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The Letter:

Dear Student,

It has come to my attention that you are of high standards in all of your classes and we here, at Evergreen Academy, welcome you to join us here. We will have a room set up for you, if you join. Just fill out the information below and we will get back to you with your room number. School starts August 18th, so reply fast.

Your future Principal,
Edward Trillip

The Story:

The school is for boys and only boys, meaning every one in staff too. The school is actually to teach the students to become perfect little boys, but really all the students that are sent there are turned homosexual, ALL of them. Even if you are absolutely positive that you are straight before you come, even if your straight for the longest time at the school, the students all become homosexuals before they graduate.

A long time ago, a spell was cast upon the school by the original owner of the school and the island the school was built on. He and the gardener were having an affair because he couldn't let his wife know that he didn't have the feelings he'd once had for her. But his wife already knew, knew as soon as they had hired the gardener and she was ready to take her revenge. She murdered the gardener and herself, so the owner could have no one. His spell made it so that no one else could be hurt by a woman's hate, and made everyone at that school homosexual...

So now, a new batch of students are being invited to the school and a new story will begin. We will see how it ends.

-------- Rules and Such --------

Anime pictures please
Violence is allowed in moderation but no killing. .
Same for swearing
Romance is allowed but you can't instantly fall in love it is unrealistic. You can already be homosexual when you arrive at the school.
No one-liners
Definitely NO CYBERING
No god-modding.
Proper Grammar and Spelling please
At least one paragraph minimum of 8 lines per post.


Year: (9-12)
Favorite Color:
Small Bio:

-------- Characters --------
Name: Steplan Radfilth
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Favorite Color: Purple
Small Bio: This is his first year at the school, so he had been in a normal highschool for his sophomore and freshmen year. He is sure that he is straight and is angry that his parents made him leave his old school. He will miss his gi- now ex-girlfriend and may never forgive his parents.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

Name: Misaki Matsuyama
Age: 16
Year: Junior
Favorite Color: White
Small Bio: He's been going to this school for his fresman and sophmore year and has already turned homosexual. He has a few crushes but no one has really caught his interest. You can usually catch him drawing a picture or writing a story. He's very shy and loves to make new friends.

[Umm, I was kind of confused to the Guppie thing, soo...but I can tell you I read everything :3]
  Misaki / KoshiVial / 10y 206d 22h 28m 33s
>: Please join. I would greatly appreciate it, thank you. :<
  Steplan Radfilth / Freaktart / 10y 207d 39m 34s

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