Naruto Has a Sister

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It follows the naruto senario in a way, but there will be some additional characters besides the regular naruto characters. But I cant have so many because it gets out of hand. You can be any of the naruto characters to if you want. :D

I'll make an exception. If you want to be an oc, join as Akatsuki?


Naruto has a younger sister. They were seperated by birth due to the powers they both had. Naruto with the Fox demon. And Kasura with a death demon. They have different symbols also. Naruto has the Sun suybol while Kasura has a vine of flowers. Not knowing how they pocessed such power, anyone would want to have them for their use, such as the Akatsuki or any other person who would want there power.

She soon comes across the village hidden in the leaves and gets a headband when she goes the hokage. She didn't even have to go to the academy or do any specail test. She even meets many people there and maybe some friends. She might even come across her brother, Naruto...

That's all I had for a plot ahaa.

Other characters please PM me

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Sasuke: KinoskeHatara
Any of the Sensei's:


Other characters in Naruto:


-No ditching
-No godmoding
-Romance is allowed
-If cussing is neccisary then go ahead.
dont think i spelt ^ that right.
-Be as detailed as you can so we have stuff to work with so no one liners
-There is violence and romance in this rp :D


Year :
Special abilities:
Anything else:

Others Skelly and Bio :3

Username: Ally_Kat94
Name: Kasura Shimizu
Age: 17
Year: Unknown
Crush: None yet
Special Abilities: Death eyes. (One eye turns black while the other stays purple.
Weapons: A Scythe and Kunai
Past: When Kasura and Naruto were separated, a couple found her in the forest and took her in. They didn’t know why she was there but they didn’t worry too much about it. When she was about 10 years old something drastic happened. Everything in the town was burning and the air was filled with blood. She found her mother and father on the ground covered in blood. She was upset and angry. She noticed a gang of people standing a few yards away smiling, from what she saw they were. That’s when the seal broke. One of her purple eyes turned black and a scythe came into her hand out from nowhere. She charged, slashing them, blood going everywhere. Only one man survived. She lost everything that day. Her parents, her smile and her laugh. Everything. She found out later that she had a brother. She was just a few minutes younger than Naruto, too. She was angry that her parents didn’t tell her about him but she thought being angry was pointless. For eight years she’s been searching, not ever giving up or doubting about it. She turned 18 the day she came across the leaf village.
Anything else: Hmmm, she loves ramen , she doesn't smile very often due to her powers , She hates fan-guys and girls or another way to put it, annoying people. Just like the Shurigan, her eyes can tell there next move and it helps with finding weak spots. She now has control over powers ☺.

Name:Sasuke Uchiha
Year :S Rank- Missing Nin.
Special abilities:Susano'o, Amateratsu, Kirin, Mangekyo Sharingan.
Weapons:Kunai, and Kusanagi the serpents blade
Past:Sasuke was a happy kid in the academy, top of the class that is until his brother Itachi Uchiha murdered their entire clan.

This drove Sasuke to be cold and hateful to everyone, up until team 7 he lived this way. Upon Team 7 he seemed happier almost forgetting revenge until the day Itachi appeared. Sasuke left Konoha in search of Orochimaru for strength. Years later Sasuke betrayed Orochimaru and formed Hebi to defeat Itachi. After the ensuing battle it changed to Taka once he learned of Itachi's truth, he turned to Destroy Konoha.
Anything else:Sasuke dislike sweet foods, He is attractive to almost every girl his age but shows little intrest.

