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[center [pic]

[center [abel [size15 Ezra was painfully aware of the carotid artery that was pulsating in the pale neck of the petite woman who was saying something important to him as he stood in front of the counter. The woman was young in her mid twenties. She had long platinum blond hair tied back in a loose bun revealing the soft skin on her neck and shoulders. She was leaning on her elbow and tapping her pen absentmindedly as she explained the legalities of the self help group he was about to attend. Visibly swallowing uncomfortably, Ezra tugged at the hem of his sweater. He felt his stomach growl and he blushed awkwardly. Backing away from the counter, he held his breath as he extended his hand to take the name card from the woman.
[b [#ff5050 "Th-thanks."]] He stuttered out before briskly turning away from her.

It had been a year and a half since the [i incident] happened. Ezra had his whole life planned out. Everything he had been working for was starting to play out and pay off and he was excited to start his career. But everything changed when Ezra was attacked by a Ghoul. Before this he had little to know contact with monsters so he had only heard about them in the news so when he had an encounter with one, let alone was [i attacked] by one, Ezra was thrown for a loop.
After the attack, things went downhill for the law student. He lost everything and part of him blamed it on monsters. If they hadn't moved to his city, he would have been finished with school and moved onto his dream job. But instead, he was working in a coffee and heading to his first self help group meeting.

Running his thing fingers through his messy hair, he let out a sigh. He still struggled being around people especially humans. It took everything in his power not to jump across the counter and rip the girls throat out with his teeth. He had been surviving on animal organs and dead bodies from the mortuary but the living were so much different.
Pulling the sticky backing off of his name tag, he pressed it to his shirt and entered the room.
There were already a solid amount of people sitting around the room. He took an empty chair and stared at his feet. He couldn't bare to look at the creatures he was sitting with. He hated how much contempt he felt for people he didn't even know. His psychiatrist suggested to him that inserting himself into a setting with people like him would help him overcome him anger and hatred towards monsters. The only way for him to move on was to let go of the past and move on. But Ezra felt like that was complete and utter bullshit, yet here he was.

Someone Ezra knew it was his turn to speak but he refused to look up. He scuffled his feet against the ground before clearing his throat.
[b [#ff5050 "Um, I'm Ezra. I had a great life."]] He started. His face twisted into a scowl of pure hatred. [b [#ff5050 "Before one of [i your] kind decided to screw me over."]] He spat furiously. Clenching his fists together, he lashed out in anger completely shattering the stool next to him like it was nothing but glass. His eyes widened in horror and surprised. He wasn't used to his new found strength and he suddenly felt nothing but guilt. Scratching the back of his neck, he coughed nervously.
[b [#ff5050 "S-sorry, I have to use the bathroom."]] Ezra whispered under his breath before leaving the room.
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[left [pic]] [center [abel [size15 Greta made her way to the coffee slowly now that she didn't have to meet with Greyson. She strolled along whistling to herself happily. She shoved her hands into her jacket pockets and gazed at the sky. The clouds were super fluffy today and the sky was a soft blue. The weather was so nice out she couldn't believe it. When she spotted the cafe, Greta couldn't help but smile. She loved this place and couldn't contain her joy. Pushing the joy open, she beamed when she heard the regular chime of the bell. Tommy was standing at the sink drying a glass when he noticed the pink haired regular. He grinned back at her, obviously happy to see her.

Tommy was a soft looking boy. He was about 6'4 but was a big ball of love. Greta and Greyson always thought of him as a teddy bear. He started working at Cocoa Connections about two years ago so it was normal for the three of them to hang out together. Although he looked young, he had graduated last year and was working at the cafe to pay off his school fees.
[b [#cc0066 "Tommmyyyy!"]] Greta sang in a sugary voice. Tommy laughed at Greta's usual greeting.
[b [#669999 "Hey Gret, what's up? Want the usual?"]] He asked putting the glass down.
[b [#cc0066 "I'm meeting a boy I met in my class today!"]] She said with a wink. Tommy was used to her whacky personality and just nodded with a smile before brewing a chai tea latte with almond milk. It was her absolute favorite.

