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Warning: Nubcakes might cause lose of hearing, internal bleeding, rashes, lose of limbs, diarrhea, heart burn, heart attack, numbness, lose of soul and death.
Do not eat nubcakes if you are pregnant, have heart problems or are awesome. Digesting of a nubcake by an awesome person is instantly fatal. Nubcakes may cause serious health issues to born or unborn children. Extra limbs is a common birth defect while consuming nubcakes.

An animal collector, who has a love for the cute and rare ones, hears about a type of black leopard that is on the endangered species least. Wanting to catch it before anyone else, he sets off for the rumored location with hunting animals.


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raiyu couldnt help but to give a light sigh when maxwell walked away, clearly being oblivious to will's emotions. "i do believe you are right. maybe maxwell thinks will doesnt need much of his attention now that the little guy has gotten older..or maybe he is just being really oblivious. whatever the reason is, he might want to pay more attention to will at least just a cant just simply-" before he could finish what he was saying, will came down from the tree and gave both rowan and raiyu a very cold glare and an actual mean growl before turning around and going back to his room.
looking a bit surprised at the fact he was just growled at by will , raiyu frowned as he shook his head "i think i must have said something i shouldnt have...i know! you could let him chase you like he did when he was a kitten" the fox said with a playful nudge at rowan. whatever had to be done needed to be done quick. will was a ticking time bomb with uncontrollable emotions.
Arnald just couldnt help but to blush whenever he saw how cute thistle was. it was like the black rabbit had a cuteness super power that was just super effective against him. "alright lets get going shall we." arnald said gladly as he took thistle's hand and they started off to the meadow. he had a lot going through his mind as they were walking. like when would be the perfect time to bring up the question or would thistle even want to be his mate . it wasnt long before they reached the meadow. it was quite nice and a better change in scenery. the whole walk there arnald was a nervous bunny, and unfortunately it showed. once at the perfect spot in the meadow , he started setting things up but still looked pretty frazzled. funny thing that little people noticed when arnald got nervous, his tail would twitch non stop like a little itch was bothering him.
Kai was picked up by robert and wasnt to pleased with the news that he and his master were to be staying at Maxwell's for a moment. However he had to admit it was better being with colin and protecting him rather than not sleeping at all while keeping a look out for psyco Richard. It didnt take long for them to arrive to Maxwell's. Robert didnt look to pleased but he couldnt go against what colin wanted so that he could feel safe. They both got out of the car, kai a bit more slowly since he was still in a bit of pain from recovering from his serious injuries, but it didnt take long. The wolf had a strong spirit. Robert knocked on Maxwell's door and waited patiently as he told kai a few things "please dont do anything harsh kai, colin wouldnt be to pleased." he told the wolf who clearly just looked very eager to see his master. He couldnt care less about himself at the moment, he just needed to be at colin's side.
  raiyu / lavired / 4y 30d 18h 5m 20s
Rowan was working hard to get the blush out of his cheeks. He just couldn't see himself with kits or pups or whatever running around. He was rough, and irritable... Two thilngs that probably were not key ideals for raising kids.
Max looked surprised. "Harsh, but effective." He looked back up at Will before redialing Dean.
Rowan watched Max walk away, voice all cheerful when Dean answered. Rowan shook his head at the man.
"You know ... It would probably help if he paid more attention to Will," commented Rowan. Even he saw how smitten Max was whenever Dean was involved.
Thistle waited happily, tail wagging. When Arnald returned, he hopped over to the white rabbit. "I'm ready."
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 32d 1h 30m 23s
Raiyu gave a little shrug and chuckle towards maxwell ' s question on how he got will to listen. "It's simple, you can easily tell a little lie to a teenager and most of the time they will believe. I told him a lie and a truth. I told him when an animal is too rowdy and won't listen they get fixed and explained what that was..on top of saying you were going to get him fixed if he didn't listen..just a little fib" he said with a grin. He then gave a little grin at rowan for his remark about being good with kids "I guess I am. I have a soft spot for kids as well as rabbits." When he heard what Maxwell said his whole face turned a bright red at the thought. "Hahaha that's very funny max." He said with a nervous laugh.
