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he said ''w-what do you mean why you scared tell me'' he hugged her close to him he was now worried for her
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 108d 18h 7m 32s
"I know were doing good here and were safe, but im scared." She said, looking down not being able to look at him.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 108d 18h 35m 20s
Ivan opend his eyes and turned he looked at her and said ''yeah'' he smiled
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 108d 18h 58m 58s
Lilly blinked and pulled on her blanket and turned twords Ivan. "Ivan?" She asked seeing if he was awake.
  Mariechan / 9y 108d 19h 2m 59s
Ivan did the same and layed down he tryed to fall asleep
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 108d 22h 55m 5s
Lilly fixed her side of the bed and layed down, trying to fall asleep.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 108d 22h 56m 30s
Ivan's cat ears got straight and said ''yeah'' he stood up and walked happy with her and waved his tail with a small smile
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 109d 2h 5m 15s
Lilly looked at him and said "alright" and walked upstairs, saying "you coming?" And walked into their room.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 109d 6h 53m 13s
he blushed a little and said ''nothing'' he smilled and sat down
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 109d 10h 26m 55s
"what?" she asked and smiled at him blushing slightly.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 109d 14h 24m 18s
he smilled and looked at her with a small smile
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 109d 15h 38m 7s
I know" she said balencing herself.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 109d 15h 39m 36s
Iva nodded and ran in and said ''ime home'' he smilled and walked in to her
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 109d 15h 41m 13s
Lilly walked into their room and changed quickly, walking downstairs and looked out the window. "ivan come in" she said and smiled.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 110d 10h 17m 31s
Ivan played outside with some animals he had really fun playing but tripped and sat up with a smile
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 110d 18h 11m 9s

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