Taking a seat in a both by the window, she pulled out her sketch book and began to doodle. Tommy brought her over her favorite blue mug and set it down in front of her with a toasted croissant and some fresh cut strawberries. Squealing in delight, she took a bite of the pastry and let out a happy hum. Clicking the home button on her phone, she checked the time. It was only 11:50 and Greta was getting restless. She had so many questions she wanted to ask the boy she had met today.

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [b [#3366cc "I actually made the brownie you ate with your coffee. I make everything here. My friend Tommy helps with the bread sometimes."]] Greyson stated. Following the girl, he smiled. [b [#3366cc "It's nice to meet you Vella."]]

Greyson loved the campus. The buildings were all historical and build with old grey stone. He loved the maple trees that lettered the campus grounds. They had been there for hundreds of years and he couldn't help but admire their beauty. Besides the rose gardens, his favorite part was the marble fountain in the center of the quad. He thought he would start there. Slowing his pace to match the smaller women, he strided up to the fountain.

[b [#3366cc "This is my favorite place on campus. It was build in 1893 when there were only two buildings that made up the academy. In the winter they let you ice skate here."]] He informed. The fountain was absolutely massive so of course the school liked to manage the frozen water and let the students skate.

[b [#3366cc "Hey, come over here I want to show you something."]] He motioned for Vella to come closer. Just as she go close, Greyson leaned down and scooped a handful of water. He couldn't help himself. Letting out a laugh he backed away quickly before she could retaliate.
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[left [pic]] [center [pic]] [center [abel [size15 The professor dismissed the class ten minutes early with a small drawing assignment before packing her things and leaving. Greta toned out the chatter of her fellow classmates as they scattered. Scooping up her brushes, she padded over to the sink and hummed to herself as she shampooed the bristles. Greta surprisingly had a lovely voice. Although art was her focus, she had a little secret talent. What most of the students don't know, she is a child piano prodigy. Her music teacher was sad to hear that she didn't pursue her music career, but was supportive when he saw her painting skills.

Drying her brushes, she headed back to her seat and packed her tool box. Picking up her painting, she tucked it carefully away in her cubby. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she stopped at Zale's easel before leaving. Her eyes lingered on the girl's face. It was so realistic. Greta was impressed by his skills. Brushing a stray hair out of her face, Greta was unaware of the blue streak of paint on her cheek as she cleared her throat.
[b [#cc0066 "U-uh, your painting is really beautiful."]] Greta blurted out to the blue haired boy. She was usually very confident and concise in her speaking but suddenly she felt very self consious around her upper classmate. Glancing at her watch, she had ten minutes to get to her meeting. Letting out a distressed sigh, she shuffled her feet in anticipation. She wanted to say more to the boy but she was out of time.
[b [#cc0066 "Sorry for cutting this short but I have to meet someone.]] She exclaimed before lunging for the door. From the door, she yelled, [b [#cc0066 "Hey, meet me at the coffee shop on campus at noon!"]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] Greyson let out a hearty laugh. This girl was quite interesting, she reminded him of his best friend Greta. Speaking of Greta, he pulled out his cellphone and swiped through his messages. He had a notification from the pink haired girl.
[left [font "Courier New" 「 [b 11:02]]]
[font "Courier New" [b Gret:] Running late. Hate running. Dying. *^*][right 」]
Greyson smiled. This was so typical of her. Greyson had met Greta in prep school. Although he was two years older than her, the two became fast friends when they had been paired in the same mentor-ship program. Greyson had been chosen to be Greta's senior mentor and help her around school. Greta was always getting into trouble and was still her same scatterbrained self. He was actually kind of surprised they had stayed friends this long. They were completely different people and were always butting heads through the years. But now that he was a senior, he was thankful to have a constant friend through all of the years, even if she ate everything in the bakery.

[left [font "Courier New" 「 [b 11:04]]]
[font "Courier New" [b Grey:] Take your time, I can't meet right now anyway. Tommy will give you your usual. Let's do dinner?][right 」]

Pocketing his phone, he untied his apron and tossed it behind the counter. Extending a hand, Greyson offered to help the girl down.
[b [#3366cc "I don't usually brag, but I guess I am pretty good. I have had lots of practice."]] He said with a smile. He had been baking before he could walk. He had better be good or else he had wasted a lot of time.

