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[font "Comic Sans MS" get you a girl that can do both]

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[center [font "Comic Sans MS" Fuckin memes
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[center The burly man dropped the boy from his clutches. His face smacked against the concrete. The frown never left his face. He watched the pose run off in the other direction cursing his name. He didn't care. He was still fuming. Once they were completely out of site, he let out a steaming sigh. Turning his attention back to the female, he used a large hand to scratch the back of his neck in embarrassment. Social interactions made him nervous. Grunting, he turned away and lumbered back over to the stand.

After the match, Jake and the team decided to go out for pizza to celebrate their [i almost] tie with the opposing school. They only lost by a few points which was a big win for them. [s mostly for their pride.] It was definitely a reason to celebrate.
The team had invited the whole fan base that had come to watch. It was normal for the group to gorge themselves in cheesy goodness.

Jake wondered if the tall girl he had encountered earlier would be at the meal. He didn't really care. It was more of a curiosity than an interest. Or that's what he thought. People were confusing and he was always frustrated.


Once at the pizza parlor, Jake slumped into a seat at the head of the table. Athletes to his left and right were guzzling pie. Resting his chin on his elbow, he was ready for a snooze.
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[center [font "Arial" Jake wasn't much of a baseball player. His mates were on the team so he would definitely bake in the oven of a day to watch them get their asses kicked. The brawly male was fit. He was more than [i fit.] He was as tall as he was wide. They say thick thighs save lives. Well his thighs did win their soccer team the nationals. He had tree trunks for arms and his chest was broad and toned.
Despite being a massive beast of a guy, Jake had a sweet side. Even though he was short fused, he had a heart of gold. There probably wasn't a person in the school that didn't like him. Except maybe some of the lacrosse boys. They were douche bags anyway. Those scrawny, khaki wearing guys didn't like that Jake was head of the basketball team, soccer team, track team, and quarterback on the football team. He [i dabbled] in a few sports. [s though he had a secret niche for baking.] He wasn't very social, but when you win most of the trophies in your school, people tend to like you.

Jake was leaned over the chain link fence surveying the game. He was actually kind of surprised that they weren't being destroyed. They were actually keeping up which was sort of a miracle. Sucking the last of his soda, he shook the cup. The ice rattled against each other. Grumbling, he moved from his spot.

Sauntering over to the food stand, he kicked the rocks that stood in his path. The sun was blazing above and people were hiding in the shade of the hangover of the building. If he wasn't a born and raised Hawaiian, he would have been a lobster. But this heat was nothing to him. He loved to soak up the warm rays.After an awkward exchange with the cashier, Jake filled his drink and leisurely strolled back to his post.
Obnoxious cackling caught the man's attention.
Turning his gaze, he saw two of the lacrosse players with some skinny bitch laughing until they were wheezing. [s very unbecoming.] He looked passed them and spotted a girl carrying some snacks. Without any hesitation, he lumbered over to them. He honestly didn't recognise the girl. He was sort of clueless though.

Stepping to the girl's side, he gentle draped his arm over her shoulders. His muscular limb didn't crush her to his pleasant surprise. Taking a sip of his drink, he hissed through a clenched smile.
[b [#ff9966 "Babe, I was looking all over for you."]] He narrowed his eyes. [b [#ff9966 "are these [i trolls] bothering you?"]] He voice was deep but smooth as melted chocolate. The persecutors were surprised at the entrance of a monstrous man. It took them only a moment to recognise him as the shark of the school.
[b "Oh Jake, we didn't know this cow was [i your] girl."] One boy scoffed.
Clenching his drink in his hand, he crushed it with ease and dropped it to the ground. Taking one step forward, Jake's hands were clasped on the collar of the boy's shirt, his legs dangling below him. Raising him above his head, he let him hang upside down.
[b [#ff9966 "Would you like to apologize or loose your teeth, pretty boy."]] He bellowed for the whole group to hear.
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[center [font "Arial" [size14 The dragon frowned as the two passed him ignoring his invitation. Running his fingers through his hair, he let out a sign. He heard laughter burst from the lavender haired girl. Shooting a sharp look at her, he stuck his tongue out. He knew he would have to try harder to get their attention. After he finished the last of his breakfast, he rose to his feet and stretched. His shirt raised up revealing his pale stomach he cuts on his body from the morning adventure. They were already completely healed. Regeneration was a perk of being a dragon. His body was littered with scars but he didn't really care. Extending a hand, he helped the vampire up from the ground.

