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Tokyo was growing to be a dangerous place. Murders and kidnappings were becoming more common in the busiest of streets. They happened in the day, and of course at night. Most of the victims were prostitutes, children, and small gangs.

Ivory Hyun was a male prostitute that wandered the streets of Tokyo, most of the time hoping that someone would be generous enough to pay him a good amount of money for the job that he did.

He had become widely known by customers in the area, which caused problems for him. One male saw Ivory, and at first just ignored him. Though, later on, started to try and find out where Ivory lived.

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"That's a lie. Everyone who passes has one soul who misses them. Be it the stray dog at the end of the street or a lover." Dominic finds himself watching the other closer now, eyes sharpening upon the thin frame as words fall from lips moving more out of absentmindedness than intent. "To be blunt, I'm sure there are a few customers that'd moron your loss. I've heard some stories involving a beautiful male of pale flesh. You'd be surprised at how eloquent some men can become when enamored with another." It's meant to be in a light tone as a smile flickers over his lips but something about how the other speaks reminds the older man of a forlorn child.

However before any other response can pass his lips, Ivory has stilled and is apologizing. Laughter quickly follows the young man's words as Dominic lets his head fall back upon the couch and a hand fall over his eyes. "I want you to be open. I want you to speak your mind because I can not read it. How am I to know what your desires and needs if you don't say them aloud, hm? I mean, I'm fairly good at reading others but I won't say that I'm that great..." A brow lifts as he twists his body to face the other from across the room.

The laughter dies as he continues to watch Ivory, it was obvious that the male was on the verge of tears as he began talking once again. Listing his talents, or from the sounds of it, lack there of. From how the male acted and even spoke, there was no doubt that he'd lived a very hard life. Than again, most people living the life that the younger man had, didn't do it by their own choice. It was by the actions of others that had them on the street selling their bodies and barely scrapping by to make it through to the next day. Not that Dominic hadn't seen the few souls who had made a name for themselves and a loyal customer list that they lived in luxury.

Ivory wasn't one of those people. "To make it in this city, you have to be a good listener. People say a lot of things they don't mean but fail to realize that how they say it speaks more than anything else. Do you know how many people stumble into my buildings promising to pay with their next check or offering threats? Far too many. Or employees who steal and act like it was someone else? It's a very good trait, to listen. Who needs the ability to write well if one can read someone as if they were an open book? I'm sure you're fairly well versed in reading a stranger, right?" It was an unrelenting force that made Dominic want the young man to realize that he wasn't useless. That things would get better and in fact, they were, weren't they?

Far too often Dominic saw how the hardships that the people who lived on the streets faced and just how harshly it affected them. Even the people who made enough to go without worry, you can see it in their eyes. Something dies, perhaps innocence or faith in humanity and he didn't want to see that die in this man. It was dwindling, Dominic could see that, but it was still there and that's what was important. If there was hope of saving this soul, than he wouldn't have let him into his home and Ivory wouldn't be an emotional mess since dinner last night. "I've got faith that you'll prove yourself wrong. You're actually quite interesting if you know what to look for and more importantly, you should laugh more. Its nice." He offers the other a wide smile before pushing to his feet and stretching. "Now, I'm going to jump in the shower. Feel free to clean whatever looks like it needs cleaning, okay?" With a brief nod of his head, Dominic shuffles down the hall trailed by a long yawn.
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"If I died, no one would even know," Ivory could only whisper his answer. It saddened him that he was so little in this world, not important to a dog. Man's best friend. He did have a stray dog as a pet once, but it died long ago. Even that animal wouldn't miss him if he was alive.

His father and mother? Well they were the ones who threw him out. They didn't even want him in the first place. He wondered why he hadn't been placed up for adoption when he was born. "I don't have family, nor friends, only customers who of which have more concerns than giving a damn about me."

Ivory suddenly stopped, realizing he was being a bit outspoken. "I'm sorry," he said slightly, drying up the dish he had just finished washing, and taking the other from Dominic to continue the washing. He would wash the pans next.

"I like to draw. I can't really write all that well but I do like to write. And of course miscellaneous..." he said softly. "I don't have many talents, never have," he explained as he started drying up the dish in his hands as well.

