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[center [abel [size15
After dinner, Ira pulled out his phone to check on Bunny. The two spent most days texting back and forth during their free time. Ira couldn’t help but wonder if the boy was eating a proper meal. Just as he was about to send a message, Bunny’s name flashed across the screen.

[b [#60B9D6 Did your guests arrive safely?]]

Ira bit back a smile. If his face gave too much away, he knew his friends would ask questions. Lots of questions.

[b [#00075D Yes, we just had dinner. Did you eat? I should have brought you something tonight.]]

He responded. Next time he would plan ahead and take Bunny a packed meal. Sliding his phone back into his pocket, he went back to entertaining his guests.


Ira’s day flew by in a flash. Jonas showed up early to help set up. The plan was to keep all of the dishes on the island in the kitchen with mains at the top of the line and all of the sides would follow. All of the appetizers would go on the coffee table.

The apartment was decorated with pumpkins and other adorable fall décor. The two men put the leaf in the table to give them extra room. Ira wasn’t sure what the total number of guests would be but he liked to be prepared.

Jonas was in charge of drinks. He lumped all of the different types of hard liquor together in one place. Next, he organized the wines by color. Admiring his empire of alcohol, he nodded. [b [#990033 “Aiden should be here soon with non-alcoholic beverages and ice,”]] he called over his shoulder.

Ira stuck the turkey back in the oven to keep it warm. Once he was finished double checking everything, he turned his attention to Jonas. [b [#00075D “Sounds good. Leo and Eloise should be back anytime now.”]]

[b [#990033 “Good! I can’t wait to see them,”]] Jonas beamed. Taking a seat at the bar, he rested his chin on his elbow. A coy smile pursed his lips. [b [#990033 “So, is your boyfriend coming?”]]

Ira’s face fell. He hid his expression from Jonas by busying himself with the paper appetizer plates. [b [#00075D “No,”]] Ira responded. He tried to keep his tone casual but his pitch was off. Clearing his throat, he tried again, [b [#00075D “He has other plans.”]]

[b [#990033 “That’s too bad. You are so fun to tease when he is here,”]] Jonas mused.

[b [#00075D “It’s okay, we made plans for Christmas,”]] Ira added. [b [#00075D “Anyway, I should go change.”]]

Ira decided on a tight-fitting black turtleneck sweater. The fabric pulled tight over his chest, defining his muscles when he moved. He tucked it into a pair of black trousers he cuffed just over his ankle. Pulling a tailored ebony sports coat over his sweater, he decided to check himself over in the mirror. The chef rarely kept his hair down but tonight would be the exception. His soft midnight hair fell over his shoulder and haloed his pale face. Running his fingers through his bangs, he noticed the bags were starting to form under his eyes again. Sighing, he knew he couldn’t do anything about it now. Returning to the kitchen, his guests were beginning to arrive.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15

[b [#0000cc “Je suis tellement excité mon cher. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Ira,”]] the chef purred, taking a sip from his wine glass.

[b [#ffb3ff “We saw him on the American Independence Day, remember mon beau?”]] Eloise replied, turning a page in the magazine she was cradling in her lap.

[b [#0000cc “Oh yes, Eloise I did forget. I drank enough to kill a small child that evening.”]] He mused. Chuckling at the thought, he turned his attention to the window. The clouds looked close enough to touch. Sunlight kissed the metallic wing of the jet, tuning it gold. Clucking his tongue, he smiled. [b [#0000cc “We should be landing soon.”]]

[b [#ffb3ff “Oui, I can’t wait to see that darling café of his,”]] Eloise sang with a smile.


The two chefs landed in Souver a little after 7 PM. Leo called Ira and told him they were on the way. The car ride only took twenty minutes with traffic. That was one of the beautiful things about the city, you could get anywhere in the city in half an hour. The cab delivered them to the doorstep of the Magnolia House safely. Leo tipped the driver and unloaded their things. Eloise was glued to the front window, eyeing all of the tables sitting in the dark.
[b [#ffb3ff “This place is so cute. Do you think he’d sell it to me?”]] Eloise beamed, ignoring her travel companion’s struggle with their luggage.

[b [#0000cc “Hah, no trust me I’ve tried,”]] Leo replied. He tossed the last bag over his shoulder and joined the woman at the window. Although they were only staying a few nights, Eloise packed enough outfits for a month. It wouldn’t have been a problem if she were to carry the bags herself but the burden always fell on Leo. He rarely complained though.

Whipping out his phone, he dialed Ira’s number and waited for a response. Ira’s deep voice picked up on the other line with a simple, [b [#0000cc “Hello?”]]

[b [#0000cc “Bonjour! We are here mon cheri!”]] Leo trilled. [b [#0000cc “Come let us in!”]]

Not a moment later, Ira appeared at the door and unlocked it. He wore a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, exposing his tattoos and toned muscles. His navy trousers were perfectly fitted to his strong legs and pump buttocks. Tied around his waist was a half apron hand embroidered with daisies. Tonight, his midnight hair was braided down the side, resting on his shoulder. He wore the same somber expression he usually did but when he saw his friends, he paired it was a smile.

[b [#0000cc “Long time no see,”]] Ira chuckled. He had spent part of the previous month with them in France enjoying the food and the company. [b [#0000cc “Come in, it’s cold out there.”]] Ushering them inside, he carefully locked up behind them. Grabbing a bag in each hand, he led them through the café.

[b [#0000cc “It smells good in here,”]] Leo noted, sniffing the air like a dog. [b [#0000cc “You must be gearing up for tomorrow?”]] The man knew his friend spent days preparing for holidays. He loved to go all out for the occasion and fill the house with all of his friends.

[b [#00075D “Yes, I just put the turkey in to cook overnight.”]] Ira replied, his tone even. [b [#00075D “You guys can use the restaurant kitchen tomorrow. We are closed so no one will bother you.”]]

