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This roleplay is based at the beginning of the second season of Code Geass, after Zero has returned.

Months after the Black Rebellion took place, suddenly an entirely new world appears above Japan, this was due to a freak experiment in the Soul Society, Mayuri managed to transfer the entire Soul Society into the world of the living, a world ruled by the Empire of Britannia. Of course Britannia being Britannia they immediately invaded the new nation in the sky and lost. Even with all the Knightmares and technology they were still taken down, due to the Zanpakuto and the fact Shinigami are unable to be harmed by anything other than Spiritual weaponry, Britannia were forced to sign a treaty with the Soul Society. It has now been a year since Zero was captured and killed and the Soul Society have settled in and are even able to attend Britannian schools. With the return of Zero, Shinigami have started to join the Black Knights, little do the Shinigami know, Britannia now have weapons the have been proved to harm Shinigami. Shinigami from Squad 5 are starting to join up with the Black Knights. Zero has allowed them to join.

#1: Please state what weapons and equipment you have in your starter post. If you are a Shinigami that is, if a Knightmare Pilot, write what your Knightmare can do.
#2: I want around 4-5 paragraphs for your starter. If you can’t do that much this is not the roleplay for you.
#3: Any OOC shall be done in the given Thread.
#4: PM me who you wish to join as.
#5: Yes, this is a mix of Bleach and Code Geass..
#6: Violence is expected, but no Killing without asking the person who is playing the Character and myself.
#7: Romance is a yes.
#8 Lastly have fun.

The Black Knights

Zero/Lelouch Vi Britannia Taken

Kallen Kouzuki Taken

Kyoshiro Tohdoh Open

C.C. Taken

Knights of the Round

Suzaku Kururugi Taken

Gino Weinberg Open

Anya Alstreim Reserved

Ashford Academy

Shirley Fenette Open

Milly Ashford Open

Rolo Lamparouge Taken

Rivalz Cardemonde Open


Captain of Squad 5 Tsurukame - Taken

Vice-Captain of Squad 5 Estelle Seraphina - Taken

If you are joining as a Shinigami, please, just give me your name and rank in squad 5 you are in the PM you send me if you wish to join.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

“Yeah, true. But it isn’t like the whole world revolves around him, no offense. There just has to be boundaries. Having power like that can be extremely dangerous if you can’t control it.” Kallen was pulling out a candy bar from her pocket and was beginning to munch on it. She was just not all that shocked. Guaranteed, he was a genius. But even Lelouch, aka Zero, wouldn’t be able to make all plans to perfection. It was just the fate that was happening. “Though I can’t doubt that most of his plans have succeeded but some things just happen. But C.C, there is something I have to ask of you. Is there such a thing that we can do? If he has the Geass, there has to be some sort of flaw, isn’t there? Something that you aren’t even willing to tell the truth to him about… Geass can’t be that powerful enough to remain controlled forever is it? It might be something I’ll never understand. I’ll never understand what he gone through and he’ll never understand what I’ve gone through. We’re both from different worlds that much I do believe in, C.C. Though whether he makes the right choices or not is entirely up to him. We can’t control what he does or his actions. All we can do is follow and see where we end up, do we? Once the choice is thrust upon us whether to act or stay silent… it will remain to be unseen. For now.” As she was turning to look outside, Kallen closed her eyes, sighing as she was thinking of the life that she could have been leading if Britannia had fully disappeared.
  Kallen / Honoka / 8y 348d 2h 23m 42s
Also nodding at Zero’s words, C.C. watched as the two males walked away before facing the woman who was now speaking. The witch nodded once more at the pizza suggestion, waited to reply to the statement, and raised an eyebrow at the last question that had followed. In her normal, quiet, monotone voice C.C. replied to the words by saying “He has his own reasons for doing what he does, surely he has some sort of plan. If not then how else could he be Zero –leader of the Black Knights and, AKA the rebellion…?” it was obvious that she had just a bit too much time to think over all of Lelouch’s plans; not to mention the fact nobody could ever truly understand whatever it was that is Zero/Lelouch… really there are practically two different people trapped inside that one teenaged boy’s body. Still looking at Kallen the witch spoke once more “Don’t bother trying to get into that boys mind. You will only find yourself lost and even more confused than you are now about something that can never be understood by anyone but Lelouch himself. After all, anyone can put on a costume and be Zero… Only Lelouch could come up with the plans, and other stuff that he does…” and with that being said C.C. was convinced she had shocked the poor red-headed girl… especially since C.C wasn’t one to talk much to anyone besides Lelouch.