At this point, Ivory was just keeping himself busy. Trying to keep himself calm and whatnot. He was keeping a straight face, so he couldn't cry nor laugh. "Sorry, I'm not all that interesting. I'm good at listening though...and I guess you are too huh?" he laughed, lightening the mood in the air, and his own mood at that.
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"Ah, yes. Here..." Dominic passed over his plate and settled back into the couch. Eyes glued to the constantly changing images, there was no way he was going to let something like this rattle him so. How often does he see half naked bodies? Hell the better question was how often had he seen naked people? Dominic ran a gentlemen's club for Christ's sake so this reaction was just stupid. He blamed it on the early morning and his lack of a recent love life, it made perfect sense if he didn't dwell upon it too long.

So, with a long breath and a constant mantra to get his shit together, Dominic was fine. The occasional sounds of dishes being cleaned bringing his over to the smaller form in the kitchen. "Don't burn yourself, I've no desire of taking you to a doctor's in this kind of weather..." He mused, a little amazed at how easily it was to push away those plaguing thoughts and emotions.

"Will anyone miss you?" He was curious. There had to be at least one soul upon this earth the would notice when Ivory never showed back up. Someone other then the person in charge of sending him out into the street, perhaps even someone Ivory considered family? Then again, he was prying which wasn't a trait he liked in others and especially within himself. "Uh-I'm not a messy person so this job shouldn't be hard. Just clean what you come across and you'll do fine..." The sudden change in topics was more of a means for him to avoid admitting that this man intrigued him and more of a way to force their conversation into more neutral ground.

Dominic was a firm believer in never asking of others what he himself wouldn't do and divulging personal information wasn't something he had any desire doing. "I'm not sure what else to do with you, I mean do you have any skills?" Dominic cocked his head to the side slightly as his face twisted in contemplation. Maybe if the other had some basic skills, he could put him doing other things aside cleaning up whatever mess he could find. If he found that notion boring, then the other must find it dreadful...
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"No the air is fine...I should have a shirt on..." he mumbled, looking at the other. He rose from his position on the couch, ready to go get the food for himself, but as soon as Dominic got up, he sat back down. "Thank you," he said quickly, taking the food once it was handed to him.

He just about did everything to restrain himself from scarfing it down. He couldn't help but try to not look at Dominic, but clearly it didn't work as he turned his head to look at the other. What he saw made him blush even more. Was he blushing too?

"U-Uhm, what do you want me to do today?" he asked as he quickly looked away. He could start with the dishes...

Ivory stood and made his way to the sink with his plate and started some hot water. He poured soap into the water then started to soak the plate. It took him five minutes to adjust his hands to the scalding hot water, and he scrubbed at the excess that had stuck to the plate. He went back to grab Dominic's as well. "Are you done?" he asked.

He didn't want to be the one to get mad at, and didn't want to seem impulsive...but he was brought here to work right? Right...
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He found himself staring. No matter how hard he tried to force himself to become interested by the images flickering across the television, Dominic found his eyes roaming back to the expanse of pale flesh that belongs to his underage new roommate. A heat he hadn't been aware of ghosts over his face as Ivory moves to sit beside him; this was bad. It was his job to have self control but something about how the younger man says his name has Dominic aware of his restraints being tested. When had he become such a pervert?

"No. It's not a dream. You're staying here and that room is all yours..." It's honed skills that have the older man schooling his features into something more acceptable and far less obvious to the deviousness of his mind. "Ivory... I made food, help yourself." The words sound lame to his own ears but something about the other man threw him off. Something about the other man had Dominic's finger tips itching to touch, and something about the other has his lecherous mind wondering why people he had worked with would pay for such a normal thing.

He needed to get away. To add distance. In fact, these thoughts were normal, the older man reasoned, how long had it been since he'd experienced a release in any sense? Far too long. So how could he not think such things when the man beside him, well it was his job? "Here, I'll get you a plate... Just stay here." He's tossing the words over his shoulder as he stands and makes his way into the kitchen, refusing to look back and to entertain any further thoughts of the same color.