[b [#ffb3ff “Oh perfect. You know how much I love this little place.”]] Eloise chirped. As the group wandered through the maze of chairs, she ran her index finger over the polished wood.

[b [#0000cc “Oui! Can we put our things in the cooler down here?”]] Leo added, gesturing to the reusable grocery bags. Stopping in the kitchen, they took a moment to unload before heading upstairs.

When the trio entered the apartment, the smell of garlic and rosemary washed over them. Ira had already set the table for dinner. In the center of the dining table was a bowl filled with fresh greens, a platter with flame grilled chicken, and a basket with fresh baked bread. The chef had opened two bottles of wine, a pink and a white.

Baguette sauntered over to the newcomers. He snaked between their legs, too quickly for them to get their hands on him. Carefully, he sniffed at their feet. His tail twitched back and forth.
[b [#ffb3ff “Bonjour Baguette,”]] Eloise cooed at the feline. Baguette eyed the woman for a moment before retreating to Ira’s bedroom.

[b [#00075D “You guys will be sleeping in the guest room,”]] Ira directed. Stepping out of his shoes, he guided the pair to the empty bedroom. Dropping off their things, Ira turned to leave the two to get settled. Before he could escape, a high pitch trill of excitement left Eloise's lips.

Startled, Ira whipped around to see what the problem was. Leo was holding a pair of sky blue lace panties gently between two fingers. A smirk rested on his lips as he batted his eyelashes at Ira.

[b [#0000cc “Oui! "These aren't yours are they?"]] Leo inquired, raising his eyebrow.

[b [#ffb3ff "I thought our dear Ira liked men though?"]] Eloise giggled.

Ira's face flushed beet red. Snagging the undergarment from the other man, he buried it in his pocket. [b [#00075D "It-it's my friends."]] Ira stammered, his voice a bit too high. His lips trembled. [b [#00075D "I-I need to go check on dinner."]] Stumbling out of the room, he found refuge in his kitchen.

The chef took the time to pour Eloise a glass of pink and Leo a glass of red. It took a few deep breaths for his hands to stop shaking. The chef knew his friends’ preferences well. Taking a seat at the head, he took a glass of pink for himself. Despite his efforts, Ira's mind kept wandering the the underwear in his pocket. His guests emerged from the guest room not much later and joined the man at the table.
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[center [pic]]
[center [abel [size15 The boy stopped to rough up Baguette’s exposed stomach. The feline wriggle under his touch in a fit of purrs. Ira noted how much the cat liked the other boy. He wasn’t too keen on strangers but took quite a liking to Bunny. [b [#60B9D6 “That’s alright, I showered this morning, I just need to brush my teeth,”]] the boy said, whipping out his toothbrush. Retreating into the bathroom, he reappeared a few minutes later.

Ira met Bunny’s gaze. Patting the empty spot in the bed, he invited the boy to join him. Bunny didn’t hesitate as he sat. Cupping Ira’s face in his small hands, his thumb tugged the man’s lip free. [b [#60B9D6 “I told you to stop that, you’ll split the skin,”]] he scolded, staring down at the man, his emerald eyes serious. [b [#60B9D6 “If you do it again, I’ll bite it.”]] He warned. Ira could feel Bunny’s breath on his face. It’s smelled like cool mint. Ira shivered, unable to find his words.
[b [#60B9D6 “Okay?”]] The boy asked, expecting conformation.

Ira nodded, Bunny’s hands following his cheeks. The boy removed his hand leaving Ira wanting more. Moving from his sitting position, his fluid motion exposed what he had been hiding under his silk robe. A pair of lace underwear caught Ira’s attention. His face flushed. Smacking his hand to his lips, he breathed shallowly.

Bunny easily nestled into bed. Ira shifted his weight in his seat, still too flustered to join the man horizontally. Without hesitation, Bunny slipped his hand around the back of Ira’s neck. The touch electrocuted the man. He had to stifle a moan. Clearing his throat, he wondered what had gotten into him all of a sudden.

[b [#60B9D6 “Lay down,”]] he ordered. His sleepy eyes were half closed, alluring. Ira studied the boy’s face. His eyes rested on the boy’s lips. Heat bubbled in his chest; his sweatpants felt tight.

‘[i Uh, oh,]’ he thought, gay panic welling in him. Obeying the boy, Ira fumbled with the bedding and snuggled in. His heart hammered in his chest. The conversation with Lane earlier that day replayed in his mind.
[b ---]
[#004d00 [i “So,] you like him, right?”] Lane inquired, trying to pass it off as nonchalant. She gave him a side-eye glance as she filled a to-go cup with an iced latte. Handing it to the person waiting at the counter, she turned her attention back to her boss.

Ira shrugged, wrapping a muffin gingerly in a brown paper bag. He pursed his lips and clicked his tongue. [#00075D “Yeah, he’s a good friend.”]

[#004d00 “No. I mean like [i like],”] she stressed, emphasizing the second like. She carefully studied Ira’s reaction.

The man scoffed and shook his head. His cheeks were painted a blossom pink, like a flower in bloom. He blinked rapidly like he had be put on the spot. [#00075D “What? No. We’re just friends.”] He reiterated. Turning away from the girl, he tried to hide his nerves from her by finding a new task. [#00075D “I am going to take out the trash,”] he grumbled, leaving the girl alone with her satisfied [i smirk.]
[b ---]

Ira rubbed his eyes with his hands. He was in trouble. When had his fascination with the man become something more? Something warmer? He had to think of something. For the meantime, he hoped he could play it cool. But his track record showed that might be a problem.

Rolling over, he found himself face to face with Bunny. They were so close Ira could smell his soap. It was sweet like strawberries. Underneath there was also something familiar, like heavy cream. The scent was intoxicated, Ira’s mind swirled.
[b [#00075D “Good night, Bunny,”]] Ira whispered. He gently brushed a strand of mint hair from Bunny’s face.


