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[i Sighs and shakes head eyes watery. Curling up in her bed she pulls the cover tightly against her chest resting a larger portion under her chin.]
  [br] OK [en] / Druecilla / 4y 138d 2h 39m 44s
Ive struggled with reasoning on rather god/gods are real. But thats the only thing that keeps me bunkered within my own shell of existence.

I dont plan on killing people.

I would if I had too.

And I would likely not enjoy it. Though I wouldnt hesitate. I never have.

I met my closest friend because I saw someone hitting him, and I beat the kid down. I blacked out in the process... But I was just a child back then.

I know its probably wrong, but I want something to happen. I grow bored with the same old things every day. I want to live on the edge.

And if the realization that someone else in any set scenario could kill me... That gives me a rush of adrenalin. Its exhilarating.

I dont think I was meant to be this calm set back silent person I play threw out the day. I think I would have been better off out in a combat zone somewhere. Or maybe just a simple mma fighter. Fuck if I care. I just want to fight. For all its worth.


My rants done. I would say I will stick to my story writting, but nobody really writes anymore. Not those around me anyway.
  Ryu serious. / lonewolf / 4y 142d 14h 29m 27s
I never said killing was wrong did I?
In that sort of situation its still the same, killing is killing. One of you lives, the other one dies. Doesn't matter who was right or wrong in such conflicts, once you die your body doesn't care if you were morally right or wrong in such situation. Its just dead. heart stop, brain activity dead. Just...
So long as you accept that reality of what killing is, barring your own morality, then why should I care who you shoot up. just be prepared to get shot up yourself you go living such a life style.

I'm just of a pacifist sort myself.
You know...
the sort that would beat and torture them to an inch away from meeting death and keep them there.
That sort of pacifist, because I like to be a nice guy who likes to keep people alive, through pain and fear.
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 142d 15h 4m 33s
But, that's just me ranting. I was honestly just asking a question to peak some sort of interest in this room. Nobody ever gets on here to talk like they use too. And aside from the elite role-players, all of the role playing on this site is horrid. That's why I pretty much abandoned the site.
  Ryu serious. / lonewolf / 4y 142d 15h 16m 2s
Are you telling me if someone walks into your home with a gun, and threatens your family, you will not kill them?

I believe that there are many unspoken truths. And there is no rightful reason to take a life, unless there is a life being threatened in the process. I could care less if I went to prison for life, if somebody ever honestly threatens my family, I will stop them before they can harm them.
  Ryu serious. / lonewolf / 4y 142d 15h 17m 59s
A Just reason for killing. *chuckles clapping my hands* Now that's always a rich one. Killing is killing, you can paint fancy words and reasons for it, but its all just the same. One person lies dead in their own blood, and another walks off alive.

Just, unjust, right, wrong, evil, good...All are just excuses for a kill. Be it in war or in a peaceful city.

Of course war can be just a justified killing granted by a government so maybe you are onto something there. *chuckles some more sitting in his corner*
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 143d 5h 20m 8s
You are going by laws of war. Not laws of common man.
  Ryu serious. / lonewolf / 4y 143d 19h 3m 19s
Silence is best when you have killed someone. It is indeed a crime, but it is better to just: [i Shoot, shovel, and shut up]
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 4y 143d 19h 3m 34s
I thought it depends on if you get caught and if you can handle it.
  Creed / Demonic / 4y 143d 19h 5m 50s
If you kill a man and nobody knows, is it a crime?
Well of course it is. Unless there was a just reasoning.
  Ryu serious. / lonewolf / 4y 143d 19h 10m 34s
Hey everyone! I found a fun picture of toad! LOOK AT HIM!
[pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/65972ab12cfcab9bc011722bfde103e7/tumblr_mql33hqDIU1rtibymo2_500.gif]
  Creed / Demonic / 4y 143d 22h 43m 34s
Drue! Hey. Nice to see you around finely ^^ I'll get onto that asap!
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 146d 8h 58m 53s
New cell number pm me for it... If you want it that is..
  Lady Knight Adin / Druecilla / 4y 146d 9h 2s
*rolls onto my back with a sigh getting up and walking about curiously wondering where Drue might of gone off to*
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 163d 14h 10m 31s
[i Hums softly to herself as she runs her hand along the sheethe of her blade.]
  Lady Knight Adin / Druecilla / 4y 163d 14h 12m 7s

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