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*Drops in from the shadows behind lady Drue. Setting his hat on her head he gives her a small smile* Well hello there sleepy one. Strange night to stroll around don't you agree?
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 148d 19h 38m 25s
"I can tell that you have cat ears and a tail, I have never seen your kind around before, different, the name is Lucius." He said making a slight.
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 148d 19h 38m 46s
[i Rubbing her eyes she looked around for Sir Madness. She didn't want to enter the darkened palace alone and she was far to tired to get up and walk. With a small yawn she then let her ears droop a bit as a slight shiver overcame her.] 'But well my species tends to Erm like cat naps.' [i Akuma said softly barely audible to the human ear.]
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 148d 19h 40m 0s
"I'm a tad tired myself so I know the feeling" the male said nodding with a smile.
  Cole / SilentOne / 4y 148d 19h 42m 38s
"You might want to get some shut eye, don't want to feel tired tomorrow morning."
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 148d 19h 42m 52s
'I like the stars and no one is really around inside. So I figured I'd come outside and see where everyone else is.'[i Hearing the other male she smiled a bit.] 'It goes well I suppose I'm getting a tad bit sleepy though.'
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 148d 19h 44m 56s
His eyes shifted to hers waving lightly before walking over leaning on the wall closer "How goes?"
  Cole / SilentOne / 4y 148d 19h 47m 11s
"Why are you out here all alone?" He asks taking his mask off.
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 148d 19h 47m 49s
'Hello... Sir.' [i She mumbled a bit shyly as he eyes noticed another male in the corner as he sighed. Her ears twitched a bit more as she shifted a bit.]'Hello... other sir.'
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 148d 19h 49m 44s
[i Notice a person with a tail flickering around which peeks his interest. He slowly gets up and walks over to this person.] "Hello."
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 148d 19h 51m 50s
[i appears leaning on a wall running fingers through his hair with a sigh of boredom.
  Cole / SilentOne / 4y 148d 19h 52m 2s
[i Ears flick slightly as her tail sways. Purring softly she sighs out or boredom and loneliness.]
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 148d 19h 55m 22s
[i Walks in out from the darkness and sits down on a hill to observe everything]
  Mask / Sinner / 4y 148d 19h 56m 56s
[i Noms my sour patch kids berry flavored with no intentions of sharing while watching Arrow.]
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 148d 20h 10m 28s
Hello there *walks along the ceiling of the halls above her* always good to see you about Drue. *Drops down next to her*
  The Thief / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 150d 23h 46m 14s

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