Waving to the other barista known as Tommy, Greyson patted his jeans to make sure he had his wallet. Pulling a black sweater over his head, he gestured for the door. [b [#3366cc "Shall we go ... er, I don't seem to know your name. As you already know, I am Greyson."]]
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[left [pic]] [center [Abel [size15 Greta was quite the oddball. She had gotten her outgoing personality and creativity from her mother. When someone gives her an inch, she takes a mile in leaps and bounds. Greta was taken aback by the kind smile her classmate gave her. She was used to the common greeting from most as a obligatory nicety but this stranger had the most inviting smile. Greta matched his grin with an even wider one. Tilting her head, she smiled her signature cheeky grin.
[b [#cc0066 "Hi, I'm Greta. It's really nice to meet you."]] She gushed. Her bubbly personality spilled from her mouth even in a common introduction.

Just as she was about to say something else, an elderly woman walked in. Her silver hair was in a long braid down that rested on her back almost touching her butt. She had a crooked nose that looked like a bird's beak and wiry framed glasses that took up half of her forehead. The woman's arms were covered in dried paint that matched her once black apron that was now littered with splotches of acrylic.
[b [#626262 "Hello class, I am professor Gouff. I will be teaching your intermediate painting class. For your first assignment, I want you to paint me something that you love more than anything. It can be a place, an object, a person, or even a feeling. There are no rules in this!"]] Squeaked the teacher. She was looking more and more like a bird each passing moment.

Greta stared at her easel for what felt like an eternity before squeezing a generous amount of paint onto her pallet. Grabbing a brush, she scooped up a glob and began her masterpiece. Humming mindlessly, the pink haired girl absentmindedly stuck her tongue out as she focused.
After about an hour, Professor Gouff slowly wandered around the class to admire the work her students had made. She would ask them about it and then move on to the next. Making her way around the circle, she stopped at Greta's and gazed upon the creation. [ [right [pic]]] The professor was silent for a moment. Her expression was somber and she tucked her hands behind her back. Seconds passed before she finally spoke.
[b [#626262 "Miss Reynold, can you tell me who this is?"]] She inquired in a gentle tone.

Greta stared quietly at her piece. The creation before her was vibrant and saturated but held a melancholy just beneath the surface. A pastel haired boy stood contemplating oblivious to the admiring eye that had been soaking up his every move. Although she was smiling, there was a sadness in the girl's eyes as she spoke, [b [#cc0066 "This is Carter, my older brother. He passed away two years ago,"]] she paused as a lump formed in her throat. She batted her long lashes fighting back tears before letting out a tense chuckle. [b [#cc0066 "I don't ever want to forget what his smile looks like."]] As she finished speaking, all pain had left her face. Only adoration remained as she took another moment to admire her painting.

A single tear rolled down Professor Gouff's cheek. She nodded slowly as she spoke, [b [#626262 "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful."]]
Greta let out a humble chuckle before adjusting in her seat. She watched as the professor moved onto Zale.

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] Grayson chucked at the girl's response. She definitely looked like the kind of girl that would drink a caramel macchiato. Oddly enough, Grayson has a freaky knack for guessing what kind of drink people would order. As a child, he really struggled recognizing people so his parents taught him to associate people with sweets. Just as he was about to turn away, he was surprised by her body language. She was smiling and leaning towards him rather playfully. This was actually amusing to the barista.
[b [#3366cc "I will get that right away for you miss."]] He he countered with a sly smile.

Grabbing a to-go cup, he uncapped a sharpie and scrawled in his surprisingly lovely handwriting,
[Mrs+Saint+Delafield [b [size24 "Miss Caramel Macchiato."]]]
Pumping a heaping amount of caramel syrup into the paper cup, he carefully poured over espresso and heavy cream and gingerly swirled the liquids together with a silver spoon. Adding whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and brittle shavings to the top of the steaming coffee that was more dessert than beverage, he carefully capped it with a dome lid. Reaching into the display case, he picked the biggest brownie square he could find and wrapped it in a pretty purple paper before returning to his customer.

