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[center [font "Arial" Braelyn's ears pricked at the commotion coming from the house. She watched as the prince pulled away from her leaving her alone in one swift movement. Her outstretched hand felt light and lonesome as it fell to her side. For a moment her heart was heavy but her stomach saved her. She eyed the food that was left on the table. She sure did love to eat. Sinking back into her chair she didn't mind eating alone. She could be herself which wasn't always very charming. In a flash her face turned from girl to ebony fox. Her snout sniffed at the basket. Opening her jaw, she vacuumed the sandwiches up in one bite. Wrinkling her nose, she wigggled her whiskers. Once the food was gone, she shook her head and her beautiful face was back. Glancing around, she made sure no one noticed her animal manners

Packing up the basket and cleaning off the table, the vixen padded back into the house. Opening the door, she heard two feminine voices. She recognised Miyah and Winry. Stopping herself from entering, she surveyed what they were doing.
Magic was so amazing when it came to other worlds. It was normal where she came from but spells were something she had never even heard of until now. She watched as the enchantress helped Miyah. They were standing close and Braelyn was oddly jealous. [i She] wanted to be making stuff with Winry. Storming into the kitchen she made her presence know. Grinning wildly, she batted her eyelashes and took a seat at the table. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she leaned on her elbows. It smelled so sweet.]][right [pic]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "Hey there you too. What are you up to?"]] Braelyn purred. She wanted to help but also consume whatever was making that smell.
Braelyn climbed down from her chair and bounded up to the blue-haired girl. She snaked an arm around Winry's waist and pulled her close. The girl smelled even sweeter than the magic cooking. The goddess almost missed that she was wearing the tee shirt she lent her. Winry actually looked better in it than the owner. Pursing her lips, she leaned her chin on the enchantress's shoulder.
[b [#009999 "That smells delicious."]] She cooed in her ear. Waving at the idol, she made sure to greet Miyah as well.

[h3 Just a rough idea]
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[center [font "Arial" The vixen watched as the prince spoke about his life. It was alluring to watch how his feelings were clear as day on his face. She liked how much easier he was to read now that they had spoken a bit. Ravenguard seemed to contrast the spirit world in almost every way.

As Ceri went on to explain the hierarchy, he seemed to have to explain himself further on the matter of a cat being the most royal. It confused Braelyn on how he thought it was unusual for an animal to rule. Tilting her head she tried to piece it together. Were humans not equal to animals in this realm? In the Spirit world animals were usually very high ranking with the gods. Although her family ruled the foxes; they were treated like royalty by the other spirits. Maybe her culture was weird? She wanted to know so much more. [i [#009999 'Does this mean I bow to him now?']] Thought the raven-haired girl.

[b [#009999 "Does James do magic often? Castiel seemed to be leery of him in the beginning and I understand why now,"]] questioned the goddess. Here eyes resembled less of a fox and more of a doe. They lacked their fierceness and fire. It was replaced with a gentleness that most didn't get to see. She blinked slowly as she leaned forward on her chair.
[b [#009999 "And wow that is amazing. I am only a few decades old. That is another reason why the other gods are nervous about me taking over one day."]] Mumbled Braelyn. It was actually a touchy subject for her because the hostility made her home life a bit tiring.

Crossing one leg over the other, she placed one hand on her bare leg and the other picked at a sandwich. She could listen to him for hours and never be bored. Braelyn actually felt that way about all of the residents of the household. She wanted to know everything about the lovely people she shared her life with. She considered them more to be a family than rivals.
She noted the academics and material that helped his people. The spirit world was much more musically driven and swayed by the arts. It was quite intriguing to think about scholars.

Braelyn noticed a change in his demeanor as he spoke of his family. There was a sorrow to his tone that hurt the kitsune deep in the pit of her stomach. She wondered if they were close. What ate at her most was the idea of Ceri being lonely. Braelyn was constantly surrounded by interesting characters. She was always engulfed in love. Did he get to freely love? Frowning she reached out a hand to comfort him. But before they connected she pulled away. Not everyone was okay with physical affection which she respected. But it was hard for her not to.
But despite her efforts to contain herself, she stood up and rushed toward the prince. Leaning down she pressed her forehead to his. The way his eyes had fallen broke her self control. In her culture, this was the highest form of affection and comfort. Braelyn did not know how Ceri would react, but in that moment it didn't matter to her.
[b [#009999 "Don't be sad Ceri"]] She whispered.
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[center [font "Arial" The delinquent was stunned when the girl dropped from his grasp and crawled away. No one ever had the courage to do that. Whirling around to catch her, his finger slipped through her silky hair. His eyes widened as he looked at his hand that was only clutching air. Cocking his head, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about [i touching her hair again.] Catching himself from dwelling on those thoughts any longer, he pounced after her. Just as he was about to ram his shoulder through the bathroom door, Ashitaka was caught by a familiar cough. Wincing, he backed away slowly with his head down.

