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[center [font "Arial" Username:
 [b Character Name:] Jarvis James Hall
 [b Age:] Twenty-one
 [b Gender:] Male
 [b Class Level:] Junior, Business and Communication
 [b Club leader or RA?:] Vice President of Student Activities Union (SAU)
 [b Personality:] Jarvis is a bit off a goof ball. He is total tease and huge flirt. He is the opposite of his younger brother Laurel. He thrives in social settings. He has the perfect traits to be in student council and is loved by the mass. His smile is stunning and his laugh is contagious.
 [b Likes:] Sunrises, hiking, dogs, journalism, painting, swimming, biking, smores, trains
 [b Dislikes:] lemonade, spiders, small spaces, rude people, lies, Brussels sprouts
 [b Physical Characteristics:] Jarvis is a tall, broad shouldered male with a defined chest. He is a tan God sculpted from marble. Salt and pepper freckles dust his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. His eyes are a deep azure blue more vibrant than his brothers. He is almost 6'5" and his limbs are muscular.
 [b Biography:] At a very young age Jarvis learned how cruel life can be. He lives with his brother and parents till he was five. Then his father left and the family moved in with their grandfather. At first he didn't understand why his dad would leave them but later found out it was because of his younger brother. Their dad couldn't take the pressure of caring for a sick son. It was a burden and he didn't have the patience to put up with a useless boy. For a long time after that Jarvis blamed his brother for the divorce. He thought it was Laurel's fault that they didn't have a dad because he was defective. By the time he realized the error of his feelings, he had lost all hope to fix their relationship. Soon after he lost his mother and was alone. He buried himself into his work in hopes to distract himself. He hides his pain with a smile. His biggest goal is to earn his brothers love back.
 [b Anything else?:]
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[center [font "Arial" Username: muta
 [b Character Name:] Laurel Hill
 [b Age:] Nineteen
 [b Gender:] Male
 [b Class Level:] Freshman
 [b Club leader or RA?:] No, he doesn't play well with others.
 [b Personality:] Laurel is a peculiar character. He is a mixed drink of personality disorder and awkwardness. Some may romanticize quirkiness as cute but his really isn't. His compulsiveness and social anxiety makes it hard for him to communicate with others. His humour is dry and is always being sarcastic. He usually says too much and is very cynical. He does have redeeming qualities but you gotta look real hard. But if you can get him to laugh he will take your breath away.
 [b Likes:] Stargazing, thunderstorms, Winter, Snow, the cold, rain, Horror films, Gore, Isolation
 [b Dislikes:] Hot weather, spicy foods, Valentine's Day, Black coffee, Watermelon, the ocean
 [b Physical Characteristics:] When Laurel was a child he was a hemophiliac; [i blood could not clot properly,] so he was constantly getting hurt. He would purposefully get hurt to watch himself bleed [s sick bastard.] So this is the reason he has scars all over his arms and legs and stomach. Because of this, by the age of fifteen he became anemic. His lack of red blood cells made him lose weight and colouring in his skin. Laurel is a lanky, skeletal boy with porcelain skin. He stands around 6'2'' and is very lean. His hair is a very pale blonde from being sick when he was young. His eyes are a milky silver and he always has dark circles from lack of sleep.
 [b Biography:] Laurel has always come second to his older brother Jarvis. Contrary to him, Laurel struggled making friends as a kid because of how frail and sick he was. He never got ti leave the house much so it was hard to escape isolation. Although, his brother did spend time with him when he got the chance. They were inspeperable through there youth but things changed after middle school. Jarvis went on to be a bright student with swarms of friends leaving Laurel behind to fall into the social outcast stereotype. As his academic life progressed, his mental health plummeted. He was constantly being bullied for his fragile body and quirks. One night when his mother picked him up from a parent teacher conference their car was hit buy a drunk driver killing her and leaving Laurel blind in one eye and motherless. After this, the two siblings drifted further and further apart. Jarvis tries his hardest to kindle the relationship but Laurel is broken beyond repair. [i Or is he?]

