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Update: I think I am back for good now. I am also in the killing stalking fandom kill me please.

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[center [font "Century Gothic" Shiloh never intended to become something as sleazy as the leader of a shady gang from the underground. It was always expected of her. When she was younger she told herself she wouldn't be anything like her father. She would change the definition of a liche. But instead here she was slitting the throat of a man in the red lantern district. If it made it any better he was a bad man. She preferred to think of herself as a vigilante instead of a thug. Regardless of what she called herself, the law considered her a monster. Maybe she was a monster but it paid the bills.

Touching the blade to her lips, the shadow monster licked the blood from the dagger. It was a good line. She would definitely get a good profit. Without hesitating, she leaned the corpse against the greasy brick siding of the building that shielded the alley from the streets. No one around seemed to notice or if they did, pretended they didn't. It made her life easier that the outside world turned their head to darker things they could never understand. The world was selfish. She was selfish. Money was money.

Pulling out a syringe and rigging a bag to the end of it, Shiloh jabbed the needle into the forearm of the dead man and began to drain him of his blood. After filling three bags with the crimson liquid, she carefully stored them in her satchel. Selecting a sharper knife from her collection, and without hesitation sliced into the flesh of the man's chest. Of course she would harvest the organs, times were rough. One man could save a few more. She had her own method of storing the organs in an ice box which was surprisingly easy. Separating the best muscle and fat from the bones, she wrapped up the meat. Slipping off her gloves, she shoved them into her pocket. Pushing the fabric back over her mouth, she rose to her feet and collected her loot. Her ruby eyes flashed and within a second she vanished into the shadows.

When the abomination reached her destination, she had changed from her soiled clothing and was dressed in dark civilian clothing. Nothing about her seemed out of the ordinary, she had her thick locks of ebony hair pulled into a loose braid that fell over the back of her cloak. The only thing that made her stand out were the bandages on her arms and the black mask that she had kept over her nose.
She was pushing a cart that had several boxes piled high. Opening the door to the butchers' shop, she gracefully manage to slip in without disturbing her goods or catching the attention of the people who occupied the store. Shiloh noticed a brawny stalk away in a huff. Inhaling she recognised the scent of a lycanthropy anywhere. The liche was actually quite surprised to see one in the district. Uninterested again, Shiloh pushed the dolly up to the counter and rung a bell. The butcher turned his attention to Shiloh and smiled.
[b [#626262 "Ah Umbra, I was wondering when you'd get here. You know where to put it."]] He greeted with a hearty chuckle.
Shiloh grinned under her mask and nodded. Padding to the back she pulled her goods with her. Shiloh knew everyone and if she didn't everyone knew her alias. Her usual job was selling 'special meats' to the market or being a hitman. But despite her record, even the royal guard would hire her for missions. The rules did not apply when someone was as skilled as the Umbra.]]
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[center [font "Arial" The Devil's Backbone had it's own charm for an old tavern. The redwood tables and warm lighting was very inviting. It was hard to run a business with the recent economy, but luckily, this pub was a local favourite. No matter the day the bar was packed full of residents of the town ready to pour a drink.

A lanky boy stood behind the rustic counter of the bar carefully wiping down glasses before gingerly stacking them by the copper sink. The walls were stocked with hundreds of brews from across the nations. They were displayed proudly as sunlight flooded the room from the azure stained-glass window. It lit the room up with kaleidoscope colours. The light bounced off of the bottles filling the room with tiny crystals.
Letting out a sigh, the male dried his hands on his apron and then leaned on the counter top. It was usually quiet during the day and he actually enjoyed the silence. He could hear the life outside in the streets but it was muffled. It seemed so far away to him.

Just as he was returning to his work he heard the doorbell chime announcing the entrance of someone. Glancing up he spotted an older gentleman and smiled.
[right [pic]]
[b [#6b86ba "Reigen just the guy I wanted to see!"]] Greeted the bartender. Reigen descended down the stairs carrying a large package letting out a hearty laugh.
[b [#626262 "Ahh if it isn't my favourite alcohol Cirrus."]] He replied. Strolling over to his friend, he placed the crate on the counter in front of the silver haired boy.
Cirrus grabbed a knife and approached the box. Cutting it open, he pulled out a dusty bottle. Blowing on it, he read the script on the label. It was a bottle of whisky that he had been wanting to add to his collection for a long time now. His eyes widened as did his smile. Extending a hand, the delivery man took it in a firm grip and they shook.