**this reply seems so pathetic compared to my first one...**
  C.C. / KuraiKokoro / 8y 352d 17h 31m 55s
Estelle had grabbed her bag and smacked him about a thousand times. She knew that this was getting out of hand. She had not liked it when her own Captain decided to wander off. Even if it’s for good reasons, the young blonde Shinigami rather have herself killed by Hollows than having to babysit Tsurukame all day. Such was she was punishing him for getting away from her and she was galring at him. “Don’t you say that, Tsurukame, you dumb ass. Thanks to you, you are going to be late to school. I however, already checked myself in and coming after to get you again. God, what am I, your babysitter? You should know I won’t always be around for you.” She had sighed as she was slinging her bag over her shoulder as she was beginning to walk back to school.

She couldn’t help though that her boss was hiding something. Estelle had planned later that night to do something devious. She was going to go against the rules for once and orders to spy on Tsurukame. She didn’t care what the hell he thought of her, she just wanted to know. It was a secret, for goddamn sake, and if only the Captain knew of it, then she wanted to know of it too. She bit her lip as she was observing her wristwatch that she got from a human shop. It was fairly simple and ornate to understand. She then had used her Vizard speed to get back to the classroom, leaving Tsurukame in the dust as punishment for his little leaving-without-her deal, and then had bumped into somebody who was Rolo, but she wasn’t aware of that, as she was dizzy and all her drawings and schoolwork was on the floor, hurrying to get her stuff.

“I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz!”

Kallen had sighed as she was taking in the words of Zero’s advice. She didn’t care. Zero, or Lelouch that is, didn’t care of what it was as long as world peace was maintained. She was then looking at him as she folded her arms. She looked at him suspiciously as he left then had turned to CC as she was hoping to make idle conversation that actually did make some logical sense.

“Hey CC, want me to make you some pizza while you get changed? At least we should eat something for breakfast since Zero doesn’t bother to tell anyone anything for some reason. I think he’s up to something again, what do you think, CC?…”
  Kallen / Honoka / 9y 2h 29m 34s
Rolo was in the midst of his stress, then it hit him "where's Lelouch?" he sighed then walked down the halls staring out the windows into the light. Rolo looked down to his feet as he brought his head back up the book slipped from his hand and he leaned down and took it within his grasp again. Rolo had that un-easy feeling again, he tried his best to ignore it like he did this morning. He made his way to the first classes. Not much to worry about.

He glanced around trying to find Lelouch he suspected it was hopeless, Maybe he was sick or somthing. Rolo planted his head onto the desk still holding the book. he had a sad expression upon his face. Yet inside he was every emotion at once. It was like a pit in his stomach of some poisionous liquid. He glanced around once more before comletely losing all hope, Lelouch was going to be late.

Rolo tried his best to calm his nerves it was nerve wrecking to think the person you slightly adored was also the person you completely despised, Wouldn't that just be funny. Rolo started to fall asleep, he had been up for so long what was wrong with him? did he really get this worried or un-easy. He sorta mumbled throughout the advisory.
  Rolo / Morphinebreakdown / 9y 6h 35m 44s
Anya could hear Lloyd working on whatever it was he was working on. He wasn't the most quiet person around especially when it came to the work he loved so much. Setting Arthur down, she saw him run off. As herself left the garden, she set off to see what Lloyd was working on this time. She walked around the building, which took forever.

As Anya finally got around to her destination, she say Lloyd working on Lancelot. Her eyes scanned past Lloyd to see Suzaku. Before she was able to walk toward them Arthur dashed past her. As she walked up to see what was Lloyd doing on Lancelot, she could tell he was upgrading or adding something else to it. Moving on she went to stand next to Suzaku as she looked down to see Arthur rubbing against his leg.

Taking her phone out she went through her blogs.
  : : Six of the Round : : / lilbluejay / 9y 9h 10m 11s
Tsurukame turned to face Estelle and laughed. He left her there because Estelle did not need to know Zeros true identity. He walked to the door before turning to face Zero.

