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Update: I think I am back for good now. I am also in the killing stalking fandom kill me please.

Watch this music video all the way through.

You are the protagonist of your own life, aren't you
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[center Picture Link:
[u Username:] muta
[u Name:] Jonah Hartwith
[u Age:] twenty-four
[u Position:] staff: Arts and Crafts teacher - creativity outlet cordinator [i ie runs the entertainment and helps set up activities]
[u Who are your VIP's?] His younger sister Godwin who is a guest at the resort, his mother, his friends
[u What are your dreams?] Jonah's biggest wish is to fall in love. He is embarrassed to say he has never been kissed. His goal is to become an art teacher and help children with learning disabilities use art as a creative outlet.
[u What do you regret?] His one true regret is never telling his father about his sexual orientation before he passed away.
[u How do you see yourself?] Jonah has a very bubbly personality. He is described as being a walking form of sunshine. His smile is contagious and his laugh will make you melt. His spontaneity and genuine kindness will make any person fall in love with him instantly. But behind his warm exterior he seems to be hiding pain that he is secretly hoping someone will see.
[u Are you emotional or logical? Do you believe in fate and serendipity?] Jonah's family has always argued whether the boy's compassion and empathy is his greatest strength or if it would be his demise. He is very emtional, his heart leads regardless of the danger. Although he takes own path, he believes in fate and love.
[u Are you spiritual?:] Agnostic mostly, he believes in a higher power but there isnt a right or wrong answer. His grandparents are Mennonites but very progressive. His parents didn't however follow the tradition of their family's organized religion.]

[right [pic]] [center Picture Link:
[u Username:] muta
[u Name:] Godwin Hartwith
[u Age:] twenty
[u Position:] Guest
[u Who are your VIP's?] Her big brother Jonah [i she actually adores him], her mom, and she has an odd relationship with her grandparents.
[u What are your dreams?] Godwin wants to be a park ranger vet and help rehabilitate wild animals. She wants to spend as much time in nature as possible because it's where she feels most comfortable.
[u What do you regret?] Godwin regrets not traveling with her dad before he died. She was a really bratty child when she was younger due to being adopted when she was nine. She really wishes she had been nicer to her adoptive parents as a kid.
[u How do you see yourself?] Godwin was cynical and angry when she was little. The Hartwith family adopted her when she was nine and it took a very long time for her to open up to them. She didn't get along with her parents until she bonded with her older brother Jonah. He always saw the potential in her. Now she might be a little awkward but she tries hard to communicate and interact with others. Her ability to relate with injured animals come from her abandonment. When she is in nature and with animals she is calm and it is easier for her to spend times with other people with they are interested in the same things she is.
[u Are you emotional or logical? Do you believe in fate and serendipity?] Fate brought her a loving family and a passion for helping others. She is a strong believer in serendipity and love. Her romantic personality makes drives her to follow Buddhism and pacifism.
[u Are you spiritual?:] Godwin practices Buddhism despite being white and raised loosely Mennonite. Her mom actually finds it endearing and tries to be supportive. Although her grandparents try to stay positive they are very judgmental.
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[left [pic]][center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" It was raining that day. The grass had become a swamp of mud and the road were soaked. Two teen sat in the back seat of a juvenile facility transportation vehicle. They were silently staring out opposite windows from each other with their bodies pointed visibly away avoiding contact. But despite their seating positions they had intertwined their fingers together with the hand that they weren't using to prop their heads up on the window. Due to the silence, the driver cautiously checked the rear-view mirror to make sure the cargo was still there.

Marlin and Axel, well known as Aries and Axis on the streets, had been inseparable since their time in the foster system. After the incident of separating them causing the death of two families, the kids took to the city streets. Although they had been warned of gangs and scum that inhabited the alleyways they decided to take their chances. Instead they were met with a group of outcasts and misfits much like themselves to call family. Thus becoming gang members was actually quite a blessing for them. But when they were caught by the authorities they had to make a decision; freedom and bloodshed or the safety of the gang they had grown to love. With a corrupt government they made a deal. The two kids would come willingly and the police would turn a blind eye to the streets or taking them by force, slaughtering their group in the process. There wasn't much of a choice.

Upon arrival and checking in, the pair refused to speak. It was quite the hassle to fill out paperwork. The fight to get them in separate bedroom was absolutely horrifying. The staff had never seen so much blood. The duo made it apparent that they would [u not] be living apart.
After awhile, the nurses became accustomed to Marlin and Axel's living arrangements. Not long after did they slowly begin to speak. [right [pic]]

[size15 [b x x x x x present day ...]]

