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Prussia finds himself in a drunken fight with Germany yet again and leaves in the middle of the night, unknowing where he was to go.

That's how Russia found him on his doorstep and took him in. Only to have some sort of relationship ensue.

Short but to the point. You can help me make it more interesting! Please join!

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Gilbert's eyes could only widen as he was pulled into the closet and locked inside. It had gotten dark and nearly almost quiet until he pressed his ear up against the door and heard voices.

Backing away from the door silently, he sat up against a corner of the tiny room, hiding himself the best he possibly could. He even took bigger measures and pulled coats down to make it look like a dirty pile of clothes. Gilbert couldn't even be seen in the mess.

Okay...I'm safe... he encouraged himself as he closed his eyes so no one would be able to see them. He'd have to explain using Ivan's clothes to hide himself. But Ivan didn't want him to get caught did he? So he should have been way on board with this!


Outside, it was easily noticeable that Natalia was casting death glares towards the closet, as if debating to open it or not.

Why did she give glares towards the closet?

Because it had been locked when Ivan never locked his doors. Except to get away from her of course...but he had never in his entire lifetime locked his closet! So it was just a little weird.


Gilbert could feel her glares going right through the door and stabbing him through the thick amount of clothes. He was now curled up into a ball in the middle of the pile, eyes open now as he looked out of a little peeking hole he had made.
  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 129d 5h 11m 6s
"N- N- 'Natalia, S- She knows you're here," Ivan stuttered, the blood rapidly draining from his face.Ivan seemed to shrink in on himself; and started to tremble all over, his skin turning an unhealthy shade of blue. "Oh we're doomed,dead,there's no hope for us." Ivan chanted the line to himself quietly.Suddenly Ivan snapped out of his dazed stupor and began to take action. "Get into the closet,hurry.." Ivan hissed out the order quietly and opened up his closet door,wincing when it creaked loudly as it slid close with Gilbert inside. Now that Gilbert was hidden,hopefully well enough,he could face his sister and hope that he was a that she couldn't see through his lies.

Ivan forced a fake smile onto his face and slowly opened his bedroom door. Natalia stood now before him, a sadistic grin settled comfortably on her face. She looked just like one of those creepy dress-up dolls you could buy from any toy shop: wearing her poofy black dress and her big blue sash tied into a bow at her slim waist.

"Natalia," said Ivan, the smile sliding from his face.

Natalia started slowly towards him, an unholy gleam lighting her wide eyes. "Brother… I know you're hiding something from me. And I just came to tell you,I will find out! One way or another.."

"If that's all you came to say then please leave,I'd like to take a nap.." Ivan said,and ushered his little sister from the room.
  Ivan Braginski / RedFox / 8y 131d 16h 30m 11s
Following the male down the hall and back into his room, he watched the Russian move with preciseness. "You're throwing me out?" he murmured with disbelief. He figured that Ivan just didn't want him there, but the sincere tone of voice coming from the man's mouth said different.

"Well, where will I go? I don't know this area like the back of my hand..." he said as he heard a door open in the hallway. He froze and turned, listening to Natalia call out for Ivan. Oh Gott...please let the door be locked... he thought before looking at Ivan with worry in his eyes.

Then there was the scratching at the door and his eyes widened. That's when he found himself behind the male, staring at the door. Why the hell is she attacking his door?! his thoughts were screaming out. Natalia's growls and desperate cries to get in were quite frightening. He had to hide. He needed to hide before she took down the door. "Ivan..." he whispered harshly, hoping that Natalia couldn't hear that. He tugged on the male's shirt hard, hoping to get his attention a lot quicker.
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"You don't have to go home Gilbert. You just can't stay here." Ivan said simply. He would continue to be kind person,by letting Gilbert borrow some warm clothing,and extra coat,and giving him some money. Ivan didn't have a lot of money to give,but it would be enough to at least give Gilbert a place to stay for the night and sort things out. From there on he was on his own. Ivan pulled the door open and peaked around the corner,making sure his sister was nowhere in sight,before slipping out into the hallway. He peeked over his shoulder motioning silently for Gilbert to follow him. Slowly and carefully he slinked past Natalia's bedroom,carefully to make no noise whatsoever. When they had made it past Natalia's and were safely in his bedroom he locked the door and grabbed a large bag from the bottom of his closet. He threw it on the bed and turned back towards the closet. "Like I said before you don't have to go home,but you can't stay here. It's not safe" Ivan said as he handed Gilbert an extra long coat from his closet before moving over to the bed to stuff the clothes into the bag.
  Ivan Braginski / RedFox / 8y 150d 15h 17m 43s
His breathing had increased by a lot, the breaths sharp and short, his chest practically heaving for more air in each breath. It almost looked as if he was hyperventilating. "Of course you aren't scaring me, why would I be scared of you?" he drawled out, mainly trying to convince himself that he wasn't.

