet nectar running past her tongue, down her throat. The very thought at times brought moans to her lips, and made her body ache in a wanting she never knew.

He thought they would be together forever. Thought they would never be apart. They roamed up and down the countryside, moving from town to town. She seemed so happy with him, so loving. He never thought she would leave him, never thought she would vanish again from his life.

"Forget her..."
"She is the day's no longer..."

"She will never come back..."

Lost, she was lost again. Lying in the darkness, unknowing of how she got there, of where he was. Cold hands, cold hands caressed her flesh, her hair. It wasn't the same! These weren't the hot-blooded hands of her lover! Yet they wouldn't go away. There were murmurs, whispers about her head, just like before. Just like when she fell into the void... A memory...

Ally Chapman's family has a dark secret. If one paid attention, they would notice you never saw them. Perhaps they went to a midnight show, or you caught a glimpse of them leaving the house in a lot of clothing early in the morning, even on the hottest of summer days. Or maybe you're a friend of Ally's, and always asked to come over after school when you were kids, but she always said no?
The Chapman family has always been the most wealthy and prestige family in Earlington. In fact, if you asked around some of the older generations, they would say the family has always been there ever since the town was built. Some might even say that in stories passed down from their grandparents the Chapman family were once considered royalty from where they originated from.
When Ally was murdered, though, the town of Earlington was in a state of shock. A sweet girl, so kind-hearted she took up a job at a local charity animal shelter and visited with the elderly at Garden Graces. How could anyone take it upon themselves to kill such a wonderful young woman? Even her friends and family held no answers.

Or did they?

He had felt it, Ally's boyfriend of seven years. They had been childhood friends, high school sweethearts, and college lovers. He had known her, loved her, and at her funeral he had wept in front of everyone for her loss. But they hadn't. They hadn't even spoken on her behalf or wished her well in the afterlife. They had just stood there, watching, as if they were discovering a new species of animal and wanted to take notes on how it acted.
He had hated them for that. She had deserved so much more then what they were offering her. She had done so much, been so wonderful that she didn't deserve their ridiculous attitude.
That night, after the funeral, he had gotten drunk. Normally, Ally would be there to tell him to stop, to take away the bottle when he was partying with friends. She would have made him put it down, made him walk away from buying a second shot. But she wasn't there anymore. She was gone. And slowly, his drunken mind was falling apart around him.
Going to her grave wasn't the best idea, specially not at three in the morning where he had break into the damn cemetery. But he missed her, needed her. He wanted to lay with her one last time, to hold her close in his arms and run his hands through her long blonde-white hair.
When he found her grave, he wept again, his knees hitting wet freshly placed dirt. His fingers traced her name, his mind replaying that same delicate skin that had once been where cold granite now was. Her very scent tingled in his nose, her sweet gentle childlike voice running through his mind.
Falling, curling up over her cold body, he wept tear after tear. His mind falling more apart, his voice finally rising past his lips, her name cried out to the shadows and spirits that may linger still. And then he found himself lost for a moment, lost in an image he didn't understand, a voice whispering to him cruel hurtful things...
And then he was back, his mind coming together, his body rising from wet graveyard soil. Eyes rose up as pale skin glowed nearby, his face turning to get a better glance just as an animalistic snarl rose. He didn't move. Didn't try to run and flee for his life. Instead he sat there, watching in slow motion, with a smile on his face. She had come back to him...

Something was watching that night, someone had tried to make the man leave, to cause him pain enough to run from the cemetery before what was happening now took place. But that shadow had not thought the man so caring, and had not thought the creature tearing his throat out to remember. The shadow would have to inform the others, would have to explain that he failed in retrieving the fledgling. There were bound to be consequences for his cowardliness in not killing the man and taking her even after she had started to feed, but that was something he would face, unwilling to look upon the face of such a happy man and kill him, knowing he himself would take that man's place if he could.

Consequences came of course to not taking her back. People began to die, their bodies drained. Attention was being brought to the situation. Shades in the news could not keep it hidden or under wraps. Bodies were going missing, being reported alive once more. The secrets kept hidden were coming to light, at least for those who knew how and where to look.
It had been pure luck, the night they found her again. Resting in the arms of the human lover who would not abandon her, they watched, then they carried her away. She had caused such a mess, though it was not her fault. So many had been slain because of their mistake, because of his mistake. But mistakes were easily forgiven. After all, they were not lineage, not members of lines. Their deaths depleted only servant value, nothing more. The true tragedy is that it had drawn the attention of lines, lines long since forgotten...

