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Watch this music video all the way through.

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[center [pic]]
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[left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" Despite being encouraged to calm down, it was really hard when the boy he had been madly in love with for the longest time was sitting just inches from him. Sora's mind was a wild ocean and his thoughts were breaking waves. The high tide took the sand just as Sen took his breath away.
Their lips pressed only for a moment but in that moment Sora was brought to light. It was like he had been living in a shadowed fog and suddenly the fog was lifted and colours were no longer colours. Light was no longer light.

Sora had never been kissed. Well maybe once ... He couldn't decide whether or not it counted or even if he had wanted it to count. The silver-haired boy had kissed another boy under the slide when he was in preschool. It was just a peck. It was so fast that it was debatable on if it happened. When an open current is closed it can flow uninterruptedly through a continuous path. Sora was the perfect conductor. When his lips touched his schoolmate's they created basic science: close a current and electricity will flow. He made the other little boy cry. It was a small spark but it was still surprising and of course children are sensitive so the jolt scared his prince charming. Sora didn't know what to say to comfort the boy but all he could do was apologize. That day Sora learned he shouldn't kiss other people and he definitely shouldn't kiss other boys. His mother made sure he knew that [i boys dont kiss boys.] So that was the beginning and the end of his short lived love life.

This however was different and he couldn't wrap his head around it. This time there wasn't a painful bite to it and a singe to the skin. There was only a tingling sensation radiating in his stomach and everywhere they had touched. His lips were on fire but there was no pain only passion. His heart thudded against his rib cage threatening to shatter his bones. He forgot how to breath after the raven haired male pulled away. Smacking his hand to his chest he inhaled sharply and coughed. [i Wow how charming Sora.] He started at Sen with wide incredulous eyes with his mouth parted. Everything was spinning. He had to brace himself for fear he'd fall over. Knitting his brows together, he decided boys should [i definitely] kiss boys. His mom was wrong. So very wrong. Sora should be kissing boys. He should be kissing Sen.

Grabbing for Sen's shirt desperately he crashed his lips into the other boys' without hesitation. Pulling him into the kiss, he let out a ragged sigh. His body jolted to life with an electricity he couldn't control. This electricity didn't hurt. It made his chest tighten and the butterflies erupt in his stomach. He imagined this is what school girls felt like. Reaching his arms around Sen's neck, he tangled his fingers in his soft ebony locks and kissed him again and again like his life depended on it.
He had to pry himself away to catch his breath. This was definitely not his shining moment. His composure was gone and his ridiculously long hair was falling out of its pony tale. Only idiots fell in love. In the moment he didn't want to think about the possibility of rejection. He had spent his entire life being rejected and now more than ever he knew this is how he wanted to feel for the rest of forever.
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[left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" This was a lot more that Marlin bargained for. All he wanted to do was sneak in, get a snack, and get out but here he was not only having a conversation with another person but being [i touched] by another person. It had been so long since anyone had crossed the barrier the red head had put up. And this person crossed it without hesitation and did it so easily.
Marlin had a habit of messing with his unruly hair when he was nervous and it didn't help that he never brushed it. But having someone point it out was shocking to him. People usually didn't look at him and now they were. It was terrifying but also [i thrilling.]

Watching Oliver talk was mesmerizing for Marlin. The boy talked with his whole body and his presence was intruding but not alarming. He kept his eyes on the starlight-haired boy's lips as he spoke to him. His smile was warm and he seemed to genuinely mean whatever he was saying. Marlin obviously wasn't listening so he was startled when he saw Oliver come at him with a gentle hand. He couldn't process the interaction while it was happening. Having different fingers trailing through his hair was wild to him. Shivers crept up his spine making his neck crawl and he pale skin crawled with an electrical sensation. Normally if this had happened Marlin would have flipped and there would have been a messy scene, but for some reason the hemophiliac was caught off guard [i just the right amount.] A small smile kissed his lips as he watched Oliver throw the breaks on and back track as fast as he could.

The doctors at Hollymore called Marlin a 'wallflower.' He watched from a far and never experienced that seconds passing with people. Of course he did. He wasn't used to participating in life. When he was in his gang he was a used as a weapon and he liked that. Having a purpose made him feel more normal with his abilities. His gang treated him like a family member as much as they could a freak like him and his sister. But now that he was here, he was alone again. Did Marlin really want to let anyone in again?
[s Maybe.]

