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[left [pic]] [center [abel [size15 Soft morning light poured through the open window. Two figures lay dead to the world under a pile of blankets and comforter. One of them was a male with soft pink locks known as Vance. He was curled up against Jackson, the lightly taller of the two. Their legs were tangled together due to a certain someone being a bed hog. Rolling over, Vance pulled the covers with him exposing his brother to the chilly morning air. Not waking from their slumber, the two fought for sleepy survival. Vance was not victorious as the boy fell from the bed landing on the hardwood with a thud.

Sitting up, Vance glanced around the room in a daze. Sleepily, he scratched the back of his head. This wasn't his room. Yawning, he stretched his arms up above his head. His cotton shirt raised up exposing his tattooed stomach. Crawling to his feet, he let another yawn escape his lips. Before leaving the room, he pulled the comforter back up over Jackson's sleeping body. Carefully shutting the door, he soundlessly padded back to his own room.

Pushing his door open, he danced through the maze of dirty clothes before jumping and landing in his bed. Wrapping himself in the throw blanket, he unplugged his phone from the charger and scrolled through his social media. Classes were starting soon. It wasn't like the boy hadn't graduated college [i several times] already, he still dreaded the idea of interacting with new people. The Kensley family had moved to the cloudy town starting over younger than usual in hopes to stay longer. Vance and his brother Jackson were already upperclassmen but time sure moved slowly when you were immortal. Letting out a sigh, Vance knew he should shower and get ready for the day. He knew that his two new roommates moved in last night and hadn't gotten a chance to meet them. Jackson said he wasn't allowed to avoid them this year.

Vance made his way to the bathroom at a leisurely pace. He shed his clothes and mechanically climbed into the shower. He had cranked the knob to scalding. The steaming water pelted his skin but it only felt lukewarm to him. [i Lukewarm.] That was the word. That is how his life had been feeling for the last few years. Lukewarm. Although Vance was still a young vampire, the last two decades had felt strange and slow. He needed a change.

After washing his hair and body, he stepped out of the shower and caught his reflection in the mirror. It was a common misconception that vampires couldn't be seen in mirrors or photos much to Vance's dismay. He would much rather never have to see himself again.
Gazing at his reflection, he eyed himself over. Two hollow lavender eyes stared back at him. Some of the girls from the Asian Culture Club asked him what brand of contacts he used because they looked so realistic. He ended up making something up on the spot and now they all thought he was a cosplayer. There were worst things to be called that a nerd or a cosplayer.
His curly hair was messy and unruly. He couldn't seem to get his hair to change color now that he was dead. His hair barely grew anymore and the dye never stuck. Vance was stuck with pink frosted tips for all of eternity. He'd be lying if he said he didn't like the look just a little.'
Vance's pale skin was covered in tattoos. There was no room left at this point. It wasn't like he could easily get anymore at this point. He had found a tattoo artist in Italy that was a Vampire like him that specialized in tattooing the dead. It was hard work due to their stone-like skin.
Shrugging, he pulled a brush through his hair before wrapping a towel around his waist.

Exiting the bathroom, Vance didn't expect to nearly run into anyone. He barely stopped himself before he knocked into the other body. Standing before him was a petite blonde. She was only five feet and some inches. Vance's 6'0 made him feel so much bigger than her. Realizing he was standing in only a towel, he smiled sheepishly. This probably wasn't the best first impression.
[b [#965677 "Uh sorry. Bathroom is open. I am gonna make breakfast after I get dressed if you don't mind waiting."]] He chuckled. His tone was gentle. In hopes to ease the tension, he thought it would be a good idea to help the situation along. Flashing a smile, he decided to use his ability. A warm aura radiated from his body. It was almost like his smile could make the flowers bloom and the grass grow. It was contagious. As fast as the feeling came, it disappeared just as quickly. Waving to her, he retreated to his bedroom.

Once he was in his room, Vance's calm demeanor depleted. Pressing his back against the door, he braced himself and slapped his hands to his cheeks. He couldn't believe he had run into his new housemate in nothing but a towel. This was a nightmare. And on top of it she was cute. There was absolutely no way he could look her in the eye now. Letting out an exasperated groan, he decided putting clothes on was the first step. He didn't want a repeat of that mess.

Vance decided on a grey v-neck shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. It honestly didn't matter what he wore because he always pulled a ratty sweatshirt on over top of it. Sweatshirts were his go to outfit. After he was dressed, he opened his door and peaked out to see if the girl was still there. He didn't see her but her scent was everywhere. It was overwhelming. Everything she touched had her delicious smell on it. All Vance wanted to do was scratch his eyes out. He'd have to convince Jack to go hunting in the next few days or this would be impossible.

