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Control the chatting, silly.

That question.

*Clears throat*

The fact with unity is it changes within each of our perspectives.
Unity, is like...
Oh, jeez.
I hate defining unity. With a passion.
We all have different beliefs on what things fit, and belong together.
So, our independence, depending on the unity we want differs between each of us.

That didn't make sense.
*Rubs temples*
  Jonah H. Lachlon / SheTalksToAngels / 8y 324d 20h 23m 8s
Why, so it can be spammed with chatting? No thanks. I'll link it wherever when I'm ready.

As is, I meant to delete it a long time ago. =/
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 329d 17h 6m 12s
Dude. :/
Advertise this.
  Jonah H. Lachlon / SheTalksToAngels / 8y 329d 23h 41m 36s
Lack of discussion evident - deleting thread in 3 days if no activity comes about.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 346d 5h 57m 35s
Very well; added your thread in the description.
Until that time, then.

Why is there so much security in unity while we strive for independence?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 357d 1h 21m 36s
If you so wish.

Ah, if I can think of an interesting question, I'll present it.
  яoxanne ɐlexandrov / BoP / 8y 357d 1h 28m 2s
Very well, I'll link to yours if you want the traffic to somehow go your direction.

Any questions you wish to ask, or want to leave that question hanging for others to also answer?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 357d 1h 28m 57s
Ah, well, welcoming different opinionated discussions would be a good idea.

Even the "different" are afraid of the "normal", simply because they are different from them. There isn't such a thing as normal, though, I'll use the word often.
Differences can be very intimidating, depending on the difference. Albeit, differences can be brilliantly amazing in the same instant. All depending on experiences with such differences can we determine our fear toward the differences.

Not much else to say about it.

EDIT: I took the liberty of linking to this thread, in my discussion thread. Simply stating this thread is similar to mine, if people are looking for more than just "Tasteless Meanings".
  яoxanne ɐlexandrov / BoP / 8y 357d 1h 34m 31s
No, thank you for that insight; I actually welcome the complex discussions here. What's simple to one is complex to another, and so forth.

Why is mankind so afraid of the adversely different?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 357d 1h 51m 17s
We can all define order, in our own ways. If we do so choose to keep order within ourselves. But, in the same instant, without a specific order, are we not under the circumstances of another order? As living human beings, we live by some order, no matter how dysfunctional that order may just be. We still keep it, with our pride, no matter how small that may be. By denying we keep pride, it is showing pride. Simplistically like order. For defying we have any order, we are keeping our own order, are we not?

What defines order? That varies about as much my mood within an hour- it can change within a matter of seconds, without so much as a spark to light the change, though, the change is extremely noticeable. Defining order is rather difficult, in itself.

I mean, I could go with the classic; The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.

And, of course, that is correct. But, what is there to reach beyond the basic meaning? I suppose, trying to reach that far is pointless, as you like things kept simply.

Order is also an extremely flexible word. We can make order, take orders, give order, demand order, control order, believe order, discourage order, forget order, create order, use order, etc. And, naturally, these could all mean the same thing, and completely different things. It all depends on, well, what order you proceed with.

Funny, that word is. Order. We can all give a basic definition, and think we know exactly what order is, what it brings us, and how it can destroy us. When, it reality, we don't even notice the order surrounding us. I haven't a clue, admittedly. I'm not sure I'd ever meet someone, or hear of someone who has, in the slightest.

You wanted six paragraphs. I can really only sort through my head and come out with four. My apologies.
  яoxanne ɐlexandrov / BoP / 8y 357d 2h 28m 25s
Who or what defines 'order'?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 8y 360d 16h 16m 59s

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