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I want one!!! -holds out hand-
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 107d 14h 44m 42s
yeah i went to the store earlier and i also got doughnuts
does the happy dance
  adella / adella911 / 9y 107d 14h 47m 31s
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 107d 14h 49m 7s
i got more sugar!
  adella / adella911 / 9y 107d 15h 8m 37s
My root beer has vinilla. In it!
  Mariechan / 9y 107d 15h 11m 8s
i got cream soda
but i want root beer or chocolate
  adella / adella911 / 9y 107d 19h 9m 11s
Same... so i found root ber! :D
  Mariechan / 9y 108d 4h 12m 28s
i'm so bored again
and i got no sugar high
i ate all our sugar last night
  adella / adella911 / 9y 108d 8h 18m 46s
Ohh haha
  Mariechan / 9y 108d 9h 54m 18s
  adella / adella911 / 9y 108d 11h 1m 27s
about the shots or being bored.
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 9y 108d 11h 16m 42s
same here
  adella / adella911 / 9y 108d 12h 28m 38s
I hate shots

Bored :D
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 9y 108d 12h 29m 41s
i had to go get some shots today
din't go to well

so how are you?
  adella / adella911 / 9y 108d 12h 37m 12s
:D hey :D
  Luna (human) / Mariechan / 9y 108d 12h 40m 15s

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