That morning proceeded like any other. Axel had been up before dawn showered, dressed, and ready for the day. Her companion on the other hand was not so productive in the morning. He lay bundled in a cocoon of fabric snoring bear-like, oblivious to the world. Letting out a small laugh, the girl rose to her feet from her seat on the floor and tiptoed over to the slumbering beast. Grasping the quilt firmly, she yanked it swiftly stepping back in the process. In a rush of feathers and blankets, an angry redhead had emerged from his cocoon like a beautiful butterfly. Only he wasn't beautiful, he was very very angry. Whirling around, his golden eyes burned with hatred. A meek oops escaped Axel's lips before she was out the door thundering down the hall.

Axel spotted at the end of the hall an open room where she heard voices floating from. She thought maybe if there were witnesses then she wouldn't be murdered.
But of course the raven haired girl didn't know when to quit. Rounding the corner she slipped into the room and hid behind the door frame. She made eye contact with the other people in the room. Placing a finger on her lips, she gestured for them to keep quiet.

Chasing after Axel, Marlin was fuming. His wild hair was sticking out all over and he was still in his pajamas. Charging through the door in pursuit of the girl who had disturbed his sleep, Marlin was ready to kill. But today was just [i his day.] Upon his swift entrance, the boy was unaware of the outstretched foot that Axel had stuck out in means to trip him. Stumbling forward, the ginger tumbled over the couch knocking into other residents. Blushing profusely, Marlin collected himself and rose to his feet. Inhaling through his nose, he locked in on his target. Lunging gracefully over the furniture, the male tackled his sister to the floor. Straddling her, he outweighed her which made the subduing a piece of cake.
In a fit of shrieking laughter Axel was at her wits struggling underneath her attacker.
[b [ "Ha ha ha- Mar-Ha please-"]] Her words came out choppy between giggles. [b [ "Uncle uncle!!!"]] She managed to spat before tears started to roll down her cheeks. Satisfied with his job, Marlin got off of her and offered her a hand.
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[Center [font "Arial" [u Role Plays to post for:]
Hollymore | thunder | shi-chan | crush]]
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[center [pic]

〖 ғ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ʏ 〗

[size11 [font "Courier New" Hatara's parents had him when they were in their third year of high school. It was very unusual for children their age to have children. Instead of throwing them out, their parents promised to help with the baby. After Hatara was born, his mother and father died in an accident at the age of eighteen.]]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hataru Torhu:my mother:DECEASED}]
{"I don't remember much about my mother but she always did smell of lilacs. It is my favourite scent."}]
[i note: when he smells lilacs, he involuntarily cries.]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Osaki Kiyohira:my father:DECEASED}]
{"He was going to be a doctor I have been told. He wanted to save people. I hope I can save people for him."}]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hatsuharu Hirai:uncle:ALIVE}]
{"I lived with that man after Grandfather died. He resented me. He always said that it was my fault that my parents were dead. He used to hit me too. Kylo says it because he was jealous of my kindness and that I inherited the shrine instead of him."}]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hatsuharu Moko:grandfather:DECEASED}]
{"Grandfather raised me and was my best friend. I miss him terribly but Kylo has become my family now."}]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Ryuke Kylo:demon:ALIVE}]
{"Kylo is my demon and I love him very much. I think he knows but I don't tell him enough. I want him to stay by my side forever but it would be selfish to ask ..."}]

〖 ғ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ s 〗

{Anzai Hanae:[ KotaKoti]}
{"I think we are friends? She picks on me all the time though."}

{Hijira Tsubasa:[ KotaKoti]}
{"He is really nice to me and gives me treats. I don't know why Kylo always says he's bad."}

〖 ᴇ ɴ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ s 〗

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Tosho Sen:[ Solaris]}]
{"Sen is my rival in love. I don't understand why Misao flirts with her all the time ... It makes me [s jealous.]"}]

〖 ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ 〗

〖 ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ s ᴛ ﹙ s ﹚ 〗

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hoshikawa Misao:[ shirairu]}]
{"He flirts with me and acts like he likes me but then he turns and flirts with someone else. He is always teasing me and stuff [size9 and he has the nicest smile and beautiful eyes and ...]"}]]

[center [pic]]

[center 〖 ғ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ʏ 〗]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Renka Ryuke:chaos demon}]
{"My sister. We don't talk."}

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hatsuharu Moko:grandfather:DECEASED}]
{"I didn't get to meet him when he was alive, but I have spoken to his spirit. He is kind and loves his grandson."}]

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hatara Hatsuharu:human:ALIVE}]
{"He is a bit of a dork but I will protect him with my life."}]

〖 ғ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ s 〗

〖 ᴇ ɴ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ s 〗

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Hatsuharu Hirai:Hatara's uncle:ALIVE}]
{"I would rip his throat out if I could without hurting Hatara."}]

{Hijira Tsubasa:[ KotaKoti]}
{"He is such an ass. Thinking about him makes me so mad."}

〖 ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ 〗

〖 ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ s ᴛ ﹙ s ﹚ 〗

[center [pic]

[font "Arial" {Akio Fugimaki:[ Tsumi]}]
{"I wouldn't say I am in love with him but then again, I wouldn't say I'm [i not.]"}]
  |nindo| / muta / 25d 11h 5m 35s
[center [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]
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[center [font "Arial" [size16 [b ● What is your name?]
Adachi Hiroaki
[b ● Do you have any nicknames?]
You can call me Hiro if you'd like.
[b ● How old are you?]
I am twenty-two
[b ● What is your gender? Who attracts you?]
I am a boy
[b ● You are cursed? With what? Why were you cursed?]