 [b Anything else?:] Laurel is an insomniac and is always shaking from exhaustion. He is blind in one eye and has terrible handwriting because of it. He is a closeted homosexual due to his social skills and flaws.
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[center [font "Arial" Raegan sat up in her bed. The covers had been pushed to the side of her in an ocean of fabric. The morning silence made everything seem surreal. The slumbering body lay beside her blissfully oblivious to the passing moments. Sunlight poured through the dusty window. It peaked around the safety bar igniting the room in rectangular patterns. Kissing everything the rays touched, the morning greeted the city. Pulling her knees into her chest, the girl tilted her head and allowed her gaze to rest on the sunrise.

After a few moments of simply existing, Raegan rolled from her bed and tumbled to the floor. She sat there surveying the crime scene from the night before. Clothes littered the floor in a messy trail to the bed. Her eyes fell on the condom wrappers that were carelessly discarded below the night stand. A chill rushed up her spine causing her to shudder. Wrapping her arms around herself, she tried to hold in what was left. Batting her eyelashes, the invisible tears fell to her cheeks. Picking up a tee shirt, she sauntered over to the bathroom.

Her reflection wasn't any different from any other morning. Her eyeliner and mascara was a smudgy mess around her eyes. Reaching up to touch her lip, Rae traced the bust in her lip. It was swollen and bruised. Ice blue eyes followed the footsteps of hickies that trailed down her neck and stopped to camp under her collar bones. Lifting her breasts with her forearms, she spotted red claw marks from her ribs to the hem of her underwear. All she could do was stare.
Tangling her thin fingers in the messy lion mane that most would call her hair, the petite female let out a sigh. Stretching the tie from her wrist, she attempted to twist it around the thick locks of honey blond hair but it snapped at the strain. Grumbling, she tore through the cabinet searching for a replacer. Giving up, she threw her fists to her face and rubbed her eyes and yawned. She pressed harder than what was actually necessary and twisted vigorously. Her back hunched and she let out a quiet sob with tears soaked her palms. She did this to herself.

After taking a scalding shower in an attempt to wash away the filthy below her skin, Raegan changed into a pair of bleach stained jeans and a tee shirt that had been wrinkled on the ground from the previous night. It was loose on her but the fabric hung over her curves. It was grey with some band logo that she didn't recognise. This definitely wasn't her shirt. She had exited her room and threw her body on the closed door across from her. Flapping her arms, she thundered her fists against the wood in an obnoxious pattern in which she decided to hum to. Reaching up, she twisted the doorknob and barged into the room.
The room was the complete opposite from hers. Everything was clean and orderly. A male was buried beneath a pile of blankets and comforter. The only sign of life was the steady rising and falling of his breathing. Raegan admired the stillness for less than a second before she was launching herself onto the mattress.
In a mess of angry shouting and laughter, the attacker and pret wrestled to the ground. Thrashing in the bedding, Raegan was cackling like a hyena.

[b [#626262 "Good morning Maverick.]]

[center [pic]]

[b [#993333 "Geez Rae, can't you wake me up like a normal human being?"]] He grumble, running his fingers through his shaggy locks.]][right [pic]][center [font "Arial" A very handsome male sat rigid on the floor of a small apartment bedroom. His platinum hair was a mess and a frown was chiseled into his porcelain face. Two amber eyes burned with anger. Targeting the girl who had blatantly attacked him cold blood while he was sleeping was sitting across from him rubbing her now bruised cheek from a well deserved punch. She smiled at him gently. All of her playfulness had washed away. His gaze softened back at her and he sighed.

Maverick watched the female. He wasn't staring and judging. He was simply observing. It didn't take him long to learn that if you blinked while looking at her, years would pass by without you.
The two had been together for together and a half. That is what Raegan used to say when they were kids. [i Together and a half.] Tracing the straight scar that resided on his palm with his index finger, he let out a chuckle. The seasons change, but these two never did.

[b [#993333 " Damn Rae, are you really going to let the crew see you looking like that?"]] He teased dryly. Gesturing to the marks along her neck, he let out a fake moan.
Raegan froze for a second. There was a painful anger that lit up her face and then was gone. Maverick almost wasn't sure if it had actually happened. Biting his lip, he realized he had rubbed salt in a wound.
Maverick didn't quite understand. His sister had been sleeping around for god knows how long. It was normal for him to tease her. But today seemed different. There was an emptiness to her that he hadn't seen for a very long time. Just as he was about to say something, he was startled by the vibration from his cell phone. Raegan pulled hers out at the same time he did. They both had received the message.

