Survival of the fittest

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She Walked slowly a hand to her side where the cut was, her long hair a fuzzy mess form the night. She kept thinking she would wake up and this wouldn't be real, that she would be shaken awake to look out the window of the plane to see pairs, the most romantic place of the world.

She sighed as she found a few duffle bags some vegetables, some snacks and lots of candy, but hey they had to take what they could get. She put a hand over her eyes as she gathered the food and looked out over the horizion, she knew things would get better she knew this wasn"t the worst. she had hope, mostly all she had right now.

When searching through peoples things she came across a guitar, she didn't know why or who brought it, what she did know is that jari had once played the guitar, they use to sit at his house and compose songs all the time but that had stopped when she had got her most recent boyfriend. Jari and her hadn't talked in a while and she wanted that back.

When she came back she held the guitar out and added the food to his stash " Here" she said simply as she handed him the guitar and sat down as she surveyed what food they had gotten a hold of. "nothing to good, but enough to survive?" she asked looking up with those hazle eyes her head slightly tilted as the sunlight caught just right on her eyes making them sparkle just a bit. she looked at the guitar " I havn't heard you play in a while, I remember when we use to write songs" she said quietly trying to change subject as her eyes adverted down toward the sand.

<< I know this isn't your normal but I am in love with this song and it fits these too, thought it would add something interesting to the story.>>
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 5d 4h 41m 37s
Jari watched her as she stood up, Amelia was a strong girl and if she would walk like this you knew it would be really bad. After stretching himself he stood up to and walks towards her as he struggles to walk at an good speed. "I will check the back of the airplane." He said as he walks towards the end of the airplane, carefully he removes some of the metal and searches in a few closets that survived the crash. "I got some food here!" He yelled as he took some candy with much sugar in it and he took 2 bottles with water in it. Jari carefully got away from the airplane and waited for Amelia, hoping that she would have any luck in finding food to. "These bottles will be very usefull." He said to himself and opend one of the bottles, slowly pours the water in his mouth and a shiver goes trough his body. He was a bit dehydrated and needed to get moist back.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 6d 11h 39m 41s
Amelia leaned against him as she felt him moving her eyes opened a little and then a soft smile touched her lips as she realized where she was. she pulled back and sat up rubbing her eyes "sorry" she said softly as she motioned to were she had been laying on his chest. Considering what had happened she was surprised she had slept so well.

She crawled out from under the make shift shelter and looked around, it seemed like a nice tropical day but she knew they had lots to deal with " food first" she agreed as she stretcheed her arms above her head " I would assume that, people brought food and that would be in duffle bags" she thought as she started walking forward and winced as that simple tasked almost knocked the wind out of her because of her severly bruised ribs, she would just have to take it super slow. She held her side as she started slowly forward again " and other then that I wold say the airplane wold have emergency food" she said slowly walking toward the remiainder of hte plane
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 11d 11h 50m 22s
Jari fell into an deep sleep but he had horrible nightmares about the crash. In the morning he slowly started to wake up and felt an hand going over his back. Slowly he opend his eyes and looks at Amelia in front of him. "Good morning." He said with an sleepy voice and carefully rubbed in his eyes and blinked a few times as he looks around them. He fell silent as he watched all the metal from the airplane and a few dead bodies. "I wish that it was an nightmare..." His eyes turned to her moves his hand over her cheek. She was the only warmth that he got, the only person who was there alive with him and wanted to survive to.

Jari sat straight up after a while and stretched his arms as a few small clouds go over the island. The sky is an beautiful blue collor and the sea looks so calm and peacefull, it would be an island of your dreams if this bad crash hasn't happend. His stumache started to make some noise and sighed softly. "Is there anything that we can eat?"
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 14d 12h 59m 27s
She felt asleep like that, two best friends holding each other with the fears hanging in the air. morning would come and they would have lots to think about, but tonight they needed a good nights sleep and each other to realize that everything was ok.