The two leisurely strolled to their first period class. AP Literature was a joke and everyone knew. Their teacher was rarely was in class. Being a werewolf usually made here miss days at a time. Sylus slumped into a chair towards the back of the classroom. Pulling out his books, he placed his sketchbook in order to catch up on some art homework.

Glancing out the window, he watched the clouds roll. He wanted be outside but that wasn't really an option. After living in human society for awhile, he almost forgot what it felt like to be in the wild. Growing up, he was never in his human form. Letting out another sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair before closing his eyes.

He was awaken by a pelting of rolled up paper. Snapping his head around, he spotted Josslyn a few rows ahead of him. Growling, he wasn't in the mood for her joking. She threw another crumpled sheet and it landed in his lap. Opening it he read the note below.

[i 'Hey do you like anyone right now?']

Sylus frowned. He didn't really know. He hadn't been in a relationship since freshman year. It was kind of shitty at the time so he didn't want to get involved with anyone. He thought a few guys at school were cute but he didn't think he had a chance with anyone.

[i 'no fuck off']
He scrawled underneath and threw it back at her. Moments later, the paper returned.
[i 'Not even Kanton? Everyone likes him.']
Flipping her off, he tore up the sheet and went back to daydreaming.
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[center [font "Arial" The wizard smiled at the girl with sunset hair. She was obvious uncomfortable with his presence. While the air was tense, Ezra tried his best to ease her into their meeting. He wasn't the best in social situations, but it didn't stop him. Flushing a soft red, he automatically ran his fingers through his hair.

He remembered what his grandmother had always stressed. [i Be gracious and kind.]

Tucking a few stray strands of hair behind his ear, he bit his lip before taking a seat. Just as he was about to introduce himself, he heard the car door open without notice. Averting his attention, he saw another female enter. She was equally as beautiful as the one that had glued herself to the corner. Their eyes locked as the girl cradled a bag of sweets stared back at him over the thick rims of her spectacles. Ezra could feel his ears burn with awkwardness. He hadn't been around this many people in such a long time. [s That's what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere with illegal creatures as pets.]

[b "H-Hi, I am Ezra Ekhart. I am in Thunderbird."] He stammered. Cracking his knuckles, he was out of element. They offered him a few of their snacks and his face lit up. Rummaging in his bag, he pulled out a metal tin that had twinkling stars on it. As he ran his finger across the top, a few of the stars shot from one end to the other. He loved magic. Opening the top, it revealed fluffy chocolate pastries. Steam was still billowing from the dessert. Raspberries were sprinkled on the top as well as some freshly picked mint.
[b "My nan made these. Would you like some?"] He beamed with pride when asking them. His grandmother made the best sweets. The house elves agreed.

Just as he was about to take a piece to munch on himself, the door flew open and all hell broke loose. Looking up, he spotted a blossom haired boy frazzled. Tilting his head, Ezra had never seen such pretty locks. There was a fly of feathers and fur. A feline had made quite the entrance and advance on another [i small] passenger. Birds and cats were very amusing pairs.

The other wizard known as Eddie apologized profusely. Ezra couldn't help but laugh at the chaos. He loved it. Scooting over a bit, he just motioned for the boy to sit next to him with an inviting smile. He hoped the other wouldn't notice his loud heartbeat. There were a lot of people in the car now. [s And now a cute boy.]
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[center [font "Arial" A soft light poured through the open window of the dorm room. It's warm rays kissed everything it touched, leaving its golden lips stick trail on the slumbering body beneath it. The body was ripped, almost like it was carved from stone. Every curve was perfection, even the protruding scars and maimed marks all along the pearly skin. The only indication that it wasn't a Michelangelo sculpture was the steady rise and fall of his chest as he slumbered. Locks of tawny hair glowed honey as it was spread in a mess of curls haloing his face.
His face was chiseled like his body, but had a softness to it that you wouldn't expect from a godlike creature. He had long eyelashes that matched the same fawn of his hair. They casted shadows on his cheeks gently peppered with freckles. His rosy lips were slightly parted inhaling and exhaling soundlessly. It seemed like a sin to wake him.