[b "Ashitaka, [i what are you doing?"]] questioned a deep, chocolate voice, There was an amusement behind the words that sent chills up the boys' spine. Twirling on his heels, he puffed his chest out in defiance. It would have been more effective if he would make eye contact. Grumbling he lifted his eyes. A tall handsome man stood over him. He had a few books in his hand and he was staring at the bad boy over the rim of his thick glasses.
[b [#800000 "N-Nothing Mr. Takumi."]] Ashitaka barked. Running his fingers through his strawberry locks he bit his lower lip. He'd have to confront her later. Stupid bathrooms.
The teacher nodded with a smirk before patting the boy on the head. Ashitaka let out a silent hiss. He hated how familiar Mr. Takumi acted with him. Shifting the weight of his bag he pulled out a slip of paper and scrawled on it.]

[font "Gabriola" [size19 [i 'Watch your back kid.']]]

[font "Arial" Slipping the card under the door, he stalked off to class. Just as he was about to enter his next class his pocket vibrated. Pulling out his phone he surveyed the screen. It was a text from one of the members of his crew.
[font "Courier New" [u Draco:] Hey Aries we are taking the squirt to the park.]
Smiling down at the message, he typed back a 'have fun.' Flickering his eyes from side to side, Ashitaka made sure no one saw him being sentimental. His little brother was going to be the death of him.
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[center [font "Arial" A massive cocoon of fluffy sheets lay nestled in a valley of pillow mountains. The only indication of life was the steady rise and fall of breathing. Messy red locks of soft hair sprouted from the top of a bundle like a carrot. The morning sun was peering through the large apartment window to check on the slumbering beast. Its rays kissed everything in the room igniting it in an amber glow. All was quite. All was tranquil.

That was until a small figure slinked through the shadows. Their footsteps were soft and well planned. It was a surprise when it flung into the air landing belly first on the mound of sleepy blankets. In a hurricane of fabric and yelling, the bed exploded. It was hard to tell where the humans started and where the bedding materials ended. The figure turned out to be a little boy with the same crimson hair as his sleeping prey. He was straddling triumphantly the sleeping giant. Before he could attack him with a pillow, the monster scooped up the boy and tossed him in the air. Shrieking in delight, he fell onto the pillows below. The beast revealed himself to be worse than any fictional creature ever read in story books: [i a big brother.] In a counter attack the larger male lept onto the child with his ultimate finishing move, tummy tickles.][right [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" Rolling around under the weight of his aggressor the younger child cried out in defeat between bouts of hysterical laughter.
[b [#626262 "YOU WIN YOU WIN!"]] He howled.

His big brother stopped and smirked. Just as he was about to get off of the little guy, he was blindsided by a sneak attack. The younger sibling had jumped onto the male's lap and was hugging him around his neck.

[b [#800000 "Ahhh Haku! Warm hugs are my one true weakness."]] Hollering, he toppled to the ground in a dramatic fake death.
[b [#626262 "Ashitaka, you are no match for me!"]] Cackled Haku. Ashitaka wrapped his long arms around his little brother and stood up. Balancing his little monkey on his hip, he hobbled over to the kitchen. Ashitaka huffed and thought to himself,[#800000 [i 'this kid is getting too big to be carried like this.']] Setting the tike on the countertop, Ashitaka lumbered over to the refrigerator. It was empty. [i Shit someone forgot to go grocery shopping.]
[b [#800000 "Well Haku guess we are eating with the boys,"]] he grumbled.
Haku had other feelings about the statement. His round eyes widened and his face beamed. Haru [i loved] the boys.