"Zero, I must be off now, I attend a Britannian school as does Estelle, but I will see you once I return and Kallen, consider letting me have a play with your Guren MK2, it will perform aswell as a 10th Generation Knightmare like the Umenosuke and the Black Rose once it is finished, come Estelle, we must be going now"

Tsurukame walked out of the door and laughed, this war with Britannia had continued the moment they decided to kill his brother. Zero turned to face Kallen and CC, he knew he had to get back to Ashford before Rolo and the others got suspicious.

"CC, take the recording I made and dress up as Zero, I must get back to Ashford before Rolo gets suspicious of my behavior. Please show it to the whole of Britannia that Zero has returned. Kallen, next time Tsurukame does anything, go along with it, he is harmless and has heard a lot about the Black Rebellion, I'm sure he just wanted to get his hands on the Guren and mess around with what he could do to improve it."

Lelouch got into his Ashford Academy uniform and ran towards the school, he was not going to be late, he needed to arrive and get to class, that way Rolo would not think he had vanished and was Zero once more.
  Tsurukame / Harluxia / 9y 1d 6h 56m 47s
Turned a witch at death because of the Geass she had received herself at a young age that would make anyone lover her while she was mortal CC now has the ability to give out this strange power to those who are currently mortals that seek her out or simply happen to find her. Each Geass has it’s own special power. The one mortal that has acquired this gift from her is Lelouch A.K.A. Zero. She is not the only one, though, that can give out the Geass to others. Another in the same area as her at the moment can and has also done so. He goes by the name of VV and is apparently working alongside Britannia’s soldiers. Luckily one of their spies has supposedly decided to switch over and be on Lelouch’s side though one can never be sure.

Because of Lelouch, said witch is now fighting along with the Japanese, or eleven’s depending on who is speaking, and also takes over as being Zero in instances where it is needed to keep the secret continually hidden. The Black Knights were a good place to be at but it all seemed the same for her. At the moment they – meaning Zero, CC, and Kallen – were talking to the captain of squad 5, Tsurukame. To be more accurate, Zero was talking to the Shinigami while he was too focused on hitting on Kallen and making requests while CC continued to stand there quietly. The witch remained quiet and also slightly closer to Lelouch than any of the others while still remaining formal in stance. Said Shinigami continued to do as he pleased and the females did next to nothing.

As they all walked back to a more private area she was surprised about the male’s openness to reveal his identity. That was until she saw that the two apparently knew one another already. Now there were about four people who knew the persona of Zero… actually there were probably more than that. The ones that know for sure that they also know of are Kallen, Tsurukame, Suzaku, CC, and a few other black knights. Suzaku was a Britanian Knight which was strange considering that he was born and raised Japanese. Then again, Lelouch is a previous prince of Britania and fights for the elevens. The choices of these two and the directions that they have chosen still ceases to make since to CC though that does not matter much anyways. Even though Lelouch did play Zero secretly, and quite well at that, it was still very strange that nobody had even caught on that his memories had returned already.

While CC had been trapped in her own thoughts it appeared that she missed a side conversation that had taken place between the two men while Kallen seemed to just stand there doing nothing. It was obvious by listening to only a sentence that she had not missed much while dazing off in La La Land. Now deciding that it would be best to pay attention and make Tsurukame know that she was not any kind of slacker or show any sort of weakness. Even if they were allies, a witch would never trust a Shinigami… hell, she hardly trusted Rolo- even if that made a bit more since as to why not- nonetheless someone she just barely met. Needless to say it may take a while for someone to get on her good side… especially since she was just here for her gifted mortal.

**I hope that's good, I tried to make a decent intro post but as you might be able to tell I'm not so good at those...**
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Rolo is a trained assassin, he has killed many powerful figures during his life. He has had his Geass powers from the age of six. His main assassination method is to use firearms at close range, but he is also known to utilize and handle other weaponry, including knives and poison. His real age and date of birth, though unknown even to the Secret Intelligence Service, Is sixteen.

While Rolo puts up a front of being very shy and withdrawn at school, this exterior hides a ruthless and detached killer who will do whatever it takes to complete his mission. While working with the Britannian Secret Intelligence Service, he is aloof and doesn't seem very interested. He often stays in the background and simply listens, and isn't afraid to be very blunt of their faults. Though Rolo is only a spy, he seems to share a connection with Lelouch having a Geass as well.