Arnald smiled at thistles request on what juice he wanted "if that's what you want I will gladly get it." He said gladly before he went to go get the juice ready. He loved seeing thistle excited and having fun with him. It just bothered him greatly that he couldn't get the courage to ask thistle to be his mate. Maybe he was still doubting himself, he did some horrible things before and still felt as though those things were going to keep him from ever being truly happy. It didn't take long for the juice,and once done they were all set for their little outing "are you ready to go?" He asked thistle with a warm grin.
  raiyu / lavired / 4y 262d 18h 13m 33s
Maxwell watched as Raiyu called Will down and whispered in his ear. He was confused when the fox made the leopard walk over to him and hand him his phone.

"Wha... H-how did you do that? What did you tell him?" asked a bewildered Maxwell as he rubbed the scuff marks off of his phone screen.

Rowan chuckled and looked back up the tree at the scowling teenager. "Raiyu, you're really good with kids, aren't you?"

Maxwell glanced over at Rowan with a small smirk. "Thinking of getting some of your own?"

Rowan turned beet red and turned on Maxwell. "A-absolutely not!" he snapped.
"Strawberry juice!" said Thistle happily. "That would go really good with the treats!" His little tail waggled back and forth happily.
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 263d 4h 52m 12s
Raiyu watched as will came running into the courtyard and up the tree,and maxwell soon following after. The fox wasn't really surprised about the situation. Will was a handful and he was a teenager at that. He listened as to what Maxwell and rowan were talking about as to what was going on,and let out a chuckle when he heard how confused and troubled max sounded "that's a teenager for you. You have to remember you practically raised the little guy so he expects more than attention . Sure he might be jealous but he also is a teen with hormonal issues. He most likely isn't meaning to act this way, it just happens." He said looking up at the tree and calling at will "hey will I got a little secret to tell you real quick" . Will wasn't really happy at the moment with max but raiyu and rowan he was fine with,so the leopard came down for a moment and kept the phone in his grasp tightly. "Yeah? What is it?" The leopard asked as he got close enough for raiyu to whisper in his ear. The fox said a few things made a little point to maxwell before crossing his arms and letting the leopard go. Will had a big frown on his face and his tail was tucked between his legs as he turned to face maxwell and gave the phone back. He didn't say a word as he gave the phone back. Instead he went back up the tree and glared angrily.
"See problem solved. He just needed to hear a few things. " raiyu said with a very innocent grin.
Arnald came back quickly with a basket filled with yummy treats for him and thistle. He always kept something sweet prepared for when thistle came by. "I packed some cake,a few cookies,some fruit..but I wasn't sure what we could take for a drink..was there anything you would like? I can make something real quick." Arnald offered.
  raiyu / lavired / 4y 263d 5h 14m 12s
Rowan scowled, but knew Raiyu was right. They did have some balance to them, and they did seem to need each other.
Rowan's ears sat up when he heard Maxwell yelling.
"Will in trouble again?" he pondered before watching the leopard dart into the courtyard and climb the tree with Max's phone in his mouth.
"Yup.... trouble again..."
Rowan forced himself up to his feet and waited for Maxwell to run into the courtyard after the wild cat.
Maxwell passed through the doors and into the courtyard before slowing to a stop as he watched Will climb into the tree.
"Will!" he huffed. "This... is not... funny!"
"What's he up to now?" asked Rowan, striding over.
"Will... took my... phone. I was talking to... Dean."
Rowan's mouth made an "O".
Max half glared at him. "What?"
Rowan dropped the "O". "He always gets crazy where Dean is concerned. He must be jealous."
Max let out an exasperated sigh. "I give him plenty of attention. Why does he act like this?"
Thistle nodded happily. "That would be lovely!"
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 263d 20h 8m 20s
Raiyu did understand what Rowan was getting at but he still knew that thistle and Arnald were meant to be together. "Your brother might be naive but Arnald is someone who balances him. Just like how we balance each other. My gentle ways go great with your tough fierce ways...but I believe your brother is going to have to figure out if he wants to be with Arnald for the rest of his life or not, on his own." He said with a grin as his ears perked up to the very feint sound of yelling.
Will didn't stop running. He was upset and was going to keep the annoying phone away from maxwell. As he grew older his reflexes and running speed grew, as well as his hunting abilities and tree climbing. He ran faster to keep away and kept the phone tightly gripped in his hands. "No! I don't care!" He yelled back as he headed straight to the courtyard. He knew the best tree for climbing was right in the center of the courtyard. Looking back quickly the leopard placed the phone in his mouth before climbing up the large tree and started to make his way up higher and higher.
Arnald liked the idea of going to the meadow with thistle. It was so peaceful and gave them space to be alone. "I can pack us a few treats if you like?" He offered as he quickly went to go gather a few things to take. His face was still pretty red but he didn't really notice.
  raiyu / lavired / 4y 288d 4h 3s
Rowan tried not to make a face.