So instead, he focused on preparing a plate. Dishing out equal portions and gathering any of the possible things the other would want to add to his meal. A glass of juice in one hand as the other precariously holds the plate that he carries to the younger man. Trying his hardest to keep his eyes trained to anything and everything but Ivory. "Are you cold? I'll turn the heat up..." He speaks, turning his back onto the other once again as he makes his way to the thermostat and adjusting the heat. What have I gotten myself into? his mind pleads, already condemning him to a eternity in the lowest pits of hell.

"God forgive me..." Dominic finds himself whispering as he pulls in a long breath and slowly makes his way back to the couch. It was Ivory's fault that his mind and body was acting so recklessly so it wouldn't be fair to treat the male as if this was his plan the entire time. "Did you sleep well?" he blinks, eyes settling upon the screen once again, vaguely aware that the program was something about foreign politics and he had a feeling neither of them were curious about it so he busied himself with finding something worth watching. Yup, Dominic, you're going to hell...
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Ivory opened his eyes to see near darkness. It scared him, because he knew it was morning. The sun wasn't out just yet, and he could tell because he had gotten up to check outside the window. The area had been freezing cold, and his body was freezing as well, but it was warmer than it had been when he was living on the streets. Ivory realized that he had somehow ripped off his shirt during the night and it was lying carelessly on the floor. He picked it up and folded it, then placed it on the end of the bed.

Upon doing that, he quickly left the room and noticed Dominic at the end of the hallway, in the living room. He was too sleepy to care he had no shirt, and he sat right by Dominic rubbing his eyes. "I guess it wasn't a dream right?" he murmured.

Indeed, it was the real thing, not a really long dream. "I can't believe this is happening to me," he said, trying to converse with the other without irritation in the air. Or suspicion.

It would be nice to not be one of those people someone couldn't trust. But clearly Dominic trusted him if he were letting him sleep and stay in his own home full of expensive items. "Dominic..." he murmured, still not used to the name. He couldn't call him that man or this man all the time. He had to eventually say his name...
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He awoke with a slow start, the muted sun filtering through the crack between the curtains to land directly upon his face. Dominic let out a low groan as he stretches and rubs at his eyes with his palms. Even these days, he was far from a morning person but the notion of staying buried beneath his warm blankets was so alluring. The only thing to save him from temptation was the loud rumble of an empty stomach and the way his tongue tried to fuse with the roof of his mouth.

Another long sigh, he stands and pulls on robe before padding out of the room and into the hall. Blurry eyes briefly touching upon Ivory's closed door as he contemplated waking the other up but thought better of it. Yawning, the dark haired man makes his way into the sleek kitchen to fish out a mug and start a pot of coffee while hunting out something for food. By the end his search, Dominic has a cup of steaming, sugary, caffeine and pan scrambling eggs as the microwave alerts that the breakfast sausage is done. A simple meal but it would placate his hunger.

Fixing a plate, he shuffles to the couch and flips on the television. A drama being the first thing that caught his eye as the male settles in and begins eating. Taking the occasional sip of near scalding liquid and waiting for it's affects to kick in. While he found himself every now and then looking back down the hall to see that small frame peek out and wondering if the male would have the courage to actually ask for anything or more intriguing would be if he'd just take without needing permission; he older man had made enough for two. Lifting a shoulder, he turns his attention back to the actors on his screen.

Today was his day off which was one of the main reasons behind him acquiring a new roommate. Any other night and Dominic probably would have left it at them bumping shoulders but something about the other and the knowledge that there would be no place for him to be the next day had fueled this strange interaction between them. He could only imagine what his mother would say if she were here this day. The idea brings out a laugh, if she were still alive, she'd probably just roll her eyes. These antics where nothing new, especially for Dominic. Hell it was expected that these things happened, bringing home a prostitute though was pretty high on the list of damn near unbelievable. "Oh well, lets see how this plays out mom, huh?" he murmurs over the steam rising from his mug before taking a long drink and sinking into the plush cushions.
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Ivory found himself following Dominic to his new room, examining every step they took to make sure he had a clear running path if the problem ever arose that he had to run.