The week came and went. Bunny spent nearly early night curled up next to Ira. The chef found it got easier each day to hide his feelings. He found his routine filled with Bunny made time fly. Nights were blissful and dream filled. He had gotten used to Bunny being the last person he saw before bed and the first when he woke. They fell into step with each other.

Ira spent Wednesday evening preparing for his overnight guests. Leo and Eloise had called Ira from the airport informing of their arrival time. The chef made sure he had everything he needed for the next day. He tidied the guest room even though it hadn’t been used since the first night Bunny had stayed over.

At 8:05, Ira’s phone buzzed in his pocket. Pulling it out, the screen read [b ‘Leo Antoni.’] Answering it, he held it a bit away from his face as the man on the other end shrieked with excitement. [b [#0000cc “Bonjour! We are here mon cheri!”]]
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]

[b [#60B9D6 “I don’t normally celebrate holidays,”]] Bunny started reluctantly. Swallowing, he continued. [b [#60B9D6 “But this year I’ve already agreed to attend a party with a friend of mine. I apologize.”]]

Ira’s face fell. Taking another bite of his dinner, he chewed slowly before speaking. [b [#00075D “Don’t apologize. I am glad you have someone to spend the holiday with. Meals are better shared together.”]] He smiled although it was obviously halfheartedly.
Meals were better spent with others; he was right about that. Eating with Bunny had been a nice change of pace compared to his normal nights alone. Bunny had become Ira’s favorite company before he knew. [b [#00075D “Maybe we can spend Christmas together, keep your schedule open,”]] Ira suggested, trying to make the boy feel better.

Once the two were done with dinner, Ira loaded the dishwasher and got ready for bed. He decided to take the first shower. Running the water until it was warm, Ira stripped out of his work clothes and climbed in. The hot liquid was refreshing. Ira’s mind wandered to the boy waiting for him in his room. His face flushed. Blaming the shower, he quickly washed his hair and changed into his pajamas.

Bunny was sitting on Ira’s bed when he emerged from the bathroom. [b [#00075D “The bathroom’s open if you want to shower. There is a clean towel above folded on the shelf,”]] Ira offered.
Baguette was already curled up at the foot of the bed waiting for the men to join him. Crawling into bed, the cool sheets felt good against his hot skin. Nerves prickled at his skin when he caught Bunny out of the corner of his eyes. Tonight, was different. He had invited Bunny to stay knowing very well they would be sharing a bed. His teeth found his lower lip and pulled at the flesh.
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Leah’s Dish: Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Prosciutto
Arrival Time: Just before 5 O’clock, both and Bunny spent too long getting ready and were a tad bit late.
Drunk?: Barely, just enough that that she starts to get emotional and misty eyed
Spending the Night?: No, she was planning to stay later than she did but something happened to Bunny and he needed to leave so they left right after 11 PM.
Bunny’s Dish: A Brûléed Bourbon-Maple Pumpkin Pie and a Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, he couldn’t decide and a chef who writes for ‘The Copper Kettle’ suggest he bring a pumpkin pie.
Arrival Time: Just before 5 O’clock, he spent too long trying to decide what to wear and it made Leah and he late.
Drunk?: No, Bunny never lets himself drink enough to get drunk.
Spending the Night?: No, after Ira kisses him Bunny starts having something akin to a panic attack and Leah takes him home.
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[center [size17 [Alegreya+Sans+SC [b [#00075D DINNER GUESTS]]]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Ira Witlock]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Garlic Herb Butter Roast Turkey, Cranberry sauce with real cranberries, Au Gratin Potatoes, and roasted vegetables. Also provides much alcohol.
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Ira spends the whole day in the kitchen.
[b DRUNK?:] Yes, he hadn't planned on getting drunk but Leo and Jonas had their hand in getting him wasted. He is a confident drunk. He doesn't speak much but he is very charming in his mannerisms. Ira always gets what he wants.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#00075D #00075D]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Dimitri Amos]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] His special stuffing recipe and a pecan pie
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Shows up at 4:30. He likes to see his parents during the day.
[b DRUNK?:] Very drunk. He is even more of a teddy bear when he's drunk. Tells everyone how much he loves them. Also likes to smoke. Brings enough to share.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] Yes, he brings a sleeping bag every party.
[b PERSONALITY:] Dimitri is a genuine soul. He is described as a huge teddy bear and a friend to all. The Golden Retriever type.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#730099 #730099]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Jonas Barnes]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Apple Pie, Apple cider and bourbon
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Jonas show up early to help set up the apartment and kitchen. Aiden comes right on time. [i winky face]
[b DRUNK?:] Yes, he is a party animal. Not a lightweight but doesn't need too much to strip naked and pole dance.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] Was planning on going home but ends up passing out. Aiden knew this would happen so he planned ahead and brought a blow up mattress.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#990033 #990033]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Aiden Barnes]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Brings a bag of ice and chasers
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Aiden show up at 4 o'clock on the dot.
[b DRUNK?:] Buzzed, he is a heavy weight and doesn't like to get too drunk to function.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] Let Jonas think they were going home but knew he would get black out drunk and came prepared.
[b PERSONALITY:] Aiden is very go with the flow. He takes Jonas's fiery personality in stride. He makes a lot of dad jokes. Definitely the practical one in the relationship. Very secure in his marriage.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#cc6699 #cc6699]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Lane Barrett]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Warm brie wrapped in pears with four kinds of homemade bread
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Lane arrives with Sonder around 4.
[b DRUNK?:] Drunk enough to have a good time. She never turns down a shot. She is a fun drunk.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] No, Sonder lives in walking distance so they head back their around midnight.
[b PERSONALITY:] Lane is a very independent woman. She easily holds her own and is a joy to be around. She would do anything for her friends and loves Ira like a brother.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#004d00 #004d00]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Sonder Wilde]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Salsa, guacamole, a layered dip Lane helped make, and chips
[b ARRIVAL TIME:]Sonder and Lane show up around 4.
[b DRUNK?:] Sonder will drink a few beers but would rather smoke weed. They always bring enough to share.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] No, Sonder lives in walking distance so they head back their around midnight.
[b PERSONALITY:] Sonder is a bit of a smartass. They have a dry sense of humor and fluent in sarcasm. Sonder is most definitely the smartest in the room and knows it.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#626262 #626262]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Leo Antoni]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Butternut Squash soup and helps Eloise with an outrageously expensive charcutier board.
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Leo and Eloise show up around 4:15 after site seeing.
[b DRUNK?:] A very flirty drunk. He often gets in a stripping contest with Jonas.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] Yes, him and Eloise share the guest room.
[b PERSONALITY:] Leo is known as the 'Spicy French Man.' He has a huge playful personality. He is similar to Jonas but less of a troublemaker.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#0000cc #0000cc]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Eloise Blanchet]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Ratatouille and a very expensive charcutier board with meats and cheese from France. Brings a nice French Champagne.
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Eloise comes over and cooks in the morning and then goes site seeing with Leo. They come back around 4:15.
[b DRUNK?:] Yes, wine drunk. She doesn't do shots but keeps up.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] Yes, her and Leo share the guest room.
[b PERSONALITY:] Eloise is a charming, elegant woman. Her voice is alluring. She is a confident woman but is soft spoken.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#ffb3ff #ffb3ff]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Athena Atkins]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Buffalo Chicken Dip and an assortment of cheesecakes.
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Athena shows up around 4:30
[b DRUNK?:] No, she gets buzzed but prefers to smoke.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] No, she goes home with Lana.
[b PERSONALITY:] Athena is a force to be reckoned with. Her tongue is sharp and she doesn't put up with bullshit. She often bickers with Ira and Jonas.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#ffe066 #ffe066]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Lana Yang]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:] Beer battered shrimp and her specialty cocktail sauce.
[b ARRIVAL TIME:] Lana comes at 4:30 with Athena.
[b DRUNK?:] Lana drinks a few glasses of wine before she get's sleepy.
[b SPENDING THE NIGHT?:] No, Athena takes her home at around 10:30.
[b PERSONALITY:] Lana is very maternal. She is kind and gentle, the opposite of Athena.
[b SPEECH:] [b [#ffbf80 #ffbf80]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Bunny Lambert]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:]
[b DRUNK?:]
[b SPEECH:] [b [#60B9D6 #60B9D6]]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]][center
[alegreya+sans+sc [size16 [b Leah Page]]]
[abel [size15 [b DISH:]
[b DRUNK?:]
[b SPEECH:] [b [#EE5FA7 #EE5FA7]]
  |magnolia| / muta / 5d 3h 23m 8s
[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]