Although Vance didn't get any nutrition from eating human food, the immortal loved to cook and eat. It reminded him of his life before all of this. Before the drugs. Before death. And he was definitely good at it.
In the kitchen, Vance was in his element. He was at easy. Humming to himself, Vance danced around the kitchen. He stood over the stove cooking anything he could get his hands on. Eggs, bacon, pancakes. He pulled out a jug of orange juice and found a container of strawberries. Smiling, he knew he'd have to text Angelica a thank you for stalking the fridge full of food.
Once he was finished, he admired his spread. The kitchen counter was full of food. He even managed to make a pot of coffee and hot tea. Hopefully the warmblooded household members would enjoy the meal.

[center [pic]]
[right [pic]] The small female stumbled into her room a quarter after midnight. A small sticky note was stuck to her door with the name, [i Braylon Lark] scrawled on it. She had made more noise than an elephant moving her stuff in. Her excuse was she didn't want to make more than one trip. She only had her essentials. The rest was being shipped throughout the week. Classes didn't start until the following Monday so she wasn't too worried.
Bray was surprised she hadn't woken anyone up with her banging around. The art major wasn't very graceful she admitted to herself. Once she had made her bed, the small female burrowed into her blankets and fell fast asleep.

In the morning, Braylon was reluctant to get up. He body naturally woke her up early though. The clock read [b 7:23 A.M.] in florescent block letters. She cursed and rolled back over. The only natural light that came into her room as a small basement window too high for her to reach. She liked how the warm light illuminated her bare room. It kissed everything it touched.

Grabbing her phone from her nightstand, she decided she would text her mom. Hopefully the text would wake her up and the two could suffer together.
[b Bray Bray to Birth Giver:
[i Hey mommy, I am awake so you should be too. I am in my new house. It is super cute. There is even a man cave with a home cinema.]]

Setting her phone down, Braylon decided since she was awake she might as well do something. Pulling a sweatshirt over her petite body, she slipped her feet into her rabbit slippers. She knew she'd probably regret not putting pants on and wearing pajama shorts but that didn't stop her. She grabbed her sketchbook and strolled out of her room with no sense of urgency. Making her way upstairs, she realized the house was pretty quiet. She could hear the shower running but didn't pay it any mind.
Her first stop was the kitchen. It was absolutely beautiful. The grey color palette matched the living room perfectly. Putting a tea pot on the stove, she knew she needed caffeine before starting the day. After pouring herself a cup of tea, she placed the pot in the sink.
Second stop was the living room. She snagged a throw blanket that was draped over the couch. Once she had her blanket in arm, she made a B-line fore the patio.
Once outside, Braylon wrapped herself up in the blanket before taking her sketchbook out. The sun was already up. The view from the patio was unbelievable. Braylon was in shock that this was student housing. She had never seen anything like it. All she could do was pick up a pencil and sketch what she saw.
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[left [pic]][center [pic]][center [abel [size15
The Gryffindor watched the boy's face as he digested Wells's words. It was kind of cute how his face contorted. Wells was surprised he had never really interacted with the small Hufflepuff. But he had to admit, he didn't really pay attention to anyone if they weren't on a quidditch team and even then he was lacking.

[i [b [#efd900 "Ask ... the thestrals?"]]]

The words echoed in Wells ears. His jaws dropped at his response. Slapping a hand to his forehead, Wells burst into laughter. He couldn't believe this guy. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he cleared his throat before opening his mouth.

[b [#741500 "No I meant you could have asked someone who can see them to help you pet them. Also I don't think trying to pet them while in a moving carriage is the best idea."]] He chuckled. He couldn't wrap his head around how interesting this quiet Hufflepuff was. Wells eyes widened when he realized he hadn't introduced himself. [b [#741500 "I'm Wells Anders. I am a Gryffindor sixth year."]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center [pic]] Ezra's heartbeat quickened when he locked eyes with the Ravenclaw. He smiled a small smile at the other male before looking away. Just as he was about to say something, Natalie's sharp tongue stopped him in his tracks.

[i [#2c0169 [b "Do you want me to leave so you can spend time with your boyfriend?"]]]

The word boyfriend echoed in his mind. A warm blush crept across his cheeks. Running his fingers through his hair, he shook his head.
[b [efd900 "Vin and I ... I mean um Vinicius and I aren't d-dating .."]] Ezra stuttered. He kicked himself internally for barely getting the sentence out. Did he like Vini? That couldn't be possible. The two were business partners. But just saying the it out loud made his breath catch in his throat. He was acting like such a wienie. There was no way Vinicius would like Ezra.