[center [pic]

[u The Boys] referred to the [i Renegades,] the top gang in the city. They were a group of around twenty bruts men and women. But the main boys were the six guys who were the next in command to the leader. The leader just happened to be the little rugrat's older brother, Ashitaka. Most parents would be worried about their child hanging out with a bunch of delinquents, but Haku didn't have to worry. He didn't have any. It was just him and the coolest big brother in the world. Haku could never complain.
[b [#800000 "Haku go get dressed, I'm dropping you off at the garage oka-"]] ordered Ashitaka; however, he didn't even get to finish the sentence before the boy had disappeared. Shaking his head, Ashitaka headed to his own room to get dressed.
The school had a uniform, but that didn't mean a thing to the gang boss. After a shower, the redhead pulled on a black tee shirt over his muscular body. His scarred arms were covered by a sweatshirt. Pulling on a pair of black jeans, Ashitaka grabbed his things for school. Another one of Ashitaka's great parenting skills was transporting his brother on a motorcycle. Don't worry they had helmets.

Ashitaka pulled up to the curb of an old abandoned city garage. The Renegades had turned it into their headquarters and home for some of the members. Parking the vehicle out back, he lifted his brother up like a baby koala. He couldn't lie, [i he loved carrying Haku like this.] Climbing the stairs he headed to the hideout.
A bunch of gorilla-sized men were sitting around a surprisingly well decorated room. Some of them were playing cards while others were doing [u homework.] They were actually very good kids. Ashitaka took kids off the street to clean them up. And everyone needs an education.
Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the intruder. It was silent for a moment before all of the members were yelling their good mornings. One thug in particular robbed Ashitaka of his child and took him off to play games. They loved Haku. He was an honorary member.
[b [#800000 "Hey Haku has daycare at two make sure he gets there."]] Barked Ashitaka. He swiveled around to stare down one of the guys. [b [#800000 "And DON'T take him on the motorcycles."]] He growled. A few of the men snickered at the thought of the last [i incident.] Apparently it was appropriate to take a kid to daycare in the sidecar of a motorcycle. Sighing, Ashitaka waved to his brother who was already coloring while drinking a juice box. If the other gangs saw this sight they'd be done for.
On is way to school, Ashitaka was assaulted by a bicycle. Picking up his things that had dropped to the floor, he let out a furious hiss. His amber eyes followed the culprit. All he saw was blossom locks twirling in the wind as she fled the scene. Cursing to himself, he stomped off to class. Once he had made it class he was still boiling with anger. He spotted the pink haired girl again and lunged at her pushing her up against the wall. He was a lot bigger than her so he towered over her. His fist was pressed into the concrete wall as he leaned in inches away from her. As he spoke, his hot breath brushed her face.
[b [#800000 "Hey what the hell???"]]
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[left [pic]] [center [pic]][center [font "Arial"
The fox goddess stared at the basket the prince had placed on the table. Her eyes fixated on the open lid. It took every ounce of self control to not leave on the table like the animal she pretended not to be. She wasn't actually sure what the customs were here but she didn't think it would be much different than the human world. Reaching for a napkin, she placed it in her lap before snagging a sandwich. Sniffing at the thermos, she recognised the smell. It was very popular in some of the districts back home. Just as she was about to [i help herself,] Ceri's question stole her attention.

[i 'Where do you come from?']

Braelyn lit up like a spark at the question. A wild grin crawled across her lips. Widening her ocean eyes, she let out a pur. The Spirit World she called her home was definitely something she liked to brag about. Pausing for a moment, a flash of sadness stung her. But as quickly as it came, it disappeared. She hadn't realized how much she missed her family.
[b [#009999 "I come from the Spirit World ..."]] she stated. The goddess wasn't actually sure [i where] to start. There was so much to tell. Cocking her head, she rested her chin on her palm ignoring her food for the first time in her entire life. Her smile changed from playful to warm and sentimental. Pressing her tongue to the roof of her mouth, she contemplated her timeline. Maybe it would be best to start with the family?