[b [#990033 "I was in a gang for awhile so I guess I had a nickname?"]] Marlin laughed. He had no idea why he was talking to Oliver but he couldn't stop himself now. [b [#990033 "They called me Aries. Outsiders feared the name so it isn't something 'friends' called me. Sharing a nickname with a War God isn't very inviting though is it?"]] He laughed dryly.
It hadn't taken Marlin long to get over his shyness. The whole interaction with Oliver crying for help to Laurel eased his nerves. They were very similar in that. Glancing at the tawny haired patient, he flashed a devilish grin. Her casualness was refreshing. It made him almost forget he was a prisoner.
[b [#990033 "Rough nights are just nights for us at this point."]] He mused cynically.
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[size13 [p [center [b [font "Courier New" [size14 [#993366 General]]]]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Full Name]]]
[font "Arial" Klaus Ester Robins
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Age]]]
Early Twenties
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Gender]]]
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Sexual Orientation]]]
Closeted Homosexual
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Height]]]
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Weight]]]
179 lbs.
[font "Courier New" [b [#993366 Bodily Build]]]
Thin but well defined
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Eye Colour]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Hair Colour]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Scars/Markings]]]
Klaus has scars all along his hands from hours and hours of musical practice. He also has a basic treble and base clef tattooed in a heart on his wrist like any other trendy hipster in New York. He thinks it's funny too.

[p [b [font "Courier New" [size14 [#993366 Biography]]]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Short Biography]]]
Klaus Ester Robins was born to a loving family in Manchester, England where he lived a comfortable life with his mother, father, and two sisters. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in their quaint and happy life besides the fact that their son could play piano before he could speak. School was hard for Klaus at a young age. He was late learning to talk so the other kids would make fun of his speech. Instead of playing after school or hanging out with friends, Klaus stayed indoors and practiced piano for hours. It wasn't until his music teacher used poetry and lyrics to help him. It wasn't long before his stutter was gone and he was writing ballads left and right.

His mother loved how creative her son was and provided all sorts of outlets for him weather it was playing piano, joining the orchestra in elementary school, or letting him figure out the drums were not on the list of talents for him. However, his father wasn't too keen on a dream in the arts. He wanted his son to be practical and become a doctor. He couldn't make a living on music.

But of course, Klaus couldn't be stopped, not with the pure talent and sheer love for music, and his father realized that. He agreed to send his son to the states to learn under new teachers and meet different people. After graduating with mediocre school grades but top honours in music, Klaus was easily accepted to Julliard School for performance making his parents very proud.
It didn't take long for Klaus to be discovered in the music world especially with the internet. Singing in night clubs here and there got him a little bit of a following but it just happened that when his best friend video taped him practicing an original song and posted it for the world to see lit his life up like fireworks. Within days he had millions of followers and at the end of the week he landed a record label and his own personal assistant. Well personal assistant, more like best friend applied for a campaign job and fit in just perfectly. It was smooth sailing for the British boy.
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Origin]]]
Born and raised in Manchester, England like any clique singer/songwriter and moved to America for high school and to attend Julliard to study music.
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Current Residency]]]
Klaus lives in a small flat with his roommate just about a twenty minute walk from Manhattan.

[p [b [font "Courier New" [size14 [#993366 Specifics]]]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Occupation(s)]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Credentials]]]
Julliard Graduate
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Label]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Genre]]]
Indie/Coffee Shop Pop
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Instrument(s)]]]
Klaus is ridiculous and plays an annoying amount of instruments. He blames it on his shyness as a child, but he really just loves to learn. His label company loves his diversity and strength in multiple genres of music. His usual go to instruments are the piano, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, and violin. It is pretty ridiculous and his manager likes to remind him all the time with a smile on her face.

[p [b [font "Courier New" [size14 [#993366 Other]]]]]
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Roommate/Assistant]]]
Laurel Sutton
[b [font "Courier New" [#993366 Extra]]]
-Has a stray cat named Pogo that he leaves the fire escape open for that he feeds
-Is fluent in French
-Sleeps with the fan on always
  |lyric| / muta / 60d 3h 29m 56s
[center [font "Arial" Before Marlin could escape human interaction he was stopped by a boy his height with opal locks of fluffy hair. He said something referring to Marlin's disheveled look but the kid didn't look much better. They locked eyes for a moment and Marlin didn't know what to do. Oliver's emerald gaze caught his in a staring contest and he was definitely losing to the angelic looking boy. Averting his eyes, he scuffled his feet and shifted his weight. Reaching a skeletal, bandaged hand up to his face and running his thin fingers through his messy hair, he licked his dry lips.