Placing the bag in front of her, he decided to take a seat across from her. The shop was quiet and he had the time to spare. Lacing his fingers together, he placed his hands on the counter top and crossed his legs. Greyson was dressed in a long sleeve cotton shirt that hugged his muscular chest in all of the write places. His sleeves were pushed up revealing tattoos that said something in French in a beautiful script. His go to outfit was a shirt with his favorite black jeans and an apron. Greyson dressed modest, the only indication that he was enormously wealthy was his taste in Italian leather shoes.
[b [#3366cc "Yes, I am a senior in the culinary arts. I have a pretty easy schedule and work here for intern credit. You're in luck today, I don't have class. Would you like a tour guide?"]] Greyson asked knowing the answer. He had a charm about him that was hard to resist, male or female.
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[left [pic]] [center [Abel [size15 Greta was really excited to start her fall semester at her favorite place in the world, the prestigious fine arts college she had worked so hard to get into. It was only her second year, but she had been lucky enough to be a student at the prep school in high school.
Standing in her usual apartment, Greta had just finished unpacking her boxes. Although she lived in this apartment all year round, this past summer she had earned to opportunity to travel to Amsterdam to train under some phenomenal artists. As much as she loved Amsterdam, she had missed her home and her plump tabby cat, Daryl. Glancing at the clock, it read [font "Courier New" [b 7:34 AM.]] She was going to be late for class. Patting her feline gently on the head, she skipped to the bathroom to change out of her pajamas.

Eyeing herself over in the mirror, Greta felt a little plain as she stared at her pale complexion. Her petal colored hair was a mess of waterfall curls that haloed her small face. Grimacing, she grabbed a hair tie and pulled her unruly locks into a messy bun. This would have to do. Squeezing into a pair of jeans, Greta was regretting her meal choices and deep fried Cod she devoured in the Netherlands. Pulling on a tee shirt and then a hoodie, she frowned at the paint stains that lettered the fabric covering her chest. Shrugging, she knew there was nothing more she could do. Grabbing her backpack and tool box, she headed off to class.

Normally Greta's apartment was walking distance from school, but today she felt much further from campus. She wasn't sure if she had gained some weight in her hips from her summer adventure or the fact that she was running late but by the time she had hustled down the hall to her classroom door she was [i wheezing.] Wiping the sweat from her brow, she was ready for death. Sliding the door open, she was greeted with an awkward silence and staring eyes. The professor hadn't made it yet so she wasn't [i technically late,] but everyone had already picked an easel and had their supplies out. Nervously tucking her stray strands of rosy hair behind her ear, Greta took a seat in the only open spot next to a tall boy with silver hair. He looked older and she didn't recognize him. Exhaling exasperatedly, Greta dropped her bag on the floor and rested her forehead on her easel.

[right [pic]] Greyson had been up since 5:30 and was exhausted half way through his morning routine. Every morning before class, Greyson had to bake bread, decorate pastries, and brew coffee. Although he was only twenty-three, Greyson ran a bakery on campus known as [b Cocoa Connections.] His parents were spending the year working in France and left him the business to run. It was nice to have the experience and responsibility, but Greyson wanted more than anything to own his own business not just his parents. Having parents who were world renown pastry chefs left a huge shadow from him to walk in. Sighing, Greyson glanced at his watch.

The watch face read [font "Courier New" [b 7:08 AM.]] Carefully stacking the mugs on the counter, Greyson was startled from his daydream by the beep of the coffee maker. Padding over to the espresso machine, he pressed a few buttons and began to brew. The shop was relatively quiet besides several of his regular customers. Eugene, an elderly veteran who always sat in the high chair at the window, always ordered a black coffee and a scone. Jaycie liked to sit on the coach and read the paper and drink a chai latte with two pumps of gingerbread syrup. Greyson's parents taught him the importance of the customer and their needs. He did his best to make them proud but also wouldn't admit that he really loved the people he met.