Ira was startled when he felt Bunny’s small hand on his face. His fingers cupped his cheek as he used his thumb to gently release his lip from his teeth. Instinctively, Ira leaned into his touch. Closing his eyes, he inhaled through his nose.
[b [#60B9D6 “I told you, you’ll make your lip bleed if you do that.”]] Bunny murmured. [b [#60B9D6 “Do you want me to stay again?” Would that help?”]]

Ira’s eyes snapped open. Bunny met his gaze with sincerity. Knitting his brows together, Ira blinked rapidly, digesting his question. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it. Every time he crawled into bed, he searched for something that reminded him of Bunny and their night together. But could he ask the man to stay with him? Did he also not have someone to go home to?

After a moment, Ira decided it was okay to be selfish even if it was for one night. Averting his eyes from Bunny’s face to his hands, he nodded slowly. [b [#00075D “I would if that’s okay?”]]

[b [#60B9D6 "If it wasn't okay, I wouldn't have offered."]] Bunny replied.

Ira grinned, [b [#00075D “I guess you’re right.”]]

A crash from the back room pull Ira’s attention from Bunny. Jonas came running from the kitchen with Lane in pursuit. [b [#004d00 “If you’re not going to be helpful then get out!”]] She scolded.

Jonas threw up his hands in defense. His body shaking with laughter. [b [#990033 “Alright, alright I am going.”]] Snagging a blueberry muffin, he skipped to the door. Blowing a kiss to Bunny and Ira, he disappeared into the street.

[b [#00075D “Is everything okay?”]] Ira asked, concern paining his face.

[b [#004d00 “Yeah. Ever since Jonas got married, he’s become such a pain.”]] Lane complained, crossing her arms over her chest. [b [#004d00 “Can you come help me in the kitchen? We’re about to get busy.”]]

Ira nodded. She had been right about Jonas. After he married Aiden, he spent less time in the kitchen and took over the financial side of the business. He only worked in the cafe a few days out of the week. Ira understood though. Jonas liked to spend as much time with his person as he could.

Turning back to Bunny, he smiled softly. [b [#00075D “Alright, I have to get back to work. I’ll see you tonight?”]] He said before returning to his place in the kitchen. Glancing over his shoulder, he caught Bunny’s gaze one more time. His smile widened.


After work, Bunny met Ira at the front door. The two locked up the shop together and retired to Ira’s apartment. Once they were settled in, Ira got to work on dinner. He decided on a penne vodka. It was his mother’s favorite recipe.

In a skillet, he browned up garlic and shallots in butter. The earthy smell filled the room with its warm fragrance. Adding chopped tomatoes and vodka, he let the sauce darken. When his pasta was done, he added the noodles and cream to the skillet. Stirring in some fresh parmesan, he plated the dish and added garnish.

Opening a bottle of red wine he liked to pair with the main course, he served Bunny and joined him at the table. Taking a bite, a shiver crept up Ira’s spine. His mother’s smile swirled in his mind. [b [#00075D “This was my mother’s favorite dish. I haven’t made it in a while.”]] Ira noted between bites. [b [#00075D “My friend Leo often sends me French vodka to try.”]]