The room...it was all Ivory could describe as amazing. As if it were heaven. Even when he did have a home, it hadn't looked as amazing as the room he was standing in this very moment. It was the size of two rooms put together...at least that was how the male saw it.

"Y-You're so grateful..." he murmured, struggling yet again not to cry. He was struggling to suck up his emotions and become...well like a normal person. But here he was, once a homeless prostitute on the streets to being in a luxurious room with a bed. He had come face to face with a bed. And he hadn't seen one for a couple of years.

Slowly, he approached the dresser and pulled out what looked to be sleeping items. He waited for Dominic to leave before ripping off his clothes and gently reclothing himself with the foreign fabric. Maybe this was heaven. He had died, and his angel had guided him to the other side, and now he was in these luxurious clothes that had been handed to him by his angel.

What next? Would people start telling him to go guide some other poor unfortunate soul? Maybe not.

Then again, this could be a mix of heaven and hell. Maybe he was stuck in limbo and had absolutely no idea what was going on! He had gone willingly though.....so very willingly.

And that's the same effect that happened when he climbed onto the sheets of the bed. He didn't even lay under them. Ivory's body sprawled out and arms wrapped around an innocent pillow, suffocating it as he hugged it close to his chest. Then he curled his head down enough to rest his head atop it. Now this...this was heaven.
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Dominic watched the young man and couldn't help but laugh at the sight greeting him. Sleep was begging that thin frame to it's comforting darkness and the older man wondered just how much effort it was taking for Ivory to stay awake. "No, follow me..." he sighs, stifling a yawn with the back of his hand as his body shuffles past that small body and down the hall until he stopped before a door, his hand twisting it open. "This will be your room for now. I do hope its enough though..." his back is to the male as his voice sounds pensive but there's a smile pulling at his lips.

From the reaches that Ivory gave, all this was luxurious and wonderful, which always entertained him. Dominic had grown immune to all these expensive things that he didn't bat a lash but to see this from a new perspective was intriguing. With a wide sweep of his arm, Dominic nodded his head to the large room and the plush bed, all decorated in hues of blues and purples with accents of gold. He'd had fun with transforming this room from blank white walls into something worthy of living in. A wide window offered it's inhabitant a brilliant view over the city below, snow flurries dancing past as the moon's light cast an alluring glow but with a flick of his wrist, it's washed out with florescent light.

"I think my favorite thing in this room is the bed..." Dominic smiles, motioning to the large over-sized bed covered in only the finest fabric whose colors mirrored those of the room and he takes another step back, giving Ivory as much room as possible to pass by and enter. "This is all yours. Feel free to explore or whatever." He nods, eyes scanning the dress tucked against the wall with various knicknacks he'd accumulated over the years before touching upon the plasma screen mounted against the wall and finally settling upon the closet doors. "Ah, there's clothes in there that you may fit in. This room is full of things I've gotten over the years but haven't had the heart to throw out, so help yourself and with that, good night Ivory."

He gives a short bow before slipping out into the hall, carding his fingers through his hair. "Before I forget, the bathroom is just down this hall right there." He points his head to the cracked door across from Ivory's new room. "My room is that last door at the end of this hall, any problems or something come wake me but I'm sure you'll be fine." Another flicker of a smile before he shuffles down the hall, fingers pulling his shirt off as the other works on loosening his pants before Dominic stops to look back at the other, "You live here now, you work for me, so help yourself to whatever is under this roof. Just remember my warning, hm? Sweet dreams pretty boy" He winks, blowing the male a kiss as his hand pulls his door open and his body slips inside.

Perhaps, there should have been some hesitancy to just leaving a stranger alone in his home but Dominic held nothing. Not even a whisper of warning and that meant more to him then common sense. It was his job to read people, to know how the world works and despite knowing that almost any other person wouldn't have even gone so far as to buy such a man as Ivory was a meal, well he liked to fancy himself a rule breaker. What fun was life if you lived it by the rules and experiences of others? So, with a deep sigh, Dominic tosses his shirt into the designated basket and strips, pulling on his favorite pair of pj pants and burying himself into his bed with a soft contented moan. Sleep easily silencing any other protests his mind held.