The real horror wouldn't take place until the sunlight came up in the sky touching on all the death and destruction, which for Amelia came way to soon as she lay there under the shelter and could see through her eyelids that things were becoming lighter in color. she kept them close and held on to jari as he still slept sound holding on to the little piece that was left as she listened to jaris soft breathing running her hand softly up and down his back. She knew they would have to get up and face what happened eventually. she just didn't want to right now.
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 18d 12h 16m 18s
Jari slowly looked at her as she crawls closer to him, he could feel that her cheeks where a bit humid from all the tears that she had. A small smile came on his face as he felt the warmth of her body against him. "I-i am scared to..." He said as he was fighting to hold the tears back. Gently he moves his arm more around him and holds her closer to him. "Together we will stay alive..." Jari said as he looked down at her but only see's a blur as the bright fire makes the darkness even more dark. The small shelter provided some warmth and it keeps their own warmth in.

For a moment everything went silent untill tears start to role down his cheeks and he starts to cry silently. He couldn't hold all his emotions in, he didn't wanted to cry as it could make her feel more worse then it is already. The moon shined down on them as it is the only natural light, the flames slowly starts to vanish untill only the moon shines. Carefully he crawls closer to her as he still cries silently and burries his face against the top of her head. "S-sorry..." He said as more tears start to come.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 18d 13h 12m 57s
Amelia laid under the makeshift shelter inches away from her bestfriend as she listened to the craxklin of the last few pieces of plane still caught on fire. She couldn't see many stars due to the smoke filling the sky . It was so quiet and she didn't like feeling so alone. She turned on her side and nudged jaris arm with he head until she was under it she laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes trying focused away the dark fears . " jari?" she said quietly as if she might wake someone else. Her eyes were open but unseeing as she clutched on to the little bit she had left . " I'm scared" she said it quietly but there was a catch in her voice as she held back the wave of emotions. She rarely ever cried or showed emotions except for to jari who had been there through everything. From her boyfriends to fights with her parents she knew he would understand. She also knew that his be room window was easily reahable from the tree outside and she had used it many times . These things seemed she little and insignificant now when they might not survive .
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 19d 14h 52m 8s
Jari arches more towards her and places his hand on her hand. "The damage is really much... we are the only ones alive..." He said and a long silence came after that. "But we are going to get trough this together. Lets rest a bit and wait for the day to come as it is getting dark already." Jari slowly got closer to her and takes a piece of isolation material from the airplane and puts it over them to keep them warm at night. "Have a good sleep, we both need it a lot." He said confident as he wanted to keep her mood up so she didn't got to stressed from the situation.

Jari slowly closed his eyes and tried to sleep as he could still hear the sound of burning materials from the airplane. The isolation material give him some good warmth and made him feel comfortable and safe. It was strange to lay there under the weak moonlight as the moon started to come up.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 27d 10h 4m 49s
She reached out with what little strength she had and pulled him close as she could manage with her shaking hands as she held onto the little bit of hope that was in the hug. She slowly pulled back and laid herself back against the ground, she was throbbing all over and could only see some of the reckage but knew there was much damage.

Ameilia tried sitting the top half of her body up on her elbows but she quickly laid back down with tears in her eyes when that movement caused imense pain her side. After she had caught her breath she looked over at jari with tears in her eyes but a strong voice " Whats the full damage?" she asked as she tried moving some different ways to see what caused pain and what didn't. She knew she had damage and that jari didn't look to bein the best of shape either but she didn't know aboutthe others, there could be more serious injurys.
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 32d 3h 59m 33s
Jari looked down at Amelia, a small smile of happiness came on his face as he wasn't the only one that has survived it. "Amelia you can't lay here, lets move a bit further from the airplane." He arches forwards over her and moves his arms carefully under her arms, wanting to do as less pain as possible. His arms where bleeding and he felt that she was bleeding to, with his last strenght he tried to stand up together with her. "Hold on to me." He said as he slowly walked further away from the airplane, he could feel the heat of the flames trough his shirt on his back.