The Hufflepuff could barely look at Vini at this point knowing very well that Natalie was making fun of him. But he couldn't help but sneak a glance. Vinicius took the whole situation in stride. He just laughed it off. Ezra couldn't figure out why his nonchalant demeanor made his stomach ache. Faking a smile, he chuckled nervously. This was a nightmare.

[b [#efd900 "Hm, my money is on Veronica Kensington or Dalia West."]] He mused with an content look. Both were Gryffindor girls with the ability to woo most any men they wanted. He wouldn't be surprised if it was either of them. Pulling his knees into his chest, Ezra rested his chin and closed his eyes. Human interaction was exhausting. All he wanted to do was talk to Vini about the upcoming year and what they were going to do.
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[center [font "Arial" [size20 [u [b Posts to Work On:]]]
[s 1. HP]
[s 2. Vamp]
3. St. Marion

[size20 [u [b Not Started:]]]
1. Miradell Prep
2. Nowhere Train
3. Imperial University
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[center [pic][pic]
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15
Ezra was surprised that he actually enjoyed the train ride talking to Cam. Although Ezra's preferred company was the ancient creatures of the forest or the comfortable silence that was his own, he rather liked having someone to listen to. Maybe this year the Hufflepuff would try to make friends rather than finding clients. Vinicius Spalding's pale, angular face flashed through Ezra's mind causing the boy to shutter. [i What the fuck?]

Once Ezra was off the train, he gathered his things and turned to Cam but to his surprise, the other Hufflepuff had been lost in the sea of black robes. Sighing, Ezra scratched his head. For a moment he toyed with the idea of turning into a wolf and making his way to Hogwarts on his own but he knew better. He wasn't in the mood to get chewed out. That is to say if it were even possible for him to [i get caught.] Ezra had acquired a certain [i magical artifact] during his first year. It wasn't before long that the boy had been sneaking around the castle and once he was brave enough, off grounds.

Deciding he would be better this year, Ezra found an empty carriage. The thestral pulling it gave him a push searching his pockets for treats. Reaching into his backpack, Ezra pulled out a paper bag full of jerky. His grandmother had perfected a dried meat recipe targeted towards all of her favorite carnivorous creature. Careful not to get his fingers bitten off by the winged horse, he said his goodbye and climbed into the carriage.

Ezra wasn't really surprised when two Ravenclaws joined him in his carriage. Of course it was Vini and Natalie. Ezra didn't know Natalie personally. All that he could gather was the girl hadn't figured out that being on the Quidditch team [i wasn't a personality trait.] Ezra didn't have anything against her. He quite liked the ruthless bitch archetype whether he would admit it or not. Settling into the corner of the bench, Ezra kept quiet hoping maybe the two wouldn't notice him. He was rather good at being invisible.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15
Wells pursed his lips and scratched his head. He vaguely remembered the blonde. She had been a little trouble the year before. The captain knew he needed to find a new seeker after theirs had graduated the year before. Sighing, he smiled sheepishly.
[b [#741500 "Mati you'll have to teach about all the players this year."]] Wells suggested.

The tawny-haired boy rested his head on his elbow and gazed out the window. He watched the trees go by as the train grew closer to the station. His mind wandered. He wasn't sure if he should bring it up to his keeper. Deciding she would understand him most, he opened his mouth.
[b [#741500 "James Monroe offered me a spot on the team after graduation if tryouts go well and I don't know what to do."]] He babbled. He knew Matilda wouldn't judge him for not knowing what he wanted. Most would jump at the chance but Wells had his fears. Would he be good enough? Was he capable of such a huge opportunity.

As the train squealed to a stop like Wells during the Great Feast. It was dusk by the time all of the students were off the locomotive. First years were being wrangled by the woolly groundskeeper Hagrid. Wells grabbed his bags and took Matilda's hand as the two made their way towards their carriage. He had gotten comfortable enough with the Gryffindor and didn't want to lose her in the crowd.

Before climbing into the carriage, Wells gave the skeletal equine a pat on the face and a scratch behind the ear. The thestral shook her massive head and nudged at the boys hand. Grinning from ear to ear, Wells was excited to start the year as a teacher's assistant in the fifth year Care for Magical Creatures. The captain had discovered his knack for creature care and ran with it.