[b [#990033 "I uh don't have a brush."]] He stated as his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Marlin wasn't the best at social interaction but guys his age were his biggest issues. Growing up it was only him and Axel. The two were just kids. Living in a gang wasn't conventional but they liked it enough. Everyone was older than them so they really only had each other. He hadn't had any practice talking to people besides his sister. Everyone else seemed so far away from him.

Surveying Oliver, the red head had never actually noticed this boy before. He had seen him in group and they had spent mandatory time together but for the first time he was really looking. The snowy haired boy was actually beautiful. That made everything worse. Now he was self consious. Tugging at his sweater sleeves, he tried to hide his scars. He was a walking notebook covered in words scrawled into his skin. Usually Marlin wasn't ashamed of his looks but right now standing side by side comparing himself to someone else he was trembling. Running his fingers through his hair again nervously, he cleared his throat hoping Oliver couldn't tell he was freaking out.
[b [#990033 "I'm M-Marlin."]] He stammered quietly. It came out so quiet he wasn't sure if anyone even heard it. Opening his mouth to repeat himself he quickly stopped himself. Maybe it was better that way. Oliver could talk to anyone why would he stick around?
  |hollymore crush| / muta / 63d 6h 10m 56s
[center [pic]]
[center [font "Courier New" [u WARNING: A soft angry boy. Very fragile proceed and love with cation.]]

[center [font "Arial" Meet smol bean [ Marlin.] He comes across as harsh and violent but if you don't show him fear and tell him to stop being a baby he will pout for a little bit like a puppy and then warm up to you. Honestly he is just a brat so mess with him and he will get over himself quickly.
He is potty trained and will snuggle in bed with you if you invite him. He likes long walks and if you play rough with him. Be careful he is easily distracted and if you don't hold his hand in public he will wander off. Very moody and short temper. Flick him on the nose when necessary.
He has family issues and abandonment problems so looking for a forever home.
[right [pic]]
[u Wanting:]
* Love and affection
* A nap
* Play with his hair

Careful with with sudden movements he is like a small animal and is spooked easily. Seeking genuine connections and true love. If any interest call [b 1-800-plz-adopt.] Serious inquires only.
  |hollymore crush| / muta / 66d 4h 2m 31s
[center [font "Arial" It was raining that day. The grass had become a swamp of mud and the road were soaked. A scarlet haired boy sat in the back seat of a juvenile facility transportation vehicle. He silently stared out the window. Pressing his forehead to the cool glass, he watched the condensation on the glass as it fogged up with each breath. At least he was alive. But was he actually?
Due to the silence, the driver cautiously checked the rear-view mirror to make sure the cargo was still there.

Marlin and Axel, well known as Aries and Axis on the streets, had been inseparable since their time in the foster system. After the incident of separating them causing the death of two families, the kids took to the city streets. Although they had been warned of gangs and scum that inhabited the alleyways they decided to take their chances. Instead they were met with a group of outcasts and misfits much like themselves to call family. Thus becoming gang members was actually quite a blessing for them. But when they were caught by the authorities they had to make a decision; freedom and bloodshed or the safety of the gang they had grown to love.
After the gruesome death of his sister, Marlin lost his only anchor to sanity. Without his companion, the hemophiliac murdered an entire city police force in one move. Out of control, Marlin slaughtered the men by boiling their blood and killing them from the inside out. Horrifying screams echoed through the alleyways. It sounded like a heart breaking. Marlin could hear it barely through the blood roaring in his ears. He hadn't realized it was him who was screaming
Finding a young boy standing in a bloodbath surrounded by the remaining bits of what could be barely recognized as human corpses was terrifying yet intriguing to the authorities. After detaining the boy and lots of sedation, they struck up a deal. A menace like that belonged in a ward locked up not out on the streets destroying lives like a monster.
Shaking the thoughts away, Marlin licked his dry lips. Averting his hallow eyes to the shackles on his wrists, he wondered if this was any better than death.

It took forever for the new resident to speak. He wouldn't eat or sleep. All he would do was stare out the window. He lost so much weight he was a walking skeleton. He porcelain skin had cracks in it where he had bruised himself from throwing himself at the walls. Marlin had ended up in solitary confinement after becoming creative with utensils to cut himself open and use his powers. After awhile wrapped up like a violent sausage, he decided to play nice. They moved him to his own room and slowly introduced him to others. He didn't play nice at first but slowly they could get him to smile.