[font "Courier New" [u New Message from groupchat:] [b OctoberSh!theads]
[i [u L:]] HQ. 10am sharp.]

The two locked eyes and grimaced. They were hoping for once maybe they could sleep in. After bickering for a bit, Maverick rose to his feet and stretched. He was so tall, especially when he lifted his arms up the way he did. His ribs jutted out as he cracked his spine. Scratching his bare chest, he let out a sleepy groan. Extending his hand to his sister, he easily lifted her from the floor. Raegan departed to make breakfast while Maverick got dressed. This was usually how mornings went. Mav was the slumbering beast in the morning and Raegan was always first to rise. [i That is if she even went to bed.]
Walking over to his closet, the muscular boy browsed his selection of clothes. Shimmying out of his sweatpants, he stood naked for a lil bit. Settling on a simple shirt and a pull over sweatshirt, he knew it was better to look casual today when he picked up the shipments.
Combing through his hair, he pulled it back into a half ponytail and made his way to the kitchen.

Raegan was leaned against the counter with a cup of coffee while she stared uninterested at the eggs she was scrambling on the stove. Her thick tawny hair was tossed over one shoulder haloing the side of her face. It was no wonder she did her job so well, she was really beautiful. He was ready for the time when someone permanent came into her life so he could kick their ass. Joining her by the stove, Maverick poured himself a mug and mirrored her body language.
[b [#993333 "So Vanilla Bean, what do you think we are doing today?"]]
Raegan shrugged her petite shoulders and took a big gulp of her beverage.
[b [#626262 "Honestly, I never know what's going on."]] She confessed sheepishly.
Letting out a hearty laugh, Mav smiled at his sibling. Just as he was about to say something witty, someone decided to interrupt them.
Standing in the doorway was a tall boy with ebony locks. He was ass naked and very hungover. It took everything in his power not to laugh. Raegan kicked him sharply in the shin. Wincing, he kept his mouth shut.

"Hey Rachel, is it cool if I use your shower?"] The male called in a groggy voice. [i [s Definitely still hungover.]]

Snickering, Maverick saw Raegan out of the corner of his eye nodding. He sipped his coffee in hopes to hide the gross noises that barely passed for laughter. [i He didn't even know her name.] Once the stranger was out of earshot, Maverick was dying from a burst of laughter. Raegan socked him in the jaw with a hard left hook. Fake crying, he rubbed his cheek. It did actually hurt. She was a great fighter. After regaining her composure, Rae placed her mug in the sink and grabbed her longboard that was leaning against the wall. She slipped into a jacket and zipped it up over the gun she hid in the bra [i she was wearing for once.]
[b [#626262 "Come on prick, let's get going."]]
Scoffing, Maverick hissed under his breath as the two exited the house, [b [#993333 "Whore."]]
[p meet the cast]
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[center User: muta

[u Name:] Adachi Chiharu, [i Chiharu, Chi-chan, or Haru]

[u Age:] twenty-one, but he still is offered the kids menu.

[u Orientation:] Homosexual

[u Year:] Two

[u Dorm:]

[u Major:] Photography and Digital Design

[u Job:] He is the photographer for the school newspaper and is an apprentice at the modeling agency near by.

[u Personality:] Goofy, Affectionate and a lil flirty, curious as can be, hopless romantic, mischievous, impulsively heart driven, naive and willing to forgive.

[u Likes:] Adventures, hot tea, Thunderstorms, horror novels, gardening, candid shots of beautiful people, and Astronomy

[u Dislikes:] Hot weather, spicy foods, sunburns, getting sand in his camera bag, brussel sprouts, geese

picture URL - illustrated, please
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[left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" [u Username:] muta

[u Name :] Maverick 'Hermes' Godwin

[u Age :] Twenty-six

[u Sex :] Male

[u Turn Ons:] Classical music, the smell of old books, stargazing, playing piano, baking, playing in the rain, people watching

[u Turn Offs:] 90's soap operas, sugar in his coffee, being rushed, blow drying his hair, hangovers

[u Fears :] being sexually abused again and seeing his family again.

