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[i She lays along the cool grass outside under the stars.]
  / lilbluejay / 4y 76d 19h 36m 24s
[i Slowly steps forward, peeking in now to see if anyone was here. Smiling, I waved towards Drue now.] Hello, Miss Drue.
  Sinon / Sarina342 / 4y 82d 21h 4m 22s
[Yawns lightly and states out the window with a slight shiver as she pondered upon the thoughts of the empty halls which seemingly seemed to be empty of any signs of life.]
  Pandy|Drue / Druecilla / 4y 82d 21h 17m 5s
I feel like an idiot for posting in the realtime chat...but like Sonic said, I hope you get to feeling better Drue...it's been so long since we've talked after all.
  Ramelia / Sarina342 / 4y 98d 5h 17m 21s
*Checks Drue's forehead before patting her on the head, pulling a pillow from behind the throne I set it behind her head trying to make her as comfortable as possible*

That is a shame...

I do hope you get better soon.
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 98d 8h 43m 44s
I think my offspring gave me his flu or a version of it. [i Pouts.]
  Nanashi / Druecilla / 4y 98d 16h 20m 24s
[i Walking the halls as she past by a room, she could hear the talk of illness. She stopped just outside the room and listened in.]
  / lilbluejay / 4y 98d 22h 37m 16s
*Tucks the blanket more around Drue to keep her nice and warm and comfortable while she is on the throne. I then sit upon the arm of the throne next to her*

You are sick? Well I hope you rest up and get better as soon as possible Drue...
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 98d 23h 9m 40s
Hi there Drue. [i Smiles and waves slightly.] Do you know what you might have?
  Ramelia / Sarina342 / 4y 98d 23h 29m 48s
[i Sneezes lightly and curls up on throne with blanket.] Damn it all. I hate being sick...
  Nanashi / Druecilla / 4y 98d 23h 34m 15s
[i She roamed around as her tail drug on the ground behind her. She looked to the floor thinking of stuff.]
  / lilbluejay / 4y 100d 38m 56s
Lucius stood outside in the darkness breathing shallowly and quietly, listening intently to the night's song.
  Lucius Obscurum / Sinner / 4y 121d 17h 4m 44s
[i Slowly steps in now and glances around.] Sadly haven't been in here often.
  Jiangshi Zonbi / Sarina342 / 4y 124d 2h 3m 50s
I don't think you should...though to be fair I really only appear when I see you are around, as I find you are the only reason to come into here given how little we speak elsewhere.
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 4y 124d 14h 22m 34s
[i Frowns softly.] So many people in my thread but very few make effort to keep it alive... Maybe I should condemn the palace....
  Druecy-chan / Druecilla / 4y 124d 14h 32m 33s

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