Loosening his grip on the knife was possibly the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. Usually, being him, he would hold onto a source of protection with his life. Though, now, the only thing he could do to have any chance of surviving this encounter would be to give in.

As his fingers loosened on the handle, finally the shaving knife fell from his hand and clattered onto the floor with a clanking sound before finally coming to a stand still. After that, silence ensued in the room other than the Prussian's rapid breathing. He was still tense, but he had unglued himself from the wall and seemed to be calming down bit by bit.

"Where would you take me? I'm not going back home," he growled, watching the purple eyed male closely with his own eyes, that seemed to be glowing brighter than they usually did.
  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 158d 19h 29m 51s
"I'm just scaring you ever more,huh?" Ivan asked,now realizing just what was happening. It was things like this that made him sad knowing that he was such a scary person. It made it so hard for people to trust him and made making new friends even harder. Ivan quickly backed away from Gilbert,and pressed himself up against the bathroom door. He was trying to his best to calm down the nervous man before him. Gilbert,calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." Ivan commanded in a firm voice.

With a loud groan Ivan pinched the bridge of his nose,he was begining to feel the up comings of a migraine. Plus he hadn't gotten anywhere with Gilbert. He was still plastered against the wall, completely tensed up and not yielding. Also he still had the shaving knive clenched tightly in his fist. "Please Gilbert,if I don't get you at of this house soon Natalia will find you,and..I don't want to even mention what she might do to you." Ivan pleaded. He was begining to feel weary,and the bathroom was overly stuffy. It felt like they had been in there for ages.
  Ivan Braginski / RedFox / 8y 161d 16h 45m 14s
His eyes widened when the Russian decided to slide inside and shut the door. Now he really felt trapped. Backing up against the back wall, hoping to get as much distance from them as possible, he stared straight into the man's eyes. "You shouldn't be mad at me for going to the bathroom," he stuttered out as an excuse. "I doubt you would have wanted me to go in your bed," he whispered, thinking of how funny that would be.

Though he couldn't exactly trust Ivan as the promise of not hurting him came out. From what he had gathered in his years of knowing Ivan, he knew that the man was brutal. He beat whoever dared to make him mad to a near pulp. It was no wonder everyone feared him.

He tried to get even further against the wall as the large male stepped towards him. It only made him more tense, and as result to his tenseness, his grip only tightened on the knife. He already knew his knuckles had turned white and the handle of the blade was probably bending under how much force he was asserting on it.

He wasn't planning on handing his only hope of protection over to the one he was trying to protect himself from. There was absolutely no chance in hell until he was completely convinced no harm would come to him.

So in response to the man asking him to give the weapon to him, he shook his head. He had trouble moving his neck from how tense it was. He didn't really know if it was healthy to be so tense, but at this point he didn't care. He needed to find a way to steel his nerves and tensing up was the way to go.
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A loud sigh came from Ivan when he heard the door un-lock.He made sure he was completely alone and double checked to make sure his sister was still in her room . Once sure that his sister was still in her room he opened the door and slid inside,quickly closing and locking the door behind him. He was extremely furious at the Prussian. If Gilbert had just stayed in the bedroom until Ivan had came for him none of the earlier events would of happened. Though even if he was angry at Gilbert,he wasn't angry enough to cause any harm to him."I'm not going to harm you so if you have any weapon,or something that can be used as one,hand it over now. Ivan instructed calmly,slowly moving closer to Gilbert as he eyed the shaving knife warily. He was trying his abosolute best not to startle him,because lord knows what Gilbert might do if threatened. Ivan really didn't feel like being stabbed. "Come on,hand it over." Ivan whispered as he stretched his hand out.
  Ivan Braginski / RedFox / 8y 161d 18h 43m 50s
Slowly he peeked out from behind the shower curtain and stepped out, walking towards the door. "You wouldn't want to do that now would you? It would be one less hiding place for you from your sister right?" he whispered harshly back, knowing that Ivan hid already from his sister. The last thing he needed to lose was another working door.