Settling in his seat next to Matilda, he spotted the Hufflepuff from before. The underclassman was oblivious to the two as he inched towards the edge of the freight. Wells watched curiously unsure whether or not to just ask. Before he could make a decision, Camden had leaned too far over and disappeared from sight. Without thinking, Wells reached out a strong arm and scooped up the boy before he could fall to the fast moving ground. Pulling him effortlessly into the seat, Wells let out a sharp breath.
[b [#741500 "Bloody hell, are you trying to get yourself killed?!"]] Snapped Wells. Cam's meek response softened Wells flustered expression. Running his fingers through his now messy hair, Wells sunk back into his seat and shook his head with a smile. [b [#741500 "You almost died and you're apologizing? If you really want to pet the thestrals you should have just asked."]] Wells let out a laugh. It was going to be an interesting year.

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center [abel [size15
Ezra was surprised that he actually enjoyed the train ride talking to Cam. Although Ezra's preferred company was the ancient creatures of the forest or the comfortable silence that was his own, he rather liked having someone to listen to. Maybe this year the Hufflepuff would try to make friends rather than finding clients. Vinicius Spalding's pale, angular face flashed through Ezra's mind causing the boy to shutter. [i What the fuck?]

Once Ezra was off the train, he gathered his things and turned to Cam but to his surprise, the other Hufflepuff had been lost in the sea of black robes. Sighing, Ezra scratched his head. For a moment he toyed with the idea of turning into a wolf and making his way to Hogwarts on his own but he knew better. He wasn't in the mood to get chewed out. That is to say if it were even possible for him to [i get caught.] Ezra had acquired a certain [i magical artifact] during his first year. It wasn't before long that the boy had been sneaking around the castle and once he was brave enough, off grounds.

Deciding he would be better this year, Ezra found an empty carriage. The thestral pulling it gave him a push searching his pockets for treats. Reaching into his backpack, Ezra pulled out a paper bag full of jerky. His grandmother had perfected a dried meat recipe targeted towards all of her favorite carnivorous creature. Careful not to get his fingers bitten off by the winged horse, he said his goodbye and climbed into the carriage.

Ezra wasn't really surprised when two Ravenclaws joined him in his carriage. Of course it was Vini and Natalie. Ezra didn't know Natalie personally. All that he could gather was the girl hadn't figured out that being on the Quidditch team [i wasn't a personality trait.] Ezra didn't have anything against her. He quite liked the ruthless bitch archetype whether he would admit it or not. Settling into the corner of the bench, Ezra kept quiet hoping maybe the two wouldn't notice him. He was rather good at being invisible.
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[center [size15 [abel
[size18 [b [u Modern Brooms:]]]

[center [pic]]

[ [abel [b [u [size16 Firebolt]]]]]
➢ Firebolt (1993)
➢ Firebolt Supreme (2014)
➢ Firebolt Delta (2017)
➢ Firebolt Ultra

[ [abel [b [u [size16 Thunderbolt]]]]]
➢ Thunderbolt VII (2014)
➢ Thunderbolt VIII (2015)
➢ Thunderbolt IX (2017)
➢ Thunderbolt X (2018)

[ [abel [b [u [size16 Cleansweep Broom Company]]]]]
➢ Cleansweep Seven (1992)
➢ Cleansweep Eleven (1995)
➢ Cleansweep Revolution (2015)

[ [b [u [abel [size16 Nimbus Racing Broom Company]]]]]
➢ Nimbus 2000
➢ Nimbus 2001
➢ Nimbus 2014
➢ Nimbus 2016
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[center [pic]
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]

Ezra shook his head and insisted that his housemate sat next to him. He watched as Vini exited the cart. Ezra was surprised at how lonely he felt when the Ravenclaw left. He didn't think Vini would actually leave. The two of them had a playful banter between them for so long but maybe Vinicius had grown tired of how Ezra treated him. For a split second he frowned. Before letting anyone see it, he turned and smiled at Camden.

[b [#efd900 "Hey don't worry. We really weren't talking about anything."]] Ezra said trying to hide the bitterness in his voice. He couldn't figure out why he was so upset all of a sudden. Hopefully talking to the sweet fifth year would change his mood.

He was amazed that Camden had finished his animagi training over the summer. He knew Camden was talented but the boy was rather shy and he wasn't sure if he would commit to it. When he had inquired about it the year before, Ezra didn't know if he was serious or not. When Ezra learned about animagi his third year he knew it was something he wanted. His teachers were uncertain about offered to help despite Ezra's lonesome demeanor.

[b [#efd900 "That's fantastic Cam. I am really happy for you. We will have to go out and explore together this year."]] Ezra beamed. He had remembered his own training. It wasn't exceptionally hard due to his lack of friends but he assumed it might have been difficult for a sweet guy like Camden.