[b ● What triggers your curse?]

[b ● How many years do you have left?]

[b ● What exactly does your curse do?]
[u This doesn't seem to count against my life.]
✗ I am very agile and quick on my feet. Climbing and gymnastics have come with the package as well as hand-to-hand combat. I also have enhanced strength.
[u The second costs months of my life.]
✗ I can grow appendages of a monkey where I turn my arms and legs into animal limbs.
[u The third is the most powerful and it takes years off of life.]
✘ I can take form of gorilla that has enhanced strength.

[b ● What is your personality like?]

[b ● Where were you when your curse finally took hold?]
[b ● Anything else?]
I really like to eat.
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[center Sora watched Sen leave slightly dumbfounded. He hadn't be rejected but it definitely wasn't a yes. For a moment he considered leaving it at that and avoiding the boy for the rest of eternity. But he couldn't shake the attraction he had to his classmate. It wasn't wasn't just the shallow look based attraction. Well Sen was very fine. It was this physical pull of energy that kept pulling him in. There were magnets in Sora's bones for the iron in Sen's blood. [s lol @atticus thanks for being a romantic old dead white guy]
The raven-haired boy had so much mystery to him. They say it is the unknown is what draws us to people. If it's written on canvas for the hipster aesthetic it must be true, right?
Without a second thought the storm cloud leapt to his feat to pursue Sen.

He quickly spotted his target sitting on a bench close by. In his haste, the boy became careless with his body when he slumped down next to his crush. Their knees brushed ever so slightly. Sora froze wide eyed and inhaled shortly. His breath caught in his throat causing him to choke. He waited for the pain to come. He waited for the lightning shoot from his body to Sen's. He waited for the moment he [i hurt Sen.] But it didn't come. There wasn't a sharp sting or a cry. What replaced the electrocution was a spark that was foreign to him. [i This was a current he couldn't control.] A bolt of intensity burst from the spot that the two had touched. Sora's insides ignited with a feeling he had never felt before. The spark ran up his spine causing him to shiver. The hair on his arms saluted to the new feeling. Exhaling the feeling was gone almost as quickly as it came.
He wanted to experience it again.
Without thinking, sora reached up and gently traced Sen's cheekbone with his index finger. [i Shiver.] Growing with confidence, he cupped the male's face in his Palm. [i Shiver.]
Realizing what he was doing, Sora jerked away in horror almost falling from the bench.
Stumbling to his feet, he stood rigid and awkward.
"Um I um have to up go," he babbled. Kicking himself internally, the flustered boy turned to escape.
  |goodbye| / muta / 43d 9h 47m 44s
[center [pic]]
[ group of pictures]
[ sdfsd]
[center [pic]]
  |nindo| / muta / 34d 17h 10m 42s
[center [ unedited as well]
[u Full Name:] Axel Garmen
[u Also Known As:] Axis, Ax, Garmen
[u Age:] Eighteen
[u Species:] Human
[u Gender:] Genderfluid but Female identifying
[u Sexual Orientation:] Panromantic and is weird about touching
[u Height:] 5'5
[u Weight:] Around 111 lbs. [i she has an eating disorder]
[u Bodily Build:] Thin and nimble
[u Eye Colour:] silver
[u Hair Colour:] Ebony
[u Scars/Markings:] She has selfharm scars on her wrists and thighs.
[u Occupation(s):] None
[u Abilities] | Telekinesis - The power to manipulate objects/matter with their mind. She can stop projectiles like bullets and certain magic. She has been working on using her ability to her advantage when it comes to agility by jumping higher, moving faster, and hovering slightly. She is best at using it when she is in hand-to-hand combat by putting force behind her punches and kicks sending the opponent flying. Her powers are enhanced by her emotions. She has been able to cause earthquakes and make gas stations explode if she is angry enough. Usually she can throw cars and dumpsters but heavier objects are draining.
[u Personality] -
[i will write a paragraph soon]

[u Biography:] - has an odd relationship with Marlin. It is toxic and abusive but they are [ blood brothers]: made a pack when they were little to fight for each other. She has always been described as average looking.
She was in foster care with Marlin and that's where they promised to protect and die for each other if need be
She was shipped off to a military academy for five years
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Telepathy telekinesis kinda like eleven

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[center [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]
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sadasdasdasd asd
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