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Hello, welcome to Rose's Adoption Center a place made to unite people with a pet suited to their needs. Many people have family's on Elite Skills but very few have pets and who wouldn't like a virtual friend that you can see and think, 'that animal is mine and I love it.'

Every week you would receive a Private Message regarding your adopted pets along with every month being able to show your pet off to others who have also adopted. We will also be accepting skelly's for people wanting to help out in our cause. Private Message me in order to get the positions available at the moment, a short description of the job and its responsibilities. Thank you for reading and wanting to participating in this noble cause.

AG, Owner of Rose's Adoption Center





Reptile Cages





Name: Adella
Age: 17
Position: Owner and Coordinator

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Hey, is anyone still active? Its been a really long time, but something in me told me to come back... here I am
  Marie / Mariechan / 4y 2d 19h 42m 42s
Hello, sorry about the belated reply! I think for you the two kittens we have named Alley and Zeth are perfect. The two are near inseparable, the two mix tabby's are caring, affectionate, and two sides of a coin. Zeth is energetic, where Alley is indolent.
  darkness / adella911 / 6y 95d 17h 24m 11s
Hi there. I would like to adopt a couple of kittens. I love cats. I love animals.
  QueenXyna / 6y 98d 21h 9m 35s

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