The thought of his friend Leo reminded him of the upcoming party. Ira wondered if Bunny had anyone to spend the holiday with. He assumed the man didn’t have a partner since he was spending the night with him for the second time that week. But what about his family? He realized he really didn’t know all that much about Bunny.

[b [#00075D “Say, Bunny, if you don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving, would you like to come here for dinner? My friends and I do a potluck for every holiday. It’s usually … interesting.”]] Their parties often got out of hand now that he thought about it. [b [#00075D “The food is always good though. They are all chefs.”]]
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]
[b [#60B9D6 “It’s fine, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened,”]] Bunny confessed. He went quiet for a moment, lost in thought. His expression was hard for Ira to read but it felt off. His words tugged at the chef's chest. Ira had to stop himself from hugging the boy. He wanted nothing more than to comfort Bunny, whatever the reason was.

Tiling his head, his emerald eyes surveyed the man. He looked exhausted. The bags under his eyes were a muted purple. His usually shiny midnight hair looked dull in the sunlight.
[b [#60B9D6 “Are you okay? Have you not been sleeping the past two days?”]]

Ira met his gaze. He tried to come up with a lie but his reserve was empty. Nibbling his lower lip, he hid his face in his hands and exhaled. [b [#00075D “No.”]]

He was quiet for a moment, unsure how to proceed. Peaking between his fingers, Bunny’s gentle expression melted his hard exterior. [b [#00075D “I was used to it. Not sleeping,”]] he started, choosing his words carefully. [b [#00075D “But then you spent the night and it was the first time in such a long time that I was able to sleep soundlessly.”]] A soft blush painted his cheeks. He felt like he was admitting some embarrassing secret. [b [#00075D "I had forgotten what it felt like."]]
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Bunny poked his head around the wall Ira created with his body. His hair fell across his forehead, fanning around him. His face lit up like a lightbulb went off, [b [#60B9D6 “Ah, you’re the one from the photograph!”]] He exclaimed.

This statement seemed to amuse the red-head. A coy smile crawled across his face. His amber eyes narrowed as he met Ira’s fiery gaze. A purr escaped his lips as he slid into the chair next to Bunny. He wrapped an arm around’s thin shoulders. [b [#990033 “Oh? You’ve seen my picture before? I’m flattered.”]] He murmured, leaning in closer to the boy.
[b [#990033 “Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen a picture of you before, I hear you’re a regular? I can’t believe Ira would try to monopolize a cutie like you.”]] He stared up at Ira through his eyelashes. A smirk resided on his lips.

[b [#00075D “Jonas,”]] Ira warned through his teeth. He glared at the man, his amber eyes begged Jonas to trifle with him.

[b [#990033 “What? I’m just complimenting him. You never share your toys with me,”]] he goaded, batting his eyelashes at the chef.

[b [#00075D “He isn’t a toy. Why are you like this?”]] Ira hissed. Clenching his fists, he knew Jonas had him right where he wanted him.

[b [#990033 “Oh, you know I like to tease. You haven’t dated since [i me,] so I wanted to have a look for myself.”]] Jonas purred, drawing out his words.

[b [#00075D "Kitchen. Now,"]] Ira ordered, all emotions drained from his face. Jonas cowered under Ira's gaze.

[b [#990033 "Okay, okay. You're no fun."]] Jonas whined. Hopping down from the chair, he patted Bunny as the head. [b [#990033 "See you around, Bun-Bun."]] He winked and disappeared into the kitchen.

Ira let out a sigh. He looked tired, like the interaction had taken years off of his life. Leaning against the counter, he rubbed his eyes with his hand. [b [#00075D "I am sorry about him. He means well but doesn't understand boundaries,"]] he explained. Letting his gaze fall on Bunny, he searched the boy's face for answers. [b [#00075D "Are you alright?"]]
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[b [u The Duchess]]
Grand Duchess: [b [#62C1F0 #62C1F0]]
Countess: [b [#E51A1A #E51A1A]]
Astri: [b [#cc6699 #cc6699]]
Aeryn: [b [#9900cc #9900cc]]
Elias: [b [#cc6600 #cc6600]]
Clarissa: [b [#62C1F0 #62C1F0]]
Grand Duke: [b [#B29600 #B29600]]
Emperor/Crown Prince: [b [#D1B419 #D1B419]]
Empress [b [#1684BA #1684BA]]

[b [u The Magnolia House]]
Ira: [b [#00075D #00075D]]
Lane: [b [#004d00 #004d00]]
Dimitri: [b [#730099 #730099]]
Bunny: [b [#60B9D6 #60B9D6]]
Leah: [b [#EE5FA7 #EE5FA7]]
Bae: [b [#EC7A1C #EC7A1C]]
Jonas: [b [#990033 #990033]]
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[center [pic]]
[center [abel [size15
Once the dance was over, Aeryn felt much lighter. Who getting the blood flowing would ease her anxiety? She met Elias’s eyes and smiled. [b [#9900cc “Thank you, that was fun.”]]

[b [#cc6600 “No problem. I needed to dance with you first anyway. Asserting my dominance as your best friend.”]]

Aeryn giggled at his response. She knew Elias had nothing but respect for the Duke but he couldn’t help see the man as his rival. It was adorable to see him get worked up over him. Looping her arm in his, she nodded towards Alric. [b [#9900cc “Shall you return me? I am parched.”]]

[b [#cc6600 “Oh yes, I am starving,”]] the Knight exclaimed, rubbing his stomach with his free hand.

The two strolled across the courtyard and were intercepted by a large woman. She stood more than half a foot taller than Aeryn. Her long locks of cardinal hair were pulled back in a high pony tail. The ebony gown she wore showed off her powerful statue. Aeryn felt powerless under her icy blue gaze.