The sun was beginning to set as the Hogwarts Express slowed into the Hogsmeade Station. Ezra stared out the window as the light tucked its head behind the mountains. He was excited to be back at school.]]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]

Wells smiled his signature heartbreak smile at Matilda as she picked out her sweets. He had missed his best friend and was excited for the coming year.
[b [#741500 "My summer was great. The Irish team was so fun to work with. I have a signed sweatshirt for you just like you asked."]] He gushed. His summer with the Irish team was non stop fun and he was chomping at the bit to teach his team what he had learned. This year would be great for the Gryffindor team. They had a solid winning season last year but Wells wanted Gryffindor to without a doubt be the best team this year.

Just as the Gryffindor Captain stuffed a chocolate frog in his mouth, he spotted a small blonde girl scowling at him. He vaguely recognized her as a quidditch opponent. He couldn't remember if she was Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. As soon as she opened her mouth he knew, [i Ravenclaw.] Her sharp tongue and witty comebacks were classic Ravenclaw. He wasn't sure why she was trying to pick a fight with him. Scratching the back of his head, he swallowed his treat and smiled.
[b [#741500 "I mean if you need some tips I don't mind helping."]] He laughed.
Crossing his arms, his playful demeanor changed. His massive body and tall stature were all the more menacing when he stood at full height. Narrowing his eyes, he bent over so the two were eye level. The chaser was no longer the lovable teddy bear everyone knew him as. He was the ferocious player that had earned him team captain two years in a row. He was Wells Anders, the sixth year that earned himself a place in the Irish National Quidditch Team summer program.
[b [#741500 "I am sure Matilda could coach you on your flying too."]] Letting out a hearty laugh, he scooped up his snacks. [b [#741500 "See you on the field."]]

Following Matilda back to their seat, he was excited to consume mass quantities of sweets. Once the two were seated, he furrowed his brows. [b [#741500 "Hey Mati, who was that girl? I don't think I have ever seen her in my life."]] He confessed with a sheepish smile. Wells didn't mean to be threatening to the girl. He just hated when people badmouthed him or his team.

Wells opened his mouth to speak again but then stopped. James Monroe, the Irish team captain, had offered Wells a spot on the team after graduation. The Gryffindor was torn between quidditch and his new found love for magical creature care. He wasn't sure who to talk to about his dilemma. It should be a no-brainer. The Irish National team offered to train him again next summer and then a try-out. He knew he should go for it but his knack for creature care was holding him back. Sighing, he took a bite of his pasty before slumping back into his chair.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 A dark-haired boy with a petite frame, stood in a lush field with a bucket in each hand. Placing them on the ground, he pressed his fingers to his lips a blew. In the distance, a dozen equine creature picked their heads up and looked in the direction of the whistle. The herd of Thestrals trotted towards him, their hooves thundering against the ground. The male took a scoop and spread the food out in equal parts for each animal. One wandered up to him, nuzzling his chest and nipping at the zipper. Chuckling, he placed a hand on the creature's head an gave him a gentle pat.

[b [#6e9494 "Ezra! Ezra!"]] Called a distant voice.

Averting his attention from the winged horse, he turned his head to the noise. Glancing at his watch, Ezra had lost track of time. Cursing to himself, he said his goodbyes to the thestrals before hopping the fence and running back to the farmhouse.

Inside, a frail old woman was hunched over the sink handing dishes to a house elf. She was humming a familiar tune. At the kitchen table sat a middle-aged woman. Her face was young, the only signs of age were the laughter lines around her mouth and eyes telling the tales of a life full of love. Her ebony hair was pulled back into a bun and she was wearing a pair of worn overalls. She was sipping a cup of tea watching her elder with a smile.

[b [#efd900 "Hello Mum, Gran, Geralt."]] Greeted the boy as he entered the kitchen, kicking off his muddy boots.
[b [#6e9494 "Oh Ezra, are you ready to head to the station? Thank you for feeding the Thestrals. I will send your mum to feed the dragons while you get your things."]] Exclaimed his grandmother as she dried her hands. She handed the house-elf a muffin and he trotted off.

His mother kissed her son on the cheek before exiting the room. Nonchalantly shrinking down, Ezra glowed for a moment before morphing into a grey wolf. He loped up the stairs and silently padded down the hall. Nudging his door open, the canine lept onto his bed. Stretching out, he became a boy again. Resting his head oh his arms, he stared at the ceiling. It was already time to go back to school. Ezra was excited about going back to school he was just worried about his grandmother. She was slowing down. He had lost his grandfather a few years back leaving his mother and grandmother to tend to the animals. Rolling on to his side, he closed his eyes for a moment before deciding it was time to move forward.

