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He smiled and said ''Im Ivan i know the town better than anyone else if you need advice for were stuff is around here then try and find me and if you ever are in trouble then come and see me theres nothing i not cant handle'' he looked at her with a small smile while he waved abit with his tail
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 117d 3h 24m 6s
Lilly looked up and saw a neko, instantly smiling. "Yeah im fine, and yes, headed to the store for master" she said, letting him know she was slaved, believeing he was stray. "Im Lilly" she said, extending a hand smiled.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 117d 3h 32m 20s
Ivan was looking at a store when he saw the girl tripped he walked over to her and helped her up ''hey you okay'' he said with a normal voice he looked at her with studying eyes ''you new in town?'' he said it with a soft voice and smilled noticeing they both were the same kind
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 117d 3h 39m 26s
Lilly walked down the stairs at her Masters call. "you there, go to the store and get everything on this list" he ended handing her a long list and a credit card. "Yes sir" she said hurrying out of the door, stuffing the list and card into her pocket. She walked twords the store and tripped, hissing as she hit the ground.
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 117d 3h 45m 1s

Ivan was walking around in town thinking he had a nightmare but it was not the first he had many nightmares but the thing on his mind mostly was something that was bothering him alot but dindt know what it was he walked near some buildings he knew alot who was moving and those new ones who just moved to the town he knew everyone in town cause he lived here and there he was more of a stray Neko who once lived in a family but when they left him it bacame a struggle to survive on his own he looked in a emtry house the windows were open it smelled like new house or rather fresh painted *who might gonna move here* came from his mind looking abit around only some workers came out and leaved the house
  Ivan / LoneNeko / 9y 117d 4h 13m 45s
you may start :3
  Lilly / Mariechan / 9y 117d 4h 23m 2s

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