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Do You Know How To Keep One?

The Beginning:

Everyone and everything was know about this small town of Pleasantville. Even the name sounds pleasant. Contrary to what you may think, this town is anything but pleasant. It's quite the opposite really. Though anyone who lives here may tell you other wise. Every few decades something happens in which no one can explain why. From the beginning and to the present, secrets have filled everyone's hearts. The parents had secrets growing up. Their kids might as well.

The Story:

In the small town of Pleasantville, everything seemed pretty open with everyone in town. Or so it seemed. The adults were all open with everyone but the kids weren't so open. In this town, two sets of best friends were going down a spiral tunnel. Three boys and three girls. They each had a secret. Each boy and each girl was dating each other. One girl was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. The boyfriend was moving to a new state. One girl was sleeping with one of her boyfriend's best friends. Her boyfriend was joining the military and told no one. The last girl was suicidal and bipolar, she had a lot of problems but told no one. The last boyfriend was sleeping with one of his girlfriend's best friend. What if they all found out their secrets? Will they all still be friends and will they all stay in their relationships?

The Rules:

Normal ES rules.
PM your skeletons to me, along with a sample post.
I am going for quantity and quality for posts.
If you are going to cyber do it in PMs.
Romance is okay.
No God-modding
Keep cursing to a minimum.
Anime pics please.
Make sure you title your PM 'Secrets'
Have fun!


Pregnant Girl - -Pixie
Military bound boy- Hanahaki-
Cheating Girl- SheDevil
Moving away boy- SheDevil
Suicidal girl- ME!
Cheating Boy- Hanahaki-

Fill out a skeleton please:

Short Bio:
Role in Story:

Accepted Bios:

Name: Alexandra 'Ally' Luna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Short Bio: Ally is an only child. Her mother isn't around, and she only lives with her alcoholic father. She tries to spend as much time as possible away from her home. She hates dealing with her dad. Nothing ever seems to go right for her, in her life. All except for her boyfriend. He seems so loving, but everyone has their secrets. Like Ally. Ally happens to cut herself but no one knows the thoughts in her mind. She does go to therapy, and that's what she was doing all summer before school started back up.
Role in Story: Suicidal Girl

Name: Elliot Ness
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Short Bio: He was a low rank secretary at his father's business. The job was simply to put him through college. He was majoring in psychology at a very prestigious boys college. He had always gone to all boy private schools. He never had serious relationships until he met his girlfriend. Elliot made it a point to be nice to people purely to spite his father. He was quite the rebellious type and often loved to party.
Role in Story: Cheating boyfriend

Name: Eleanna Fallon
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Short Bio: Eleanna had been the golden child growing up. She was always getting her way, and she loved it that way. That was until she met the man of her dreams. They had hit it off so well, she thought everything was perfect. That was until she had gotten pregnant. Her parents had warned her over and over not to do it, but she ignored them. She's having a hard time deciding if she should keep the baby, or give it up for adoption.
Role in Story: Pregnant Girl

Name: Sarah Rose Kennedy
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Short Bio: Sarah is thought to be the shyer and more sweet kind of girl, which suits her fine. She uses her "innocent" appearance to cover up for some of the things she does. She loves to have fun and her personality of being sassy and flirty can sometimes get her into trouble. She does love her boyfriend, but has been known to step out just to prove that she is not some shy little girl and sometimes she can get a little bored with the same old routine.
Role in Story: Cheating Girl

Name: Alexander Ross
Age: 17
Gender: male
Short Bio: It was always a dream of Alexanders to become a member of the air force. He was a strong boy who had all the support he needed from his family, but he was afraid what other people would say if they knew he was leaving them very soon.
Role in Story: Military bound boy

Name: Anthony Carlos Scott
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Short Bio: Anthony has always had what people would call "the good life". He has good grades, a loving family, and great friends. He likes to be able to spend the weekends with his girlfriend and just live what would be called a "normal" life. But he has a secret and that is that soon he will be moving away
Role in Story: Moving Away Boy


1. Pregnant Girl/Moving Away Boy
2. Cheating Girl/Military Boy
3. Suicidal Girl/Cheating Boy

Posting Order:

1. Ally
2. Sarah
3. Eleanna
4. Elliot
5. Anthony


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Roleplay Responses

[size8 The birds outside his window began to chirp loudly and more seemed to arrive. It was the same every morning and just once he wished that they would let him have a decent sleep. Anothony had been up late the night before as he was looking again at colleges out of state that he would be able to get into after the school year. Yes it was summer, but one could never be too careful or tboughtless about their futures. But the only problem with that theory was he had NOT told his best friends that he had had forever anything about his plans. As far as they knew they would all be graduating together and they would be at least semi close. And if he were honest, Tony had no heart to tell them he would be moving. ESPECIALLY not his girlfriend.]