[b [#6b86ba "I knew you could get it but I still can't believe it."]] He praised as he turned the liquor over in his hand. Placing it on the shelf, he trotted over to the door to flip the sign to say [i 'open.'] Averting his attention, he grinned at Reigen.
[b [#6b86ba "Drinks are on me tonight ya bastard."]] Cirrus barked with excitement. Grabbing two glasses and a bottle of bourbon off of the shelf, he poured two helpings. Passing one to Reigen and lifting the other to his lips, he gave a little nod and raise of the cup before chugging it down.]]

[center [pic]]
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|| Courteous || Rarely
Risk-Taking | Always
Ambitious | Very
Curious | Very
Self-Controlled | Never
Nurturing | Sometimes
Trusting | Rarely
Honest | Mostly
Loyal | Very
Affectionate | Rarely
Romantic | Very Rarely
Flirty | Always
Sympathetic | Occasionally
Optimistic | Rarely
Observant | Very
Logical | Often
Social | Very outgoing
Emotions | Out of control]

|| || POWER
Squirtle | 5
Charmander | 7
Wolvenglade | 99999]
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[center [pic]]
[center [ pictures]]
[center [b [font "Courier New" [u Name:]]] [font "Arial" Shiloh Umbra Bates.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Alias:]]] Umbra or Shy but usually goes by Shiloh

[b [font "Courier New" [u Race:]]] Lich, Half Dark Elf. Her father was a full blooded drow and her mother was a high elf.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Age:]]] Appears around sixteen or seventeen

[b [font "Courier New" [u Gender:]]] Fluid but uses she/her pronouns and usually appears feminine

[b [font "Courier New" [u Sexual Orientation:]]] Pansexual, she doesn't have a preference

[b [font "Courier New" [u Appearance:]]]

[b [font "Courier New" [u Biography:]]]
Shiloh's mother was a noble woman who fell in love with a traveling merchant. During their summer together, he promised to come back to her in the later years to meet their child.
What she didn't know was the man was actually a devoted member of a dark cult that lived in the Underdark, the underground taverns and catacombs that housed cities and a completely different world hidden from the light. The man had traveled to the outer world to find someone to have a child with in order to complete a sacrifice. He was truly devoted to his god due to all of the work and time he put into his plot. When his daughter was sixteen years old, he stole her from her home and used her as a sacrifice. Instead of gaining the powers he was promised, Shiloh was created as a byproduct of a flawed human sacrifice making her a lich.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Personality:]]]]]

[center [pic]

[font "Andale Mono" [b [u Alignment:]] Chaotic Neutral

[b [u Class:]] Shadow Assassin

[b [u Proficiencies:]] Acrobatics, stealth, slight of hand from her rogue class plus Aracana and Intimidation

[b [u Weapons:]]

[b [u Equipment:]] Thieves' Tools: [size9 set of tools includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers]

Weaknesses: Examples: Allergies, abnormalities, conditions]]
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[center [font "Arial" High Elf Noble in a royal family likes to sneak out at night as disguise herself as a boy to go to bars and gamble. Chaotic as a child always creating havoc for the castle and it's staff. When she was in her late teens she joined a group of vigilantes to become a hero. Her family was not supportive but after being involved with politics with neighboring countries she decided she couldn't believe in the justice system and sometimes laws had to be broken to save the lives of the innocent. Family disowned her stripping her of her title

The group was locking for another male to travel with so she took on a male identity. Traveled with the group for a few years before they settled down in a town they saved from tyranny and became their law enforcement/way of protection. Character gets tired of the stagnant life and goes on the road again with new [u party].

[*] She could decide to clarify her gender when she joins the new party or just stay with her androgyny male persona.

She is obnoxiously good with animals. Basically an elf Pocahontas or Snow White and it is ridiculously annoying to her party sometimes.
Can do basic lock picking and can be rather average looking which helps her blend in with the crowd which is helpful in some situations.
Appears to be a boy but is actually a girl in disguise. [i No one knows except maybe the DM for plot purposes.]
Being raised in a royal household gives her the advantages of persuasion with nobles and knowledge of history/studies and proper etiquette and manners.
She is very good at judging situations and using skills from both of her identities to help a situation.
Lightweight when it comes to drinking but can smoke you under a table and kick your ass in gambling.
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[center [font "Arial" A low purr vibrated his chest as he pressed up against his new found companion. Smirking he took the pot and poured the bitter liquid into two matching mugs. Dropping in the required amount of sugar, Shar stole a spoon to stir the drinks. His nose wrinkled at the sharp smell of coffee. It was actually very refreshing in contrast to the sweet smelling kitchen.

Pricking his ears up, the tiger sliced some bread before putting it in the toaster. Leo asked for help so that is what he would get.
[b [#330066 "I would like that very much."]] He hummed in amusement. The neko was such a flirt sometimes and he couldn't help but be a house cat around this boy.