[size15 [b x x x x x present day ...]]

That morning proceeded like any other. Marlin lay bundled in a cocoon of fabric snoring bear-like, oblivious to the world. The only indication that the slumbering beast was even alive was the rising and falling of his snoring figure. Rolling on his side, Marlin burrowed in deeper to the covers at the light from the rising sun infiltrated his castle of rest. Accidentally rolling an inch too far, the boy tumbled from his bed. Flailing about he reached for help but there was nothing there was fluffy fabric. In a rush of feathers and blankets, an angry redhead had emerged from his cocoon like a beautiful butterfly sprawled on the floor. Only he wasn't beautiful, he was very very angry. Whirling around, his golden eyes burned with hatred. Lunging to his feet, he tackled the wall smashing his fist into the window. However the glass did not shatter. This had happened before so they took action, bullet proof glass. With a nasty thud and a snarl, Marlin pulled his hand away. His knuckles were bleeding. Biting his lower lip, he stomped out of his room.

It was a typical day in the House. He pretended to hate the nurses and they had learned to play the game and shy away from him. The doctors thought that if they went along with his anger issues it would cause less problems. But there just happened to be an elderly nurse who didn't follow the rules. She would always mess with the poor boy. Poking at him and patting him on the head. Marlin acted like he hated it but he secretly loved the attention. He would never admit it. Never.

Padding down the hall, he narrowed his blazing eyes at the entrance to the dining room. His wild hair was sticking out all over and he was still in his pajamas. Not very intimidating. The guard simply looked down on his and side stepped to give him room. They were just waiting for him to attack, they'd love to slaughter him especially after what Marlin had done to their friends in the past. Let's just say that there have been vacant spots in the force due to violent incidents. Marlin had learned not to kill the guards because they would lock him up again. He did not like that room. He did not like being alone.
Upon entering the room, he glanced around. It was quiet, just how he liked it. He hated when people watched him eat. Noticing out of the corner of his eye a pale boy much bigger than him, he puffed out his chest to feel more dominant. His boyish look and bed head made him look like a pouting toddler. Pushing himself up against the wall he kept distance between the two so the other could enter and Marlin could escape. The bigger guy was known as Felix. Marlin did not know anything about Felix and nor did he want to. He didn't want to know anyone. Except Maelyn. But that was different, they were associates not friends. At least he pretended they weren't. He smiled at the thought of his only friend in Hollymore. She had to ability to talk to his deceased sister. That was enough comfort for him.
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[center [font "Arial" General Information:

[u Full Name:] Marlin 'Aries' Overcash
[u Age:] Seventeen
[u Species:] Human
[u Gender:] Male
[u Sexual Orientation:] Bisexual [i prefers boys]
[u Height:] 5'11
[u Weight:] Around 170 lbs.
[u Eye Colour:] Honey
[u Hair Colour:] Crimson
[u Notable Features:] His body is one big chalkboard of tally mark scars but the most prominent one is the deep scar horizontal across the bridge of his nose.
[u Sanity:] Marlin knows he has magic but he think's it is insane and the entire world is insane. His powers scare him and it makes him angry. He honestly feels insane. He has serve depression and takes it out through self harm especially because of his abilities it is calming. The self loathing and shame doesn't mix well.
[u Abilities] | Haemokinetic - manipulate blood, whether it's from oneself or others and ability to create tools, objects, weapons, armor, and even appendages out of blood. He can harden his blood as well as cause clotting. He dabbles a little bit in healing with it. He has been working on puppeteering others by controlling their blood flow.
[u Personality] - rash | coarse | reckless | sharp-tongued | passionate | bold | hot-tempered | actually quite charming if you can get him to smile | caring
[i will write a paragraph soon]
[i Has a soft side.]
[u Biography:]
[u Extra Information:] Will come soon.
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[center [pic]]
[center [u Name:] Margo [u Class:] Wizard [u Age:] 24 [u Race:] High Elf [u Alignment:] Chaotic Neutral [u Background:] Sage (Alchemist)

There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery.

[b No Limits.] Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence. (Chaotic)

I've been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.

Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.

