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Aaron raised his eyebrow at him. "Nice to meet you Spencer but I must be running along now." He muttered in a ta-ta voice and skurried off sipping his drink. He knew that 'Spencer' would follow him like and angered lost puppy. It was just so fun to pull his strings, especially when he had no idea he actually was. But he was actually a little astonished he was so out with his species. Most hid it well amongst others. Maybe he only knew how to around humans. But he was half himself so he would know.
  Aaron Johnson / MentalManiac / 9y 79d 14h 13m 13s
He followed him "Hey c'mon now, where are you going I was talking to you" he snapped getting more annoyed "Jeeze how rude can you be" he spat and then closed his eyes taking a few deep breaths "I'm Spencer" he said Sniper's only name was Sniper.
  Sniper human / pinkbabygirl / 9y 79d 14h 35m 59s
"Im Aaron nice to meet you and you are?" He asked exchanging pleasantries. He could see his impatience and hunger and it made him want to prolong it even more, it was rather humorous to him.

"Could you hold on for a second i need to get another drink mines empty." He muttered slipping away into the crowd grabbing a drink, and walked to the other side of the bar, and started to chat with one of the humans he had met earlier that night. He knew that the boy wouldnt do anything in public he wasnt that young, thats for sure.
  Aaron Johnson / Mentalmaniac / 9y 79d 14h 58m 1s
He smiled at him "You new around here, what's your name?" he asked taking a small gulp from his drink as he slowly eyed the male he definitely was young looking like Sniper but the hunger was making him grumpy he wanted a quick and easy kill.
  Sniper human / pinkbabygirl / 9y 79d 15h 8m 22s
Aaron turned to greet the stranger and grinned inturnally. He knew who he was before he even laid a finger on him. And he was impressed at his antics. "Hello." He murmured kindly playing along. He was no fool and knew that what is plan was as he stepped into the room.

"What can i do yo for this lovely night?" He asked charmingly with a twinkle in his eye. He must think that Aaron was human, though he was sadly mistaken. He wondered what age this boy was. There was no telling but he seemed to act as if he was young. Who knew maybe he would manage to suprise Aaron
  Aaron Johnson / Mentalmaniac / 9y 79d 15h 26m 50s
Sniper saw him and smelt him from a mile away he had already tasted him so he was now drawn to him like a moth to a flame only this flame was a lot messier he made himself slowly change form the gift of a soul eater was able to take on a look to trick the prey. At times it failed to do so, usually when he was too hungry he would shift but not convincingly so most of his features stayed the same like his dark blue eyes which cut through the room like a lazer beam.

He smiled pleasantly enough as he walked near Aaron keeping hidden until "Hey there" he greeted tapping his shoulder.
  Sniper human / pinkbabygirl / 9y 79d 15h 44m 1s
Aaron sighed and pulled his jacket tighter around him. He had to look and play the part well. He had to play it all out to the fullest no matter if they were Human or not. He took cautious stepps into the car with a group of men he didn't know. Slipping in he wondered around the bar making conversation and meeting new people, careful not to be seen by his chaser.

It was like a game of cat and mouse and it kind of brought some enjoyment to his existance. Maybe this is what he needs instead of new homes and jobs and collections. He had no bounds in life except one and that was to protect his secret with all his being no matter the race or world or place. Even from his own kind
  Aaron Johnson / Mentalmaniac / 9y 79d 15h 52m 54s
Sniper never felt right but like his sister said it wasn't about right or wrong but it was about survival and unfortunately for Sniper doing wrong and surviving went hand in hand, which is why he didn't connect with anyone. Most people except well even his sister looked like lunch to him.

He sighed as ripped apart the spine and destroying the bone in the back of his apartment where he destroyed his prey before he headed out into the night right now he was feeling a bit upset since his new subject was so young and reminded him much of Cole who was the only friend he kept close to him because Cole could restrain him and he admired Cole as well so for Cole's sake he tried not to make it too long or painful for the prey. He however tended to get a turn on from a blood curdling scream but after he'd close the victim's eyes for good the guilt would return but he just kept to himself stayed anti-social and it never meant anything personal except for tonight. Tonight was going to be different and yet the same.

Sniper walked into the bar and went up to the bartender ordering a whiskey then scouring the bar for his newest interest, someone who had escaped.
  Sniper human / pinkbabygirl / 9y 79d 16h 2m 2s

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