Pouring another mug full of coffee he pushed it towards Kimika. He was enchanted by the neko's pomegranate hair. It was absolutely gorgeous. [i She] was absolutely gorgeous. Shardul blushed when he had to mentally remind himself not to touch the girl's hair without her permission. Shaking his head he turned back to the toaster. The bread popped out with a perfect golden brown crust. Smiling to himself he carefully took the hot food and put it on a plate.

Snaking around Leo, Shardul was careful not to run into Ruby as he placed another frying pan on the back burner. His cheeks flushed at Ruby's side comment about his affection for his roommate. Puffing out his cheeks, he batted his tawny eyelashes. Turning away he let out a huff and grabbed some eggs from the refrigerator before cracking them into the pan. They simmered and the smell invaded his nostrils and he smiled. He hadn't realized how hungry he was.
[b [#330066 "Would anyone else like some eggs since I have to work for my place to sleep?"]] He hummed to the others in the kitchen while playfully bumping into Leonard joking at his comment about the bed. Shar couldn't help but hope everyone here was as nice as those he had already met.
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[center [pic]]
[left [pic]][right [pic]]

[center Image URL:
[u Species:] Luxray
[u Nickname:] Lux
[u Age:] Twenty
[u Gender Identity:] Genderfluid Male
[u Ability:] Rivalry
[u Current Level:] 19
[u Current Moveset:] Bite, Spark, Volt Tackle, Charge
[u Appearance:]
[u Personality:]
[u Biography:] ]
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[center [font "Arial" Shardul woke up to an empty bed. Rolling over he wrapped himself tighter into his blanket. Inhaling, it still smell of his roommate. A sleepy smiles kissed his lips as he let out yawn. He liked having someone else in his bed to his surprise. Shar probably wouldn't admit it though. Sitting up he stretch like a domestic house cat. Licking his lips he glanced around. The morning sun was flooding through the window igniting the room in a soft glow. It took everything in his power not to crawl back into bed under the sunbeams and fall back to sleep.
Slipping on the yukata that the staff had folded outside the door of his bedroom. Once he was dress he stumbled his way into the kitchen.

Spotting his roommate he padded over too him. His tail swished and his ear flickered. Brushing up against Leonard, he let out a purr. Shardul didn't take long to warm up to other nekos due to being born into a tribe of cubs before he was taken away. Sniffing at the frying pain his mouth began to water. Sometimes it was hard to believe that he was a tiger. He acted more like a house cat most of the time. Pressing his chin on Leo's shoulder he reach over to steal the coffee post. Pouring himself a mugful he batted his eyelashes at his roommate. His azure eyes gazed at him questioningly.
[b [#330066 "Would you like me to pour you some?"]] he inquired raising an eyebrow.]]
[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" Kuro spent the morning going from room to room stripping the bed sheets and applying fresh ones. His favourite part of his routine was opening all of the windows up and down the halls to let fresh air in and today the weather was extra nice. Padding toward the kitchen he smelled simmering oil and baking dough. The residents had started cooking breakfast themselves. He wasn't used to that. Kuro loved to feed the house but he didn't mind sharing.

Walking over to the sink he reached into the cabinet to pull out a stack of plates and a few mugs.
[b [#330066 "Would you like any help?"]] He asked while moving the dishes over to the dining room table. Restocking the fruit basket he placed it in the center of the table.
shooting over to the refrigerator and gathered the milk cartons and the fruit juice to move to the counter. He loved serving meals family style where everyone helped themselves to the food and then sat together at the table to eat.
[b [#330066 "Oh and if you put your laundry baskets in the hallway I will put them a load in."]] He added before heating up a kettle to brew some tea.]]
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[center [font "Arial" A muscular neko stood over the sink of the kitchen focused intently on the dishes in the sink. His brows furrowed as he zeroed in on a crusty plate. Scrubbing the ceramics with a sponge he was lost in thought. His outfit was rather [i revealing.] He wore only an apron over his chiseled abdomen and an embarrassing pair of pastel pink bloomers. It wasn't his ideal work uniform but he didn't complain [s too much.] The front of his ruffled apron was damp with suds from the sink fulled of plates, cups, and cooking pots. This was his favourite job because it was quiet and the panther loved the feeling of running water. Just as he finished the last dish a resident padded in with some Tupperware. He was a lanky male wearing a natural toned robe. His ears were relaxed and his striped tale gave away his breed. It was the tiger who had always had a room to himself. Kuro liked that the wild cat had his on room because it was usually kept pretty clean. But he had heard rumors that the boy was moving in with another person. Sighing he extended his hand to Shardul to take the dishes. Dunking them in the water, he finally had finished.