[p Shaping History]

Margo grew up in a comfortable life as the daughter of a noble high elf. Her mother fell in love with a dark elf merchant who traveled from the Underdark. Despite the judgment from their community, they married and had a beautiful baby girl. Although her family was noble, they didn't hold a title. They had a nice house in the country not far from Athkatla where her father worked. Magic was banned in the city so when Margo showed signs of being a powerful wizard, her mother sent her off to be an apprentice of an Alchemist
Her master saw great potential in his apprentice. He taught her everything he knew and worked her hard. When they weren't practicing magic or learning the way of alchemy Margo was always pushed to study in her free time. The Alchemist was worried when his student showed interest in necromancy but didn't he didn't stop her. He wanted her to gain as much knowledge as she craved.
After a chance encounter with a necromancer she decided that is what she wanted to be. She studied hard and read a handful of things she probably shouldn't have that has fed her interested in the dark arts and her obsessive goal in becoming a lich.
Her master did not support her in this and sent her away when she wouldn't drop the subject. With no home to return to as a wizard, Margo set off to find a way to cheat death and achieve her goal.
  muta / 68d 17h 9m 40s
Monster Circus AU
Character A works for a circus that has been dubbed “The Monster Circus” because how all of the employees dress up in hyper realistic monster costumes…except they’re not costumes. Character B is one of the only humans who works at the circus, and they’re constantly having to work with Character A, a monster, to help keep the circus under control.
  |m| / muta / 77d 8h 35m 19s
[center [pic]
  muta / 79d 8h 17m 22s
[center [font "Century Gothic" Shiloh never intended to become something as sleazy as the leader of a shady gang from the underground. It was always expected of her. When she was younger she told herself she wouldn't be anything like her father. She would change the definition of a liche. But instead here she was slitting the throat of a man in the red lantern district. If it made it any better he was a bad man. She preferred to think of herself as a vigilante instead of a thug. Regardless of what she called herself, the law considered her a monster. Maybe she was a monster but it paid the bills.

Touching the blade to her lips, the shadow monster licked the blood from the dagger. It was a good line. She would definitely get a good profit. Without hesitating, she leaned the corpse against the greasy brick siding of the building that shielded the alley from the streets. No one around seemed to notice or if they did, pretended they didn't. It made her life easier that the outside world turned their head to darker things they could never understand. The world was selfish. She was selfish. Money was money.

Pulling out a syringe and rigging a bag to the end of it, Shiloh jabbed the needle into the forearm of the dead man and began to drain him of his blood. After filling three bags with the crimson liquid, she carefully stored them in her satchel. Selecting a sharper knife from her collection, and without hesitation sliced into the flesh of the man's chest. Of course she would harvest the organs, times were rough. One man could save a few more. She had her own method of storing the organs in an ice box which was surprisingly easy. Separating the best muscle and fat from the bones, she wrapped up the meat. Slipping off her gloves, she shoved them into her pocket. Pushing the fabric back over her mouth, she rose to her feet and collected her loot. Her ruby eyes flashed and within a second she vanished into the shadows.

When the abomination reached her destination, she had changed from her soiled clothing and was dressed in dark civilian clothing. Nothing about her seemed out of the ordinary, she had her thick locks of ebony hair pulled into a loose braid that fell over the back of her cloak. The only thing that made her stand out were the bandages on her arms and the black mask that she had kept over her nose.
She was pushing a cart that had several boxes piled high. Opening the door to the butchers' shop, she gracefully manage to slip in without disturbing her goods or catching the attention of the people who occupied the store. Shiloh noticed a brawny stalk away in a huff. Inhaling she recognised the scent of a lycanthropy anywhere. The liche was actually quite surprised to see one in the district. Uninterested again, Shiloh pushed the dolly up to the counter and rung a bell. The butcher turned his attention to Shiloh and smiled.
[b [#626262 "Ah Umbra, I was wondering when you'd get here. You know where to put it."]] He greeted with a hearty chuckle.
Shiloh grinned under her mask and nodded. Padding to the back she pulled her goods with her. Shiloh knew everyone and if she didn't everyone knew her alias. Her usual job was selling 'special meats' to the market or being a hitman. But despite her record, even the royal guard would hire her for missions. The rules did not apply when someone was as skilled as the Umbra.]]
  |drow| / muta / 84d 9h 25m 20s
[center [font "Arial" The Devil's Backbone had it's own charm for an old tavern. The redwood tables and warm lighting was very inviting. It was hard to run a business with the recent economy, but luckily, this pub was a local favourite. No matter the day the bar was packed full of residents of the town ready to pour a drink.