"Sure, he's redeemed himself but.... brother-in-law? I'm not sure I'm ready for that. And who's to say Thistle is?"
He looked up at the sky, thinking.
"He still seems so naive, even for his age."
Maxwell spun towards Will when he took his phone from him and hung up.
"Will!" he called, anger now rising in his voice. "What are you doing!? That isn't polite!"
Dean had just been in the middle of talking about a benefit he was going to be hosting.
Maxwell took off after Will.
"Bring that back right now! Will!" The only way he'd catch a wild cat was if Wi stayed still long enough for him to get him. Max wasn't sure if Will's mood would allow that or not, which only aggravated the man more.
Thistle was still worried but forced a smile.
"I was thinking we could maybe take a trip to the meadow outside town?"
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 288d 4h 28m 1s
Raiyu ' s ears perked up a bit at what Rowan said and tilted his head with a smile. "I would never get tired of you. In all truth I've liked you since I came to live here. Sure we had our little scuffs and arguments at times but if you haven't noticed I never tried to do you any real harm. It just took a little push for me to finally get the courage to let you know how I felt. So you will be stuck with me for a very long time." He said with a little teasing tone. "Do you think your brother is getting closer to arnald? If so then you should start calling Arnald your brother in law."
Will didn't really feel phased by the look maxwell gave him since he knew the male would never truly be mad at him. Over time he figured that out and sadly took advantage of this at times. "Well you are always on the phone. Can't you just-" before he could finish what he was saying max got yet another phone call. The leopard felt annoyed and irritated by the phone being important at the moment. Who could it possibly be this time? When he heard who max was speaking to , a bit of anger flared up in the feline. Ever since max met this dean fellow he always spent more attention on him when possible. Will gritted his teeth in anger as he got off max and crossed his arms. The whole time he was leering angrily at max before he snapped. Without warning the leopard used his quick movement and snatched the phone out of maxwell ' s hand and running off with it quickly. "Leave max alone. And go away." He hissed into the phone before hanging it up.
Robert didn't have to wait long for kai. The wolf was outside and looked pretty exhausted and not his usual self. The wolf knew he was being taken to colin which made him feel better emotionally but physically he was no way near better. His hair and fur was a mess, he had bags under his eyes,and even looked like he hasn't had a decent meal in a while since he was thinner than normal. The wolf was pretty on edge and a tiny bit jumpy. He had to keep watch for any signs of Richard or his dad trying to get back at him and take over, so he honestly didn't sleep a wink. If he did it would be for five minutes until he was on watch again.
Arnald tried to laugh off his awkward situation and just nodded with a forced smile at thistle. "I'm fine, I'm fine. I just..didn't ..sleep well." He said with a nervous chuckle. "Did you want to go do something fun today? Or we can ask max if it's alright for us to just go out to town?" He suggested.
  raiyu / lavired / 4y 289d 21h 10m 1s
Rowan listened, smile growing as Raiyu made his heart light as a feather. He loved being with Raiyu, rabbit or not. He didn't care if people stared at him when they were together; he was too happy to give a damn. He gave Raiyu another kiss before rolling off him and lying on his back in the grass beside him.
"I'm just glad you aren't tired of me yet," he laughed.
"Yes, Thank you for-" He was knocked to the ground after getting pounced by Will. He let out a grunt as they went down and just looked at the cat sitting on top of him. "er, I will let them know. I have to go." He hung up and tried to give Will a reprimanding look, but that was always hard for him to do.
"I was on the phone, Will," he scolded, attempting to get up. "And I have a lot to do today so we have to wait to play."
Will had grown to be a handsome handful. He was quite beautiful to look at with beautiful fur and eyes and features. However, his teenage moods were difficult to deal with sometimes. He was harder to manage than the the poms, than Rowan, than even his Tasmaniam . Still, he was incredibly fond of the little guy. Not quite as fond as someone else was for Max....
His phone rang again and he picked it up.
"Hello? Dean! Hey."
Dean Ryder was someone Max met a couple months ago at a rescue event. Since then, they have had coffee together, went on rescues and to benefits together and other things. Dean was very clear that he really liked Max, but Max wasn't quite sure what it was yet. He did, however, like the other man's company.
Thistle tilted his head. "Is everything alright?" he asked, worried.
