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Hailey and ________ are best friends. They have known eachother since they were babies, they have practicially grown up together. Hailey has always had feelings for him but she was to shy to tell him. As Hailey and ________ got into High school, Hailey's feelings for him have grown. She is now starting to fall for him, but she is to scared to tell him. What will happen with Hailey and ________? Will ________ feel the same way? Find out and join ^^

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"I guess we can go out o town if you want."He said as he stood up and walked over to her.He smiled as he hten leaned against the wall as he patted his stomach."By the way those pancakes were good."He told her and chuckled as he then looked out the closest window.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 117d 9h 34m 40s
Hailey laughed and rolled her eyes to his odd movie comment. "Well i personaly like odd movies, it makes them better." She said with a smile and a chuckle following. She looked around at her empty house then back to Tom. "Well, i guess we could out and around the city, or hang out here." She said with a shrug as she looked at him.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 118d 5h 48m 44s
Once he got done with his second one he looked down at her and smiled."So what now?"He asked as he sat down next to her and misled.He then leaned back in his sit as he looked around."Because last i saw on tv was some odd movie."He said as he smiled at her.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 118d 5h 59m 35s
Hailey laughed as she watched him grab a pancake and start scarffing it down. She smiled and sat down next to him with a slight blush on her cheeks. She grabbed a pancake and started to eat it. Tom was right, it was better without syrup. Once she was done with the first one, she grabbed another and started to eat it.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 118d 6h 1m 31s
"Yes i m."He said as he followed her.Once she put the pnacakes down he then picked one up and began to eat it."You dont need surype to eat this."He said and smiled.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 118d 10h 37m 2s
Hailey smiled as she looked at him. "Im good, ready to eat some pancakes?" She asked him with a chuckle. She walked into the kitchen and put the plate of pancakes on the table in the dining room.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 119d 5h 59m 5s
"Ib been goood."He said as he walked inside.He tehn looked over at her and smiled how are you this morning?"He asked as he then leaned agaisnt the wall next to her and chuckled.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 119d 16h 52m 27s
Once Hailey got done with putting on her clothes and doing her hair, she walked downstairs and opened the door to see Tom. "Hey Tom! How are you this morning?" She asked as she gave him a hug with a smile and a slight blush on her cheeks. She pulled away from him and smiled as she opened the door wider for him to come in. "Come in." She said as she looked at him with a smile.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 119d 23h 13m 50s
As he drove down the road he yawned."Wonder what she has planned for teh day."He said as he then pulled into the driveway.Once he got out of his car he then began to stretch and pop his arms,l back, and neck as he walked up to the door.Once at the door he nocked three times and leaned against it as he smiled.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 120d 4h 43m 10s
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Once Hailey got off the phone, she grinned and ran upstairs. She quickly got dressed into some ripped up tight jeans and a fitted black tee showing some cleavage. She straightened her hair and smiled as she got done. She hurried back downstairs and walked into the kitchen, waiting for Tom to get there. Her eyes kept on glancing towards the driveway to see if he got there or not.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 120d 23h 3m 43s
"Hell yea ill come over!"He said once she said pancakes."I love pancakes...There like meany clouds."He told her as he got up off the couch and ran to his room.Once in his room he told her he would be over in a minute and bye before he hung up.He then put himself on a normal blue t-shirt before grabbing his car keys and headed to the garrage.Once there he got into his favorite car started it and headed to Hailys house.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 121d 2h 31m 53s
As Hailey heard Tom's voice over the phone, she blushed slightly and smiled. "Sure! I would love to hang, but do you want to come over here? Im making pancakes right now and i know how much you love pancakes." She said with a chuckle as she put five pancakes on one plate. "There is enough for both of us to share." She said with a slight laugh. She brushed a piece of her brown hair out of her eyes as she waited for his response.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 121d 5h 44m 50s
<its alright...i get short ones too>
"Morning Hailey."He said over the phone with a sweet smile as he walked into his living room.He then sat down on the couch as he turned on the tv and leaned back on the couch."Want to come over today....My grandparents left for somewhere again and i have the house all to my self for a couple of days."He said and chuckled as he began to channel surf.Once he saw nothing was good on tv he sighed as he turned it off."Or do you have plans?"He asked as he sighed as he laid down on the couch.
  Tom / kohako / 10y 121d 12h 41m 29s
As Hailey was making some pancakes, she heard her phone buzz beside her. She looked at it with a smile. I hope its Tom. She thought as she picked it up. She looked at the caller ID to see it was Tom. She smiled and blushed a bit as she opened her phone. "Hello?" She asked as she flipped one of the pancakes making it sizzle on the pan. She waited as for his soft soothing voice to come through the phone and into her ear.
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Tom woke up that morning a hour after Hailey.As he sat up on his bed and yawned he notice a note on his door."Well."He said as he got up from his bed.All he was wearing was a black pair of boxers as he walked across his room."Grandparents are out in town again..of course."He said after reading the note.He then walked over to his closest and put on his usal weekend cloths.All he put on was pair of blue jeanes and smiled as he walked over to his phone.He saw he had no miss calls and shrugged as he then dailed Haileys number."Maybe she wants to hang out again today."He said as he walked over to his bed and sit down.
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