A lanky boy stood behind the rustic counter of the bar carefully wiping down glasses before gingerly stacking them by the copper sink. The walls were stocked with hundreds of brews from across the nations. They were displayed proudly as sunlight flooded the room from the azure stained-glass window. It lit the room up with kaleidoscope colours. The light bounced off of the bottles filling the room with tiny crystals.
Letting out a sigh, the male dried his hands on his apron and then leaned on the counter top. It was usually quiet during the day and he actually enjoyed the silence. He could hear the life outside in the streets but it was muffled. It seemed so far away to him.

Just as he was returning to his work he heard the doorbell chime announcing the entrance of someone. Glancing up he spotted an older gentleman and smiled.
[right [pic]]
[b [#6b86ba "Reigen just the guy I wanted to see!"]] Greeted the bartender. Reigen descended down the stairs carrying a large package letting out a hearty laugh.
[b [#626262 "Ahh if it isn't my favourite alcohol Cirrus."]] He replied. Strolling over to his friend, he placed the crate on the counter in front of the silver haired boy.
Cirrus grabbed a knife and approached the box. Cutting it open, he pulled out a dusty bottle. Blowing on it, he read the script on the label. It was a bottle of whisky that he had been wanting to add to his collection for a long time now. His eyes widened as did his smile. Extending a hand, the delivery man took it in a firm grip and they shook.

[b [#6b86ba "I knew you could get it but I still can't believe it."]] He praised as he turned the liquor over in his hand. Placing it on the shelf, he trotted over to the door to flip the sign to say [i 'open.'] Averting his attention, he grinned at Reigen.
[b [#6b86ba "Drinks are on me tonight ya bastard."]] Cirrus barked with excitement. Grabbing two glasses and a bottle of bourbon off of the shelf, he poured two helpings. Passing one to Reigen and lifting the other to his lips, he gave a little nod and raise of the cup before chugging it down.]]

[center [pic]]
  |storm| / muta / 87d 8h 1m 39s
|| Courteous || Rarely
Risk-Taking | Always
Ambitious | Very
Curious | Very
Self-Controlled | Never
Nurturing | Sometimes
Trusting | Rarely
Honest | Mostly
Loyal | Very
Affectionate | Rarely
Romantic | Very Rarely
Flirty | Always
Sympathetic | Occasionally
Optimistic | Rarely
Observant | Very
Logical | Often
Social | Very outgoing
Emotions | Out of control]

|| || POWER
Squirtle | 5
Charmander | 7
Wolvenglade | 99999]
  muta / 94d 17h 44m 9s
[center [pic]]
[center [ pictures]]
[center [b [font "Courier New" [u Name:]]] [font "Arial" Shiloh Umbra Bates.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Alias:]]] Umbra or Shy but usually goes by Shiloh

[b [font "Courier New" [u Race:]]] Lich, Half Dark Elf. Her father was a full blooded drow and her mother was a high elf.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Age:]]] Appears around sixteen or seventeen

[b [font "Courier New" [u Gender:]]] Fluid but uses she/her pronouns and usually appears feminine

[b [font "Courier New" [u Sexual Orientation:]]] Pansexual, she doesn't have a preference

[b [font "Courier New" [u Appearance:]]]

[b [font "Courier New" [u Biography:]]]
Shiloh's mother was a noble woman who fell in love with a traveling merchant. During their summer together, he promised to come back to her in the later years to meet their child.
What she didn't know was the man was actually a devoted member of a dark cult that lived in the Underdark, the underground taverns and catacombs that housed cities and a completely different world hidden from the light. The man had traveled to the outer world to find someone to have a child with in order to complete a sacrifice. He was truly devoted to his god due to all of the work and time he put into his plot. When his daughter was sixteen years old, he stole her from her home and used her as a sacrifice. Instead of gaining the powers he was promised, Shiloh was created as a byproduct of a flawed human sacrifice making her a lich.

[b [font "Courier New" [u Personality:]]]]]

[center [pic]

[font "Andale Mono" [b [u Alignment:]] Chaotic Neutral

[b [u Class:]] Shadow Assassin

[b [u Proficiencies:]] Acrobatics, stealth, slight of hand from her rogue class plus Aracana and Intimidation

[b [u Weapons:]]

[b [u Equipment:]] Thieves' Tools: [size9 set of tools includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers]

Weaknesses: Examples: Allergies, abnormalities, conditions]]
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