Inhaling, she sat up straight again and tapped her chin with her index finger. [b [#009999 "Okay ... so I should first give you a little background on my family"]] she started.
[b [#009999 "First there is my papa. His name is Ashitaka."]] Braelyn beamed just saying his name.] [right [ [pic]]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "Alright so imagine a really big guy with snowy white hair that drags the ground ... But when I say big I mean [i big.] He is around ten feet tall when he is in his regular god form. He is kind of scary looking and he has nine tails and [b really] big ears. [size9 'I only have seven right now ...']]] She mumbled to herself sourly. [b [#009999 "Don't let his looks scare you. He is a soft marshmallow that likes his tummy rubbed."]] Her eyes softened as she went on. Playing with the end of her braid, she had completely forgotten about her rumbling stomach. She missed him terribly.
[b [#009999 "He is the Fox God. In my realm there are ten gods that rule the spirits. He is controls the fire and light. My magic is blue unlike his boring [i white.]"]] Braelyn boasted proudly. She puffed out her chest jokingly.
[b [#009999 "I will take his place in the next century or so. [size11 No one is really happy about it] [size10 because I am a girl] [size9 but my dad thinks it is badass...]"]] She trailed on mostly in a babble.
Stopping to take a breath, she locked eyes with the prince and went rigid. Her scarlet cheeks indicated she had realized she was talking too fast. Scratching the back of her head, she laughed awkwardly.
[b [#009999 "Well anyway that's my dad."]]

[b [#009999 "OH I want you to know my real name. I am Kazumi of [i Shiroi Hi To Hikari] Shrine, which literally means white fire and light. It isn't very creative ..."]] the Vixen added.

Next she decided to talk about her mom.][left [ [pic]]] [center [font "Arial"Braelyn loved that woman.
[b [#009999 "My mother is the Harmony Spirit. She is the ruler of music and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the whole entire world. Her voice is soft like honey and she always smells of oranges. [i She is [ [font "Arial" [b [#009999 almost idyllic]]]] if a person could be a definition."]]] She couldn't help but dwell on the memories of her mother. When she was a baby she would only sleep if her mother sang to her. The random thought of a piano residing somewhere in the house excited her, She would definitely have to ask. Speaking of music, her brother was next on the bragging list.[right [pic]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "I have a big brother named Haru. He is really handsome too but he gets his looks from our mom. Well he actually gets most of his genes from momma. He is a music spirit like her. Although he can have ears like me, he doesn't have any of his magic. [i I think that made papa sad at first."]]] She thought to herself. Pushing it from her mind, she continued. [b [#009999 "He's also dating the [ [font "Arial" [b [#009999 Ice God]]]] who is one of the ten rulers. But my dad doesn't know they are boyfriends. So that's a secret."]] She flashed her sapphire eyes at the prince as if to threaten him. But it could only come off as playful.

[b [#009999 "Lastly, I have a little sister named Asami. She is so much prettier than me. [size9 but my boobs are bigger."]]] Braelyn snickered the last part to herself. It made her feel somewhat better about herself.][left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "She is dating her familiar Raika. Which is kind of taboo but it's okay because they are in love. I wouldn't mind having her as a sister-in-law."]] The fox added absent-mindedly. [i Wow her famly was kind of gay.] She thought maybe the prince didn't really care but she always wanted an excuse to talk about her family. Now that she had some background information [i not important really but she didn't care,] she moved on to her home world. Trying to describe the Spirit World was like trying to describe the taste of water or color to someone blind. It was an experience not a place.


[b [#009999 "My world is kind of hard to explain? It is really huge and has a million different timelines. It is really easy to get lost because one wrong step and you end up in a different city or forest."]] She grimaced at the cold hard truth from personal adventures.]
[left [pic]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "I live on a shrine in a place based off of the human world's Shinto religion. I love it because tons of low level spirits like to make their homes under our deck and in the attic. I am never lonely."]][right [pic]][font "Arial" [b [#009999 "Sometimes they come and eat the dust bunnies under our dinner table."]] Braelyn added with a giggle. She wished they would come visit too. Although they might cause a bit of a ruckus because they are a little unruly. They weren't bad, they just knew how to have a good time. [i Well that is what Braelyn argued to her mother when the broke her favourite China dish set.] Most of the spirits and gods her age didn't like her because of her fate. They were jealous of her abilities which confused her when she was a child. She didn't understand why no one wanted to play with her. Frowning, Braelyn pulled herself from thought.

