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This is a Rp about a girl having to live with her abusive father after her mother dies.
Her best friend [x] is the only one she can trust.

I'm not picky about pictures so anime or real is fine.
NO- one liners and no super long posts, just something to reply to.

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Rae leaned her head on his shoulder.
She closed her eyes and sighed quietly.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 103d 14h 37m 50s
he went over and sat next to her with a smile
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 103d 15h 21m 50s
She patted the seat next to her.
Motioning for him to come sit by her.

[hey imma go to bed. ill reply tomorrow.]
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 4h 28m 49s
he came back fully clothed and smileing over at her
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 4h 31m 6s
"Thank you.."

She walked down the hall and sat in a chair in the living room.
She leaned back and rested her head against the chair and sighed quietly.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 4h 37m 0s
he smiled kissing her neck again." ill go put clothes on for you " he chuckled leting her go and going up and sliping clean clothes on
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 4h 40m 20s
She took one of his hands and laced her fingers through his.
Rae was slightly uncomfortable, but quickly got over that.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 4h 45m 14s
he walked up behind her wraping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder kissing her neck
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 4h 57m 53s
"Thats... Not what I meant.." She replied.
Her face turned a darker shade of red, if that was even possible.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 5h 1m 48s
he laughs softly pouing" do i look that bad?" he asks leaning against the wall
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 5h 8m 55s
She said, her back to him.

"could you.. at least put on a shirt?" She asked, not trying to be rude.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 5h 28m 20s
He raise an eye brow as she walked away then smirked remembering what he wsa wearing and followed her down the hall." i forgot to turn off my alarm clock love" he followed her smileing
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 5h 43m 21s
Rae walked into the bathroom and ran a brush through her hair.

She then walked down the hall and into the kitchen.
She rubbed her eyes.
"Why so early?" She asked looking at him.
Rae noticed he was only wearing his boxers and blushed a lovely shade of red.
"um.. I'm sorry." She walked back down the hall and into her room.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 5h 48m 57s
he downd the milk super tierd and sat down at the table head in his hands
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 8y 104d 5h 52m 7s
Rae heard his alarm go off and wondered:
Why in the hell is he getting up so early?

She tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't. Rae sat up in bed and pulled the covers around her shoulders.
  .:.:Rae:.:. / lyricalxlaceration / 8y 104d 5h 55m 1s

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