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Smiling just slightly, the male realized that Dominic was again speaking to him. "No...it's fine for now," he said softly with a smile. He couldn't help but smile as the heat overtook his eyes and caused them to shut peacefully, leaning back against the seat, his head relaxing against the head rest.

Soon enough, he was sleeping, lightly actually. He didn't really have much trust to fall asleep completely, like he would as if he had his own home. In the safety of his own bed. But that wasn't the case here, as he was just way too tired to care if he were with a man he barely knew. What he did know was that he was being taken in nicely.

A few times he opened his eyes, just about every time he heard a sound. But upon hearing the music, he was lulled back to sleep without hearing anything but that.

At least until Dominic woke him up with that laugh. Ivory found himself quickly pushing the door open and struggling to get out of the car without falling over. The cold air bit him back as if for revenge of leaving it in the first place. The weather clearly didn't like when the homeless were taken from it's murderous intentions.

Ivory would have died if he stayed out there a few more days. At least that was how he was thinking. Pretty soon, he was back in a warm place with a smile. He sat in the elevator, in a corner, realizing that he could see his reflection on the wall. It wasn't glass, but metal that surprised him. Really shiny metal. It sort of just confused him, he guessed, but he found himself gawking at it.

The apartment - penthouse - was amazing. Even more than the shiny elevator. Everything looked warm and inviting except for those sliding glass doors that if opened, could send in a killing cold wind. But that was just him being depressive...Ivory found himself eying the couch as if he were ready to collapse on it and pass out. But he looked to Dominic first as if he needed permission.

"Do you want me to clean before I go to bed or not? Lists are okay and probably better..." he murmured softly.
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"Well it sounds that you're perfect!" He flashed a wide smile, shifting the car into drive before giving the young male a sideways glance. Despite Ivory's age, the male was complex and his eyes held troubles no one of his youth should. Perhaps that's what was really fueling Dominic to do something so out of the blue? Or perhaps he was just further justifying why he was allowing someone so alluring into his home even with all the factors warning Dominic that this would only end in disaster.

"Are you warm now or should I turn the heat up?" The older man asks before pulling away from the curb and merging onto the empty street. It hadn't set in just how late this little detour had taken until now, the streets were completely empty when in most cases, there was usually always some stray souls but now? Even with the weather, there were no shortages of people but as he looked up into the sky, the telltale sign of a fading night gave it all away. "You're dangerous, you know that? A man looses track of time with you..."

A low chuckle filled the car before with a flick of his wrist, the background was taken over with current pop songs playing softly and like that, he let it the conversation be taken over as Dominic maneuvered the car towards his home. Minutes passed and he found himself humming to the songs, almost forgetting about the male filling his passenger seat however, before he could comment on anything, Dominic was pulling into the parking garage and shutting the car off. "Honey, we're home..."

Another trickle of laughter and then he was stepping out of the car, keys tucked securely away into his pocket as his feet pulled him to the elevator. "We're on the top floor, okay?" Dominic smiled as the doors opened and they filled the space, still humming songs. Moments filter past before the soft ding marks that they're on the right level and the doors open to which he steps off and makes his way to the door.

"I'll get you a key if this works out and till then, I guess you can just stay here and clean or whatever, how does that sound?" Dominic speaks absentmindedly as he fiddles with the door and the key before it clicks and swings open. The room is wide and decorated with luxerious funriture, colors down in a various shades of blue as Dominic throws his jacket onto the nearest hook, toeing his shoes off. "Do you like? The interior designer said that blue is a calming color, that it'll help with my stress or whatever, so I thought why not?" another crooked smile as he finds himself staring at the other.

"Those doors open up to a balcony and I'd suggest going out there to look but not in this weather..." He wrinkles his nose as Dominic tilts his head to the large sliding glass doors as he moves towards the closest couch, pulling off all the countless layers of clothing as he went. "Come in, come in. Make yourself at home and once you're relaxed, I'll show you you're room, okay?"
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He glanced down, giggling slightly in his head. He didn't want to do it out loud because he had absolutely no idea how Dominic would react. Above all else, he wouldn't have hit him anyways. Who knows how the male would have reacted around him?

