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Ryu stepped into the palace. He could see that it seemed not a soul was stirring in the midst of his presence. He made his way silently down the halls and threw the palace to the training grounds. As he passed a few blemishes in the walls stood out to remind him of his various battles he once fought threw in this place. Things had changed now. The great wars were over. And with the world advancing around him, it seemed like being an immortal had come as a set back.

He sighed stepping out into the cool air of the night. Wondering if the princess was still around.

Another thought crossed his mind. Were there any warriors left to be a challenge to an immortal? His skills staid pristine even with the lack of need for them.

Maybe he could find a challenger worth a good fight? Or not. It seemed more often than not, that those around him lacked any fighting spirit. Even with his history of assassinations, and combat, he still sought out new challenges every day. What more would there be to do with all those decades of training and experience?
  Ryu / lonewolf / 3y 289d 23h 31m 20s
[i Walks in and glances around the palace.] "Hmm...I haven't been around often..."
  Naomi Steiner / Sarina342 / 3y 300d 12h 20m 50s
*Waves down at Drue and the rest* I have been well, pretty busy with certain things, but for I have been fine.
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 3y 311d 23h 2m 27s
Hello Lady's how your day been? *Happy Mothers day Druecilla*
  Condemned / Displayonly / 3y 311d 23h 7m 18s
[i Giggles and waves to the spider in the room with a slight smile.]
  Pandy|Drue / Druecilla / 3y 311d 23h 12m 31s
*Mandibles twitch slightly, remaining in massive web*
  ::Corruption:: / Dragoncita / 3y 311d 23h 16m 39s
[r[i Looks up at Sir Madness.]] Erro' there. How've you been?
  Pandy|Drue / Druecilla / 3y 311d 23h 19m 13s
*hangs above the ceiling, still hanging around even with it so empty*
  Madness / Sonicspeedx13 / 3y 311d 23h 21m 3s
[r [i Blinks a bit and sighs at the seemingly lifeless palace.]]
  Coffee? / Druecilla / 3y 311d 23h 23m 16s
Welcome back Dru~Sama. *as I slowly approached you*
  Tatsumi / Displayonly / 3y 335d 10h 37m 57s
[b [#eb1b00 "Welcome back to the land of the living, Miss Dru."]] [i She said teasingly from her seat, waving her blade slightly before she continued to clean it.]
  Klaudia Berlniner / Sarina342 / 3y 338d 7h 56m 51s
[i With a slight sway of her body she began to walk down the hall...] [i [+red How long have I been in my deep slumber?]] [i She now wondered to herself.
  Coffee? / Druecilla / 3y 338d 10h 33m 12s
*Turns my head and looks at you* Behold what Mephilis?
  Kamiya / Displayonly / 3y 343d 6h 15m 17s
  Mephilis / Mephilis / 3y 343d 6h 59m 53s
*Stands in the shadow of a tree, glancing towards the sky*
  Esteban / Dragoncita / 4y 41d 10h 46m 28s

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