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anything, right now I don't do romance roleplays. I will let romance happen in roleplays but no instant romances and I'm going to use my twins Chloe and Sniper. Looking for a supernatural roleplay with plenty of drama and angst. PM me to start an idea.


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David, Eric's friends came up next to him and was about to say something when Sniper came up and Eric saw his fangs hanging out. "Where am I going? To class." Eric said not afraid, he had delt with this kind of thing before.

Maya had another strange feeling go through her as Chloe went by her, but this time it felt like her cousin was in danger. "Sure." She managed to get out when Chloe left. Maya fell to the floor clutching her stomach half faking half real, when the teacher ran in, he saw her on the ground clutching he ran over to Maya asking her if she was alright, but she didn't respond.
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Sniper followed him right into the history room with a smirk eyes going dark red "Where are you going?" he asked cornering him licking his lips fangs poking out.

Chloe twitched feeling like her twin was about to score something not always a good sign "Oh cool, um hey I gotta go see my brother can you stall the teacher?" she asked without a thought and left the room quickly.
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Maya was dazed for a second but pulled herself back into reality. She smiled at Chloe. "I found it pretty easy actually." Maya said looking back at the door to see if the teacher had come in yet.

Eric shoved the book into his bag. "Just some mythology." He said. He looked at the clock. It was getting close to his first hour class. "I gotta go." Eric said a little to quickly and he ran out of the library and into history.
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She greeted her with a pleasant smile "Hello, so did you work on that assignment Mr. Cortez handed us, wasn't too difficult or did you find it hard?" she asked.

Sniper's eyes kept falling on the human male his nose wiggled from the human scent and his eyes became a dark red as if hungry he blinked that away and settled beside the male. Pulling out his book and opening it, acting like he was interested in it but kept flipping through it then looked "what are you readin' dude?" he asked calmly.
  evil twins / pinkbabygirl / 9y 79d 17h 13m 38s
Maya was talking to Serena when Chloe walked in. The feeling went up and down her spine. She gasped and clutched her arms. She eyed Chole and then went back to talking to Serena, while keeping an eye on her. "Bye." Serena said before going off. Taking a deep breath, Maya stood up and walked over to Chloe. "Hi Chloe." She said nervously.

Eric stood in the library deeply in grossed in his book when he noticed the twins that had gotten Maya's attention walk in. The girl hissed something the boy's ear before leaving. He went back to his book but watched the boy for a while. He started to browse through the other books.
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Sniper walked into the cafeteria still starving Chloe crossed her arms around her chest as she grabbed her brother and yanked him away "Listen here Spence, you can't do that alright, so get some control I don't wanna have to get kicked out because of your lack of control now sit" she said with unusual strength dragged her brother then into the library and handed him a book.

"Here study your demon magic" she whispered in his hear before heading to her first class her eyes met Maya for a minute with hard eyes before going to class and sitting at her desk.
  evil twins / pinkbabygirl / 9y 86d 18h 1m 15s
Maya felt something strange pass by her. She shuddered and turned aroudn and saw a pair of twins pass by her. Looking harder she realized there was something different about them. She stood up abruptly and told Eric she had to do something. She grabbed her bag and went up the stairs. The twins were by there lockers, she walked passed them, looking at them for a second before she felt it again and made herself move on. 'There is something about them.' She thought. She kept walking till she came to her first hour class, she sat down in her desk, and sighed still thinking about the twins. Her angel genes reacted to trouble and other things. And sometimes when trouble was incredibly strong Maya could end up hurting herself. It was just there, she didnt know why.

Eric was still sitting the cafetria, a little suprised that his cousin left. He shook it off and kept sitting there. His friend Lucas had come up and talked to him for a while before his girlfriend came and pulled him away. Eric sighed and stood up pulling his backpack on. He headed up the stairs to his locker and pulled out his science books. He didn't have science till 3rd period but he grabbed them to save hi manother trip back to his locker. He went down to the library and looked in the supernatural section at the existance of angels and among other things. 'Angels, Werewolves and demons huh? What else is there?' He read staring at the paragraph.
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Sniper had one of those nasty little habits and Chloe had to throw up her hands in annoyance at what she had just seen, sure her brother was a soul stealer, but couldn't he at least be a bit neater. Blood sprayed the back wall of the abondoned apartment building. "Come on, clean up that nasty mess you've made and then we have to go to school, retard next time you dispose a body you follow the rules I told you, now come on we are going to be late" Chloe ordered shaking her head, demons could be so irresponsible. Chloe walked out of that one part and into the main living room sighing as she started up the pot of coffee, she knew Sniper couldn't handle not feeding at least once every few hours but how on earth did he survive amongst humans was beyond her. A few hours passed and Sniper walked out looking clean no blood anywhere or flecks of flesh on his lips and the room as she soon inspected turned out to be very clean and she wondered if there had been a dead body in the first place.

She smiled handing him his thermose and smiled "Not bad baby brother, there may still be hope for you yet" she teased him as he took a gulp and rolled his blue eyes they where carbon copies of one another blond, athletic and blue-eyed twins unfortunately the werewolf gene only passed to the female and the demon gene to the male. "Well let's go" he answered calmly and the two ran out of the "abandoned" apartment and headed out down the block towards Chloe's hot pink pick-up truck. Not her favorite kind of vehicle but it was what she was driving right now and it was convenient.

They parked a few blocks away from the school both had emptied their thermoses filled with hot coffee and walked down the sidewalk not saying anything to each other before walking into the doors of the school and headed in opposite directions over to their lockers.
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Maya put her bag over her shoulder as she walked into the door of her high school. Her cousin Eric, was standing against the lockers talking to some girl. Laughing she came up behind him. When the girl saw her. She rolled her eyes and went away. "What was that all about?" She heard him mumble. "Gee I dont know maybe because your incredibly cute cousin was standing behind you." She said laughing. Eric turned around and rolled his eyes. "Your really modest." He said sarcasictly. "Aww! thank you!" Maya said laughing again. Being an angel, no one knowing except Eric. She was always inclined to be happy and was never really down in the dumps. She smiled and pulled Eric with her towards the lunch room. Were they sat talking, waiting for something interesting to happen.
  Maya Reigner / SororityFire / 9y 87d 15h 28m 57s
um sure thing I just don't want vampires.
  evil twins / pinkbabygirl / 9y 87d 15h 39m 15s
Well that's supernatural XD, could Maya possibly be an angel and Eric a normal human? xD
  Maya Reigner / SororityFire / 9y 87d 15h 44m 9s
um its up to you but no vampires they are too boring. Also Sniper is a demon and Chloe is a werewolf.
  evil twins / pinkbabygirl / 9y 87d 15h 46m 42s
Sure, but what kind of supernatural?
  Maya Reigner / SororityFire / 9y 87d 15h 49m 51s
can you start please?
  evil twins / pinkbabygirl / 9y 87d 15h 51m 12s
Yeah, Maya and Eric can be cousins xD
  Maya Walkers / SororityFire / 9y 87d 15h 56m 39s

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