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Cool i will look for it.
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 46d 10h 52m 55s
naw ill make it on another thread ill just say 'for arielacebabe'
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 46d 11h 58m 56s
Okay,so i play the master female,and you a male vampire and you human and do you want it to slowly lead to romance? Want to just do it on this thread so we dont have to make another?
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 46d 13h 54m 2s
oh, sorry tamed :~P
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 46d 14h 33m 0s
Are you the kind of slave that is tamed or not?
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 46d 14h 36m 30s
all are fine and what do you mean by submissive?
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 46d 15h 18m 19s
Do you like torture, punishment, and humiliation? are you submissive or non submissive?
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 46d 15h 20m 43s
im usually slave and if needed yes i do play male
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 46d 15h 45m 56s
Okay ryya do you play male roles,since you dont do yuri,do you play master x slave and are you slave or master?
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 47d 2h 54m 3s
okay im ryya, im well me, i do romance and basically everything except yuri and the other thing hahaha
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 47d 3h 11m 20s
Well first let me introduce myself.i am elektra morgan,i am a bi rp vampiress.i do yuri,romance, vampire, slave x master, some action, 1x1,original chracter, wolves, and bondage , i only play female mostly.
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 47d 3h 19m 4s
NO idea whatever you want XDD
  Ryya / Mariechan / 9y 47d 3h 26m 27s
What kind of rp do you want?
  Aerialacebabe / 9y 47d 3h 26m 58s

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