[size8 [#f1be0e "ANOTHONY ARE YOU UP YET?!"]] [size8 His father shouted and banged loudly enough on his door to wake the dead. The man was always under the impression that when he was up everyone else in the house had to be as well. He was a good man, but could be a little of a pain.] [size8 [b "Yeah, dad.. getting up now!"]] [size8 The young man called out and pushed the sheet off and sat up letting his feet brush over the cool wood of his floor since it was still early in the morning. Or at least early enough to where he wouldn't be completely late in meeting the others.]

[size8 After sitting for a couple more minutes and stretching his stiff joints, the male got up and walked to his dresser and began to dig through the clothes. NOTHING was what he really wanted but since he had not done the laundry yet, beggers couldn't be choosers. And after a couple more dig throughs of his clothing, Anthony picked a white shirt, black pair of jeans, and his black nikes. Quickly did he get dressed and run a brush through his hair and get his phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses and begin down the stairs.]

[size8 [#f1be0e "Where are you going?"]] [size8 Dominic asked his son. But it had not been mean or anything. He was just curious as his wife was already gone for work and the boy had not said anything about going out.]

[size8 He had thought he had told the man. But his father was getting 'old' and did end up forgetting things.] [size8 [b "Ally's back and we all decided to meet up by the lake like we used to. So to see the others. But don't worry I'll be back before late. Love you, dad."]] [size8 And with that, Tony gave a quick hug to the man and was put the door. It was not a long walk from his house and ao he walked the few blocks to the lake.]

[size8 When he got to the old lake's bank, a smile crossed his lips. Already there were the girls and Elliot. After him there was only one more and then their group was complete.] [size8 [b "Morning guys..."]] [size8 Anthony said and soon took as seat on the bank behind his girl.]
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[google-font][h3 [center Elliot Ness]]
[montserrat [center A loud ringing filled the room as a boy rose from his slumber. With a quick glance at the clock it was soon ruled that he was officially late. He chuckled as he ran a hand through his hair. He had been so worn out the night before he must have slept in. Elliot stirred in his blankets. His pillows smelled like perfume, an odd thing considering it was his girlfriends first day home. The girl had worn a sweet perfume the night before. It was almost a sickening smell when he thought about it, so he tried not to let it get into his head. His girlfriend wasn't there and he needed someone, was that so wrong? If it wasnt then why did he have to keep it a secret.
His feet went to the carpet on his floor. It was old and rough but it reminded him of his childhood. "You better be up Eliot!" His father yelled through the door. He glared daggers through his door as he got himself dressed for the day. In true Elliot fashion he wore a ripped up graphic tee and baggy sweats that hung nicely on his hips. ]
[center [b "I'm leaving.]]
[center He said to his father as he passed him. There wasn't enough time for the man to stop Elliot because he immediately was out the door with his headphones in. He knew when he got home that night his father would be furious but he loved to egg the man on, so it didn't bother him. His feet carried him to the nearby beach where the others always hung out. He was dreading this meeting, but he was also glad to see Ally. Of course he missed her, they had been dating for two years. He loved her didn't he? His music blared in his ears as he approached the girls on the beach. ]
[center [b "Hey cutie."]]
[center He said as he sat beside Ally and kissed her cheek. Still a feeling of guilt rushed over him. Would he really be able to do this? His thoughts were a jumble he had a hard time taming. He shook the feeling after all it was the first day back together, he had to forget about all that.]]
  Elwing / Hanahaki- / 1y 5d 4h 55m 55s
Eleanna was sitting in the bathroom, a pregnancy test sitting on the counter. She bit her lip lightly as she waited for the two or three minutes to finish. She was going to find out the most important news of her life. A small sigh passed though her lips as a knock was heard on the door. [b "Who is it?"] she called out. [i "It's momma Eleanna. Is everything okay?"] the older woman called out. [b "Everything's fine! Just leave me alone"] she called back. [i "Alright honey"] her mother sounded slightly hurt. That made the woman feel slightly guilty.

She shook her head lightly as she reached for the test, and her heart dropped into her stomach. She was pregnant.. She felt sick all of a sudden and she hurried and stood. She threw the toilet seat up, and puked. She hadn't really ate anything but a banana, and that's what she threw up. She flushed the toilet and then walked over to the sink. Her hands were shaking, and she wished she could be anywhere but here. She wanted to curl up, and forget the world for the time being. She knew she couldn't though. It was summer.

She brushed her teeth, and hair and then opened the door of the bathroom. She walked into her room and she shut the door behind her. She changed into a pair of jean shorts, and a light blue tank top. Her bleach blonde locks tumbled down her back. She was meeting up with her life long friends, and she didn't want too. She wanted to cancel, but then they would know something was up. She sighed as she found her flip flops, and slid them onto her feet. Her mind was racing with the news she had just found out.