Username: IngisAurelius
Name: Chibara Momochi
Age: 25
Rank: Jounin/ Mist ANBU
Crush: Iruka Umino/ Kakashi Hatake, Hidan
Special abilities:
-Kirigakure no Jutsu - Art of Hiding in the Mist
-Sairento Kiringu - Soundless Murder Technique
-Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique
-Suir� no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique
-Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu - Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
-Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
-Hy�ton: Ikkaku Hakugei - Ice Release: One Horned White Whale
Weapons: Small katana, shuriken and kunai
Past: The younger sister of Zabuza Momochi, demon of the Mist, she was hidden from the village after the incident with her brother. After a few months, her parents gave her a new name and enrolled her in school. She graduated the academy at a fairly young age, like her older brother. She was trained in the use of ice and water jutsu, being naturally adept in using ice and water. She fights in a similar style to her older brother, seeing as he was the one who trained her in silent killing. She wanted to be an ANBU like Zabuza, growing up in his shadow and wanting to follow in his footsteps. Eventually, she slipped from his shadow, but it was too late for him to recognize her for her talent. He had defected from the Mist and met his end. She is now a Jounin rank ninja under orders from the Mizukage to assist the other nations in defeating the Akatsuki organization.

Anything else:
-Has an immense hatred for Suigetsu since he disrespected her older brother
-Doesn't hold a grudge against Kakashi for what happened to Zabuza

Year :Chunin
Special abilities:Unknown
Weapons:Ninja Gothic Thrower and Natural Competition Kamas
Past:Chisaki was born a girl into the Hyuuga clan but her family didnt want that so they raised her as a boy until she turned the age of 12 when she started to change and she noticed she wasntv like they guys were.They finally told her that she was a girl. After that she was always alone training to take out her anger on something.She finally grew out her hair and she changed her name and she has her life set on being the best female ninja in the village.
Anything else:Nope

Username: MelodyTeardrop
Name: Ino Yamanaka
Age: 16
Year : Chuunin
Crush: Sai, Mostly Shikamaru, but she won't admit it.
Special abilities: Mind Transfer Jutsu
Weapons: Normal Ninja Tools
Past: Ino was always in love with flowers and sasuke. Her best friend included sakura and many of the other girls. When Ino came from break to find that Sakura with long hair, she figured it was to impress sasuke. Thus breaking their friendship and causing rivalry. Since then Ino and Sakura have been trying everything to win over Sasuke, and now, Sai.
Anything else: She works in a Flower Shop now, already over her rivalry with Sakura and trying to be friends again. Even trying to be like Sakura.

Username: Sideburns
Name: Sota Hyuuga
Age: 20
Year: Jonin
Crush: None
Special Abilities: Byakugan, Katon and Fuuton Jutsu's, hair Jutsu's similar to his father, fuinjutsu.
Weapons: Staff, Â Paper bombs, kunai and shuriken
Past:Â Short Bio: Born to a Hyuuga woman who had accompanied Jiriaya during a visit to Konoha, Sota had always received strange looks from the clan elders. Even so, he always strived for their approval. Sota's mother pleaded for the elders to spare her son from the Hyuuga curse mark, stating that his potential was worthy of the main family. Sota became proficient in ninjutsu rather than Taijutsu. He tries to hide who he is but still wishes to make his father proud and even follow his fathers path in hopes to some day do as much good for his village as his father.
Anything else: A bit of a wild card. Doesn't take things to seriously and can be a goof. Yet at the same time he is very perceptive and thinks ahead.

Name: Shikyo Kishi
Age: 18
Year : Kage
Crush: none
Special abilities: Unknown for now.
Weapons: iron spike gauntlets. A scythe, but is rarely used unless if was to finish someone off clearly.
Past: Shikyo is a mysterious person as for his past is very troublesome and dark, his father disowned him as his son, and his mother...lets say he would rather live alone then to leave with her. As years went on he slowly gained powers from beyond anything so much so that he decided to leave his home while burning it to the ground. Heading to the akatsuki organization and tries to learn as much as he could to gain even more power.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Username: ItachixXxlove16
Name: Kina
Year : Special Jounin
Crush: Itachi
Special abilities: Lightning
Weapons: Sais
Past: Parents left me with grandparents to go fight the Nine tailed fox and died.
Anything else: has a mask on
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  Shikyo Kishi / shikyo115 / 8y 164d 21h 44m 5s
She could feel his head move and kiss her on the forhead. She smiled as a blush creeped out onto her cheeks. She lifted her head from where she was laying, and looked at him. She smiled as she tried to undo the chains that where stuck onto his pants. With one pull, her skirt ripped, breaking a few of the chains. She was able to get off of him but now she was left with an embarrassing rip. "Great..." She said lowly as she hurried off to her room to change. She threw her ripped skirt onto her bed and searched for something else to put on. In her dresser she pulled out some black shorts. They were the only thing that would be comfortable to fight in. She sighed as she started slipping them on.