A chime above the door caught his attention. In walked in a girl about his age, she had a cute face and hair a shade of lavender he had never seen before. Giving her a gentle smile, Greyson met her at the counter.
[b [#3366cc "Good Morning, how can I help you?"]] He greeted as cheerfully as he could this early in the day.
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[center [pic]]

[center [mrs+saint+delafield [size35 A Coffee Shop for Monsters!]
[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Loose Plot [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15 This role play is a very gentle and easy going story. I wanted to take my two favorite things: monsters and coffee shop au's, and put them together! [b Whitebridge Hollow] is a small New England town that holds a very special group of people. This close knit community is charming and quirky. Everyone knows everyone in this town and there are absolutely NO secrets. On top of everything, the residents are all MONSTERS with their own problems and stories.
I want this role play to center around a cute little coffee shop where all of the characters come together and share a cup of coffee and a listening ear.]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Settings [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15 [u time] → modern day USA
[b place] → a small, fictional town in connecticut called [b whitebridge hollow] about forty minutes from hartford.
[b whitebridge hollow] → population is around 1,000 residents, the town has a square with a notably beautiful gazebo where the citizens host festivals and fairs. shops line the streets and are locally owned and run. [i loosely based off of stars hollow from gilmore girls] - [i if you would like to make your own shop, please tell me and i will include it here.]
[b whitebridge cafe] → the main place the role play will be centering around is whitebridge cafe, a cute and rustic bakery know for it's pastries and signature coffee.]]
[left [pic]]
[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Character Possibilities [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15 [b The character possibilities are ENDLESS.] This has less to do with power and magical ability and more to do with character development and soul! Below are some IDEAS, don't feel like you have to play ANY of them. I just want to give some examples [i or you can totally use them.]
[b The Fresh Out of Culinary School Genius] → this character is a bit of a spaz, they are playful and all over the place. They have the fun ability that when they taste a food they can recreate it.
[b Bookstore Owner slash Closet Werewolf] → this character runs the cute little used book store and loves to collect old books but also has a bit of a problem about waking up naked in cornfields after the full moon.
[b The Owner of the Dance Studio is actually a Succubus?] → this character runs the local dance studio and loves to teach salsa and seduce the locals??
I want this role play to be creative and fun. I have seen people on this sight, including me, get burnt out on role playing because it can be stressful. This is just a playground!]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Character Possibilities [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15 [b Vampires, Werewolves, and Sirens, Oh My!]
Here will be a list of species that are TAKEN. I want creativity here. You can be literally anything. Species will be on a first come first serve. I am thinking that most common species like vampires and werewolves I will let in 2 or 3 unless you really convince me. If you make up your own then people will have to ask YOU for permission to play that species.]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Skeleton [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15 [u You can decorate your profile any way you want! [b Please put it on your character's profile.]
CHARACTER PROFILE LINK: dont like it just send me the url
NAME: easy stuff
AGE: over eighteen please
BIRTHDAY: optional
SPECIES: give me somethin' cool
GENDER: sex/identy/pronouns -whatever
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: optional
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: i want some diversity plz
OCCUPATION: do you own your own business? do you work somewhere?
SMALL BIO: short or as long as you want
TRIVIA: optional, just in case you have anything you want the others to know?

[b [u skeleton for business:]]
[b BUSINESS TYPE:] bookstore, grocery store, diner, etc. only accepting one of each [i unless convinced otherwise.]
[b DESCRIPTION:] what kind of shop is it?
[b ARE YOU HIRING?:] can other role players apply to work here?]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Current Businesses [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15
[b BUSINESS NAME:] Whitebridge Cafe
[b BUSINESS TYPE:] Cafe/coffee shop/bakery
[b DESCRIPTION:] Whitebridge Cafe is right on the corner just across from the square. You can see the gazebo from the window seats. Here we sell all sorts of beverages, pastries, and bread made freshly every day.

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Accepted Characters [#ad6f69 」]]]
[center [ [pic]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Rules [#ad6f69 」]]]
[abel [size15