How was she supposed to tell her parents? They would kill her, and her boyfriend would be pissed as well. At least that's how she felt about it. She shook her head, clearing it before grabbing her wallet, cell phone, and house keys. She headed out of the room and down the hall. [b "I'm heading to the lake to meet up with everyone"] she called out. [i "Alright honey, have a good day"] her mother called back. [b "Yeah right.."] she muttered lightly. She then booked it out of the house, and down the sidewalk.

The lake wasn't that far from her house, so walking was always a good idea. She cocked her head to the side as she walked to the lakes edge. She spotted Sarah, and Ally already there and she plastered on a smile. [b "How are my love's doing? It's good to have you home Ally!"] she said, as she plopped down onto the ground between the two girls. She looked around, and realized that the men weren't here yet, and she rolled her eyes. [b "Has anyone heard from the men?"] she asked. She then looked out towards the lake's water, and her stomach turned.
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The girl sat on her bed and stared at the pure white wall ahead of her. Or rather more like the picture that hung dead in the center with her and her best friends in it. All of them had been friends as long as she could remember. But that came with the fact that their parents had all been close. So it was like destiny or fate that they should all be friends and close as well. At least that was the way Sarah had always thought of it. Well been taught to think of it really since the town they lived in was so small and nearly everyone was so open. Hardly was it like there were secrets kept. Everyone seemed to know everything about everyone else. A MAJOR pain when the girl of seventeen actually stopped to think about it. But it wasn't often that she did. Only this time did she because she had just had a night with one of her bestfriend's boyfriend. At the time it had been fun and seemed a good idea. Had even been the best night of her life, but now since later she was going to be seeing her friends, Sarah Kennedy found herself as "dirty" and prayed to whatever god or higher power out there that this NEVER came out.

[#e515cc "Sarah Rose, are you up yet?!"] Screamed her mother up the stairs. Green eyes rolled and pulled themselves from the picture she had been staring at for the last..forty-five or so minutes. [b "Yeah mom!"] She called out NOT wanting the woman to come up and scold her for sleeping in. And after her own answer, the girl was up and getting dressed. She chose to wear a short green skirt, white stockings, a simple white button up, and flats. Simple but still cute and good enough for the summer and where she would be going. Once dressed, the girl brushed her long raven black hair to where it shined and fell down her back in waves before grabbing her hand bag which held a small towel, her keys, wallet, sunglasses, and her phone. Checking her reflection one more time, Miss Kennedy began her trek down the stairs and to face her mother since her father had already left for work.

[#e515cc "Now Sarah remember your father and I won't be back until late. We have business meetings all afternoon and a dinner to go to. There are some of your favourite foods in the fridge or you can go out. Love you and see you later."] The woman was saying as Sarah was only half listening.

With a small smile, the girl gave her mom a hug and then was out the door. It was a nice day and the old lake not that far so she decided to walk it. The soft breeze made her hair dance behind her and she became lost in thought. She spent most days with her boyfriend and one night a week with her bestfriend's boyfriend having a good time. But that was something she would NEVER say. This was possibly their last year together and she wanted to make the most of it and keep things as close to normal as they would be.

It wasn't long before she foubd her way to the bank and saw a familiar form laying there with her feet in the water. Ally was back and it seemed just as at ease as ever. Slowly and silently she took a seat beside the other when she got to her side and took of her flats and stockings and then slipped her own feet into the water and laid back herself and closed her eyes. [b "It is really good to see that you're back. Summer's not been the same while you had been gone."] She said and wondered when all the rest would arrive. It was the first day back together.
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[center [size10 [+pink Summer was nearing it's end. Senior year was approaching. The six friends had been friends since they were little. They all grew up in the same small little town and their parents had even been best friends with one another at one point. The years have drifted everyone apart though.

Here she was, in a flowing white summer dress, sitting at the old bank of the lake her friends and her used to come to every day of summer vacation. Being little had it's advantages. Now, with being older, they had responsibilities, like jobs. College would be starting next year. It was their last year together, for most of them.

She dangled her bare feet into the cool, fresh water. It felt nice to just sit and relax, instead of being stuffed inside of an office or a hospital room. Most of Ally's summer was spent trying to get herself help, with her parents showing up as little as possible.

But now, she was home for the first time all summer. It felt good to breathe in the morning air. It was about 7 am in the morning. She had arrived early to wait for her friends. Her parents had been arguing a lot and she did not want to be in the house when it had started.

What a lot of people do not understand, is that with depression, a lot of times, the person has days they are happy. Medication cannot fix everything that is wrong with the person, no matter how much medication they are on. Suicidal ideation is always going to be there, just suppressed.

Although she did not feel herself, she still felt like she was where she needed to be. No one needed to know her secret. It was better that way. Wasn't it?

That is how it felt to her though. No one knew, except her parents, what she had been going through this summer. Not even her boyfriend of two years. Or her best friends. It was way too hard to tell them. She knew they would not understand.

Ally laid back in the grass, her feet still in the water, and closed her eyes. She laid there waiting for her friends to finally arrive.]]]
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