  Izumi Yukimura / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 189d 4h 22m 19s
Shikyo snapped back into the world as soon as he felt Kasura resiting onto him. Shikyo blushed a little and smiled, seeing how cute she was...Kasura was just so...beautiful. Shikyo placed his hand on top of her head, brushing some of her hair back, he felt relaxed and calm, he didn't have a bad feeling in the world and for once he was so blissfully happy. Shikyo looked around to see if anyone could seem them, not like anyone could but he slowly leaned down just a little to kiss her on her forehead, resting back against the couch now and even closed his eyes slowly starting to rest himself.
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 217d 20h 3m 25s
She faced him once again. It looked like he was in a daze, thinking hard about something. She smiled and layer down on him trying not to distract him to much. She knew that they needed to leave but as she layed next to him, she felt like she could escape her demon self and finally be who she wants. As she layed on him, she could hear his heart. It was like a small rhythm, making her close her eyes and fall asleep. She was tired but at re same time she wasn't. 'Maybe a few Z's will be fine.' she thought as her eyes drifted shut and started heading to we dream of wonders.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 217d 20h 52m 46s
Shikyo closed his eyes to the gentle, passionate kiss he enjoyed from her with all of his might. Shikyo wanted to continue for a while longer but she broke and he couldn't help but blush a little across his face, and he rubbed the back of his head. Shikyo saw a glimpse of her cute blush and he smiled and giggled, but then he felt a flash hit the back of his mind, a image appeared of himself, he was all bone and his hair was as white as snow, his eye sockets filled with dark green essence of power, a dark power. This image lasted a short second before started to shiver all over his spine, even down to his feet. Shikyo's eyes were filled with fear...The dark gods...They are coming...He needs to act fast! Dammit! If only naruto didn't kill Madara and if Madara didn't move to fast he would have the chance to lead them both to aiding him in the coming battle, but...It looks like he is on his own.
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 218d 14h 25m 57s
She looked over and noticed his hand rested on her cheek. She looked back down to him and saw his face getting closer and closer to her. She couldn't pull herself to say anything. She closed her eyes and placed her lips onto his. Her kiss was sweet and passionate, even though it was her first kiss. She broke away from his lips, and looked down blushing a deep deep red. She took a few glances at him from time to time but she couldn't seem to say anything. It was the first time she felt something like this before. She smiled, she felt happy. She still couldn't remember the last time she felt that way except knowing thatshe had a brother. Se still wanted to know who he was and wanted to reunite with him but for she could, she needed to stop the demon inside her before so she wouldn't cause anymore harm to those around her.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 219d 22h 31m 11s
Shikyo fell right down onto his ass, he simply chuckled from falling over as he looked up at her, her face so close to his, looking into her eyes. Shikyo's heart started to throb, slowly reaching out towards her face. Having his hand placed onto her cheek, slowly learning forward, she was so close and she kinda set him up for this...And there was no way he would waste a moment lie this.
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 220d 12h 24m 27s
She smiled and started pulling him up. Her hand slipped out from his hand and tripped forward as she tried grabbing it again which made her fall on top of him, sort of in an awkward way. Her face only a few inches away from his face, her face bright red, and her heart pounding. "S-S-Sorry." She said stuttering and started to get up. But the chains around her skirt were caught on his clothes. Was this the feeling she had earlier? Falling down on him and having her skirt nearly stuck on him? Her face was still red from the falling and having him so close and now having her stuck onto him.