He reached his hand out and slowly unlocked the door, listening as it made a clicking sound. He held the knife tighter as he quickly backed up to the back wall, a small frown on his face. All he had to do was defend himself right? What if he tries to kill me? Why would he do that? He saved my life didn't he? he wondered as he stared at the door. It didn't make sense for him to kill the Prussian after going through all that trouble of helping him right? So maybe Gilbert didn't have anything to worry about.

"I'm sorry for needing to use the bathroom, I didn't think your sister would wake up this early," he hissed loudly. He didn't really have to use the bathroom but it was a great excuse to calm down the male on the other side of the door. It also made more sense than just hiding in the bathroom, ready to attack if needed. Maybe he should put the shaving knife away.
  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 166d 17h 10m 57s
OOC: A bit short,but still good! :D

"Would you please open the door." Ivan pleaded. He was beginning to get desperate. With Gilbert being in the house he was risking the both their lives. One side of him just wanted to leave him in the hands of his sister and hoped she at least showed him a little bit of mercy,and the other side of him just wanted to help and get him out of his house before Natalia found out. Suddenly he hatched an idea. "You let me into the bathroom before I break it down!" Ivan hissed angrily. He was deadly serious,it may cause a lot of noise and it would draw Natalia out from her bedroom to see what all the commotion was about,but at least it would get Gilbert out of the bathroom. "And when I get in there you are dead!" Ivan threatened,his voice growing deadly.
  Ivan Braginsky / RedFox / 8y 166d 14h 22m 0s
He slowly made his way over to the door, pressing the side of his head against the door, listening closely to the conversation outside. It scared him a bit to hear that Natalia had shown up with a knife demanding to know who was being holed up in the bathroom. He quickly glanced around the room, seeing a shaving knife sitting on the sink. He scooped it up in his hands, a frown on his face as he glanced back at the door. Were they still out there? He couldn't be too sure since he couldn't hear anything. It was like an awkward silence until he heard a soft cheery voice.

Ukraine. Probably his favorite of the two. She was so self-conscious of herself and so cute. He could easily manipulate her though it wouldn't go over well with Ivan or Natalia. So he stayed away from her. Slowly, he shuffled back over to the door, careful not to make a sound. Again, he pressed his ear against the door, holding the knife tightly in his hand.

It wasn't long before he found himself in the very luxurious bath tub, closing the curtain without making a sound which was very difficult. He had to slowly ease it shut and then lay down on the slick surface without making that annoying squeaking sound.
  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 166d 23h 27m 0s
Ivan continued to pound at the bathroom door but suddenly stopped when he felt a cold chill run through his body and a fiery glare burn into his back. "So Big Brother,you never answered my question from before. Who's in there?" Natalia asked,her voice taking on a cold tone. Ivan turned around slowly,his eyes widening in fright when he noticed that the knife she usually kept hidden in her apron,or in the thigh holster Ivan knew lay underneath her dress was now clenched in her hand. "Natalia...would you please put the knife away. It is not needed dear sister." Ivan begged,hating how whiny and frightened his voice sounded. Usually he was the one striking fear in other people,but when it came to his little sister she was truly frightening and not a force to be reckoned with. "Oh I will Big Brother. As soon as you tell me who's in there,now spit it out!" Natalia demanded,resting a hand against her head,glaring at him ferociously. Ivan swallowed noisly,his voice was so dry all of a sudden. He opened his mouth,completely ready to lie,but no words would leave. I said spit it out! Demand Natalia once more,growing more and more angry by the second. Suddenly the door to the right of the bathroom creaked opened and Katyusha padded sleepily out of her room,rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Oh Hello Sister. Hello Brother."Katyusha said groggily,smiling at the two. Natalia quickly hid the knife in her apron,and Ivan guessed that Natalia didn't want to get Katyusha involved in the situation. "We'll discuss this later. And trust me,I will find out who you have hidden in the house." Natalia hissed as she sauntered off in the direction of her room.
  Ivan Braginsky / RedFox / 8y 167d 7s
As soon as Gilbert heard footsteps in the hallway, he freaked. Though it seemed to be as if they were lighter and the breathing more silent. He imagined a male's footsteps to be more loud and noticeable. Then he remembered Ivan had sisters. Which one? he wondered as he glanced at the door, now up against the back wall of the bathroom, sort of squeezed in between the sink and the shower.