[u Personality: ] Maverick is very different from his sister Rae. He is a cold, sarcastic boy with a sharp tongue. His humour is dry as a desert and has the patience of a toddler. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between joking or if she is straight up cynical. He is always bitter unless he has coffee. If you don't bring him a snack when you need to ask for a favour he will kick your knees in. He has a soft spot for his sister and can be genuine when you get to know him. He had a gentleness that he keeps hidden. You have to dig really deep to find it. [i really deep]

[u Appearance:] Mav has messy honey hair that he pulls back.
He has the same matching shackle marks as well as scars on their palms that did not heal well. He also shares with Rae a matching tattoo of the Roman numeral 10 on their wrists. Maverick stands at almost 6'4". He is tall and lean but his muscles are toned and defined. He has broad cheekbones and a sharp jawline. His eyes are a warm golden hue with speckles of amber peppered around the pupal. He has many tattoos and if you are close to him, he will tell you their stories.
[u Bio:] Maverick's father had a gambling problem. Well, it was more than a problem. After falling into a debt worse than the American government, he had to find a way to pay back his shortcomings. Desperate, he sold his only son as a sex slave. He was placed in a household of a rich man with high power. He was the governor with a terrible secret. Maverick met Raegen here, she was also a slave. The two barely survived the decade with the Governor but they did escape with wounds to the soul that could never be fixed. They made a pact to always stay by each other's side and would die for each other. To cope with the abuse, Raegen began to sleep with anyone who made her feel wanted. Maverick was the complete opposite, he closed off himself from the world. Physical contact made him sick and the only person he is able to touch is Raegen. Raegen hopes that she will find the right person to love her brother and helt him recover. The two joined the group after their escape.

[u Extra Information:] Maverick and Raegen are 'blood siblings.' When they were teenagers they slit their palms and traded blood. They are linked for life [right [pic]]
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[center [font "Arial" [u Username:] muta

[u Name :] Raegen 'Detox' Tyler, but close friends call her Rae

[u Age :] Twenty-two

[u Sex :] Female

[u Turn Ons:] Cold pizza, skinny dipping, trespassing, all-nighters, skateboarding, bruises, bad boys and girls

[u Turn Offs:] People who don't tip their waitresses, Shakespeare literature, hot weather, skipping foreplay, watermelon

[u Fears :] Falling in love [s despite actually wanting to be loved] and her feelings and passion perceived as weak.

[u Personality: ] Rae is a force of her own. She is the epitome of a natural disaster. She is like the ocean, mischievous and lead by the moon. Flirting and laughing in the face of danger are her specialties and she has a PHD in chaos. Most people say her middle name must be trouble. It is easy for her to see things from a different angle especially if something isn't working. Inventing solutions and following her feelings go hand in hand. Sometimes the best plans aren't the [i safest.] Rae has a contagious smile and her presence fills the room. It's pretty hard for people to say no to her; that's why she does her job so well. Although she is a very wild spirit, she has monsters and they are swallowed so deep in the pit of her that she fears no one will ever truly see her. [right [pic]]

[u Appearance:] Haloing her petite face, Rae has a messy lion's mane of blonde hair. It is unruly and never complies. She has a small frame, but she is full muscle. She could challenge anyone to a lifting contest and put up a fight. Her body is littered with scars and bruises because she is not careful with herself. She has tons of tattoos in places only the [i 'lucky'] get to see. Her eyes are a pale blue they glow starlight. She has naturally thick, lengthy eyelashes that are too dark for her roots. She is very proud of her broad eyebrows and sharp cheekbones and jaw. Her signature outfit is a sweatshirt with jeans, a sports bra with shorts, or a cut up tee shirt that you can obviously tell she is not wearing a bra. She feels that clothes are too restricting.


