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This school is for vampires,and other dakr creatures, humans are aloud but you'll be putting yourself at risk,of attack,cause most of the vampires can't controll there blood lust




crush on:

put i love evil monkeys at the end of the skelly =3
Name:Setsuna Kiriry
Species:Pure blooded Vampire
Crush on:Unknown
Bio:Setsuna is a caring girl but if messed with deadly.
name: Riku
age: 300
species: the sanguine beast
room: 77
crush on:Maria jones
bio: riku is a tough boy but has a soft spot for setsuna he likes to be alone most of the time but if shes there hes there
name: Xero
age: Fixed at 17
species: Aether Vampire
room: 3
crush on: None
bio: Xero is an Aether Vampire, a cross between a warlock and vampire. Contrary to the pure blooded Vampire, Xero is not a physical fighter but a magical user, the Aether blood in him allows him to cast fire based magic, while the vampire blood in him grants Xero a more durable body. Xero, like most vampires, does have a dependency of blood, but only requires half of the amount. He is also dependent upon magical Elixir's his people call Aetheric Serums which contain a dosage of Aether Magic. Xero being an Aether vampire means that he is not as strong as a pure blooded vampire, but can hold his own very well against half breeds, or quarter breeds.
name: Kyo
age:457 Years
species: Pure blooded vampire
room: 27
crush on: No one
bio: Kyo is a very cold person on the surface but once you get to know him you see that he's only cold on the surface. He prefers to be alone.
name: Lance Callen
age: 17
species: Human
room: 4
crush on: None at the moment
bio: *see THIS character's profile, it includes bio and personality of this character also.*
crush on:none as of yet
bio:Her parents were killed when she was born,and she was raised by other Half-Vampire until she ran away.
name: Tai Lin
age: Unknown
species: quarter-vampire, quarter werewolf, half drakenion
room: 365
crush on:
bio: Though a dragon, Tai was born in the guise of a human. Mistaken for exactly that he was bitten by a vampire. Left almost dead, soon to be changed he was attacked by a werewolf and bitten again before being saved by some figure. Too weak to see whoever it was who saved him, passing out soon after the werewolf had fled, he decided to take residence in a school. A school for things mostly not-human.
crush on:Thelia/Daran
bio:Daran is very protective of Thelia so don't try to attack Daran can control shadows. He is a very powerful vampire he Doesn't remember anything from before he became one.

Thelia can use magic and is Darans Girlfreind and hopes not to die at this school. She only came because of Daran. She helps Daran control his powers.
name:Saph Holstead
age:3,000 human years
room: 3
crush on:N/A
bio: Saph is a Vampaed, meaning she is of pure blood, also meaning she was an original practicioner of the dark majicks and craft of old times.
name: Felicia Dracul
age: Unknown
species: Pure Blood Vampire
room: 365
crush on:
bio: Felicia Dracul is the daughter of Vlad Dracul. She is a pure blooded vampire. She is from Transylvania and has an accent. She is powerful because of her father. She is friendly to people she likes and not friendly to people she dislikes.
name:Melody Heart
room: 22
crush on: N/A
Bio: the angel council sent Melody to the school to teach her some responsiability and life lessons.
Name:Lance Rinko
Crush on:none now
Name: Vamfire
Age: 18
Species: Vampire
Room: 301
Crush on: N/A
Bio: When i was 7, i was taken from my family and was thrown into the streets. i wuz a disgrace to my family becuz i couldnt meet their standards. For about 11 years i had lived on my own. i bathed in public bathrooms, went to school, and worked for money to pay for my food. i had even trained myself to fight. on the 11th year, my life had changed for good. i wuz bitten and i had gained my powers and i've seen a new world that i could only day dream about

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Name: Gavyn
Age: 13
Species: Vampire
Room: 325
Crush: Nobody
Bio: I ran away from home. I just didnt like it there. Imma hyper guy. I love weed. Im a great guy if you choose to be my friend, if your a hater, fuck off. I ignore haters.
  Gavyn / Gavyn_The_Vampire / 9y 134d 10m 53s
(i My turn -lolz- Me and Lance are at the back of the school.I just made him fly and he landed into a tree.
  Setsuna Kiriry / SakuraTheInvincible / 9y 309d 56m 48s
<um.... lets see here well this is only with me but.... Sin's blood lust got out of control and Maria was teasing him and threw a human in his room. he doesn't like humans. went out to tell maria to go bit her instead intprinted with her in a way... amatieal bit sin and sin bit back... they're kind of together... imprint with maria broke. and one with ama formed.... ama and sin are kind of together and going into the woods *takes a deep breath for air*>
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 309d 1h 55s
ooc sorry i was stuck at dads house no internet xD will be going back there sunday =/ uhh recap?
  Xero Hunter / missalice / 9y 309d 1h 7m 10s
"Yeah It won't work that way." She giggled as she waved her staff as he gently landed on the ground."Was it fun ?" She smiled looking at the boy her eyes sparkling in the sunlight.
  Setsuna Kiriry / SakuraTheInvincible / 9y 309d 12h 22m 31s
"Okay" he nodded his hands trailing down from her neck to her lower back then eventually taking her hands. "Whatever you want..." he said softly after they started to walk away from the school.
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 310d 2h 14m 57s
Amatieal slowly pulled away,before completely losing control of herself.Gazing into Sin's eyes,a smile crept across her face."Let's go to the woods.."She smiled still as she ran her fingers through his hair.
  Amatieal / Alet / 9y 310d 2h 18m 17s
Sin closed his eyes and kissed her even deeper his mind spinning as her emotions mixed with his flooding him. He couldn't believe this was happening, he'd never even thought about kissing another before, sure he was going to be alone... but here he was now, with her
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 310d 2h 34m 6s
Amatieal kissed him back,unable to help herself.She sensed he wanted her..honestly,she wanted him too.Wrapping her arms around his neck to keep her balance,Amatieal got lost within the kiss.
  Amatieal / Alet / 9y 310d 2h 39m 41s
Sin smiled lightly standing up also. "your dizzy" he told her. "I... can feel it" he then kissed her not being able to help himself.
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 310d 2h 41m 47s
Amatieal felt the neuro-toxins release into her body.She gasped as he pulled away from her."I..I don't know.."She looked at him."Sometimes...when my blood runs through peoples' blocks out certain powers they may have."She stood up a bit dizzy."Woah.."She looked down at Sin.Her eyes a bright purple now.
  Amatieal / Alet / 9y 310d 2h 45m 36s
  Lance Callen / roleplayaddicy / 9y 310d 2h 46m 31s
Sin bit down harder his teeth releasing neuro-toxins which replaced most the pain with pleasure. Moving his hands all the way up to her neck he moaned through the bite then broke free actually feeling what she felt, no longer able to hear Maria's thoughts or sense her at all. "What just... happened?" he asked after pulling back.
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 310d 2h 50m 25s
Amatieal let out a small gasp,feelign his fangs penatrate her skin.Her eyes turned a purple-ish-green.Closing her eyes,she imagined her and sin..alone.She placed her hand on his shoulder as he fed off of her.She loved it,it was painful yes..But Amatieal was always a fan of pain.
  Amatieal / Alet / 9y 310d 2h 54m 24s
Sin lowered his head to Alet's neck and opening his mouth lowered his fangs gently to her neck peircing the flesh. He closed his eyes as the blood flowed into his mouth. Biting down deeper he took more his arms moving some up her back.
  Sin Kaiyen / sinkaiyen / 9y 310d 3h 23m 54s

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