In the world, there were once five lines of Vampire. Five fractions of true blood, of pure lineage. These five fractions once held a pact with one another, a truce. That is until two of the fractions collaborated in secret, working against the rest. Joining forces, the Isk clan and Mitne clan slaughtered the Siksta clan, killing all of it's bloodline...
Upon hearing this, the Sjach clan and the Welun clan broke their truce with the deceivers and fled from the old country, changing their identities and starting a new life. This left the old country in the hands of the Isk and Mitne clans, who relished in blood and death. They enjoyed great feasts, and became corrupted in nature with mixing the two bloodlines. Blasphemous lovers were taken, daughter to father were wed, and even half-bloods were fathered and mothered as human lovers were taken to bed.
They pure lines were dying, fading away. Those who still held the old beliefs, who still cherished their blood began to fade with the time, to sit rigid in their castles. They would not take part in the defile of their people. The Sjach clan and the Welun clan had to be found. Blood needed blood, things had to be set right.

The Sjach family had vanished almost entirely. They stayed away from society, preferring the countryside to towns and cities. They kept their bloodline strong, marrying sister to brother, cousin to cousin. They were not like humans, their gene pool allowing such mating rituals to occur. There was only two laws in vampire society about marriage and mating; The root shall never take the seed to wife nor husband, and The predator shall never take the prey to bed.

The Welun clan, however, lived in the towns and cities, and had discovered something as science came to light and magic fell to the background. They discovered how to preserve a life, a special child. Unlike them, she would not flee from the sun as she grew. She would not know thirst nor illness. They had discovered how to unlock a secret in her true blood, in her lineage, that allowed her to grow and live as humans would for the most part, a way of hiding her from danger.
With this they stayed in the city, and waited until time was right. They knew the day she started showing signs of sickness that her time in the human world would end. They loved their precious child, and her brothers protected her when they could. But the day she could not move from her bed, nor life a glass of water, her loving brothers killed her.
Slicing away at main blood veins, they drained her nearly dry. They knew that if she was near death her blood would awaken and pull her through to the night. In fact, her parents, who had raised and loved her were rather exited about her passing. They could not help but grumble and growl as they waited for her body to be found.
And when they had to bury her beneath the earth, they stood still. They could not bare to speak, or look upon her pale face. It was a terrible thing to be buried alive, all vampires detested the act. They knew if they moved to her side, they would carry her away into the night.

But part of letting her live a human life was allowing her a human love, and that is where they should have drawn the line. Time and again over the years, her brothers had tried to influence this human's mind. They had tried to get him to leave her, to cheat on her, to even raise hand to strike her in front of them. But they could only whisper in that night, the night he came to her grave.
The brother who went to fetch her after she rose could only look on as she wrapped herself around the human male, her dull human teeth ripping away at his neck, her bloodlust overpowering any of her memories of the man. He wanted to go to her, take her away from the human, but he could not bare it when his eyes fell on how happy the male was. It was not out of pity he could not bare take her away, but out of rage, of hatred, and guilt of what he had done to her and how much he envied her human lover.
Something else, he would remember later on, staring down at his sister in the sleeping arms of her human, kept him from taking her from the male. Something about the way the blood in the air smelt, how it caused something to tingle in the back of his mind, like a memory long since buried.

The damage was done though, after they had taken back what was theirs. The human male awoke to find her gone, to find strangeness in himself. There was a primal rage in his gut, and his head was on fire. He didn't know where it was all coming from, but he wanted to kill something with his bare hands. He wanted her back. She was his!

In the meantime, one member of the Isk clan, and two from the Mitne clan arrived in Earlington after viewing the news over the internet. They would seek out the other clans and beg for forgiveness. They would find a way to walk back with a member of the other bloodlines at most.

People, Places...

The Sjach and Welun clans are now living out in the country on a vast estate. The Chapman family are really members of the Welun clan. They are in fact the direct line of royalty. Only two of the five fraction lines held true royal status; Those of the Welun Clan who could bend even weaker vampire minds to their will, and those of the Siksta clan, who could walk under the sun. The three other clans; The Sjach, the Isk, and the Mitne were noble houses.