[b [#009999 "I have been told that there isn't a place in existence like the Spirit World."]] the fox mused. [b [#009999 "It is life in colors you can't even imagine."]] She spoke with a steady voice. Everything seemed dull in comparison. [b [#009999 "And the sky goes on for lifetimes."]] Braelyn added at the end.
[b [#009999 "Spirits and Yokai kind of just live everywhere. Boats, treehouses, mundane apartments, [i shoes,] cans, you name it. They are very creative"]] She chirped in bliss. [b [#009999 [i "And resourceful.]]]
[b [#009999 "We are constantly having festivals all over the place. There is never a quiet moment in the cities. The food is amazing. Shops and restaurants line the streets. If you go out in the country to the villages there are fresh markets. I think you'd enjoy it."]] chattering easily, she hadn't realized that she was comfortable talking to Ceri. [b [#009999 "You should visit sometime. We don't let mortals in usually but I think I could sneak you in."]]

[center [pic]]

[b [#009999 "So [i your highness,] what is it like being a popular prince with beautiful eyes and a nice smi-"]] She stopped herself and blushed lightly. Clearing her throat she didn't understand why she put it like that. [b [#009999 "I mean, what is it like here?"]] She gestured to the land behind her. It was a beautiful place. She hoped to explore with her familiar later one of these nights.

She really didn't know a thing about the prince. It was more of a [i 'my little sakura blossom you are going to romance this prince since you don't have to be a boss for a century,'] and then promptly kicking her out. But he probably felt the same way. This might actually be kind of stressful for him. Not once did she consider his feelings.
[b [#009999 "Ceri, are you happy?"]] Braelyn questioned gingerly. There was a compassion that she didn't even try to hide.
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[center [pic][pic]]

[center [ [pic]] [ [pic]] [pic] [pic]]
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[center [font "Arial" Braelyn pricked up her ears at the invitation. Her tail sprouted from her back and swished back and forth. She hadn't been invited to a meal with someone since she was in the spirit world. It was a nice change. Blinking slowly she tilted her head and stretched her long pale legs and slid off of the stool. Her bare feet sent shivers up her spine causing her hair to fluff up as she stepped down. Reaching her arms up she arched her back to stretch. She looked like a cat. Her tank top lifted up revealing her stomach. Eyeing the basket in his hand she felt her tummy growl.

[b [#009999 "I'd love to Ceri. I am starving,"]] she exclaimed.

Tangling her fingers in her raven locks, the fox twined it together into a messy braid. Tossing it over her shoulder, she bounded up to the prince. Bowing to him slightly, she danced through the open door. Grabbing his hand, she laced their fingers together. Leading Ceri to the patio, she glanced over her shoulder flashing a warm smile.
[b [#009999 "Also you can call me Brae, the formality isn't my thing,"]] she grinned.
This was one of her favourite spots. It had the best view. She loved how the sun bounded off of the water on the pond. Braelyn really wanted to swim but food was more important and she wasn't really dressed appropriately.
Sliding into the chair she gave him his and back. Her ears flickered as she waited for the boy to sit down. She was excited to have his company but she was [i more] excited to eat. Meeting Ceri's gaze, she blushed when they locked eyes. She had never noticed how bright they were.

Humans were still so interesting to Braelyn. Her family didn't have a shrine they visited often in the human world so she didn't have much experience with them. A lot of their customs were foreign to her like the way no one ever said how they felt or how you could buy dried ramen in bulk. She wanted to know everything. Pursing her lips, Braelyn leaned in as they were going to share secrets.

[center [pic]]
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[left [pic]][center [#ffffff ___________________________]] [center [pic]] [center [font "Arial" Braelyn nodded with a soft expression. She felt at ease once the other girl suggested a friendship. The idea of making a friend here made her smile. She hadn't really made any friendships yet and the house was honestly starting to feel too big.
[b [#009999 "It isn't a problem. I am glad I could help. How about we hang out after lunch?"]] Braelyn suggested with a smile. Turning away she padded down the steps back to her room. She had some explaining to do for her familiar. He had to endure her whiplash.