Ezra sat crosslegged on the hardwood floor in front of his trunk. He was still for a moment with a hand on the latch. Opening his luggage, his eyes lingered on the words 'Alexander Bollinger' etched into the inside of the trunk lid. He ran his index finger over each letter. Letting out a sigh, Ezra began to pack his things.


The station was packed with students rushing to get on the train. Parents kissed their kids goodbye. Returning kids excitedly greeted each other ready for the returning year. Ezra stared a little too long at a father and mother gushing over their first year. His own mother caught him and smiled. Pulling him in for a hug, she ran her fingers through his messy hair.
[b [#630064 "Ez baby, your dad would be really proud of you."]] She cooed in his ear. Kissing him on the forehead, she handed him a paper bag full of pastries from his grandmother. [b [#630064 "This year will be great, I know it will."]]

Ezra faked a smile in hopes to reassure his mother. Nodding, he gave her a kiss in return before boarding the train.

The Hufflepuff found an empty cart and retreated to a calming silence. Pulling his legs into him, he got himself comfortable before pulling out a sketchbook. He flipped through pages of notes and sketches of magical creatures to a blank page. Uncapping his pen, he began to doodle the threstrals from his home. Last year he started journaling all of the magical creatures his family had been raising. It was an enjoyable pass time for him.

The compartment door slid open startling him. Standing in the doorway was Vinicius, a sixth year Ravenclaw Ezra did occasional business with. Grimacing, he stretched his legs out across the seat so the other male wouldn't sit next to him.
[b [#efd900 "What do you want Vin?"]] Ezra asked dryly knowing very well what the boy wanted.
The Ravenclaw had become a regular customer for Ezra's side business. His third year, Ezra had become well known as an information broker when some students discovered he was an animagus and a keeper of secrets and knowledge.
He watched as Vini took a seat across from him. Just as the male got comfortable, the car door opened again. Slapping his palm to his forehead, Ezra knew he had to give up on his ideal quiet train ride. In the doorway, he spotted Camden, a younger Hufflepuff. Ezra was actually relieved it was him. Cam was easy to be around and the two had become casual friends due to being in the same house. Smiling, he moved his legs to make room.
[b [#efd900 "Hey Cam."]] He greeted warmly.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15
[b [#00745a "Ey, Anders, you all packed?"]] Called a deep voice with a thick Irish accent from the door frame. A tall blonde stood leaning against the frame with his arms crossed over his broad chest.
[b [#741500 "Yeah James, just putting a few more things away."]] Replied a slightly shorter male who was leaned over a trunk, folding his clothes neatly. A massive orange cat brushed up against his leg purring violently. Placing a hand out, the feline headbutted his palm.
[b [#00745a "Alright, I will meet you downstairs."]] James grinned. He grabbed a bag that was sitting in the hall and headed down the stairs.

Wells Anders looked at the framed picture he was about to tuck away in his suitcase. The photo was a shot of eight people including him and the boy he had just chatted with. The Gryffindor captain had gotten the chance to spend the entire summer with the Irish National Quidditch Team. It had been an epic summer full of quidditch training under the best of the best, wild wizarding parties, and shenanigans. Wells couldn't believe the summer was already over. James Monroe, the Irish team captain, had been his roommate for the past three months and offered to drive him to the airport. In four hours he would be meeting his own team Keeper to board the Hogwarts Express to spend his sixth year at his favorite place on earth.

After a few trips up and down the stairs, Wells started at the empty room he had called his home for the last hundred days. A wave of nostalgia gripped his heart as he said goodbye and met his friend in the car.


Although the plane ride was short, it felt like it took ages. The Chaser was getting restless. It didn't take long for him to get from the airport to Platform 9 ¾. He had loaded all of his things including his owl and Maine Coon. Once he was on board, Wells strolled down the halls of the train car to find the compartment he had made plans to meet up with his friend with.

Spotting his beautiful auburn-haired friend, his face lit up. Three months had been too long. Gently knocking on the car door, he slumped into the seat across from her.
[b [#00745a "Hey girl, how was your summer?"]] He greeted, placing his carry on next to him. The train began to depart and Wells could feel his excitement build.

