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Ivan sat and said ''by the sea...sure'' he smiled happy and sat beside of her while he waved with his tail and looked abit around
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 7h 29m 9s
Lilly laced her fingers with ivan and smiled , getting on the train quickly. "Where do you want to live? I was thinking by the ocean, sounds good right?" She asked smiling and sat in a seat.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 16h 17m 19s
Ivan walked after her holding her hand so they coundt loft away
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 16h 24m 45s
Lilly siledand cotinued walking, looking over her shoulder causously but casually and up the stairs leading to the train.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 16h 26m 58s
he nodded and cleaned his face and catched up with her and smilled
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 16h 36m 52s
Lilly nodded and grabbed her bag and walked down stairs and out of the house, walking twords the train station and threw a towel at ivan "whipe off your face!" She yelled smiling and stopped to wait for him.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 16h 43m 50s
he licked most of it and said ''ok lets go then'' he smilled
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 16h 51m 30s
Lilly looked at him and giggled and said "were ready." Laughing quietly. He had frosting almost all over face.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 16h 52m 50s
he ran down and took the cake and ate it he ra up again to help her so it was faster
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 16h 59m 25s
Lilly blushed and grabbed his hand pulling him up with her and said "go eat the cake and ill pack" and grabbed all their things and stuffed them into the bag, trying to hurry.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 17h 2m 46s
Ivan smilled happy and said ''wonderful'' he kissed her check
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 17h 33m 34s
"I think we have to" she said and added "darnit, i had enough money FOR a house!" She said and became excited grabbing it and counted the money. "Yes, we have enough!" She said and hugged Ivan.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 17h 42m 53s
''if you want to'' he said with a soft voice and looked at her with a smile
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 19h 49m 36s
Lilly smiled and took the water. "Thank you" she said and took a sip. "So were moving?" She asked and smiled slightly.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 107d 19h 56m 6s
Ivan came quik with the water
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 107d 20h 14m 42s

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