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 290d 1h 9m 52s
Raiyu knew rowan was probably going to turn the tables on him. He didn't mind and rather liked to see the rabbit playful,relaxed,and happy. When he was kissed he gladly returned the gesture before chuckling. "If you like to be pounced on, then I will make sure to do it more often." He said teasingly as he sat up but stayed sitting on the grass. "You know..the past year has been really rough and I've realized that being with you made things a lot easier, rowan. I know I'm not as big or tough as you but I feel stronger in a different way. So I just want you to know that I really am glad to have you as a mate." He said blushing bright red. The fox had a lot on his mind over time and just really needed to thank rowan.
Robert was pulling up to pick up kai as he waited for maxwell to answer. When the male finally picked up , Robert had to put on a calm voice "Hello max?, I was calling to let you know that I will be bringing kai by your place soon. Let colin know so that he won't worry. Also please let your animals know as well. I don't want any fighting between anyone alright?." He said with a calm yet stern tone. He had to much built up stress and couldn't handle another incident.
Will was getting ready to strike until he noticed maxwell didn't come in. Instead he could hear the male outside his door possibly on the phone. He was bored and wanted to play now, so why not? . The leopard was going through his teenage phase so little bursts of rebellion were normal. Without warning the feline went and opened his door and pounced playfully onto maxwell. "Oh boo! Get off the phone. It can't be that important right? Just hang it up so we can play!" He said excitedly as he was latched onto the male.
Arnald was in his room being a nervous wreck. He has been fighting with himself on if he should or shouldn't ask thistle to be his mate. He really cared for thistle but wasn't sure if he was truly right for him. When he heard a knock on his door, his heart nearly stopped. Without asking who it was the white rabbit opened his door to see it was thistle. "Oh thistle I it time for us to hang out already?..i mean not that I don't want to spend time with's just um..ignore this whole conversation. " he said very flustered and not his usual self.
  lavired / 4y 291d 17h 50m 18s
Rowan opened his eyes when he heard Raiyu and let himself get pounced on by the fox. He gave a small "oof!" as he released the necklace and smiled softly at Raiyu.
"What if I like getting pounced," he answered before turning the tables and pushing Raiyu on the grassy ground and straddling on top of him with his hands on either side of the fox. He gave a playful grin as he lowered himself down and planted a kiss on Raiyu's lips.
Max stopped right outside Will's door as his phone rang again. He pressed answer and lifted it to his ear. "Hello?"
Thistle was on his way to Arnald's room, but managed to get a little sidetracked when the pom boys, very much older now, wanted to play chase and tag. He chased them around for a little while before telling them he really had to go.
"Awwww!" they whimpered together, but still bounded off. The older trying to grab his brother's tail as they ran.
Thistle chuckled at them before continuing to Arnald's room and knocking on the door.
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 324d 38m 56s
Things were a bit tense at the estate over the year since colin was staying with them. Of course raiyu wasn't as pleased as rowan was but over time noticed that the blonde wasn't going to give them any grief. The fox actually felt a bit sorry for colin having to be stuck in a wheelchair, but part of him was thinking it was karma for the things he's done. raiyu was starting to come out of the burrow from a pretty nice rest. Over the year he was pretty worried about every little unknown sound to the point he didnt want to leave the burrow at one time, however since being with rowan and the others he was able to get rid of that feeling and go back to his normal gentle,kind self. As he came out he noticed rowan fiddling with the necklace he gave him and grinned softly "you know it's not wise to space out like that. You never know who might be waiting to pounce" he teased as he playfully pounce the rabbit.
For some the year wasn't as bad. Will got older with the year and had a tiny growth spurt to go with it. Unfortunately his species of leopard didn't get to big but he was still big enough. He was about raiyu ' s height for his age. He was waiting for maxwell as he usually did when the male was going to his room. He was always pretty excited when his favorite person in the world came to see him. He did notice since colin came around he was always watching him more and at times didn't want him alone around the male but he was pretty sure he was protecting him and didn't want any unfortunate events again. Unfortunately like most cats he wanted to play and getting older meant rebellious phases at times, so there were a few times where the leopard would try to sneak and play with colin even when he was not allowed to even be near the blonde. He was seventeen now so still had that rebellious hyper teenage cat phase going and it showed when he played a bit to rough with the other animals he normally played with. With a happy purr and a steady sway of his tail, will waited hidden from sight in his room for maxwell to come in so he could pounce.