Aeryn wasn’t the only one to notice the woman’s beauty. Elias’s footsteps fumbled before they halted in front of the woman. He studied her face with his lips parted. Aeryn jabbed him in the side with her elbow before anyone could notice. He cleared his throat and glared at his small friend.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]
[b [#004d00 “Oh! BUNNY hi!”]]

Ira looked up from the mug he had been drying like his name had been called. The cup nearly slipped through his hands when he heard Bunny’s name.

[b [#004d00 “So good to see you again,”]] Lane sang, her tone overly excited.

Ira hung the towel up and appeared in the doorway. A feeling of relief washed over Ira when he spotted the boy. The morning light caught his mint hair, turning it a warm gold. His long eyelashes casted shadows on his pale cheeks. Ira grinned ear to ear. For a moment, the chef thought maybe the boy wouldn’t show.

[b [#60B9D6 “Good morning,”]] Bunny greeted Ira, his voice gentle. [b [#60B9D6 “Sorry, I’m a little later than usual.]]

[b [#00075D “No, it’s okay, we’ve been slow this morning,”]] Ira admitted. His hand fumbled with the hem of his apron. [b [#00075D “Can I get you something?”]]

The thought for a moment before answering, [b [#60B9D6 “I’m alright with you choosing.”]]

Ira nodded and returned to his place behind the bar. The chef opted for a blended drink today. Peaking his head in the kitchen, he whistled at Dimitri.
[b [#00075D “Can you heat up an almond croissant?”]]

Dimitri diverted his attention to his boss. His eyes lit up at the request. [b [#730099 “Is he here?!”]] He trilled.

Ira ignored the question and went back to work. Filling the blender with ice, he poured in cream and a dash of vanilla. Adding a few tablespoons of powdered sugar, he saved the Green-tea Match powder for last. Blending it until smooth, he picked out a tall, dainty glass and filled it with the green Frappuccino. Adding a dollop of whipped cream, he admired his creation. Retrieving the croissant, he scanned the room for Bunny.

The boy had found a seat at the high table facing the window. His attention was on the strangers passing by. Ira strolled over and placed the drink and pastry in front of him. [b [#00075D “It’s a Green-tea Matcha Frappuccino and an almond croissant. I think nuts pair nicely with Macha,”]] he informed, anxiety pricked at the back of his neck. He never knew he if was picking the right thing for Bunny.

The bell above the door chimed as it was thrusted open. A tall, ginger stalked through the door, his scarf wrapped tightly around his neck covering his mouth and nose. His golden eyes searched the restaurant until they landed on Ira. Without hesitation, he threw his arms around the chef and planted a kiss on his cheek.

[b [#990033 “Mi amor! I am so happy to see you!”]] He cooed, nuzzling Ira’s cheek with his.

Ira wrinkled his nose in disgust. Prying the man off of him, he frowned. [b [#00075D “I saw you on Friday Jonas. Why do you always do this?”]]

[b [#990033 “What? Didn’t you miss me?”]] He pursed his bottom lip putting on his best pout. Tears welled in his eyes.

Ira knew well that Jonas could cry on command. His display of affection annoyed the chef. It had been this way between the two men since they had first met in high school. Jonas was the dramatic one and Ira was an ‘old soul.’ People were surprised when they began to date. They were even more surprised when things ended years later.

[b [#00075D “No. What are you doing here? It’s Tuesday?”]] Ira inquired; suspicion hung on his words.

[b [#990033 “What, I can’t come visit my dear Ira?”]] He teased, attempting to cup the shorter man’s cheek. When Ira swatted him away, he shrugged. [b [#990033 “I actually came to go over the product orders.”]] He admitted. His eyes fell on the boy sitting next to them who had been staring at Jonas. [b [#990033 “Who is this cutie?”]] Jonas purred, watching Ira’s expression change from annoyance to protective in an instant. Ira instinctively stepped between Jonas and Bunny.
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[left [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center [abel [size15

[b [#912222 “This is just my face,”]] the Duke said, his expression too serious for the conversation. Aeryn blinked slowly, digesting his response. Stifling a laugh, she hadn’t expected him to react so literally. Before she could comment, a booming voice pulled her attention from her fiancé.

[b [#626262 “Now announcing their Imperial Majesties; Prince Beorn, Princess Hilda, Crown Prince Edric, and our Emperor and Empress, long may they reign! Accompanying them, our esteemed hosts, Grand Duke and Duchess Hyperion.”]]

First entered the Emperor and his Empress at his side. Aeryn recognized them from the painting of them in the estate. They were more beautiful than any portrait gave them credit. Her eyes fell on the Empress’s face. She was just as divine as the Grand Duchess. Aeryn knew now it did in fact [i run in the family.]

The rest of the royal family followed. Aeryn went to bow in respect but felt a strong hand pull her up. She snapped her head towards Alric in confusion. His expression was unreadable, but the flare in his eyes told her she was about to do something wrong.

[b [#912222 “Your Imperial Majesties, you honor us with your presence today,”]] he spoke, his tone startling Aeryn.

[b [#D1B419 “Rise, rise, there’s no need for such formalities between family and especially on such a joyous occasion as this,”]] chuckled the Emperor. His warm aura melted the young lady. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting when it came to the Emperor but this wasn’t it.

[b [#1684BA “This must be your Lady Aeryn?”]] The Empress asked. Her voice was smooth and clear as a bell. Aeryn blushed at being claimed. She was getting used to being a Hyperion, but she hadn’t warmed up to Alric yet. [b [#1684BA “What a beautiful young lady, don’t you think my love?”]] She purred.

[b [#D1B419 “Yes, of course, you and your sister did a most splendorous job in selecting a bride for our Alric.”]] Acknowledge the nobleman, his eyes on the girl. Her skin prickled under the attention.