[b Pictures] → Illustrated/anime. Please make sure the pictures aren't too big or too small. I also don't want overly used pictures either. I am a little picky here. If you need help editing feel free to ask!
[b Literacy] → I want this to be a low key role play. I am asking for at least [b 1,500] characters. Quality over quantity. Don't stress over it. If you are having writers block and can only post 500 characters just message me. I am easy. Just update me on how you're feeling.
[b Posting] → I want everyone to post once first. Then wait for at least two people to post between. If I feel like two people are getting to 'one-on-one' I might change the rule. I won't pester you to post. I might check on you but I won't ever make you feel like you have to post. I get that life can be stressful.
[b Characters] → I really want diversity. If I feel like there are too many girls, I will ask people to double up. I hate to be this way, but I will be picky about who I accept and who I don't. This role play isn't first come first serve. I will probably only accept 8 characters. If I feel like more people are interested I might up it. [i Note: People who are in Sol's Harem will always have a spot in here.]
[b Ideas] → If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to message me. I will be making an ooc thread so there people can talk about ideas and character relationships.
[b Might Add More Later!]
If you have read everything, please title your pm [b monster cafe.]

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[left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" Riven was already small in stature but in comparison next to the massive dragon that stood paw deep in the river with her made her look like an ant. Despite her short height of 5'5, Riven had strong shoulders she had developed over the years of training and armor. Her silver locks glinted in the morning light as she bent down and pulled a bucket from the water. Standing on her toes, she gingerly dumped the liquid down the shoulder of the dragon. His pale fur looked grey in when damp. Without warning, he shook his massive body spraying her with water droplets. His rider was thankful she was only in a wrap around her chest and a pair of cloth shorts.
Flopping on his belly, the monstrous dragon created a tidal wave of river water drenching the girl. Letting out an exasperated sigh, Riven took both hands and pushed her soaking hair back out of her eyes.
[b [#666699 "Kasai, why do you do this to me?"]] Cried the girl. Lunging at the beast, she pressed herself against his pelt inhaling his scent. It was warm and inviting.
[b [#993366 "My little warrior it's my job to tease you."]] He replied in a low purr. Leaning down, Kasai took his coarse tongue and licked his rider almost knocking her over.

Staggering, Riven fell on her butt in the water and let out a shriek. The water was freezing and she was [i not happy.] Smiling to herself, the rider wouldn't let her dragon know how much fun she was having.
[b [#666699 "You exhaust me, let's head back."]]
Kasai bowed his head in agreement. Crawling to her feet, Riven grabbed a chunk of fur and hoisted herself onto the back of her mount. Clicking her tongue, the two lifted off and headed back to the base.
By the time the two had returned home, they were both fully dry. Kasai landed on the training ground soundlessly. It was as if the wind bowed beneath them. Leaping from her dragon, Riven landed gracefully on her bare feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Velkan with his dragonelle. The two were chatting indistinctly. Just as she was about to greet him, she realized she was still in her swimsuit and suddenly felt embarrassed.
[b [#666699 "Uh Kasai, I am going to go change and then we can work on some training."]] She declared before running off.
A few minutes later, Riven reemerged dressed in a light leather armor. Her great-sword was strapped to her back almost dragging the ground. Smiling at her dragon, she lifted her hands and flicked her wrists. Her palms ignited in flames .
[b [#666699 "Are you ready boy?"]]

  |draco| / muta / 27d 3h 45m 18s

[center [pic]]

[center [font "Arial" A handsome male bundled in a tawny, blocky patterned sweater and a pale cream scarf stood pressed up against the brick siding of a towering store front. He had a denim jacket pulled over his arms creating a rather odd ensemble. In one hand, the boy gripped a steaming travel mug full of coffee and in the other he held his phone gingerly. He was mindlessly scrolling through his Instagram feed. Exhaling, his hot breath created condensation, billowing like smoke from his plump lips. His cheeks were rosy from the cold and his nose twitched as a chilly breeze blew through him. Pulling his sleeve up, he glanced at the watch face. It read [b 6:22 AM.] He would give Her ten more minutes and then he would bail. Just as the thought crossed his mind, he heard footsteps tapping down the sidewalk at a quick pace. Averting his gaze, he spotted the devil herself.

[b [#cc0099 "Klaus! S-sorry I'm late."]] The woman said between exasperated breaths. She was heaving from all the running and looked a little frazzled.
[b [#ff9966 "No worries Laurel. Are you ready to go inside?"]] The boy brushed it off with a smile. Taking a sip of the bitter liquid in his cup, Klaus clicked his phone off and slipped it into his pocket.
Laurel nodded and pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked the door. The sign above the storefront read,
[abel [size35 "MUSE Inc."]]