Good thing Greyson was a filthy heathen.
A petite female with lavender hair that cascaded down her back stood over the sleeping piece of art. A cheshire grin resided on her lips as she stared at her prey. She cradled a silver bucket in her skinny arms. It sloshed with liquid. Letting out a giggle, she lifted it and proceeded to dump it. Frigid water gushed from the pail, drenching the boy.

The male burst into life pushing the attacker to the floor. He was beastly. His eyes burned with anger. They were mismatching colours just like his socks. His face twisted and contorted with malic. The beautiful face of a greek god was now the snout of a reptile. Fangs drawn, jaw agape, smoke bellowing. Two bat wings tore from his back, ripping through the newly healed skin. They stretched more than ten feet in each direction crashing through the walls on both sides, knocking things from shelves and plaster crumbling to the ground. The hybrid roared.

The small female, now the size of a mouse compared to the dragon boy didn't flinch. Her gaze didn't waver and the cheshire grin stayed stagnant. It only took a moment for the reptile to recognize the intruder. He thundered in frustration.
Wings retracted.
Snout retracted.
Back to beautiful human boy.

All he could do is stare back at the girl. He was silent. Blood trickled from the wounds on his shoulder blades. He knew better than to use his wings in his human form.
[b [#cc6699 "Good morning Sylus, why so grumpy?"]] Hissed playfully. Flashing fangs with a sly smile, she ran her fingers through her hair.
[b [#666699 "Josslyn. Why. cant. you. wake. me. like. a. normal. person."]] He spat through clenched teeth.
[b [#cc6699 "Sylus, you forgot that I [i don't] sleep. This is my favourite part of the day!"]]
Josslyn was a noble vampire. She was supposed to take the throne of her coven, but she wasn't serious enough to yet. [s figures.]
Sylus was the only dragonblood at Ravenwood. They were a rare species that most people thought had died out centuries ago. There wasn't any special housing for his kind so he roomed with the vampires since his blood wasn't edible.
Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let out a sigh. He didn't sign up for the energetic vampiress to be his roommate.
[b [#666699 Fine, let me get dressed and we can go get breakfast."]] He grumbled in defeat.
The girl squealed with delight and ran out of the room. Sylus never knew where she was going. He almost didn't want to know.

Inspecting the damage, he decided to ignore the fact that his room was in ruins. Instead he sauntered to the bathroom. After washing his face, he cleaned his wounds and changed into clean clothes. He had run out of gauze so his steel grey shirt stuck to the gashes. It stung, but he didn't care. He thought Josslyn had grown out of this method of waking him up since she hadn't done it since last semester. But surprise surprise. He attempted to brush his bedhead, but he couldn't tame it, so he resigned that job. Once he was ready, he met the bouncy girl on the steps of the dormitory.

The two grabbed coffee and pastries to eat on the lawn. Even though Josslyn didn't have to eat solid food, she enjoyed it. It was like a game to her. Plopping themselves into the grass, Sylus winced as his shirt shifted on his back. He could feel the blood soaking through the fabric. He was going to have to see the nurse later. Crossing his long legs, shoveling carbs into his mouth. He admired the pale sky before averting his gaze from the clouds to the siblings that were walking past them. They were the Crawford twins. It killed Sylus that they kept to themselves. He wanted to get to know them, but it was so damn hard. It didn't mean he wasn't going to try.

[b [ "Hey Kanton! Kivah! Want to eat with us?"]] Sylus called to them. He lifted a muscular arm to wave them over. His divergent eyes dance with confidence.
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[p June 16th, 2028: Midmorning in the jörðin Tribe]
[font "Arial"
A young native lay in the grass soaking up the sun. He body was nestled into the greenery. Locks of raven hair feathered around him haloing his cheeks as the boy snoozed. The only indication of his mortality was the steady rise and fall of his chest. Flora snaked its way sound his legs and laced between his nose. The grass grew unnaturally to blanket him. An earsplitting crack echoed in the distance causing two amber eyes to snap open. Abruptly sitting up, the lawn uprooted around him. Turning his attention to the sound, he heard a faint wail that he made out.

[i "Hau!"]

