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Hey Max~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Glomp you. I didn't think you would be online right now~!
  Ema / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 17d 23h 25m 19s
Thank I'll try to make a good pst ^^"
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 17d 23h 27m 22s
You can post now if you want.

That's good~

Sorry, I gotta go, bye Max~ Kiss your cheek and climb down from your shoulder then run out of the room, seeming very slow.
  Ema / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 20d 15h 14m 50s
Yea, I'm still doing it

I'm fine
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 20d 15h 16m 18s
What are you blushing for? Wipe away your blush and stuff it in my pocket. XD
Good you?
Are you goin to join the rp with my dad and me? It's called master and slave.
  Mini Me / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 20d 15h 28m 56s
Looks at Gecko, with a little bit of blush on his cheeks. He lightly smiled when she sat on his shoulder
Hi Gecko!
How are you?
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 20d 15h 30m 48s
Max~! ^.^ Glomp you then climb to your shoulder and sit in mini form.
  Mini Me / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 20d 15h 33m 58s
Sorry, If i was gone I had alot of homework to do
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 20d 15h 34m 52s
lol I feel dumb~! X3

Whatever you want, but my plan was you were new to our school and I fall in love with you. I am my dad's, Toxic's, slave and the three of us are all the same age.
  Kathy (Missing You) / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 24d 14h 30m 33s
Down Low is another words for recap but okay that can work :3

So, wait what do you guys want me to be?
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 24d 16h 30m 58s
Sure, if you give me a down low
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 24d 16h 58m 50s
So, wanna join that rp with my dad and I? :3
  Kathy (Missing You) / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 24d 17h 28m 12s
Yep ^^"
  Maximum / _TheDarkOne_ / 8y 24d 17h 29m 50s
  Kathy (Missing You) / GorgeousBeGecko / 8y 25d 13h 24m 16s

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