The two were interrupted by a grumble from Wells's tummy. Smiling sheepishly, he jumped to his feet. [b [#00745a "I demand substance."]]
Exiting his car, he waited for his friend to follow before locating the food trolley. Wandering at their leisure, the teammates chattered mindlessly. Just as Wells spotted the trolley, his body collided with another. Due to his height and stature, the Quidditch star didn't budge. He watched as the smaller male stumbled forward. Turning towards him, he scratched the back of his head and smiled apologetically.
[b [#00745a "Oh I'm sorry man, I obviously have a one-track mind."]] He laughed a warm laugh and gestured to Honeydukes Express. Before he could say anything else, the boy was gone. Shrugging, he headed back to his mission.

Hovering over the trolley, he licked his lips as he eyed all the candy. The Anders family definitely didn't have any financial problems so Wells helped himself to a little bit of everything. [b [#00745a "Hey Matilda, get whatever you want, on me."]] He chuckled. After snagging a few Dew dew pyschodrops, Popping Pixie Wing Dust, Roasted Chimera Potato Crisps, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean, Bubble Brew, and several pasties he knew he'd be set. Before he finished shopping, he grabbed a few Chocolate Frogs just in case he ran into the boy again hopefully figuratively instead of literally this time.
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[center [abel [size15

Sitting back in his chair, he pulled himself closer to the table. He placed a cloth napkin over his exposed lap. The boy Oliver had ordered drinks from brought a beautiful bottle of wine out and began to poor the pale liquid into two attractive glasses. He then set a basket of bread on the table and returned to the kitchen. Taking a sip from his glass, he smiled.
[b [#cc0000 "I'm glad you'll stay. Please order what you'd like. I need your opinion on some dishes."]]

Oliver was surprised when Aiden congratulated him on his success. The two of them didn't end on very good terms. It had been a while since they had last seen each other. Oliver felt like a completely different person from when they had dated. He wasn't even sure Aiden would like the man he had become.

[b [#cc0000 "What have you been up to since college?"]] Oliver mused, swirling his wine staring into the drink. White wine was his favorite. Just as he finished asking the question, Ben emerged from the back with two bowls of creamy broth.

[b [#626262 "Here is the pumpkin soup Jeremy has been working on. You can start off with it."]] Suggested ben as he carefully set the two bowls in front of the boys. [b [#626262 "Are you ready to order, boss?"]] He asked pulling out a pad.

Oliver glanced over the menu one last time despite having it memorized. [b [#cc0000 "Could you bring me the Braised Leeks with Mozzarella & a Fried Egg? Oh and some of the fresh bruschetta with bread."]] Oliver decided, handing the paper menu to Ben. [b [#cc0000 "And for Aiden, he can get whatever he would like!"]]
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[center [abel [size15 Luka leapt from his horse landing soundlessly on his feet. Unsheathing his sword, the boy staggered as the weight of the weapon pulled him off balance. Planting his feet, he pointed the sword in front of him. Although the boy was small in stature, he made up for it in heart and bravery.

A beefy bandit rounded the corner locking eyes with Luka. Raising his mace, he charged for the small boy. Luka did not move, he watched carefully as the brute moved towards him with haste. Timing it perfectly, Luka side stepped twirling in place. His long locks of raven hair flared out in a halo. Extending his sword, Luka parried and slashed just like his father taught him. His blade connected with flesh. Crying out, the bandit fell his knees cursing before dying.

Luka had never killed anyone before. He thought he would feel different, but nothing changed. He was still the same child who grew up in this valley. Only now, he was prepared to die for it.

Just as the prince regained his composure, another bandit caught him off guard. Trying to swing his sword, he regretted bringing a weapon that was too heavy for him. It's weight pulled him off his feet. Falling onto his tailbone, he winced as the hard earth caught him. Trying to grab his sword, Luka realized it was no use. The blade was just too heavy and awkward. Without hesitating, he reached up and pulled the necklace that had been hanging from his neck breaking the cord. In his hand was a small crystal dagger. It glinted in the summer light. Instinctively blocking with his arm, the small dagger clashed with the sword of his opponent. Looking around for something else to protect himself with, Luka was praying for a miracle.
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[center [abel [size15 A young man stood next to a tall grey stallion. He was grooming the horse in small circles with a circular brush. The boy hummed a beautiful tune to himself as he enjoyed his time with the equine. Reaching down, he grabbed another brush, one with stiff bristle and then began to flick the dirt off with the direction of the equine's coat.

[b [#626262 "Luka,"]] Called a guff voice.
Startling the boy, his head snapped up. His long ebony hair swirled around his pale face. Furrowing his brows, he responded with an edge to his tone.
[#000066 [b "Father, you scared me."]] Luka hissed. He gave the horse a gentle pat on the flank and turned to his father.

