Bored, I want a roleplay partner. 1x1 (Male needed)

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We can figure out a plot when you join. ^_^

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Okay. No problem. ^___^

Corey was used to not having a girlfriend. He had different interests and was often afraid of being judged if he bragged on a girl's feet or complimented them on their toenails or nail polish or feet in general. He was in no way used to feeling normal because of this fact and therefore, immersed himself into his studies at school so that he would at least feel as though he had a goal, for he knew that no girl wanted to deal with his fetishism on a daily basis. The poor Senior male only had one girlfriend before, but once she found out about his fetishes, their was no more hope for the relationship to work between the two. Since then, Corey grew to move on from her but at the same time, he felt somewhat lonely. This feeling of loneliness only increased every day of his life at school. The male student would try his best to earn the awards for his academic accomplishments and work study job on campus simply to mask his pain of not having a girlfriend. One day, the young looking Senior male student was walking outside, proceeding to begin another semester of singleness whilst being in his final year of college. The Senior student then noticed someone that would give him new motivation and a new hope for having a girlfriend during his college career. Corey glanced toward one female student that was new to college life, as he was walking in the opposite direction, toward his first class of the new semester. After the two had passed one another, it became apparent that the girl, though a Freshman, appeared out of his league and possibly already had a boyfriend that was more physically impressive than the unique Senior student, without an odd fetishism or anything of the sort. Corey began to feel inferior as he kept walking.
  Corey Andrew / cougarsforJesus / 7y 233d 1h 47m 37s
Yeah, thats fine! Oh, could you please start? I'm a little busy.

And Thank you!
  Laney Keiths / DakotaHeart / 7y 233d 1h 58m 14s
Yes! Of course! ^___^

Also, I love your character! She's adorable! ^___^

Here is a possible plot;

Corey is a Senior at his college and notices the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen . The problem is that he is not certain as to if she will approve of him since he has a fetish. He is afraid of judgement from the beautiful girl and wonders if she will ever like him as more than just a friend. First, he must become friends with the Freshman student and then he will eventually find out if she can truly be his girlfriend after finding out all of his unique interests.

Is that okay?
  Corey Andrew / cougarsforJesus / 7y 233d 2h 2m 50s
I would love if you made the plot!

Would a romance/Drama/Twists be good?
  Laney Keiths / DakotaHeart / 7y 233d 2h 8m 43s
Awesome! ^___^

What do you want to RP about? I can make the plot if you want. ^___^
  Corey Andrew / cougarsforJesus / 7y 233d 2h 14m 33s
Yeah, it's a lot better.
  Laney Keiths / DakotaHeart / 7y 233d 2h 22m 44s
Sure. Is this better. ^___^
  Corey Andrew / cougarsforJesus / 7y 233d 2h 23m 56s
i can do one with you
  Victor / shykriaisevil / 7y 233d 2h 24m 4s
Sure, but could you change your picture please?
  Laney Keiths / DakotaHeart / 7y 233d 2h 29m 0s
Do you want to do a romance RP with me?
  Kiwo Akironi / cougarsforJesus / 7y 233d 2h 31m 33s
  Laney Keiths / DakotaHeart / 7y 233d 2h 39m 38s

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