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did it die?
  Simon / whitewing / 10y 42d 14h 43m 7s
Mika slept soundly , not a sound in the world could stirr him. It was warm there, safe, comfortable... Jake was simmply perfect. Well atleast that was how he felt then. He had never stayed this long, and it was rather uncomfortable, well prehaps not uncomortable, but still all the same awkward to wake up in someone elses bed. What was he to do now, get up get dressed, go? Or was he to linger still, stay fix breakfast... he was cluless. Mika bit his lip nervously as he looked down to jakes now waking form.
  Simon / whitewing / 10y 54d 23h 32m 55s
When morning came Jake woke up at 9:00. Waaaay tooooo late for school. He looked at Mika, then down. He sighed softly. Then snuggled into him. Kissing his cheek lightly. Utterly happy he didn't leave during night or anything.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 55d 16h 4m 33s
Mika smiled his hand lighlty slipping down the boys smooth and brair back, the tip of his fingers lightly tracing the boys bum with a soft and tempted smile. Mika behaved though moving his hand back to the center of Jakes back holding him tenderly as jake slept.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 78d 16h 59m 49s
Jake closed his eyes laying his head down on his chest. Soon he did as he said and fell tp sleep. His body curled into his side as he did so.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 78d 17h 32m 11s
" I know you do babe" he whisperd kissing the boys forehead. " Here lay your head down and try to sleep, your tired.. and we have all day for i love yous." he admitted happily his hand rubing soft little circles there on the boys back trying to sooth him
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 80d 23h 32m 59s
Jake kissed back, "Ah.." He mumbled, closing his eyes, "Yes...I liked it alot.." He mumbled, kissing his lips lightly, then his nose, "Ilove you, Mika." He mumbled, clinging to him.
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 81d 13h 54m 7s
Mika nodded " I did, and if you were not sore and so tired i would ask for it again." he teased tilting jakes chin up slightly so that he could meet the boys lips. " Any for you?" he asked once again quite aware that he had taken the boys inosence.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 81d 20h 59m 13s
"Ah..Well i'm sleepy.. but I can stay awake.." Jake mumbled, closing his eyes tightly. He held onto him tightly, "...D..did you like it..? Making love...I mean.." He asked, looking at him, a small blush on his cheeks.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 41m 5s
Mika smiled wrapping his free arm around jake ligtlhy pulling him closer. " I think im awake now" he teased kissing the top of jakes head as he looked down. They had made quite a mess of the bedd the sheets nolonger clinging to the matress but instead around there naked bodys. Mika smiled then at the thought, they had made love and though mika was not new to this act, it was all to new to him... the feeling of wanting to linger there and hold him afterwards... that was new and the feeling of not wanting another, or that strange fulfillment... all of it.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 82d 1h 7m 59s
Jake closed his eyes slowly, "Ah.." He mumbled, snuggling into him, the cold hand cooling him down a bit, "I love you.." He mumbled again, "So much.." He mumbled, moving a bit closer, his arm thrown over his chest and the other just laying on the bed.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 3h 27m 17s
Mika looked to him quite nervouse his hand lightly moving to cup the boys cheek " i am sorry" he whisperd his lips meeting jakes soft cheek gladly. He would hav done anything to prevent jake from...Mika gently rubbed the bace of theboys neck, his shaggy hair slightly damp there. His hands were cold, though perhaps they were the only things cool on him for even benieth the thin sheet. " the bleeding wont last, niether will the pain... sooner or later it will stop hurting." he whisperd though his breath lay heavy in his chest.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 82d 4h 24m 43s
Jake panted softly as he held tightly onto him, nuzzling his face into his chest, "..I lo..love you, too.." He mumbled, "..I'mm...ble...bleeding a bit.." He mumbled, glancing back at the small blood dripping from his upper inner thighs and onto the bed.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 12h 28m 52s
Mika rolled onto his back pulling the sheet over the two of them before once again reaching out to pull jake to his chest. Kissing the top of his loves head he lightly wishperd his love... " I love you jake...are, are you okay?" he asked softly affraid that perhaps he had hurt him in some way.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 82d 12h 31m 55s
Okay. xD Your post though. ;3
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 12h 35m 31s

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