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Alex chuckled as he saw her look at him and smile. He smiled back then walked over to her and sat down next to her. He glanced over at her an smiled. "Hey uhh do you know where the park is? I'm new here so I don't know my way around yet.." he said as he looked over into her eyes.
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 14h 30m 10s
Carolyn felt like someone was nearby,so she looked up seeing a boy around her age,and looked new there. She smiled to him,and gigled lightly before looking back at her phone and typed along. Se then sat down on a bench nearby,and crossed her legs on it.
  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 15h 26m 35s
As Alex was walking he let his black long bangs cover one of his eyes. He really didnt care about his image or what people thought about it. He sighed then looked around. His eyes then fell on this beautiful blond girl that walk walking as well. He smiled a bit then looked down at his feet. He actually never had a girl friend in his life nor he never talked to one.
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 15h 30m 58s

Carolyn was walking down the sidewalk,Texting one of er friends on her new blackberry phone. Her long blonde wavy hair was pulled up into a messy bob ,and she had a pair of shorts and a tank on. It was close to the 90s that day,and it was very humid outside,but se didnt really mind it.
  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 15h 55m 35s

Alex sighed as he put the last box into his new house. "Hey Mom im going for a walk! bye!" he said yelling to his mother then walked out of the house. He then started to go on a walk. He then wondered why he ever moved. Since after his dad has died then his life has been devastated.
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 16h 2m 3s
  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 16h 56m 21s
-You can please.-
  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 17h 16m 49s
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 17h 17m 10s

  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 17h 31m 59s
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 17h 37m 4s
-You still there?-
  Carolyn Lucey / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 17h 45m 59s
-Ok,sounds good with me lol-
  Carolyn Lucey again. / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 17h 57m 43s
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 17h 58m 57s
-Not really...-
  Carolyn Lucey again. / RukiaXIchi / 9y 289d 18h 48s
** ohh haha ok sorry again, so do you have any ideas we could roleplay about? ))
  -Alex- / tfreak1029 / 9y 289d 18h 3m 21s

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