The Isk and Mitne clans reign in the old country after driving away the other clans because of their slaughter of the royal Siksta line.

The Siksta clan is believed to be extinct.

Ally is with her family on the estate.

Her boyfriend is currently going under transformation a little bit at a time, and preparing to search for her at her family's old mansion.

The three invading vampires are also going to the mansion to sniff out where the family has went.

Powers, and More Powers...

All five fractions of vampire have a unique and special ability dedicated to their bloodline. When a vampire mates, the gender of the child allow will tell the parents, if mixed bloodlines were involved, which bloodline the child belongs to. Children follow their opposite gender parent into bloodline. If a male Sjach vampire and a female Isk vampire had a child, and that child was female, she would belong to the Sjach clan. If that child was male, he would belong to the Isk clan.

The Siksta clan had the ability to walk underneath the sun with no fears of death or destruction.

The Welun clan had the ability to control other vampire minds, allowing them to hold power over the other clans.

The Sjach clan had the ability to meld into the shadows and use them as doors to another place.

The Mitne clan had the ability to drain life from living beings other than those of vampire lineage with a single touch.

The Isk clan held the ability to see into the future, though it did not always come when wanted, it allowed them to conquer and gain great wealth.

Besides the powers of clan blood, every vampire is born with a coin toss of having a secondary power of some sort. When they mature into this power if they have it is dependent on them.

All Lineage blood secrets are unknown and locked away other than Ally's, and her boyfriend's.


The Chapman's/Welun:

Ally Chapman/Welun clan/Female - Taken!

Chapman's Oldest Son/Welun clan/Male - Open!

Chapman's Oldest Daughter/Welun clan/Female - Open!

Chapman's Younger Son/Welum clan/Male - Open!

The Single Players:

Ally's boyfriend/Siksta clan/Appears to be a Half-breed at first/ Male - Open!

Isk Vampire/Isk clan/Female - Open!

Mitne Vampire Sibling 1/Mitne clan/Male - Open!

Mitne Vampire Sibling 2/Mitne clan/Female - Open!

The Sjach:

Sjach Vampire Hier/Sjach clan/Male - Open!

Sjach Vampire 2//Sjach clan/Female - Open!

Sjach Vampire 3/Sjach clan/Male - Open!

Sjach Vampire 4/ Sjach clan/ Male - Open!

Some of you may have noticed there are seven male spots and five female spots. I made it this way so that one homosexual couple could be placed in the story if someone wanted. I'm not saying everyone has to have a romantic interest, there can be triangles and cheaters in this role-play if you want. Or some of you can be alone.

The Skeleton In the Closet

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The Laws of the Land

1. This is a Mature role-play. There will be possible graphic violence. There will be adult language and scenarios. There will be realistic thoughts, feelings and actions.

2. Taking in what number one states, there will be no cybering in this role-play. If scenes highlight to such acts, role-players can take it onto themselves to take such things off site. Cybering anywhere on Elite Skills is against the rules. Please, for everyone's sake, use a time skip.

3. This is a literate role-play, meaning I hope you can post a quality 3500 character post, if not more. I do ask that you use correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in this role-play. I do not like to read posts with mistakes every other line, it gives me a headache and I tend to ignore the poster whenever this happens as to keep from further mind fatigue.

4. Killing role-played characters must go through the correct channels. An agreement must be made by both parties, and then a copy sent to me by both parties. I will not take one copy from one person and agree to the killing, I want both sides of the story. That said, killing a npc, or non-player-character is fine. That's one of the reasons their there.

5. This role-play is set in 2011, allowing for things of today to be included in the role-play, such as internet.

6. Gaining entry into this role-play will require you to pm me your skeleton with the subject of the pm titled: ETERNAL LINEAGE. Only when I send a confirmation pm to you, telling you that you may join, can you ask for admittance. Do NOT send me a skeleton WITHOUT a sample post. I do tend to go to requester's pages and look up their posting ability.

7. Real pictures only. Be realistic and artistic in choosing. You don't have to be sexy, you may be scarred or frightening. Vampires who aren't "main streaming" would dress in exotic outfits with silks and leather. Size your pictures right. =]

8. This is my original idea, I came up with this idea for a storyline, and was even thinking of building a Sims 3 World off of it. I love this story, and hope it will go places. Do not even think of copying it. If you do, imaginary play-pals of doom will hunt you down and steal your soul!



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