At first, he didn't want to climb into the very warm looking interior of the car, but after much debating with himself, he climbed in. "Alright..." he whispered as he climbed inside and sighed at the leathery softness of the seats. They were warm, but comfortable enough to provide the best comfort possible. He shivered at first when a blast of cold air hit his face, causing his face to fire up completely red in the attempt to warm itself.

Then that cold turned to the very relaxing warmth he would never grow accustomed to. He nearly pressed his face and hands up against the vents.

"Uh...not that I can think of. The only people that would look for me are my top customers...but they wouldn't cause any trouble..." he whispered. He didn't really know if he had any allergies. He never went around much things, not even when he had a home. Animals he wasn't sure about. Peanuts were okay, they didn't make him break out in hives or anything. He had never had a girlfriend before so there was no problem there.

As for nasty habits, he was very...easily emotional? That wasn't the words...he would figure that out later. "I don't know much about my allergies, and I've never had a girlfriend," he explained.

"...I can't think of any nasty habits..."
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The startled look that had exploded over Ivory's face about how Dominic dealt with betrayal was kind of cute if he were honest with himself; like a frightened animal. Then again, if the roles were reversed, wouldn't he be feeling the same thing? These thoughts move through his mind as soft brown eyes continue to watch the other's face. Emotions and decisions playing across the delicate features like currents dancing in water. Only noticeable to those paying attention. "Don't fret, if you don't fuck me over, then you'll be fine." He smiles, laughing as he pulls his hand back from the pinky promise only to lift it up to pat the younger male's shoulder.

"Though I'm sorry for touching you like that, I could see you didn't much care for it. Hell, if I were you I'd probably have just socked me..." Shoulders lift as his moves to mess with his hair, lips tilting as he continues to watch Ivory. "I don't think sometimes, especially if I'm excited about something" Another ripple of laughter, "It also wouldn't be the first time I've earned a smack from someone." Lips pulling into a grin as Dominic notes the wave of blush once again taking over the other's pale flesh. It made him pleased to know that he could cause this man to react like this and if now this was what a couple words and some close distance caused, what would the future hold?

"You may regret your choice... Well that is if you decide to eat my cooking..." The older male winks, a sense of ease settling throughout his limbs as his feet carry him towards his car. It'd been the second destination for him, after purchasing his cigarettes and before this lovely sidetrack. "My car isn't far, so we're lucky tonight, huh?" Dominic wondered if his mood seemed strange to the other, changing from serious to laid back in a heartbeat? It was just who he was, focus on what needed to be done and when that was finished? Enjoy oneself, so that's what he was doing.

Humming a tuneless song, the dark haired male begins leading the way to his car. It sat on an adjoining street to the park; the sleek black car commanding silent respect and it was one of the few things he'd spent unnecassory amounts of money. Usually one who was thoughtful with cash, Dominic figured splurging once in a blue moon wouldn't kill him and so far, this little number hadn't. "Hop in, it shouldn't be long before we get to our place" Once again, a smile moves over his face as fingers press the button to unlock the vehicale. Pulling the door open as his body slips into the plush driver's seat and shutting the door. With a flick of his wrist, the engine roars to life and it was times like these that Dominic felt like a stereotypical man. "Figured I'd out grown the toy cars so I bought myself this, do you like?" he purrs, fingers lazily running over the intricate design of the car before turning the heater on.

"Oh, anything I need to know before we leave?" A brow lifts as he turns his face back to the other, not surprised to see that Ivory was still attractive in the dim light of the moon filtering through the windshield. "Allergies? Nasty habits? Drugs? Children? Crazy exes? Or anything like that?" His voice is matter of fact, as if asking for the time as he sits back and waits for the cozy interior of the car to warm up, patiently waiting for an answer.
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A personal assistant...it didn't sound that bad. At least, not now it didn't.

He shivered slightly, slowly releasing the male's sleeve, sort of taking a step back. Was he just threatened to be killed? No...more like tortured. If I make him mad then he'll torture me?! he thought with great unease. Though he wouldn't back down, he really needed a place to stay for the night. "T-That would be fine," he said quickly, nodding as if reassuring himself it was okay.

