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Lilly shook her head and grabbed the bag before running the other direction twords an abandoned building where she setup a place she could live if she left her master,.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 18h 38m 44s
Ivan grabbed it and said with a low voice ''phew'' he smilled and said when she came ''we better hurry now''
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 19h 6m 31s
Lilly and ivanreached the house, it was dark and the was unseen. She looked at ivan and said "im going up. I already have qa large bag under my bed, ill just put everything i n it and throw tbthem down to you." she ended and climbed up grabbing allof her things and money she had stashed away. She threw the bag down to ivan; shd had even taken her bed spread. She climbed down the wall and landed on her feet"
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 19h 8m 38s
Ivan jumped down and walked with her he really wanted to help her cause she ment alot for him
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 20h 14s
Lilly sighedand climbed down, walking twords the masters old home preparing to steal her things back.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 6h 58m 32s
he followed her look and looked abit around thinking but nodded
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 112d 7h 24m 7s
Lilly sighed and said "thank you" before glancing back down the tree looking for her old master.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 7h 25m 45s
hes ears were down and said ''its for the best to leave sometimes.....we...i mean....we could try to find out something i will help you'' he smilled trying to cheer her up
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 112d 7h 41m 21s
Lilly shook her head and smiled slightly. "I needed to leave, its like that everyday" she said and friwned. She looked down sinking her nails into the tree.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 7h 43m 0s
Ivan ran after her he sniffed to the air and ran in the woods and found the tree she sat on he climbed the tree pretty fast and looked at her and said with a sad voice ''im sorry''
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 112d 8h 4m 52s
Lilly looked out the window and saw ivan, her eyes widening. "No, stop" she wispered and felt tears rush down her ore face. Lilly panicked and opened her door jumping out and landed on yer feet and ran into the woods climbing a tree quickly so her master, now chasing after her, couldnt find her. She sat trying to catch her breath and figured she could get her things, all of them, later that night.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 8h 10m 24s
Ivan felt his heart beat faster as he got more angry it wasnt her fault why blame her when it was him but he dindt want to tolerate it he ran after the car he dindt care for what would be happend to him he just couldt let him do that
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 112d 8h 16m 3s
Lillys eyes widened as ivan said he was good for nothing and walked to her master, immedently being struck in he face. "Idiot!"he yelled and tured back to the fish woman, who stood angerly in her stall. Lilly picked herself up off the floor and looked down tears falling down her face. "I apologize master" she said and growled in the back of her throut quietly when he grabbed her ear and threw her into the car, getting in himself and drove away.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 15h 19m 41s
Ivan smilled cause he in real dindt have his wallet at all it was safe in the masters own pocket he walked to Lilly and said ''dont worry i was only joking for a while kitty'' he smillede happy ''i have a quik hand dont you think'' he said with a smile and petted her head not knowing that her master had seen him and walked to them he smillede and waved his tail and said ''you better get back to your good for nothing master heh'' he sounded too cocky
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 112d 17h 22m 30s
Lilly blinked and watched him put it back and take it again. "I-" she started but stopped knowing they would all look and ivan would be caught. She looked at him concern in her eyes and frowned.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 112d 17h 28m 53s

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