Lunging to his feet, the boy responded without missing a beat. Digging his heels into the terrain, Hau launched himself forward. All he could do is pray for his feet not to fail him. His strides were long and desperate. It was almost as if his legs were crying in desperation.
Crashing into where his village inhabited, his breath hitched in his throat at the sight.

Amber eyes watched in horror as the world crumbled. He had always thought that in the moments before death would be in slow motions; that every memory would play on a film reel in your own personal theatre. But Hau didn’t have that luxury, the time to reminisce. Instead he was in the present standing among his people fleeing in every direction. He could hear the cries muffled through the blood roaring in his ears. There was surreal about the situation.

Hau was knocked out of his daze by a body barreling into him. Staggering, his gaze focused on the form that was scrambling to find balance. He recognized it as his tribe mother. There was a panic in her eyes that he hadn’t seen before. It was raw and consuming her entire being. Reaching a hand out to her, he was stopped by the deafening crack of a gunshot. He watched as the woman before him buckle over and smack to the earth. A bloodcurdling scream broke through his ear drums. He couldn’t comprehend that the sound was coming from him.
Time stopped around him. He surveyed his surroundings. Mounds of death littered the earth. The wooden huts that resided on the on the skirts of the meadow knitted into the tree line were engulfed in flames. What was once green was now black and red. His people were being slaughtered.

Grief and anger hit him like a wave of saltwater burning his eyes and nose. It filled his throat and nose numbing his senses. Raising his arms, his eyes grew foggy. The earth shook below him slightly. What was left of the grass quivered causing the attackers to halt and yell to each other in panic. Closing his fingers, roots sprouted from the ground tearing through the undergrowth. The forest seemed to cry out in anger. The roots twisted and braided themselves into massive towers. The puppet master thrust his arms at the army of men. Without hesitation, the plant form shot violently at the humans. Like swords, the foliage pierced through their armor with ease. Tearing through their flesh, the plants ripped them apart from the inside out. Within minutes, the militia had been shredded like paper.

All was silent once more. The earth reclaimed its aid and left the boy alone with the corpses. Snapping out of the trance, Hau observed the damage. He took in the gory sight unsure what had happened. Nothing was processing, there were only tears.

[p August 9th, 2039 9:48 am][right [pic]]

Familiar golden eyes fluttered open. Crystal droplets hung on thick eyelashes not wanting to let go. Raising his head, Hau glanced around him. Soft light poured through open window of the studio apartment. The ray danced on the set below. A male lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Blankets were scattered on the floor from being kicked off in slumber. Sitting up, Hau wiped the tears from his eyes. It had been years since he had dreamt of that day. For a moment he sat with his demons in silence.

This wasn’t like him. It was out of character. Shaking his head, he figured it was from the upcoming excitement of the day. He was starting a new job today. That meant knew friends and he was looking forward to that.

Crawling out of bed, he flopped on the floor landing on his belly. He stayed there for a moment admiring the dust bunnies that had made their home under his bed. He whispered a mental hello before rolling onto his back. This was not an efficient way to get up. Humming to himself, he rose to his feet to start his morning routine. Shimmying out of his pajama bottoms using the force of his hips, he padded over to the mirror that hung on the door. He stared at his reflection. A lanky boy with a pale chest and floral boxers stared back at him armless. It was definitely an odd sight. In the sockets where arms would usually extend from were a few small sprouts. Smiling he did a little dance and stretched. In seconds ivies were growing in thick patches sewing themselves together to form the humerus and then the radius and ulna. Little ivy leaves sprouted from the flanges. Wiggling them, he admired his newly formed arms. Flexing them, a hard bark formed as an exterior. This was his best work yet.

Pulling a grey sweatshirt over his pale torso, he snuggled into the warmth. Squeezing into a pair of denim jeans, he suddenly hoped he wasn’t supposed to be more formal. Shrugging his shoulders, he gave up on his appearance. Once dressed, Hau wandered toward the kitchen to grab a snack. Munching on a head of cabbage, he was just too lazy to actually cook something. Dancing over to the window, he grooved to the sound of the city. [s what a weird guy.] The plants that sat in sill seemed to look at him expectantly. Letting out a laugh, he grabbed the watering can that had been put off to the side and sprinkled it onto the petals of the flora. The brown soil soaked up the liquid happily.