Aeryn spotted a white-haired male behind the pair. He was grinning at Alric like he was in on a secret. The girl’s eyes widened when she realized who it was. She could never forget the Prince’s laughter filling the ballroom that fateful night.

[b [#D1B419 “Father, as much as I’m sure the nobility enjoy standing about bowing I think perhaps we should move the party along?”]] The prince suggested. His father chuckled again.

[b [#D1B419 “Of course, of course. How rude of me! Come let us all enjoy the festivities!”]]
Music filled the air. Bodies began to meld and mingle as the nobility made their rounds. Aeryn hung onto Alric’s arm as he led her around. He felt rigid underneath her touch. The girl imagined these types of events were stressful for the duke. He didn’t seem like the party type.

Suddenly, the Prince appeared before them, blocking their movement. Aeryn stiffened. She wasn’t sure if Alric knew about Aeryn’s first meeting with the Prince and she didn’t want to find out.

[b [#D1B419 “I must say, I never expected by cousin to become engaged to such a lovely young thing as yourself, Lady Eldred. To think the bold woman who made such an impression on me would become family,”]] the Prince purred. The hair on Aeryn’s neck stood at attention. A soft blush painted her cheeks. Her eyes darted from the Duke to the Prince.

[b [#D1B419 “Here I thought you might be trying to become a monk, Alric,”]] he teased.

[b [#912222 “The day I become a monk is the day you go sober and celibate,”]] Alric hissed.

Aeryn felt out of place in the conversation. She desperately wanted to escape the formality for some fresh air. As if on cue, a familiar face approached her. It was Elias, her partner in crime and childhood best friend. Relief washed over her as she basked in his radiant smile. His long obsidian coat was tailored to fit him perfectly. The button and embellishments were a fine silver. Aeryn admired his long, billowing sleeves. She had to admit the brute cleaned up nicely.

Elias bowed before the nobility and flashed a grin. [b [#cc6600 “May I steal Lady Eldred for a dance?”]] He asked, extending a hand.

Aeryn wrinkled her nose at his formality. It was weird being addressed by her last name from someone so close to her. Glancing at Alric, she searched his face for approval. She wasn’t sure if she was expected to have the first dance with her fiancé.

The man scowled at her and nodded. Aeryn quickly looked away and took her friend’s hand. As he led her away, she called over her shoulder. [b [#9900cc “I’ll be back. Also, please call me Aeryn.”]] She grinned at the Prince.

Aeryn followed Elias to an open spot in the middle of the garden. He pulled her into his chest and rested a hand on the small of her back. Twirling her, he led her to the tempo of the music. [b [#cc6600 “You look lovely [i Lady Eldred.]”]]

[b [#9900cc “Please don’t call me that. I get that enough from every person I meet,”]] She sighed, shadowing his steps. They swirled about the dance floor not noticing the eyes on them. Aeryn’s dress easily followed her movements, flowing around her like water.

[b [#cc6600 “You look happy though,”]] Elias commented, dipping her.

[b [#9900cc “Hah, very funny. I look like a fish out of water.”]] She stated wryly. Clenching his hand tightly, Aeryn let him spin her. Spiraling back into his arms, she smiled. She forgot how much she loved dancing. He lifted her into the air effortlessly. The garden lights caught the gems in her tiara.

[b [#cc6600 “No Aeryn, you are the most beautiful person here,”]] Elias stress, his expression serious. [b [#cc6600 “They can’t take their eyes off of you.”]]

Aeryn looked around to see the guests had stopped to watch the pair, mesmerized by their movement. Blushing, she turned her attention back to Elias. [b [#9900cc “You really think so?”]] She asked, still unsure. Alric’s intense eyes flashed in her mind. She didn’t expect him to like her but the way he looked at her made her feel rather ugly. The girl tried to play it off but it was starting to take a toll on her.

[b [#cc6600 “Yes, I do.”]] He smiled, melting away her fears. The song came to an end and the two dancers halted. Applause erupted from the audience. Aeryn looked from the crowd to Elias. Winking at her, he lifted her hand and bowed before her. Blushing, Aeryn could fight her smile.
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[abel [size15
Bunny swam in Ira’s leather jacket. The sleeves were far too long and the fabric wrapped around him like a blanket. Ira’s expression softened at the sight. An affectionate grin crept across his face as his eyes rested on the boy.

A shriek of excitement erupted from Lane when she saw what Ira was staring at. Her hand slapped her mouth making a popping noise. [b [#004d00 “OH MY GOD!”]] She bellowed. Shaking her head, she straightened her sweater to calm her fidgeting hands. [b [#004d00 “Um, Hi.”]]

Ira pursed his lips not bothering to hide his smirk. Blinking slowly, Ira took a sip from his mug admiring the view. “Good morning,” Ira greeted, his deep voice warm like honey.

“Hello?” Bunny replied, his uneasiness apparent in his tone. He shuffled across the store, deliberate in his footsteps. He paused in front of Ira. Hesitation flashed in his eyes when he met Ira’s gaze. “I should get going. Thank you for the tea and everything.” He turned away from the chef and headed for the door. “I hope you were able to sleep well,” he added. In an instant, he was gone.

Once the boy was gone, Lane’s composure crumbled. Like a broken dam, her excitement flooded Ira. The barista nearly tackled Ira as she clawed at his shirt, pulling him from his seat. [b [#004d00 “DIMITRI, I NEED YOU,”]] she cried, crazy burned in her eyes as she straddled the man. Ira wriggled under her weight, trying not to spill the contents in his cup.

Dimitri materialized in the door; his face unreadable. Looking down his nose, he narrowed his eyes at the sight of his coworkers wrestling. After a beat, he was towering over the two, his eyes shining like a child about to open a present. [b [#730099 “Sooooo,”]] he sang.

Ira rolled onto his stomach attempting to escape his assailants grasp. [b [#00075D “What?”]] He heaved; his obsidian locks had escaped the tie that had been holding them in place.

