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wow thanks :) you too ^^
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 16d 10h 24m 44s
Wow, your really an amazing poet.
  ALICE / iLove / 9y 16d 10h 50m 22s
Tell me, why do I stay?
You never treated me right, but the thought of you with another is a thought I cant bear
What do I do
When I hate to say im in love with you?
And when I finally leave
How I want to breathe no more.
Why is it like this?
I love another, but the thought of you im pain is too much
So why do I care?
Maybe, just maybe
I no longer care, but ill always love.
Ill always love you
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 17d 9h 29m 54s
those are really good :))
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 17d 9h 35m 22s
I'm in love with a guy that I hate
And I'm going
Pull my hair out crazy,
Oh, stand in the rain and cry all day.
And you find me dead in my bed,
You should know,
That it's all because of him.
And if I literally cry my eyes out,
For more then he's worth,
Don't put them back in,
Because I'm in love with a guy that I hate,
And it tears me apart...
I don't know what to say,
Or if I should say,
Anything at all,
When he's here,
All I want to do is cry.
Now I'm starting to fall apart,
Will you catch my heart,
Oh please get it from him.
I can barely move.
I can barely breathe.
I can't see the other side of this crime,
My eyes are closed to anything
Good he's ever done.
Good don't matter to me, now!
I want to cry my eyes out,
Don't put them back in.
And I had to lie,
To all my friends.
So if you find me dead,
Please know why...
Oh I'm going,
Pull my hair out crazy,
Die me just die insane.
Death is a pain I can't die with out...
Now I kind of want to sneak
Into his room and murder him.
For hating me back,
For hating me back,
With out the love,
Oh, I'm going crazy,
I'm going crazy,
Can someone save me?
I'm now crazy,
Can someone save me, now?
I'm pull my hair crazy,
Die, me, die insane,
Now I'm crying in the rain,
All day,
Crying in the rain for more then he's worth.
I'm staying crazy,
Cause what will happen,
Next time I fall into love?
  ALICE / iLove / 9y 18d 12h 36m 55s
I just can't understand.
Why you lied,
Why you left,
Why your so damn hard to hate.
Why I can't,
Why you can,
Why you made my world yours.
I don't really care,
If you love,
If you hate,
It your heart is made of ice.
I seem to be dead inside,
Because I can't,
Because I don't love you.
But yet I do.
  ALICE / iLove / 9y 18d 12h 55m 24s
no problem :))
  Mariechan / 9y 22d 22h 48m 33s
Aww, thanks. :D
  ALICE / iLove / 9y 23d 8h 52m 25s
I love that, you can really write!
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 23d 9h 4m 32s
Writing down every memory,
Wondering if you every noticed me.
You want every girl at your feet,
But I don't seem to count.
Wondering what I really mean to you.
If you'd help me with my books,
Or hold my hand and calm me down.
This love is just a game.
It isn't always fair.
Nothing but a fading memory-
Nothing to you.
And the whole in my heart-
All caused by you-
Its far beyond repair.
But you don't care,
And you don't know
Just how much
You tore me up inside.
This is what I was trying to avoid:
Every little look at you.
This is what I was trying to ignore:
Everything I felt for you.
So now I'm looking into
What anything would mean to you,
When love has no meaning,
And hate rules your world.
This body will wilter.
This heart will falter.
But love will always carry you,
Looks like we're going down, now.
Shhh, don't make a sound.
  ALICE / iLove / 9y 53d 7h 40m 17s
Main rule; have fun
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 68d 10h 48m 23s

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