After a long hot shower, the kitsune flopped onto her bed with a sigh. Her towel was the only thing covering her petite body and it was damp soaking the comforter slightly. In a tangle of raven curls, Braelyn rolled onto her side letting her wet hair fall around her cheeks.]][right [pic]][center [font "Arial" Castiel rose to his paws and crawled over to his master. Leaping onto the foot of the bed, he nudged her with his muzzle.
[b [#626262 "Mistress ... you will catch a cold like that."]] He barked.
Braelyn grabbed the fox by the scruff and pulled him into her chest. The massive animal crushed her ribs but she didn't care. Pressing her face into Castiel's snowy fur she inhaled his sweet scent. Blushing slightly, Cas blinked slowly before adjusting his weight. Letting out a low growl of pleasure, he snuggled into the girl. Within moments the two were fast asleep.
[center [pic]]
When Braelyn woke from her slumber, her eyelids were heavy. Shivering she realized she had napped in her wet towel. Her fox familiar was still curled up close to her. He opened his eyes to gaze at her. Sometimes they didn't need words to comfort each other.
Rolling out of the bed, the fox pulled off her towel and threw it at Cas. Barking in protest he jumped to his feet. In a flash of light the animal had transformed into a handsome male. Tossing the towel back at his master, he stormed out of the room in a pretend frustration. Braelyn couldn't help but giggle.
Picking a sleeveless shirt and pair of denim shorts, she decided it was time to get ready for the day, [i even if it was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon.] Skipping a bra, she pulled the shirt over her bare body. Shimying into her favourite pink underwear, she buttoned her shorts overtop of them. Running her fingers through her thick hair, she brushed through it with her hands not bothering with a brush. Glancing once in the mirror, she skipped out of the bedroom. She half expected Castiel to be waiting for her but the boy was nowhere to be found. Shaking the fox from her brain, she made a beeline for the kitchen. Braelyn was absolutely starving.
[center [pic]]
Stalking into the kitchen, Braelyn's stomach let out a loud rumble demanding substance. She could definitely eat the entire kitchen empty. To her surprise the goddess spotted the prince by the refridgerator. She couldn't help but notice how attractive Ceri was. There was something about him standing in the warm light flooding through the open window that made him stunning. Realizing she was standing silently in the doorway staring at the male she flushed a soft rose. Running her fingers through her mane again, she scurried over to the kitchen table. Perching on a stool, she pulled her thin legs into a criss cross position on the seat. Leaning on her elbows, she glanced at the prince again. He was in the way of the food and she was impatient.

[b [#009999 "Hello Ceri."]] The vixen purred the greeting. A radiant smile kissed her lips. Tilting her head she batted her thick eyelashes. She couldn't stop thinking about food.]]

[p [ This] is Braelyn's character interaction chart if you are curious. I will update it throughout the story.]
[center Also Castiel is just wandering the house if anyone wants to interact with [ him.]]
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[#990033 [b Level of] [#c0c0c0 [u Friendship]]]
[#cc33ff [b Level of] [#c0c0c0 [u Attraction]]]
[#ffff99 [b Level of] [#c0c0c0 [u Romance]]]
[#3399ff [b Level of] [#c0c0c0 [u Distrust]]]
[#009933 [b Level of] [#c0c0c0 [u Curiousity]]]

[center [#ffffff _________________________________]]

[font "Arial"
[left [pic]]
[left ✩ [ Ceri Lanman James]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#990033 ▆]▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#cc33ff ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆]▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#ffff99 ▆]▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#3399ff ▆▆▆ l ▆]▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#009933 ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆]▆ ]]][center "He's the prince. Although he is very kind he is closed off which strikes my curiosity. I'd say he is rather handsome."]

[center [#ffffff _________________________________]]

[right [pic]][right ✩ [ Winry Weston]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#990033 ▆▆▆] l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#cc33ff ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆]▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#ffff99 ▆]▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#3399ff ▆▆▆] l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ ]]
[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#009933 ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆] ]]][center "I have never met a witch before. Her shyness is endearing and she has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. I don't know why I get so nervous around her."]

[center [#ffffff _________________________________]]

[left [pic]][left ✩ [ Akira Whitefang]
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[#c0c0c0 [size10 [#009933 ▆▆▆ l ▆▆▆] l ▆▆▆ ]]][center "We have yet to meet but I have heard of her kingdom. Her hair is absolutely amazing."]

[center [#ffffff _________________________________]]

[right [pic]][right ✩ [ Miyah Nakano]
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[center "She is super interesting. I like how she isn't afraid to say what she is thinking and will fight for what she wants. She is definitely my biggest rival for the prince."]
  |vixen| / muta / 96d 15h 42m 44s
[center [pic]]
[center [ council of the gods]]
  |vixen| / muta / 96d 21h 31m 5s

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