[u Extra Information:] - She is bisexual, well actually she will sleep with anyone.
- People who can see past her flirty advance and talk to her bluntly are her one true weakness. Anyone who can look her straight in the eye and tell her to grow up makes her uncomfortable. These people are definitely her type.
- Although she is flirtatious and loves being physical, she is afraid of emotional intimacy despite craving it desperately.
- Every time she watches someone die, she tattoos another dash on her thigh as if she is taking tally.
- She has permanent scars that look like she was shackled for a long period of time on her ankles, wrists, and neck. She has a tiger's face tattooed on her scalp which her hair grew over after.
- She is very skilled in martial arts and has a niche for explosives.
- One of the best know lockpicks in the underground scene.
- People who call her beautiful make her flustered because she is only ever told how sexy she is.]
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[font "Comic Sans MS" get you a girl that can do both]

[center [pic]

[center [font "Comic Sans MS" Fuckin memes
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[center The burly man dropped the boy from his clutches. His face smacked against the concrete. The frown never left his face. He watched the pose run off in the other direction cursing his name. He didn't care. He was still fuming. Once they were completely out of site, he let out a steaming sigh. Turning his attention back to the female, he used a large hand to scratch the back of his neck in embarrassment. Social interactions made him nervous. Grunting, he turned away and lumbered back over to the stand.

After the match, Jake and the team decided to go out for pizza to celebrate their [i almost] tie with the opposing school. They only lost by a few points which was a big win for them. [s mostly for their pride.] It was definitely a reason to celebrate.
The team had invited the whole fan base that had come to watch. It was normal for the group to gorge themselves in cheesy goodness.

Jake wondered if the tall girl he had encountered earlier would be at the meal. He didn't really care. It was more of a curiosity than an interest. Or that's what he thought. People were confusing and he was always frustrated.


Once at the pizza parlor, Jake slumped into a seat at the head of the table. Athletes to his left and right were guzzling pie. Resting his chin on his elbow, he was ready for a snooze.
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[center [font "Arial" Jake wasn't much of a baseball player. His mates were on the team so he would definitely bake in the oven of a day to watch them get their asses kicked. The brawly male was fit. He was more than [i fit.] He was as tall as he was wide. They say thick thighs save lives. Well his thighs did win their soccer team the nationals. He had tree trunks for arms and his chest was broad and toned.
Despite being a massive beast of a guy, Jake had a sweet side. Even though he was short fused, he had a heart of gold. There probably wasn't a person in the school that didn't like him. Except maybe some of the lacrosse boys. They were douche bags anyway. Those scrawny, khaki wearing guys didn't like that Jake was head of the basketball team, soccer team, track team, and quarterback on the football team. He [i dabbled] in a few sports. [s though he had a secret niche for baking.] He wasn't very social, but when you win most of the trophies in your school, people tend to like you.

Jake was leaned over the chain link fence surveying the game. He was actually kind of surprised that they weren't being destroyed. They were actually keeping up which was sort of a miracle. Sucking the last of his soda, he shook the cup. The ice rattled against each other. Grumbling, he moved from his spot.

Sauntering over to the food stand, he kicked the rocks that stood in his path. The sun was blazing above and people were hiding in the shade of the hangover of the building. If he wasn't a born and raised Hawaiian, he would have been a lobster. But this heat was nothing to him. He loved to soak up the warm rays.After an awkward exchange with the cashier, Jake filled his drink and leisurely strolled back to his post.
Obnoxious cackling caught the man's attention.
Turning his gaze, he saw two of the lacrosse players with some skinny bitch laughing until they were wheezing. [s very unbecoming.] He looked passed them and spotted a girl carrying some snacks. Without any hesitation, he lumbered over to them. He honestly didn't recognise the girl. He was sort of clueless though.

