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Tiger is sure the accident never happened, he's home everything is okay but he is starting to have doubts. When did this girl/guy move into his house? He never remembered what had happened but they get along so he never thought about it ever and eventually forgot.

____ is the girl/guy who moved in he/she has a pretty good upbringing raised by nice people but something dramatic happens her/his father suffers from a serious heart attack and he/she goes to the funeral and while looking around she/he finds a particular grave stone that reads :

Tiger Baby

how weird that his/her room mate and the tomb stone have the same name? Will he/she be able to figure out Tiger's secret especially with romance starting to brew in the air?

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Sadie saw him "Trip". Things were beginning to get weird. She was suspicious. "Sure baby.. Thats fine." She said. She noticed his balance was off. She drove up to the local burger joint. She was wondering if something was wrong. "You would tell me if something was up, right? Even if you weren't supposed to?"she asked hesitantly. She wondered if he was going to tell her the truth, or lie. Or maybe he didn't even know himself. Who knew these days??
  Sadie / _raven_ / 9y 110d 7h 19m 11s
Tiger tried to get in the car but instead of being able to sit, he went through the seat and pretended he tripped "Oops damn I'm so clumsy, sorry babe I need a moment" he took a few deep breaths and then went in the car but he made it look he was sitting instead of floating. "I don't feel good, I feel so weak maybe we should grab a bite too" he suggested.
  Tiger Baby / pinkbabygirl / 9y 110d 15h 56m 2s
Sadie noticed his voice was off. She looked up at him. "I'll drive.." They got in his car. She started it up and drove down the street heading towards Tiger's apartment. When they got there she just sat in her seat a moment, thinking of her fathers last words to her. "I love you Sade." They never said it much. they just new they loved each other. She got out of the car and stood at the door, waiting for Tiger.
  Sadie / _raven_ / 9y 113d 15h 53m 58s
He wrapped his arms around her "I am really glad to know that" he said as he hugged her tightly "Do you mind driving I don't think I could right now?" he asked for some reason him driving scared the crap out of him, sometimes he would but mostly she did that came with other things like paying the rent, giving her money usually to pay for something they drank plus the lack of appetite included.

"Good, now come on I know your upset" he said hugging her "Just be brave okay" he kissed her head "I know its tough" his voice weirdly emotional.
  Tiger Baby / pinkbabygirl / 9y 113d 16h 5m 41s
"Yeah your probably right.." she sighed, putting her hands over his. But why was he so defensive? It just didn't add up. "A drink sounds Wonderful Right now." she sighed again. Her and her father were close, in their own way. She would have been crying, but she almost never let her emotions out. She turned around and held his handas they started towards his car.
  Sadie / _raven_ / 9y 113d 16h 27m 32s
Tiger approached her "What do you mean? Its just a tomb stone it doesn't mean anything, are you okay?" he asked softly rubbing her shoulders.

"I know losing your dad is hard, we can go back to my place if you want for a drink or something" he sighed softly "I remember when my family died in a freak accident it was horrible, never felt so alone" he said softly.
  Tiger Baby / pinkbabygirl / 9y 113d 16h 36m 57s
Sadie Was at the funeral when she was looking through the gravestones. she saw one that read:
Tiger Baby
She thought no way. That's the same name as Tiger. it couldn't be, could it? Surely not. She could see Tiger from here. "Tiger?" she called. He made his way over. She pointed to the grave stone and said "How weird is that??"
  Sadie / _raven_ / 9y 113d 16h 39m 58s

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