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River is a quiet girl, wide eyed and holding an innocent look that hides the secrets in her brain easily. Now when i say quiet i mean silent, most people thought she was mute the first 4 monthes of her going to high school, some still think she is.
But theres somthing about river that the rumers about her and her "rep" cant tell anyone, and cant even hint...River is a medium. she hates being weak more than anything, thats why her parents left because she was weak because she let the ghosts get the better of her once, never again. so she ignores them, and the scars they leave and hopes that one day it will just stop.
Constantly seeing and being plagued by ghosts and melovelent phantoms she learned early that unless she wasnt to be the "crazy girl" she is to keep silent, ignore the ghosts and everything else and go through life. But when the ghosts persist to her home and begin to physically har her what will happen?
And when a new boy with the same ability enrolls in her school and becomes interested by her silence and strange scars, will he find out her secret? and will he be able to help?

Lit please, Paragraph posts
Follow ES rules
No cyber, or anything of that nature
NO GODMODDING that really pisses me off.
No invincibility
Such forth and so on.
Literate is always good. PARAGRAPH POST!!!
Need the main guy and others, other students, ghosts, teachers, Such forth and so on.

Neway, theres you go peeps! JOIN!

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River woke with a start firy pain seering into her her arm angrily as she shot out of bed and fell to the floor in a crumpled mess. She looked down at her arm breath hissing from between her teeth as she tried to stand on unsteady knees, she hated when they did this, ghosts were usually harmless when they were just lost souls looking to pass on, she could handel those but lately... there had been mor angery spirits impatient and angery, and they enjoyed watching her scream. she felt tears sting her eyes and reached for the pendant that should be around her neck dangling from a long chain but it had fallen off in bed she scrammbled for it, when she wore it, most of them didnt touch her. pulling the blus stone around her neck she relaxed slightly feeling the angery spirit retreat from the room into her living room. she looked at the freash burn on her arm and whimpered as she stood and pulled her long stringy hair from her eyes. "Another day..." she said in a soft quiet voice that cracked slightly as her throat opend from being asleep. She stood up on shaky knees and went to her dresser. tiredly grabbing an over sized black hoodie to hide her fresh burn a clean white t-shirt and a pair of small grundgy jeans to fit her tiny and slightly mal nourished frame. she sighed walking out of the small room in her one bed room apartment she looked around at the empty living room at the TV then over at the collection of computers arranged creativly on a desk she smiled softly technology was one thing she was good at. That and her occasional sketches of random stuff. She grabbed her laptop case and headed out for school, Nabbing her car keys off the dresser, and walking out the door locking it behind her. Hopeing the ghosts didnt follow her to school and make her a they had at her last school. She would never forget the looks on those kids faces as they watched the crazy girl run through the halls like somthing was chasing her screaming at the top of her lungs. She shook her head, that had been an over reaction on her part, she regreted it but it was all she could do with herself, she didnt know any better, she hadnt ALWAYS been able to see them. She supposed it had subdued itself when she was young, like many things do. With a sigh she walked outside to her black nissan pathfinder and climbed into the bulky car. Starting the engine she was off to her new school.
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