[b [#330066 "Do you need any help moving into your new room?"]] The staff member questioned. He took clean blankets and hot tea around to all of the residents at night but he wanted to make sure that the tiger wasn't going to struggle too much moving.
Shardul didn't reply with words. His eyes were dull with sleepiness. Shaking his head, he waved to Kuro and exited the room. It was a short encounter but it wasn't unpleasant.

The butler changed from his heart-shaped apron into a dry one. He gathered some quilts from the laundry room and headed towards the dorms. Heading down the hall in a line, he placed the blankets and a nighttime snack outside their doors. He paused when he got to room E. He recalled that this was going to be the tigers' new room. Wanting to make sure everything was alright, he gently knocked on the door before opening it.
He wasn't expecting to see a nude neko curled up in a blanket on the make-shift room size bed. His eyes widened and his cheeks blushed like a tomato.
[b [#330066 "I uh sorry um .. you have a new roommate coming soon so ... y-yeah."]] He stammered the entire sentence kicking himself interally. Backing away quickly stumbling over his feet, he shut the door and dropped the blankets and dashed down the hall in an embarrassed escape.]]

[right [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" Shardul dragged himself into the kitchen to wash his dishes before crawling into bed. His eyelids felt heavy and he couldn't help but yawn. To his lucky surprise he spotted one of the staff members cleaning up the kitchen. If he weren't so sleepy he would have flirted and teased the neko about his revealing maid uniform but he just didn't have the energy. Strolling over to the sink he handed Kuro the container. He had practically licked it clean.
[#330066 [i "would you like some help moving?"]]
The voice sounded far away to Shardul. Shaking his head he decided to move his things in the morning. Turning away he gave the employee a small wave.

Shardul had to climb up the stair on all fours. When he was tired there was no help. It was more like he was intoxicate than sleepy. Yawning again he crawled down the hall to his new room. He spotted some blankets on the floor messily folded by the door. It looked like it had been dropped their carelessly. Scooping it up in his arms, he pressed the soft fabric to his bare chest. Forgetting to knock he entered the room.

Any normal person would probably been startled by the sight of their new roommate naked on the floor but Shardul was either too tired to care or just plain weird. [s Definitely both.] Without changing out of his robes, he wrapped up in the quilt and padded over to the mattress topper on the floor. Curling up next to Leonard, he snuggled in and purred closing his eyes. As soon as he hit the mattress he felt like he could have passed out right there. But it was rude not to introduce himself.
[b [#330066 "I'm Shar..dul your roomma .. ate."]] He murmured groggily.]]
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[center [pic]]

[center [font "Arial" The tiger leaned against the counter pressing his bare abdomin to the cool wood. He pursed his lips and blinked slowly. Swishing his tail, a low purr hummed in his throat. He watched as the strawberry haired neko pulled out the leftovers for him. Licking his lips, he ripped open the container and sniffed at the food. Reaching for a fork, he decided he should probably use a little bit of his manners. Shoveling a bite into his mouth he turned his attention back to Shizuma as she was still talking.

She was rambling about his new roommate. The news made him stop mid chew and he frowned. Shardul had been living alone for most of his stay at the house. He liked having his room to himself. [i He didn't have to wear clothes.] Puffing out his cheeks he furrowed his brow. Flattening his ears, he swallowed his bite before replying.
[b [#990033 "hmmph, I have to [i share?,]"]] he grumbled.
It wasn't that he didn't want a roommate, it was just weird for him to sleep in the same room as someone else. When he was a slave it was just him in his cage. He hadn't had someone to sleep with since he was a cub before he was taken from his tribe. A soft flush kissed his cheeks as he pouted like a child. It was embarrassing.
[b [#990033 "I wonder what he is like ...]] He mumbled to himself.