Jari stopped as they where a few meters further away and carefully kneeled down as he bit on his lower lip, trying not to think about the pain. He putted Amelia down on the long grass and looked into her eyes. "We have crashed down with the airplane to here, I don't know where we are, but I do know that we are probably the only survivors left....." He stopped talking and a tear rolled down his cheek, now he really realised how bad this situation was. He turned around slowly and looked at the large flames comming from the airplane, the mid day sun was just behind the airplane. It was a beautiful sight with all the collors, but it was a true hell for those who died and also for them both as they are out there on themselves.

Jari looked down on the grass and couldn't believe what he was seeing, how where they going to survive, they both could have an bad attitute, but they had to put it aside to survive together on this island.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 37d 10h 6m 21s
Amelia's eyes started to open and she could feel the pain, her breathing was raspy as she reached out and touched the blurry face in front of her "jari?" she asked as she glanced around some things were coming into focus others were not.

There were bodies scattered all over and the flames were heating the area the wind was blowing from the storm that had caused this but no ran fell to stop the flames. there was some moaning but no one moved there there were any at all there were few survivors and that wasn't good who would find them, who would save them? No one knew the answers all they could do was hope this was a dream.

Amelia tried focusing in on jari, " What happened, and why am I so hot" her eyes blinked closed for another minute before they fluttered open, she had lost a lot of blood.
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 40d 12h 20m 58s
Jari felt the heat over his back from the fire behind him. The smell of blood was very clear in the air. Slowly he opend his eyes halfway and tried to sit straight up. He looks down at his arms. His shirt was almost completely shreded and his arms are bleeding very much, slowly he tilted his head up and tears shoot in his eyes as he saw his classmates dead on the ground. "No!" He screamed and crawled up back on his feet. Jari startes to run to the dead bodies and felt on their wrists if they where still alive.

No one was moving or showing any signs of life. Jari walked towards the airplane that was in two pieces. "Miss Smith." He said as he saw the teacher blinking with her eyes, he ran to her and held her in his arms. "Don't die please!" He screamed as more tears ran down his cheeks and more come as Miss Smith died in his arms from all her wounds. The smoke in the cabine was getting really thick as the engines where still burning and he had to get out of the cabine.

"Is anyone still alive?!" He screamed as he slammed with his fist against an piece of metal. Jari couldn't survive here on his own, he didn't knew where he was and how could he survive here on his own. There was no one who could keep his spirit up to survive, he just felt to give up now. Then he rememberd Amelia sitting next to him in the airplane just before the crash. Quickly he ran to the place where he woke up and saw Amelia laying there on the ground. "Amelia!" He said as he kneeled down beside her. Her legs where coverd in blood and she had one deep cut on her side as her shirt was shreaded there. Slowly he putted a finger on her wrist and felt that her heart was still beating. A large smile came on his face. "I will help you Amelia." He said and looked around, a few meters away Jari spotted an towel that was fallen out of an bag in the crash. Jari picked it up and putted it on the wound on her side so he could look clear at the wound.

Jari didn't cared about his own wounds that where pretty bad but he didn't wanted to be alone out there and wanted the others to live more then himself. Then he tore the towel in half and wrapped it tight around an cut on her leg, hoping that it would stop the bleeding.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 40d 21h 40m 21s
Amelia packed her carry on bag into the back of her dads car, sense it was a long trip she wasn't going to leave her car at the airport, it was already midnight and they had a late night flight to spain. She hugged her mother goodbye and was almost knocked backwards when something hit her knees. She looked down to find her brother wrapped around her legs those ice blue eyes, all watery as they looked up at her " don't leave me " he said quietly as she reached down to pick him up " Jason, I promise I will be back soon, and I will bring you a present" she said and his eyes lit up.