He shivered at Dominic's touch to his cheek. The cold hand added onto his already cold face. He wouldn't be surprised if the man actually did what he had said. I don't want to be shared at all... he thought, glancing down at the ground. He didn't even want to be a prostitute anyways.

Of course, he knew that Dominic was telling the truth. He found it a little weird that the male hadn't already used him. It made him...happy? Yes. Surprised and happy. He knew that he could trust the male.

But once his jaw was gently grasped, his initial reaction was to slap the male's hand away. Years of being used and pure instinct made him react like that sometimes. Whether it was the simplest touch on the arm or a hug.

The only good thing that came out of that was that Dominic had yet again gotten Ivory to blush. He could feel his cheeks warm up because his face was so cold.

He didn't want to end it, so he chose. And he went with Dominic. He took Dominic's humorous attitude and held out his own pinky. Already, he knew that it was just a promise. Not a swear. He had no idea what would happen in the future.
  Ivory Hyun / IvoryColoredLeaves / 8y 142d 10h 34m 31s
"As I've said, I've taken an interest with you. I can see, despite where you are, that there's some fight to you and I like it. So, here's my proposal; as long as you try to better your life then I'll help you. I can hire you on as my personal assistant or maid or whatever, how does that sound?" His voice is like velvet as Dominic speaks through a cloud of smoke. Eyes looking down into that young face and the older male can almost taste Ivory's panic. It was a flavor he wanted to savor, to know that in just a fraction of time he'd affected the other like this, well it was thrilling.

As Dominic had stated earlier, he was a greedy and selfish man. One had to be in this line of work and the moment his eyes had fallen upon the other, well, the decision had been made. "Though let me give you some warnings, it'd be the decent thing to do and that's what I'm aiming for; decency. If you cross me, or in someway betray me Ivory, there will be no hope. I won't kill you, that'd be to easy. I assure you though, that by the end of it, you'll be begging for death and not one soul will listen... Do you understand?" That velvet charm of his voice is now stronger as the older man lifts a hand to brush finger tips over the crest of the younger male's cheek.

"Do as I say. If I ask for a clean house, then do it. No more, no less. Simple enough I think." Dominic takes a slow drag on his cigarette before letting the smoke seep past his lips, curling into the air above them as he continues to look into that face before him. "I won't come onto you. Not that I don't think your attractive, but I don't want that to ever be in your mind that I did all this for you body. If that's all I wanted then I'd have already had it but that's not to say I'll share you..." A devilish grin pulls over his lips just as he finishes the cigarette and fingers as tossing the butt onto the snow covered ground.

Dominic's fingers grasp the smooth jawline of the male grasping him and he enjoys allowing several heartbeats to pass as he licks his lips. "I'm greedy. I like what I like and I don't like letting others have it. I'm not ashamed of it and if anything where to happen between us Ivory, it'll be because you initiate it. See? I'm not complicated. The only real issue is will you be able to deal with that?" His voice is softer as Dominic finds himself leaning in slightly, enjoying the patterns the pale male's heated breathing makes in the cold air. "If not, I can give you some money and this will be the end of it. I won't be hurt if you wish that and I'll wish you the best of luck with your life." His shoulder lifts again and then Dominic's stepping back, tucking hands back into his pockets to chase off the cold seeping into his bones.

"So what fate do you choose? Do you wish to be the pauper that became a prince or the latter?" That grin is changing to one of a boyish smile, white teeth flashing as Dominic tilts his head ever so slightly. "Please be quick, if I'm out here any longer my feet will be replaced with blocks of ice and that won't do me any good. Not when I've got a heated home waiting for me and possibly you..." He's winking, unable to hide the pleased notion that perhaps Ivory would go home with him. However, Dominic would hold to his statement; he wouldn't cross any lines. If anything along those lines were to happen, this pale beauty would have to make those moves. Though, that wasn't to say Dominic wouldn't enjoy flirting with those lines, this male was just too cute and he aroused instincts that begged Dominic claim him. "What if I throw in a pinky promise? Will that sway you?" he laughs, pulling his hand out to wiggle said pinky.

// Ah! Finally I was able to post! Thank you for waiting ;_; you're so understanding! //
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