I Must Confess That I Feel Like A Monster!!!

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Everywhere anywhere germs have taken the world only a few souls still have control monsters everywhere But ones not completely free.

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Willow, during the night, woke up and whimpered. Tears gleamed in her eyes from a bad dream.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 3m 33s
Daran then says "okay time for bed." and scares everyone to sleep by coughing
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 5m 12s
Willow hugged Baby, and smiled. "i love you."

"i love you, too. missed you. a lot." promised Baby, or Ella.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 7m 5s
Daran grabs willow and takes her into the mental wareds basement and throwed her in front of baby and said "Now maybe you two should fill eachother in he thgen heard pounding on the door looked out to finfd a fuming thelia he let her in and got dinner ready luckikly vegitation was unefecyted.
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 9m 44s
"yeah. maybe. and i'm not a kid!" she qrumbled, keeping her distance from Daran.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 18m 25s
Daran looked at willow then drank a monsters blood andv walked back in front of her and said " hello kid we have a freind maybe you now her.
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 21m 1s
Willow shook her head, getting up, and throwing open the door. Running out, she fell to the ground before getting up again. looking back, she saw someone chasing her, and yelled out "Baby! where are you!" Running fast, she felt tears going down her face. "Boo!" called the figure.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 26m 43s
Daran starts to laugh, going crazy, about to kill willow, but Thelia slaps him and Daran says "thank you." before turning to Willow "I'm not a monster, I'm just half a monster. But if you don't stop crying, then some monsters will be in here, and they won't be as nice to you as i am!"
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 30m 9s
Willow screamed, slapping him, trying to get up, but stumbling, and beginning to crawl away. she wanted to have her brother here, but he was dead. Finally, Willow collapsed a few feet away from the two, sobs racking her body.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 32m 31s
Daran follows her and and puts a hand on her shoulder thelia standing in front of her giving daran the we can't leave her look.
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 34m 29s
Willow looked up, her face white, she just pushed herself farther along the wall, mumbling "get away, get away, don't touch me..."
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 36m 38s
daran turns monster inside theb ward his skin peels off his muscle starts tO bubble and hARDEN HE plows trhouh the walls and heads straight for willow thelia run ning after him daran juyst crushed the last wall and was about to attack willow he then stops thelia blocks him before he could move thelia starts to sing daran fALLS IN HUMAN FORM AND GOT UP AND WALKED towards willow and says you alright hoping he didn't hurt anyone thelia beside him saying the same thing.
  Daran / Daran / 10y 207d 10h 38m 31s
Willow walked in, her eyes wide with fear. she was in a mental ward, but only for safety. she curled in the corner, sobbing.
  Dawn Summers / WilliamTheBloodyLove / 10y 207d 10h 51m 4s

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