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This is a school for people who love to sing :D
who like to meet friend and find out if they have anything in commen :D

no cybering
no godmodding
no spamming
DON'T join and then leave
no one linners D:<

other than that be creative :D

Sai Tonarine:
Haku Yowane:
Neru Akita:
Miku Zatsune:Taken
Miku Hatsune:
Juon Kiku:
Rin & Len Kagamine:
Miku Hachune:
Teto Kasane:
Iku Acme:

own charaters
vocaloid colour:
crush on:
boy or girl:
who made you:

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Roleplay Responses

can i join as miku hatsune please ^^
  Arianne / FallenAngel / 9y 228d 2h 35m 49s
  Susan Bright / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 4h 41m 46s
well should i do my intro?||
  Mimi / Mikitahaurzawa / 9y 329d 4h 46m 54s
  Susan Bright / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 5h 23m 18s
Uhm can i join as Miku Zatsune? nvm my friend might join as her...sorry for bothering you||
  Ri-chan||music|| / Mikitahaurzawa / 9y 329d 5h 27m 37s
Susan woke up in her room, she was part robot, nearly all the students here where robots,but what made them so special was that they could never die,but they acted so human,she sighed as she woke herself up streching and moaning a little,she pulled open her curtains and looked around, 'wow its so bright today' she said to herself.
  Susan Bright (akatsuki) / darkstartalker / 9y 329d 6h 2m 0s

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