Rolo sat at the desk in Libary really not doing anything it seemed,He was adding up on his reading was rubbing his fingers through his hair. Since this morning he had been reading no-stop. He felt alittle nerve wrecked and but He had gotten over it quickly after reading for two-three hours or so. His eyes were wary and he looked around, he'd been un-easy all day yet not knowing the reason he was in a hopeless situation. Rolo closed the book infront of him and laid his head down for a few easy seconds.

"Unn.." he eyes opened, as he felt his hunger turn his stomach today was just not his day.

With the outbreak still somewhat raging he had been nothing but demanding and blunt to everyone. At school he was quiet as possible and tried his best not to show how angered he was with noone giving him the needed information. Rolo stood up and picked up the book and then carried out with him into the hall and he peered at the rounded glass windows.
  Rolo / Morphinebreakdown / 9y 6d 22h 9m 2s
Kallen Kozuki, who was one of the Knightmare Pilots of the Black Knights, one of the many fighters that Lelouch vi Britannia had employed. She was following after Tsurukame, C.C, and Lelouch. She couldn’t help but follow. Because she was working along with Lelouch and the rest of the Black Knights meant there was no time for romance or to screw up. She felt as though that even if Tsurukame had his hand under her chin. She blushed a little as she biting her lip. Sometimes she wished things were a bit different. She looked over at Zero but she already knew his identity, since she had worked with him for a long while.
“Well, if the partnership works, it could be a valuable aspect. But Lelouch, now that he knows…”

Kallen didn’t finish the awkward words of never letting him leave their sight. How could they trust somebody like a Shinigami? After all, partnerships always go sour at some point. And if Lelouch was hurt because of it, Kallen would never, ever forgive herself for it. If Tsurukame caused Lelouch pain, she would make sure that she would get back at him.

“Well, Tsurukame, don’t touch me like that. That’s awkward, especially for two people who don’t know the other a lot. Even if you improve our Knightmares, that would be good. Our Knightmares probably needed the extra boost, considering if Britannia decides to attack again. And between you and me, I personally rather have Japan ruled by them.”

How Tsurukame knew about the war, the Black Knights, and now she had to worry. Lelouch had always been one of the few people that she liked. Whatever the cost may be, she would fight for Japan and never take up her Britannian name. She was disgusted by that name. Forever she would fight for the country she loved and for the people she cared about. Never again to be afraid of Britannia.

Estelle Seraphina, a young woman, who was rushing around, she was late. She was late to something important. She tripped and fell down some flight of stairs as she was trying to get there on time. She had to head to the base to find her boss Tsurukame! “Sen…senpai!” She cried as she was hoping that she could find him. She really felt like it was her fault.

She had rushed and rushed, but she couldn’t locate him. How on earth could she find him? Being the Vice-Captain of the Shinigami Tsurukame, she was responsible for him to get him to meetings on time. Or maybe she was late to the meeting herself. She cursed as she was keeping on running to find Tsurukame no matter what the costs would be. She had spotted Tsurukame as she was looking over at him.

“Tsurukame! There are you are! How dare you try to leave me behind!”
  Kallen / Honoka / 9y 6d 22h 24m 53s
Suzaku Kururugi, son of Japan's last prime minister. Genbu Kururugi. Later, becoming a Britannian soldier. Now, the Knight of Seven. For bringing in the all trouble some Zero.

"Suzaku its almost ready!"

A all to familiar voice called out for Suzaku. Lloyd spinning himself around in his chair. Turning his attention away from the computer screens flashing scenes of the Knightmare Frame in front of him. A devilish grin flashing across his lips.

"Its fine, no more adjustments are needed."

Suzaku replied a bit to eager to get his Knightmare Frame from Lloyd. Pushing himself off the wall, after waiting for what seemed like days. When in reality, was only hours. The grin that was once shining on Lloyd's face dropped. How could he give his all into what he loved best. When a mere pilot, continued to disturb his work.

"You brought me the Lancelot in scraps. How do you not expect it to at least take days for it to be back to tip top form!"