The last thing the Prussian or the Russian needed was a pissed off sister. What if it's Belarus? he thought in fear. His eyes went wide at the thought. Only then, he felt more sorry for Ivan. From what he knew, Natalia was always following Ivan around, asking him to be one with her. Honestly, he would be scared to have his sister stalk him all the time. In that situation, he knew it would be awkward.

Then, it was silent. He couldn't hear anything from the room he was in. There was no window, so there wouldn't be any chance of escaping or hearing anything. He was too far away from the stairs to hear anything downstairs. The Prussian was basically stuck in a silent room. Trapped like a dog in a cage.

That's it...I'm caged in, I'm being held against my will, he thought desperately, hoping to regain confidence in his own self. Though, that confidence faded as the heavy footsteps he was expecting was heard running up the stairs and into the hallway. He tried to look for another place to hide, hoping to get even further back, but found no sort of escape.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when the banging started. His eyes widened in complete terror, knowing that he was officially trapped. The Russian stood outside, knowing he was in there. The door is locked, he can't get in, he thought with a smirk. He can't touch me so long as I keep that locked.
  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 170d 21h 47m 20s

Ivan rinsed out the coffee mug and set it carefully in the metal sink.
"Good Morning Brother! Oh you made coffee.." Natalia called out cheerfully as she made her way over to the kitchen counter to make herself a cup. Ivan shivered in fear,knowing that any minute his little sister would ask the same question she asked every day. His dear little sister always asked him if he'd become on with her. Usually Ivan would be the one asking a question like that,so it was weird hearing it come from his sister. Natalia's love for him was odd,and completely unrequited on his side. Ivan had told her a million times some, but much to his own dismay it doesn't deter her. "Big Brother. I saw something odd on my way down here. The light was on in the bathroom,and the door was locked. For a minute I thought it might be Ukraine. But then I checked her room and there she was sleeping. Who's here Ivan?" Natalia spoke,breaking the awkward silence between them. Ivan eye's widened in fright,Natalia knew someone was in the house. Now there was only two choice he could take,he could lie,which he was horrible at,or the tell the truth. "Um..I'll be right back.." Ivan said quickly,and fled from the kitchen.Ivan trampled up the stairs and ran towards the bathroom. "Open up!" He yelled,slamming his fist against the wooded door.
  Ivan Braginsky / RedFox / 8y 171d 14h 20m 53s
Gilbert was hiding in the bathroom, having managed to shut the door without a sound. He was panting slightly as he thought of a way to escape, but he couldn't think of any other way other than the front door. Surely Ivan would notice that his front door had been opened. Gilbert would be rude enough to not even close the door. He would have opened it, bolted out and into the frozen wasteland, and ran to wherever the first town or city was. Away from the Russian.

It was completely unawesome that Ivan scared him, but then again, he scared everyone. A huge gang of countries wouldn't be able to beat him, and if they did, they would still be scared about the revenge Russia would take. I've gotten myself into a big mess... he thought weakly as his back slid down the door of the bathroom, not even checking to make sure it was locked. Unfortunately, to his misfortune, he hadn't locked it because of his haste to be as quiet as possible, and now he had completely forgotten about it.

Whipping out his American phone, he tried to contact Roderich, but found he had no signal. "Crap!" he yelled angrily but sort of softly in a way then gasped, quickly covering his mouth. It was a habit to yell out like that when he was frustrated, but really, wasn't it a habit for everyone?

He really needed to get away from here...

  Prussia {Gilbert} / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 171d 16h 14m 28s

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