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I don't think you should...though to be fair I really only appear when I see you are around, as I find you are the only reason to come into here given how little we speak elsewhere.
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 158d 9h 21m 22s
[i Frowns softly.] So many people in my thread but very few make effort to keep it alive... Maybe I should condemn the palace....
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 158d 9h 31m 21s
*Appears from behind the throne sitting on the arm of the throne looking at Drue* Well hello there Lady Drue, a pleasant surprise to see you on your throne~
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 163d 11h 45m 11s
[i Yawns lightly as she sprawls out across her throne.]
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 163d 11h 54m 24s
*Yawns, resting head between paws. Rumbles softly*
  ::Elder Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 4y 176d 17h 3m 38s
Wolfblood.[i Eyes stay on the tv as she sips her warm tea and curls up with a blanket enjoying Sir Madness' company.]
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 177d 12h 27m 30s
*Appearing behind her his head hangs over her shoulder curiously to see what she is watching* Hm? And What show would that be?
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 177d 14h 8m 27s
Slow day indeed.[i She yawned again before watching Netflix again her eyes not straying.] Good show is good.
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 177d 14h 10m 26s
*Walks out from behind the throne. Sitting on the arm of the throne I hum a soft tune, smiling to myself as I watch Drue*

Hmm...Such a slow day, then again, most days I find are rather slow..
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 177d 14h 12m 39s
Lucius walked out of his room and ventured around the castle.
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 177d 14h 13m 41s
[i Yawning softly she looked about the throne room with a bored smile as she tapped her fingers along the window sill.]
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 177d 14h 15m 54s
*dropping down down next to her he bows slightly* I apologize my lady...*smiles a little* I was just playing around a little.
I hope I didn't frighten you too much..
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 180d 14h 2m 27s
[i With a loud squeak she jumped at the sudden voice from above as well as being randomly touched. Her hands went to her chest as she gulped for air.]
  Akuma / Druecilla / 4y 180d 14h 6m 14s
Feeling the presences fill the house Cole woke up stretching lightly before opening his door standing at the doorway [i "Hmm.."]
  Cole / SilentOne / 4y 180d 14h 14m 23s
*with a grin he leaped from the ceiling, his hand then touching her before vanishing again and appearing from a corner she passed. Smiling at her he nodded to her*
Lovely night for a stroll Lady Drue isn't it?

Mind some company?
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 180d 14h 15m 14s

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