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Ivan smilled han looked what she made
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 16h 34m 51s
Lilly smiled, finishing cooking the eggs and toast and sat half on one plat half on another. She smiled and handed Ivan a plate and took hers to the table and sat.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 17h 18m 43s
he chanced his clothe and went down to her with a small smile on his lips and looked arounf for abit
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 17h 23m 11s
"Yeah, ill go make some food, see what i had stashed and you can change in here." She said and walked out closing the foor behimd her.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 17h 25m 25s
he took it and said ''thanks'' and smilled he said ''is there a place i can change''
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 17h 29m 57s
Lilly poked his cheek and giggled lightly before getting out of bed and pulled out a clean pair of colthes and looked at Ivan. "Could you?" She asked and blushed darker.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 17h 33m 31s
he blushed even more and said ''uh i..its nothing'' he smilled weakly and looked away while blushing
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 17h 37m 23s
Lilly layed asleep and felt the bed move, opened her eyes and saw Ivan blushing. She looked at him sleepily and said "why are you blushing?" And blushed herself.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 17h 40m 31s
Ivan was in a deep sleep and hugged her while he was asleep he woke up the next morning and letted go of her and blushed a little
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 17h 45m 46s
Lilly smiled and put his blanket on him, then curled up under her own and fell asleep next to him.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 17h 52m 14s
Ivan nodded and said tired ''then i will sleep now'' he smilled and puted him in the bed and fell asleep
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 17h 54m 38s
"No we can work this out" she said and smiled some. "Ill go buy you some clothes tomorrow." She saidand sat on the bed
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 18h 27s
Ivan followed her till they came to the bed he blushed abit and said ''its fine i guess i could always sleep on the flour'' he looked at her with a small smile and his ears were twitting
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 18h 3m 27s
Lilly blushed slightly and they reached the building. She opened the door and pulled Ivan i n closing and locking the door before walking up the stairs and into her hidden room. The room was pale green and had a king bed in it. She ope ned the bag and layed her blaniet and ivans onto the bed and looked at him. "I dont have another bed" she said and blushed.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 111d 18h 24m 33s
Ivan ran efter her holding her hand so they dindt got away from eachother he looked back to make sure no one was following them while he ran with her hand in hand
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 111d 18h 37m 9s

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