[b [#730099 “What my ASS Ira!”]] Dimitri boomed. Effortlessly, he scooped up the two, one in each arm and plopped them on the couch. [b [#730099 “You know exactly what we want to know.”]]

Lane nodded her head so vigorously her glasses nearly flew off. [b [#004d00 “Why was Bunny in your apartment?! What was he wearing your jacket? Is he your boyfriend?”]] Her questions fired one after another.

Ira shifted his weight in his seat, crossing one leg over the other. He straightened his shirt from his earlier attack. Pulling his hair back into a ponytail, he clicked his tongue. He hadn’t really thought there was anything out of the ordinary from the night before. Had it been weird he invited Bunny to stay? Did Ira make the man uncomfortable?

[b [#00075D “Well he stopped by on the way home from a party and it was late so I invited him to stay in the guest room.”]] Ira tapped his chin with his forefinger. [b [#00075D “He ended up sharing my bed with me and Baguette.”]] He noted.

Lane looked like she was about to combust. Another squeal escaped her small chest. She leapt from the couch and tackled Dimitri in a bear hug. [b [#004d00 “Dimi, it’s HAPPENING.”]]

Dimitri lifted the girl up by her waist and twirled her around, laughing along with her. Ira wrinkled his nose in disgust. It was too early for this much joy. He only had one cup of coffee and needed at least three for this level of affection.

[b [#00075D “I am not caffeinated enough for this,”]] Ira sighed. Picking up his coffee cup that had been emptied on the floor, he returned to the kitchen to find a towel.


The next two days lulled on like usual. Bunny and Ira texted during their free time talking about food and their schedules. Ira spent his day off planning his big upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. It had been a tradition his mother had created, inviting all of the chefs for a potluck and festivities. Ira had set up the guest room and made sure he had enough bedding for his drunk friends to stay the night if needed. He took his time decorating the apartment with his favorite fall aesthetic.

When Tuesday rolled around, Ira was moving faster than usual. He woke up before dawn and completed his morning ritual in a whirlwind. The chef was excited to open the café. He wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t wait to see Bunny.

Ira put on a pot of coffee and started the oven. Pulling out his phone, he typed a good morning text to Bunny before moving onto making holiday plans. Finding his group chat, [i People I Tolerate,] he drafted a message.
[font "Courier New" To] || [font "Courier New" Jonas, Dimitri, Lane, Aiden, Leo, Eloise, Athena, Lana, and Leah]
Ira | Hello, Thanksgiving is in two weeks. We will be gathering at the Magnolia house on Thursday the 26th. Bring a covered dish. Alcohol will be provided as always. No Jonas, we will not get a live Turkey this year. Yes Leah, you can bring a plus one. Let me know if you have any questions.
Leo | Bonjour mon cher! Eloise and I will be flying in on the 25th can’t wait to see you!
Jonas | :( what about a duck?
Ira | No.
Athena | Why do you always type so formally, old man?
Dimitri | What do you mean? Ira is literally a 60-year-old grandfather.
Ira | I am turning off the notifications now. Good-bye.
Ira locked his phone and shoved it in his pocket. Although he acted like the party was a bother, he was excited to share a meal with the people he cared about.
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[left [pic]][center [abel [size15 [pic]

Ira woke with the sun. The warm light poured in through the windows igniting everything it touched. Blinking slowly, it took Ira a few moments to adjust to consciousness. Enveloped in his arms was a slumbering body. The rise and fall of Bunny’s chest was in sync with Ira’s heartbeat. Reaching up, Ira ran his fingers through the boy’s soft, mint hair. Shifting his weight, he pulled Bunny in closer. He felt at ease in their closeness.

Resting his chin on Bunny’s head, he closed his eyes for a moment and listened to the quiet moment. The steady rhythm of the sleeping boy’s breath harmonized with the purring coming from the feline nestled between the boys’ interlocked legs. Ira memorized the feeling of stillness.

After a few minutes of relaxation, Ira untangled himself from the boy, careful not to wake him. Bunny grumble in protest but ultimately rolled back over and fell back into slumber. Ira pulled the quilt over his petite body and gently brushed the hair from his still face. Bunny looked so peaceful when he slept, almost childlike. His tick eyelashes fluttered as he dreamed.

Glancing around the room, Ira struggled getting into his normal routine. He was more rested than he had been in months and it was a hard concept to grasp. The chef decided to skip his shower. He justified it by saying the running water would wake his guest but, in all honesty, he wanted to soak in Bunny’s sent a little longer.

Ira changed into his work clothes and found a clean shirt and pair of trousers for Bunny. He carefully folded them and placed them on the bedside table. Retrieving a bottle of water from the refrigerator, he left it beside the clothes. Once he was finished, he left food out for Baguette and made his way to the café.

When he arrived, both of his coworkers were already opening the shop. On weekends, the Magnolia House didn’t open until 8 am so they took their time getting ready. Ira was thankful a pot of coffee was already made. Although he felt rested, he was fighting the urge to crawl back into bed. Pouring himself a cup, he grabbed a croissant and found himself an empty chair. Picking up the newspaper, he flipped to the cartoons.

Lane found Ira first, her pale blonde hair was pulled back into a braid and she wore her usual sweater and dress shirt combo. She was nursing a cup of coffee as well. Smiling, Ira new she had questions.

[b [#004d00 “So, did [i Bunny] ever text you?”]] She asked with a click of her tongue.

Ira didn’t look up from his new paper and grunted, “Mm hm.”

[b [#004d00 “Well,”]] she huffed, obviously annoyed. [b [#004d00 “What did he say?”]]

[b [#00075D “I had left the café lights on.”]] He murmured, flipping the page uninterested in the girl.

[b [#004d00 “What does that mean?”]] Lane moaned.

Before Ira could explain, Bunny appeared in the kitchen doorway.
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