  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 224d 3h 58m 56s
Shikyo watched her getting up off of the couch and seeing here leave the room, Shikyo was wondering if she was confused about it or even scared, all of that changed as he saw her exiting what seemed to e her room and having some important things in her hand, and he other hand held out towards him. Shikyo smiled and nodded his head in agreement with the leaving right now idea. Shikyo took her hand and smiled. "Then we are ready to go?"
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 225d 17h 31m 34s
She smiled, feeling slighty relieved. "thanks" she said. She felt like she needed to repay him in some way. She would think of something eventually, but the time isn't now. She stood up from the couch and went into her room to grab some important things she'll need. She returned to the room and reached out a hand out to him. "Shall we leve now, before anyone suspects us as suspicious?" she asked as she looked down at him and smiled. She had a feeling something was going to happen, not sure of what yet but it was a horrible feeling. She didn't want to worry him in any way so she kept quiet. The few things that she was happy about was going on a mission with Shikyo and also finding a way to calm the demon inside her.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 227d 8h 31s
"No, its a seal, it will help bind whatever is controlling your eye. You can't fight it alone forever, and I truly thing the five Elemental seal will help you. Plus I am a master of all five elements so if there is any trouble on the way there I can handle it. Trust me." Shikyo said smiling at the strange girl, already feeling closer to her with each passing second, he liked this girl.
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 227d 20h 36m 39s
"You know, you can ask me question you know, if you're worried about something." She said. She could tell just a little bit that he want ed to ask something but she couldnt tell what. She knew she should be doing the same but she was afraid to. Too much information can do a lot on a person and she didnt want to do that. She shook her head from the thought and smiled. She blushed a little at what he said after she stopped thinking about it. "Wouldn't that make my power worse? I-." she stopped her sentence. She couldnt tell him that she couldnt control her eye. It was like it was trying to take over her and she couldnt seem to tell him. She smiled as she rubbed the back of her head a little. She didnt want to worry him in any way.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 228d 19h 58m 35s
Shikyo was going to speak to her until she suddenly asked to be excused, Shikyo wanted to stop her to tell her but it was better than he just sit there and wait. Shikyo waited for her to come back and simply closed his eyes taking a deep breath and waiting for her to return, feeling the couch move Shikyo opened his eyes and looked to her, seeing some kind of black cloth over her eye. Shikyo wanted to ask, but again didn't want to bother her. "All right here is my offer, since we are a danger to everyone around us we need to leave...I was hopping you would come with me. I have a a little trip I am planning to find the great seal of the five elements. Its said to be so powerful of a seal that you will retain even death itself. At first I wanted to find this to get some money into the Akatsuki Organization, but since Tobi and Pein are both dead there is no point in that. But it seems that you need the seal badly, and I want to help such a beautiful girl." Shikyo finally finished talking and smiled at the girl, actually liking the last few words he said to her.
  Shikyo Kishi / Shikyo115 / 8y 230d 14h 59m 54s
She smiled as she sat down on the couch next to him. "What's th offer?" she said. She wasnt sure of what kind of offer he was going to ask. She felt a bit nervous but at the same time she wasnt. Her head was starting to hurt when she thought hard about it and her eye started to hurt as well. She stood up, "Excuse me for a minute. I'll be back in a few minutes." She said as she headed for her room. She grabbed a black cloth and tied it around her eye. It wasa special cloth to where it could block off the power from her eye but she could still see. She knew her eye changed and for some reason she couldnt change it back to normal. This was terrifying and knew something was going to happen to her, something so bad that her life might even end. She took a deep breath as she walked back over to the couch and took her seat once again. She didnt want to show any fear about this.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 256d 9h 37m 25s

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