Stepping to the girl's side, he gentle draped his arm over her shoulders. His muscular limb didn't crush her to his pleasant surprise. Taking a sip of his drink, he hissed through a clenched smile.
[b [#ff9966 "Babe, I was looking all over for you."]] He narrowed his eyes. [b [#ff9966 "are these [i trolls] bothering you?"]] He voice was deep but smooth as melted chocolate. The persecutors were surprised at the entrance of a monstrous man. It took them only a moment to recognise him as the shark of the school.
[b "Oh Jake, we didn't know this cow was [i your] girl."] One boy scoffed.
Clenching his drink in his hand, he crushed it with ease and dropped it to the ground. Taking one step forward, Jake's hands were clasped on the collar of the boy's shirt, his legs dangling below him. Raising him above his head, he let him hang upside down.
[b [#ff9966 "Would you like to apologize or loose your teeth, pretty boy."]] He bellowed for the whole group to hear.
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[center [font "Arial" [size14 The dragon frowned as the two passed him ignoring his invitation. Running his fingers through his hair, he let out a sign. He heard laughter burst from the lavender haired girl. Shooting a sharp look at her, he stuck his tongue out. He knew he would have to try harder to get their attention. After he finished the last of his breakfast, he rose to his feet and stretched. His shirt raised up revealing his pale stomach he cuts on his body from the morning adventure. They were already completely healed. Regeneration was a perk of being a dragon. His body was littered with scars but he didn't really care. Extending a hand, he helped the vampire up from the ground.

The two leisurely strolled to their first period class. AP Literature was a joke and everyone knew. Their teacher was rarely was in class. Being a werewolf usually made here miss days at a time. Sylus slumped into a chair towards the back of the classroom. Pulling out his books, he placed his sketchbook in order to catch up on some art homework.

Glancing out the window, he watched the clouds roll. He wanted be outside but that wasn't really an option. After living in human society for awhile, he almost forgot what it felt like to be in the wild. Growing up, he was never in his human form. Letting out another sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair before closing his eyes.

He was awaken by a pelting of rolled up paper. Snapping his head around, he spotted Josslyn a few rows ahead of him. Growling, he wasn't in the mood for her joking. She threw another crumpled sheet and it landed in his lap. Opening it he read the note below.

[i 'Hey do you like anyone right now?']

Sylus frowned. He didn't really know. He hadn't been in a relationship since freshman year. It was kind of shitty at the time so he didn't want to get involved with anyone. He thought a few guys at school were cute but he didn't think he had a chance with anyone.

[i 'no fuck off']
He scrawled underneath and threw it back at her. Moments later, the paper returned.
[i 'Not even Kanton? Everyone likes him.']
Flipping her off, he tore up the sheet and went back to daydreaming.
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[center [pic]]

[center [font "Arial" The wizard smiled at the girl with sunset hair. She was obvious uncomfortable with his presence. While the air was tense, Ezra tried his best to ease her into their meeting. He wasn't the best in social situations, but it didn't stop him. Flushing a soft red, he automatically ran his fingers through his hair.

He remembered what his grandmother had always stressed. [i Be gracious and kind.]

Tucking a few stray strands of hair behind his ear, he bit his lip before taking a seat. Just as he was about to introduce himself, he heard the car door open without notice. Averting his attention, he saw another female enter. She was equally as beautiful as the one that had glued herself to the corner. Their eyes locked as the girl cradled a bag of sweets stared back at him over the thick rims of her spectacles. Ezra could feel his ears burn with awkwardness. He hadn't been around this many people in such a long time. [s That's what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere with illegal creatures as pets.]

[b "H-Hi, I am Ezra Ekhart. I am in Thunderbird."] He stammered. Cracking his knuckles, he was out of element. They offered him a few of their snacks and his face lit up. Rummaging in his bag, he pulled out a metal tin that had twinkling stars on it. As he ran his finger across the top, a few of the stars shot from one end to the other. He loved magic. Opening the top, it revealed fluffy chocolate pastries. Steam was still billowing from the dessert. Raspberries were sprinkled on the top as well as some freshly picked mint.
[b "My nan made these. Would you like some?"] He beamed with pride when asking them. His grandmother made the best sweets. The house elves agreed.

Just as he was about to take a piece to munch on himself, the door flew open and all hell broke loose. Looking up, he spotted a blossom haired boy frazzled. Tilting his head, Ezra had never seen such pretty locks. There was a fly of feathers and fur. A feline had made quite the entrance and advance on another [i small] passenger. Birds and cats were very amusing pairs.

The other wizard known as Eddie apologized profusely. Ezra couldn't help but laugh at the chaos. He loved it. Scooting over a bit, he just motioned for the boy to sit next to him with an inviting smile. He hoped the other wouldn't notice his loud heartbeat. There were a lot of people in the car now. [s And now a cute boy.]
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