Jason had in the right terms been a mistake, her mother had been done, raising 2 children and a tragic accident that took Amelia older brother 2 years ago. Jason was now 5 and they loved him more then anything, he could make the darkest days bright, nothing and no one meant more to her then her brother, and the people who were closest to her, knew that best. she said her goodbyes and left a pouty lip Jason with her mother as she got in the car and her dad drove away.

A trip to pairs, it couldn't get much better then this she thought as she got on the bus but was later then she should have been and took the first spot she found rather then finding one of her best friends, jari. She was wearing jeans and her favorite flannel shirt with a tank top underneath, her dark brown hair, the color of chocolate was pulled back into a tight pony tail her bangs covering her eye as she plugged in her iPod and settled into the 2 hour drive to the airport.

Jari and Amelia had become very close after she had dated one of his best friends who decided to cheat on her and after that her and jari had just been really good friends, they hung out all the time. as she looked around the bus she saw him sitting up in front sound asleep, she smiled as she closed her eyes for the time being.

When they reached the airport she tried to get a spot close to jari, and with her luck she got the spot right next to him, She talked to him for the first part of the trip until she slowly fell asleep, her head drifting off to his shoulder, she heard the warnings, but they were just a dream right? and the next thing she knew there was immense pain but she was trapped in her dream she wasn't sure whre the smoke smell came from or where her name was being called from, she didn't understand.
  Amelia. / sarahblack / 9y 41d 11h 28m 32s
The school bus arived at the airport around 8:00 in the morning. Many students have slept in the bus as they left school two hours ago. Jari woke up as the teacher walked trough the path that was going trough the middle of the bus. Wake up everyone, we have arived at the airport! The teacher said full of joy as she woke up everyone that was asleep. Jari's eyes opend slowly as he rubbed trough his eyes. "Please let me sleep." He said as he stretched himself and looked trough the window of the bus and saw a lot of airplanes comming and going from the airport.

After a few minutes everyone left the bus and stood still beside the bus and took their big bags from below the bus. Jari took his bag and dragged it as he was still sleepy as everyone else. As the group walked trough the large doors of the airport two of the teachers went to the incheck desk and bought all the tickets. They where going to Madrid in Spain and they ahd to fly over the Atlantic ocean. The group walked towards the hallway that was leading to their airplane. Jari smiled softly and was looking forward to their trip. He has never been in Europe just like many other people in his class. They left their bags on a large roller and they where putted in the airplane at the same time as the class got in the airplane. It was an new airplane and it was very huge. It was Jari's first time to be in the airplane so he was a bit nervous as he sat down next to the window.

Most people fell asleep as the airplane lifted off the ground and started to fly towards Spain. It was an beautiful sight to see the mountains far away in the mainland. The sea was light blue and the weather was completely clear. A bit to clear Jari thought as he looked down out of the window. As the hours pass the weather starts to get worse. Dark clouds gather above the sea and the noise of thunder was very loud. Many people woke up and looked around scared. The teacher walked towards the students and started to speak. "Stay calm everyone, the storm is small and we will be trough it very fast."

The bad weather kept on going for half an hour and just when the weather started to clear up the plane was flying lower. The engines stopt and the plane was making a lot of noise, the pilot took the mic and spoke to the people. "Stay calm everyone we are going to land on the mainland soon...." Then the connection broke and after one big flash the plane crashed down onto an large island where no people lived. It was an tropical island with high mountains and large fresh water lakes. The plain was burning and it was completely torn appart.

Jari opend his eyes as he felt the heat of the fire, his arms where full of cuts and blue spots. He had one large cut on the back of his leg and was completely confused. "Where am I?" He said with pain in his voice and started to crawl away from the flames and let himself fell down on the grass in exhaustion and closed his eyes as he had an huge headache. He bit hard on his lower lip as he started to scream in pain as he started to feel the pain.
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