Today Klaus Robins, indie singer/song writer was meeting with his producers about a collab on a new EP. Laurel hadn't told him who was chosen to be his plus one so he was a little restless when he sat in the recording studio. No one else was there yet, it was typical for his manager to get them there stupid early. But Klaus didn't mind. He liked being able to settle in. [right [pic]] Laurel stood over the counter brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Klaus only now noticed that the woman had produced a tray of raspberry scones and freshly cut watermelon. Reaching over, the singer went for a pastry only to be smacked viciously on the hand.

[b [#cc0099 "Hey! Wait for the others you heathen."]] Hissed Laurel. She had a stern look on her face causing Klaus to sink in his chair. Jutting his chin out, he pouted for a second before perking up at the sound of the door opening.

A tall, muscular man no older than thirty-five entered the room. His thick ebony hair was slicked back and he wore an obviously [i very] expensive suit. Unbuttoning the coat, he rolled up his sleeves and sat down across from Klaus. Laurel hurried over and poured a cup of coffee for the man before sitting next to Klaus. Clearing his throat, the man placed a stack of papers on the desk and pushed it towards the two.
[b [#660033 "Good Morning Klaus and Laurel. I am Edward Sharpe. I recently have taken over MUSE and I am excited to work with you. Please glance over the contract while we wait for the rest to join us."]] He greeted in a smooth yet authoritative tone. He took a drink of the coffee before pulling out a notebook and another stack of paper.

[p Voices]
[u Klaus:] [b [#ff9966 #ff9966]]
[u Laurel:] [b [#cc0099 #cc0099]]
[u Edward Sharpe:] [b [#660033 #660033]]
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[center [mrs+saint+delafield [size35 "something profound"]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Diamond* [#ad6f69 」]]]

[center [pic]]

[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] #00011 [#ad6f69 」]]]

[center [pic] ]
[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Classified Information [#ad6f69 」]]]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Name-]]] [size10 [right Kezwick Aarons]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Age-]]] [size10 [right 22]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Birthday-]]] [size10 [right xxxx/02/25]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Biological Sex-]]] [size10 [right Male]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Perceived Gender-]]] [size10 [right Male]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Sexual Orientation-]]] [size10 [right Closested Homosexual]]

[left [size15 [unica+one Personality-]]] [size10 [right positive, [b negative], positive, [b negative], positive, [b negative]. ]]

[center [pic] ]

[center [unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Life Before Technicolor [#ad6f69 」]]]

[size10 [i biography]

[center [pic] ]
[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Declassified Information [#ad6f69 」]]]

[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Skills and Abilities [b -]]
[size10 Mechanic | Expert Hacker | Top Rank Gunman ]]
[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Weapons [b -]]
[size10 Guns Guns Guns GUNS]]
[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Occupation[b -]]
[size10 IT Management]]
[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Rank [b -]]
[size10 Knight]]
[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Assigned Partner [b -]]
[size10 x]]
[size15 [unica+one [b - ] Karma Level [b -]]
[size10 Neutral ]]

[center [pic] ]
[unica+one [size25 [#ad6f69 「] Notable Information [#ad6f69 」]]]

[size10 [i ⟡


[center [pic] ]
[center “[mrs+saint+delafield [size35 something profound]]”

[center [pic] ]
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[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc name ]]]
[eb+garamond Pence Hollender]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc nickname ]]]
[eb+garamond Hollender ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc title ]]]
[eb+garamond Wizard Pence ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc age ]]]
[eb+garamond Twenty-two ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc gender ]]]
[eb+garamond Male ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc height and weight ]]]
[eb+garamond 6'3'' | 267 lbs. ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc sexual orientation ]]]
[eb+garamond Pansexual but prefers men ]
[b [size17 [alegreya+sans+sc anthem ]]]
[eb+garamond ]]


[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Title of Biography ]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Title of Personality Traits]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Another Title]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Skill Title]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Weapon Title]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Equipment Title]]]
[i [eb+garamond ] ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Title About Stats]]]
[i [eb+garamond ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Journal Title]]]
[i [eb+garamond ]

[b [size20 [alegreya+sans+sc Finished Quests]]]
[i [eb+garamond ]]]]
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[left [pic]] [center