Just as he was about to go back to eating an earthquake interrupted him. Well it wasn't an [i earthquake.] A demon boy had shattered the wooden counter with his strength. Instinctively raising his arm to shield his face from the flying wood chips, he felt splinters lodge into his soft skin. Wincing with pain, he scowled at Satoshi. [i [#990033 "दुर्वचन"]] He hissed in his native tongue. Pulling the splinters from his arm, he dropped the bloody cedar. Crimson liquid trickled down his forearm and onto what was left of the table. Narrowing his eyes he bared his fangs as the white haired male exited the room, he cursed him again. [#990033 [b "What the hell?"]]
Pushing away from the counter, he padded over to the sink to wash the blood from his superficial wounds. Luckily since he wasn't human his blood clot rather quickly. Letting out a defeated huff he picked up the container of leftovers to eat in another room.
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[center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" Sitting with his robe open, the tiger sat sprawled on the carpet of the library. He was on his back surrounded by throw pillows and a quilt. His face was still with slumber as he napped in the silence of the room. His open robe showed his pale chest and the only other clothes he had on to cover him were a loose pair of matching pants that belonged the set of his jinbei. The hem of his pants rested just below his v-line revealing the patch of ginger fur that trailed up to his bellybutton. His muscular torso looked like it had been carved from stone that had been chipped and scarred by hardship. The most prodominant mark on his chest was three claw marks that raked from his right pectoral to the bottom of the opposite rib cage in a parallel slash. It seemed to be an old wound that had healed and scarred over the years.

The sleeping feline was known as Shardul. He was a bangle tiger native to the Middle East but instead resided [i on the floor of the library sleeping lazily in an afternoon nap.] The once proud creature now lay vulnerable on his back. His soft blonde hair was a mess on his head parted around two twitching ears. If only his enemies could see their champion now in all of his glory; snoring half naked with a book of [i poetry] left open on his chest.

Although he was deep in his doze, something had caught his attention. Wriggling his noses two azure eyes snapped open darting back and forth before focusing on the clock. His ears flickered and he inhaled deeply. Moaning at the smell he knew that it was dinnertime. He really needed to stop sleeping the day away. Rolling over onto his stomach Shardul arched his back and let out a yawn. After stretching his arms he pulled the fabric that had fallen off of his shoulders loosely back into place. Raising to his feet he let out one last sleepy yawn before padding to the kitchen.

Upon entering, he glanced lazily about before purring, [b [#990033 "What is furr dinner?"]]
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[center [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]
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[right [pic]][center [u Username:] muta
[u Name:] Todoroki Kuro, he goes by Kuro or Black
[u Age:] Twenty
[u Race:] Black Panther Neko
[u Sexual orientation:] Bisexual
[u Medical Records:] None, he was sickly as a child but has recovered fully.
[u Previous Offenses:] None really, a few bar fights here and there but it was all juvenile.
[u Other details:] Although big in stature and with a wild cat bloodline, he is actually a kitten and if you play with his hair or touch his ears he will be a mewling mess.
[u Background:] Kuro joined the house at a very young age. He was frail and constantly getting sick when he was a toddler. With an abusive father and a low immune system, he was constantly in the hospital. One day after another visit to the hospital, no one was there to pick him up when he was discharged. With nowhere to go, Kuro was taken to the home for nekos where he has lived ever since. Although he makes a fuss about having to be a staff member and wear a maid or butler uniform, he actually enjoys it. He definitely would never admit it.
[u History with other nekos:] Open!
[u Crush:] Kuro is a huge flirt but does really have his eye on anyone.
Picture URL:
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[center [u Username:] muta
[u Name:] Shardul, [i a fitting name since it means Tiger]
[u Age:] Nineteen
[u Race:] Full-blood Bengal Tiger
[u Sexual orientation:] Gay
[u Medical Records:] Ligature marks on his wrists and ankles from being bound in chains, cuts and scars letter his back and chest. He has burns in the shape of detailed designs as well as symbolic tattoos that where given to him without consent.
[u Previous Offenses:] Shardul was a Colosseum fighter backed by his master. It was a regular entertainment for the rich where he came from. Freaks and demons were forced to fight to the death in a ring while humans watched. Shardul was very skilled and never lost a fight.
[u Other details:] Shar is really muscular but he is still physically timid around other people. He is also kind of awkward but he loves when he can make other people laugh.
[u Background:] Shardul was the name given to by his master. He was actually a native to the jungles in India. Shardul was a member of a human tiger shifter tribe. They were humans that had tigerblood in their veins. Most lived as tigers but some would travel in their human form. The rich took an interest in their kind and kidnapped them all selling them around the world to highest bidders. Shardul was bought by a rich noble man where he was kept as a pet. He was taught how to speak English and Hindi as well as read Sanskrit. His master took pleasure in showing off his pet and using him as entertainment. Shardul was put sport fighting, drag, and was even trained in the art of dance. He didn't have a terrible life because it was all he had ever known. Most of the time he was bound in chains or kept in a cage. Although he refuses to admit to he was a sex slave. After being kept in captivity his master was killed by a cartel. Taking pity on him, the gang members sent him overseas to the Home for nekos.
[u History with other nekos:] Open!
[u Crush:] None in particular but most of the boys at the house are very attractive.
Picture URL:]
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