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bla bla bla okay I'm fed up with typing so here are the rules.

for those who are making their show
1.make sure you tittle it and number which episode it is can post what ever and i mean literally what ever you what as long as it doesn't make fun of us or make us look bad.
3.if people give you hate notes, DEAL WITH IT!
4.I don't care what kind of pics you post but just just make sure it doesn't make fun of us or make us look bad

for subscribers
1.what ever you do just don't send us hate letters we'd hate to see deidera blow you up
2.we don't care what you put in your hate letters just make sure they aren't for us

well enjoy :)

Crusso Fang and the
rest of akatsuki

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Crusso: oh yea by the by i don't give a crap what you think about my theme song and besides hidan wrote it any ways
Hidan:yea it's true :(

hang on i wanted to try this out :3 d: g: >:D

part 2 of adventures of the dreamers hopefully coming out tomorrow
  Crusso / 10y 203d 16h 39m 26s
adventures of the dreamers episode1 part1
once a long time a go there was a magician of dreams, he was very powerful, but one day he decided he had lived long enough so he harnessed all of his powers in to one little stone which was passed down from generations until we get to were we are now with our friend Crusso a wild energetic girl. and so our story begins
theme song:little girl why are crying? its because this place is so frightening. well come with me there's a place you can stay, and i promise you you'll always be safe!...the adventures of the dreamers!

im really tired right now so you'll get part 2 tomorrow
  Crusso / 10y 203d 16h 46m 24s

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