[font "Courier New" [u 3:27 AM ~ Witching Hour]]

[font "Arial" Jamison was quite the sight standing in the lake barefoot with his jeans rolled up above his ankles. His white shirt was wrinkled and tucked into his waist band. His snowy hair was in a mess of curls standing in every which way and illuminated in the moonlight. Lifting his hands, he pulled them away from each other and the water seemed to stand at attention and follow his motion, parting and revealing the sandy floor. Reaching down, he picked up a solid rock covered in silver speckles. Placing a finger in the center, he fell quiet for a moment, and then with a sharp [i crack,] the stone broke in half. Inside was a beautiful purple geode.

[b [#cc0099 "Kai, I found one!"]] The boy beamed, calling over to the shore.
A massive wildcat lay in the stony bank with her jaw on her paws. The tiger would have looked like any normal Siberian Tiger if it hadn't been for the glowing emerald stripes that lettered her pelt. Lifting her glorious head, her intense eyes softened as she gazed at the boy.
[b [#00cc99 "Very good, keep looking."]] Kai purred before placing resting her head again.

Just as Jamison was about to bend over to continue his search, a sharp scream in the distance caught his attention. It was faint due to the distance, but it was definitely a cry of absolute agony. Kai leaped to her feat. Her ears flickered back and forth.
[b [#00cc99 "Jamison!"]] Growled the tiger, there was an urgency in her voice that brought chills to her companion.
Nodding, Jamison ran over to her and climbed onto her back. Lunging into action, the two disappeared into the darkness.


[font "Courier New" [u 6:05 PM]]

The warlock tried to flatten his hair by running his thin fingers through the feathery locks but it was no use. He got his unruly white hair from his mother although it was much prettier on her he thought. Before he realized it, the boy had been brushing his hair mindlessly for ten whole minutes. He couldn't help but watch the events from this morning on repeat in his lonely mind.

Kai and Jamison has arrived on the scene just as the Headmaster and Adaline were beginning their incantation. It wasn't like he wasn't used to something so gruesome. Some of the cities he visited in Russia were rough. He was handed off from one mafia to another just to safely move from city to city to sell and buy goods. He had seen more blood than this but this was different. This was more animistic and merciless. It was impossible for him to imagine what had happened here. After they had pulled the body into [i almost] one piece, Jamison silently observed. Kai sniffed the crime scene to search for clues but had come up with nothing. That was all the two could do in the situation before being ordered back to their dorm. [right [pic]]

Shaking his head, Jamison focused on getting ready. The note had said to meet at the Moon Pavilion at 7 and it was already 6:35.
The boy noticed how sickly he was starting to look. Although he was tall and lean with a muscular chest, he face wasn't looking so good. His eyes were sunken in and the bags under his eyes were almost purple and bruised. It had been three days since he had slept more than four hours and it was beginning to show. He couldn't let anyone know how bad things had gotten. Reaching into the cabinet, he pulled out a few unknown liquids and mixed them in a glass. Grabbing some mint and heather, he stirred the liquid with his finger. A puff of dark grey smoke wafted from the glass. Taking it like a shot, he shuttered. Letting out a hoarse cough, he looked in the mirror. His bags had dissipated and his cheeks had more color to them. This would have to do. Exiting the bathroom, he pulled a hideous sweater over his wrinkled shirt and headed out with Kai right behind him.

Approaching the pavilion, he could tell everyone was already there. He was unsure of whether or not he should be sad or not about the death of his fellow classmate. He had never talked to her before. The two had barely made eye contact. Spotting Laurel, his heart started to race. A rosy pink covered his cheeks as he averted his stare from the beautiful blonde to his torn up Vans. Sensing his nerves, Kai pressed her body against the boy. Rubbing his hand on her flank, her fur rippled under his touch. Blues and purples washed over her stripes igniting in a way that put the Northern Lights to shame. Smiling gently, he patted her head before opening his mouth.
[b [#cc0099 "H-Hey guys."]] His Russian accent came out way too thick when he was anxious, but it was warm like chocolate. Blushing profusely, he reached his arm behind his head and scratched it sheepishly.]]
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