Suzaku knew he was being impatient. Lloyd had decided to make a few new upgrades to the Lancelot. Which meant, it was longer wait before Suzaku could begin piloting once again. He needed to make sure everything stayed safe now in Brittania as since the Shinigami had made Brittania their home. No news of Zero had been reported. Only small rumors spreading around. But, it was better to safe than put millions of lives at stake.
  .::Suzaku Kururugi::. / LuluLelouch / 9y 6d 23h 18m 15s
The somewhat must know:

Anya Alstreim is Knight of Six in the Knights of Rounds and pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame, Mordred.

Being quiet and introverted type person with a mysterious past and has a Britannian emblem tattooed on her left arm. She holds the distinction of being the youngest individual ever appointed to the Knights of Rounds at the age of 15. She wants to be remembered, so she maintains a blog which she frequently updates with pictures she takes with her camera-phone.

As one of the younger members of the Knights of Rounds, she is close friends with Suzaku Kururugi and Gino Weinberg. Suzaku's cat Arthur also takes a liking to her, though it seems to be more affectionate to everyone except Suzaku himself.

In the past, she went to stay in the palace as an apprentice for a proper etiquette and witness Marianne's death at the hands of V.V.. It is also assumed that it was how Lelouch's photo was in her camera-phone. In the aftermath, Charles erased many of Anya's memories, specifically those relating to her time spent at Aries. It's also likely that memories of Anya were erased from people who should recognize her, but don't - specifically, Lelouch and Nunnally, and likely also Euphemia and Cornelia. In addition, Marianne used her Geass to transfer her mind into Anya, whose presence can then cause further memory problems when Marianne's consciousness awakens. As a result of that, contact with Lelouch and C.C. can cause a psychic response.

Back to the present time:

Walking the halls of the palace, Anya walked till she was out on the garden. She stopped and leaned against a pillar. Spotting a tail sticking out from behind the pillar in front of her, she knelt down. Noticing it was Arthur right away, he walked up to her. As she held her hand out she slightly Arthur moved to rub his head against her palm. He purred with delight as she looked at him. Picking him up Anya went to standing back up and back to leaning against the pillar while the sun rose with colorful flowers below.
  : : Six of the Round : : / lilbluejay / 9y 5d 22h 23m 10s
Lelouch Vi Britannia, 11th prince of Britannia. He was also known as Zero, the man who was in charge of the Black Knights. He had recently lost his memory and had recently re-obtained everything. He was now hiding out in the squad base of the Knightmare Squad of the Shinigamis. Tsurukame walked out to greet Zero as he arrived. Tsurukame was around 6’6 ft tall, with short black hair. He had his Zanpakuto by his side along with a Knightamre key around his neck. Tsurukame looked at the Black Knights that surrounded Zero and smiled.

“Welcome Black Knights, I am Tsurukame, Captain of Squad 5 and commander of the Shinigami Knightmare Squad.”

“I thank you Tsurukame, but what are your reasons for letting the Black Knights stay here?”

Tsurukame laughed as he looked at Zero, spotting C.C. and Kallen behind him. He walked past Zero and placed his hand on Kallens chin.

“I believe we could upgrade your Knightmare frame for you to fight against the Britannians, if you so wish of course. As for why we have joined up with you Zero, it is toe destroy the Britannians, they attacked us and killed my brother. I wish for revenge against them, even though other Shinigami wish for peace.”

Zero looked at Tsurukame, he had heard about him, in the war against Britannia, he was the most valued member in the fight, taking out Britannian Knightmare fleets without his Knightmare Frame.

“Your help would be appreciated Captain Tsurukame, but what are you conditions, you don’t seem like the type of person who would give up his services for free.”

Tsurukame laughed, removing his hand for Kallens chin and facing Zero.

“My conditions are that myself and only me, see your face.”

Lelouch looked at him. If he realised he was a Britannian would he kill him? And does Geass even work on Shinigami? In fact, Tsurukame was a student at Ashford last time he checked and was on the student council.

“I accept your terms. Kallen, C.C. please come with me, you as well Tsurukame”

Tsurukame followed Lelouch and waited, this was the moment of truth, Tsurukame was about to find out who Zero was. Lelouch stood before Tsurukame and looked at him as he took off the mask. Tsurukame lightly chucked as he saw Lelouchs face.

“Honestly, I expected it to be you Lelouch, I looked into detail about you and realised you have a sister, Nunnally Vi Britannia and Rolo was not your brother. But I trust you and you shall have our support.”
  Zero / Harluxia / 9y 7d 8h 41m 47s

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