His father let out a hearty laugh but there was an underlying nervousness to his voice. Leaning against the fence post, Luka pressed the issue. [#000066 [b "What's wrong father?"]]
Shifting his weight nervously, the older man let out a sigh. [b [#626262 "It looks like there are more bandits on the horizon. I want you to meet with your brother on the outskirts of the field."]]

Luka was quiet for a moment before nodding. He watched as his father turned away and left the barn. Luka was the second son of Lorenz Edelgard, the chief of Mallowcourt, a small village nestled in the valley. It usually did well financially because it was a trade hub but due to famine and crime rates going up, Mallowcourt was suffering. Luka's older brother, Claude was next in line to take over in politics.
Tossing a saddle onto the stallion, Luka grabbed his sword and climbed on. Clicking his tongue, he urged the animal to move forward. Following the trail through the field, he spotted his brother with a group of men at the end of the farm. Bursting into a gallop, Luka rushed into action.
[#000066 [b "How do things look Claude?"]] He ask as he broke to a trot and halted next to his sibling.
[b [#336600 "Bandits were spotted on the outskirts of town, we will to try and route them."]]

[p setting]
[b Mallowcourt:] the village Luka lives in. It is in the valley. Their main money maker is crops and livestock.
[b Lorenz Edelgard:] Luka's father and the chief/king/ruler of the village.
[b Claude Edelgard:] Luka's older brother and next in line. He is about 25 years old.
[b Tarith:] A grey stallion that is Luka's main mount. He will take him when he leaves with Asher.
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[center [pic]]
[center [abel [size15 A handsome male stood behind the bar, he leaned against the mahogany counter top. Drying a mug, he turned it over in his hands before placing it in the cabinet. Wiping his hands on his apron, he turned to the coffee pot. Scooping a cup of coffee beans out of a brown bag, the male dropped it into the grinder and pressed the button down. Once the beans were a fine powder, he dumped it into the pot. Pressing brew, he turned back to the counter to check the display case.

The baked goods were fresh and smelled delicious as he slid the glass door open. Everything was in place. Smiling, the grin revealed a row of sharp canines. Latching the case, he was startled by the chime of the door. In walked a elderly nymph he knew very well.
[#990000 [b "Welcome Greta, can I get you the usual"]] He greeted.
[#626262 [b "Oh Arlo, yes please."]] Said the old woman with a soft smile.

Arlo grabbed a clean mug and filled it with the fresh bitter liquid. Pouring in some cream, he stirred in three sugar cubes and handed it to the woman. With a shaky hand, the woman took the cup and took a seat. The shop was relatively quiet besides several of his regular customers. Eugene, an elderly veteran who always sat in the high chair at the window, always ordered a black coffee and a scone. Jaycie, a young werewolf, liked to sit on the coach and read the paper and drink a chai latte with two pumps of gingerbread syrup.
After about an hour, another regular customer walked in. It was his housemate Mika, a were-tiger that worked as a historian.
[#990000 [b "Hey Mika, you were gone when I got up this morning. How are you?"]] Arlo questioned.]]]

[right [pic]] [center [abel [size15 [pic]
The feline had woken up early this morning. He didn't have curtains on his windows because he loved to wake up to the natural light. His usual routine was wake up, shower, water his plants, go for a walk, and then of course, stop for coffee.

Trotting up to the front door of the Whitebridge Cafe, Mika let out a sigh. Inside, he spotted Arlo at the front counter. Waving, Mika nodded.
[#cc6699 [b "Hello, Arlo I am well. May I have a cup of Earl Grey?"]] He asked in his awkwardly formal way.
Arlo smiled and shook his head, [#990000 [b "Of course, take a seat and I will bring it to you."]]

Mika picked a spot by the window and pulled out a book and began to flip through it. Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he rested his chin on his elbow. Just as he was getting into his book, a mug was pushed into his peripheral vision. Averting his attention, he saw Arlo taking a seat across from him.

[#990000 [b "Here you go dude, I needed a break anyway."]] Arlo said with a sigh. Leaning back, he stretched his arms behind him.
Mika put his book down and took a sip of his drink and smiled. [#cc6699 [b "Thank you. How is work going?"]] The tiger asked as he gently placed his mug down on the table.
[#990000 [b "Eh, it's slow. Do you work today?"]] Arlo exclaimed taking a swig of his own coffee.
Mika glanced at his watch face. It read [b [i 11:28]]. [#cc6699 [b "Yes, I go in at noon. I needed a drink first of course."]]
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