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At the end of the school year there is a big beach party. Everyone form the school comes and dances, have fun, surfs, jet skies, swims. But the cool thing is, is that there is not supervision. No Parents, teachers. So of course there is going to be alcohol. Plus the cops wont try and stop us. Whatever they want to do in the sun. But after sunset is when the best part of the night starts. There are usually concerts of some of the student's favorite bands. BUt a lot of the students start to spread out and go their own way. Some around the bend of the beach to a small little cove. Some back to their house's to have some alone time. Some just stay and have fun.

Come all students and have fun at the beach!! How will the night end for you?


violence-not much, no killing
real pics- yes
one liners- no plaes at least one paragh thanks!
haveing fun-yes
if read put sunset at the bottom of your skelly

Sexualiy- (bi,gay,striaght,les.)

Name: Alex Hunt
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Sexuality: Straight

Name- Shasha Johnson
Age- 17
Grade- 11th
Sexuality- Striaght

Name- Erika Red
Age- 17
Grade- 11th
Gender- Female
Sexualiy- Straight

Name: Hailey Montez
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Gender: Female!
Sexuality: Straight

Name- Marc Mathews
Age- 18
Grade- 12
Gender- Male
Sexualiy- Bi

Name- Crystal Swan
Age- 17
Grade- 11
Gender- Female
Sexualiy- bi

Name:steve richards

Thats it, HAVE FUN!!

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  Shasha / kikio26 / 9y 169d 2h 51m 31s
He smiled and went to sit hes legs were getting sore
  Steve richards / Xxdellyxx / 9y 169d 3h 38m 15s
Erika felt a little out of place at the beach party. She hadn't seen anyone she knew yet and so she decided to walk down to the water.
  Erika Red / QueenVictoria / 9y 169d 3h 46m 30s

Alex shook his hand and smiled. "You too man." he said and chuckled then looked around.
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 169d 3h 50m 8s
He smiled at him "nice to meet you to im steve"
He put hes out to shake
  Steve richards / Xxdellyxx / 9y 169d 3h 53m 5s

  Erika Red / QueenVictoria / 9y 169d 3h 59m 41s
Alex chuckled then wrapped one of his arms around Crystals shoulders then looked up at Steve and smiled. "Hey man nice to meet ya, I'm Alex"
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 169d 4h 2m 13s
he smiles at her
He replied with a small smirk playing on hes lips
  Steve richards / Xxdellyxx / 9y 169d 4h 34m 25s
She smiles " hi i'm crystal. im new here!. i just moved here. and its nice to meet you too."
  Crystal / Solstice69 / 9y 169d 4h 37m 15s
He smiled and walked over thinking mm must be early
He looked at the two
"im steve nice to meet ye"
  Steve richards / Xxdellyxx / 9y 169d 4h 38m 8s
She looked at the door and waves to the new boy walking in. "hiiI!. we are all over here... well the two of us."
  Crystal / Solstice69 / 9y 169d 4h 41m 46s
He walked into the house seeing two people there
He sighed as he looked around
He said with a smile trying to be nice
  Steve richards / Xxdellyxx / 9y 169d 4h 43m 21s
She smirked "no i have to tie two any boy or girl. So we can make this night as fun as you want.." she winked at him.
  Crystal / Solstice69 / 9y 169d 4h 51m 21s
Alex shook his head. "Nope I don't even have one anyway. What about you? Do you have a boy friend?" he asked as he looked into her eyes.
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 169d 4h 52m 35s
she nodded "ohh okay well did you bring you gf here?. i don't see you. a guy as cute a so should have a gf near."
  Crystal / Solstice69 / 9y 169d 4h 56m 50s

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