Robert was pretty busy and stressed over the year. He had to keep a close eye on Richard and his wolf,as well as make sure kai was being safe as well. Not only did he have that going on but he had a few protesters stop by alot to boycott him having rare animals such as Leo and momo. The stress was so much that it started to effect his health and he had to give in and set Leo free. Now he had to get kai and take him to maxwell ' s for colin and still keep an eye on the wolf. He picked up his phone to call max and give him a heads up that he was bringing the wolf and to keep his animals at bay.
Arnald was a changed rabbit with time. He knew how it felt to have someone to love and want to protect and it changed him for the good. He actually turned out to have a tiny shy side so he still never asked thistle to be his mate yet and make a Warren together,and unfortunately he feels really bad about it. He treats the rabbit to a yummy sweet or a nice gift almost twice a week to try and get the bad feeling to go away but his heart was telling him it wasn't enough.
  lavired / 4y 325d 19h 15m 6s
Thistle blushed and nodded when Arnald came over to him. "Yes... I would like that..." He took hold of the right rabbit's hand tenderly.
Rowan put his arm protectively around Raiyu's shoulders, intent on keeping him close by.
Ran bowed her head low. "I'm sorry! Please, give me another chance! I won't let you down again!"
Maxwell and Colin looked at opposite walls when they were left alone. After a few seconds of unbearable silence, Maxwell opened his mouth to speak.
"If I am going to spend an incredible amount of time in your presence, I would rather it be in silence," cut off Colin. Maxwell frowned, but kept silent.
~~~timeskip to a year~~~
Colin didn't have to stay a year, but ended up doing so because of Robert's inability to catch him father in any other ill acts. He was taken extra care, but Colin was honestly a little afraid of taking the chance of going back home just yet when his father obviously wanted him dead.
Now, Colin was sitting in the more private sitting room in Maxwell's estate, animal free, tapping his fingers against his wheelchair arm impatiently. Yes... his wheelchair.
Colin's eyes drifted down to his non-responsive legs repulsively. The damage had left him partially paralyzed, and no amount of therapy was helping. He hated the idea that he would be chair ridden for the rest of his life; it made him feel useless and broken. He pulled his eyes away from his legs and towards the entranceway of the room.
Colin had put in quite a few requests to have Kai transferred here to him. Finally, Maxwell had consented to agreeing to it and asking Robert as well, of course, not without saying he wanted the wolf to be closely monitored at all times.
Maxwell and Colin had gotten used to each other's presence, when they had to be in each other's presence. They mostly avoided each other, with Colin's room being on the opposite side of Max's and the animals'. He had his own eating area near his room and other facilities, and rarely had to come to the middle of the estate unless he grew bored of his scenery. Colin made it clear he would stay away from Will. He always rolled the other way if the leopard came around.
Maxwell's rabbit practically had a fit when he found out Colin was staying with them, but now he avoids the blonde like everyone else. Colin doesn't bother his fox, or anyone else for that matter, so the rabbit remained passive.
Rowan sat at the entrance of his and Raiyu's burrow, stretched out in the warm sun on his back. His hand fiddled idly with the necklace Raiyu had given him.
Maxwell walked towards Will's room, finishing up a call on his cell phone. Since taking Colin in, he has kept himself surprisingly busy between training Stetson , keeping up his estate, and raising Will.
  Thistle March / AidoChild / 4y 326d 2h 25m 24s
Raiyu turned completely red he heard what Rowan said as he looked at the rabbit in a tender loving way. If he had his tail it would be wagging non stop. The joy he was feeling right now was overwhelming. When thistle let go of his hand, he couldn't help but to hug the other rabbit. "There is no need to be sorry. I'm just really glad to be away from that hell and get to go back home." He said before letting go of thistle. Arnald didn't feel the need to be carried by rowan anymore so the white rabbit jumped free with a bit of a wobble before moving over to thistle, wagging his fluffy tail happily. "How about we let the two of them walk together ahead of us, that way they can be together and we can be together?" He suggested to thistle with a grin "I'm sure your brother really needs to be close to raiyu right now..he was pretty broken with the fox gone."
Robert knew this was going to be a difficult task for both maxwell and colin but he couldn't think of anything else to keep anyone safe. "Don't worry, I will personally keep a close eye on your father. He knows all to well that I can make anything happen and have him put away for a long time if I catch him doing something fishy. So both of you please get along. Once I know what's really going on I will let you know what will happen. " he said in a reassuring way. "I will go let the front desk know you will be staying with maxwell so that once you are stable to go they can get all those annoying papers done. " he said before leaving the room and the two alone.
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