[#79a6d2 [b “Good job you guys.”]] Hau sang cheerfully.

After doing all of the strange things that consisted of his mornings, Hau left for work.


This was the second time Hau had been in the headquarters. He hadn’t been in a group since his homeland was destroyed. Excitement flooded him as he entered the building. It was very normal for natives of the Jordin tribe to be outgoing. They were known for being affectionate due to the customs. Most of their interactions were non verbal so it was hard for the first couple of years to learn to interact with humans. The biggest issue with him is his inability to stop himself from hugging others. He craved the feeling of other heartbeats. Not many people liked it when he pressed his forehead to theirs also. Apparently that isn’t normal in society?

The cleric was trembling with eagerness when he entered the briefing. He spotted a female speaking with two gentlemen that he didn’t recognize. There was another male off to the side keeping a low profile. A wild grin crawled across his face. His tawny eyes beamed with delight. He couldn’t contain himself with all of these people.

Plants began to ascend around the boy. Weeds and seedlings poked between his toes. He had forgotten shoes of all things. More vines tied themselves around his legs. Blushing profusely, a monstrous sunflower bloomed around his belly. Its petals were a vibrant, sunny yellow. Running his fingers through his messy charcoal hair, he smiled sheepishly. This couldn’t be more awkward. Quietly bending down, he plucked the sunflower head from its stem and held it up. It was actually quite impressive. Letting out a laugh, he tried to hide his fluster.

[b [#79a6d2 “Uh Hi, sorry I blossom when I am nervous.”]] He chuckled, his voice rich like honey. [i 'Please like me.'] The thought tumbled through his conscience as he started at the audience

[p fin.]
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[center [font "Arial" Class had passed by much faster than Kohaku thought it would. He wouldn't admit it but he actually enjoyed the company of the little blonde. The brute never got along with his classmate unless it was the thugs he ditched with. But Ryousuke was different, he didn't make Kohaku want to slit his throat like most did. The bell startled him awake from his daze. He hadn't realized that he had been watching the smaller male the entire class. It was so calming to watch such a warm being. Ryousuke quickly babbled a good bye before Haku could say anything. It wasn't like he wanted to hang out with him or anything. [s maybe.] Kicking himself, he noted the speed of his partner's escape. It was kind of odd.

Standing up from the table, he grimaced. Running his fingers through his hair, he couldn't wrap his head around the previous period. The squirt was sweet and moved at a million miles an hour. Haku had been living in a dull slow-motion. But now he couldn't stop the people around him from entering his fog.

Without thinking, he dropped his bag and rushed for the door. He couldn't stop his feet. He had to find Ryousuke. Once in the hallway, he glanced both directions. Haku spotted the fluffy honey hair at the end of the corridor with a gang of boys.

Kohaku recognized the three. They were some of the flunkies he hung out with. He had completely forgot that recently they had been bragging to him about harassing a girly looking boy. It didn't even cross his mind that it would be [i him.]

The sight of one of the bully's with towering over Ryousuke boiled his blood. He couldn't put a word on the feeling and he didn't know why it bothered him so much. But at that moment he didn't care.

Taking large, hurried strides, he clenched his fists. His fingernails dug into his palms. Puffing out his chest, his muscular arms rammed into the bully. The shift in weight made him stagger backwards. Kohaku saw that it was Ren, a lower rank male in the gang he was in. Rolling up his sleeves, Kohaku stepped in front of Ryousuke, shielding him with his broad body. He glanced over his shoulder and stared down at the boy, his crimson eyes burned with rage.
[i [b [#47476b "Are you okay?"]]] He grunted through a locked jaw. He didn't let him respond before he averted his attention back to Ren. Squaring his shoulders, Kohaku growled at the other, asserting dominance. Ren knew he was in trouble especially because Haku was the [i righthand man,] to the gang leader.
[b [#47476b "He. Is. Mine."]] He spat.
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[center [pic,100):origin()/pre04/1713/th/pre/f/2016/212/6/4/john_laurens_x_alexander_hamilton__by_lordlegendarywolf-dac4ppf.jpg]]
[p [i dabs un-ironically]]
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[center [pic]]
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