[Yaoi 1x1] Love of a Murderer

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Tai was always a messed up kid. Abused as a child, he took his frustration out on cats and other animals, often in very gruesome ways. When he entered high school though, things changed. It was there he met _____. For the first time, someone saw him for him, and not the crazy kid everyone tries to avoid. But when ____ is bullied by a group of jocks, Tai took it upon himself to act.

He murdered almost 7 people that night, and was sent to a mental hospital. When he was released, five years later, his anger had turned to depression and paranoia, but he still loved ____. But would ____ feel the same way?


* Must be lit
* At least 1 paragraph
* I understand writers block =]
* Violence allowed
* Swearing allowed
* Romance is a must, pm if it gets to cyber
* Any pics

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{{Yeah sure. I am not the best at startes, so could you start? If you don't want to It is okay, because I know how you feel and me rambling on is just filler so ignore it -smiley face-]]
  Tai_Clearwater / 8y 197d 19h 44m 39s
{Could I join? This seems pretty interesting. }
  Vance Moss / GoldenDelicious / 8y 197d 22h 23m 35s

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