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|•| Welcome to my domain. Tis a place of fate really. Make of it what you will... Tis a place of escape. A place for you to shed your old skin and start anew. Free from prejudice and judgmental opinions. |•|

|•| The palace is a place for all to start  anew. A place of secure sanctum as well as a safe haven for those in need of good friends. I will defend those whom need it but I will not stand up for those in the wrong and have brought such hostility into my safe haven. |•|

|•| Enjoy your stay here I hope it is a long lived pleasant experience. I am please to meet you all with arms wide open. Again welcome to the Palace of Escape. |•|


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Shoot the only me time I get is when I put them both to bed and thats hoping that my youngest doesn't wake up at 3:30 am like he is now. But he's tired and should go to sleep when I go back in the room in a bit.
  'Slyvia Von Von' / Druecilla / 1y 104d 17h 24m 49s
[i With a light yawn she walked in face void of any outward emotions. She was fine of course. She always was fine that was something she was used to telling everyone. Even so much that she believed it herself.most of the time. Lost in thought she ran her fingertips along the arm of her throne. This palace used to be so lively in the old days. She was happy that it was slowly coming back to life now though despite the fact that that she normally kept herself in her room or in her vast and unending library. But today it was different you couldn't tell something was bothering her deeply unless you knew where to look at her to read her true emotions.]
  'Slyvia Von Von' / Druecilla / 1y 157d 19h 51m 42s
Abruptly, outside the palace, the fabric of space itself would be folded, and a rather large feline would step over from some unknown location. This creature was known as Mephilis, and had not been seen in this area for quite some time. Streaks of pink energy began to crackle around his form, sometimes igniting the air around him, super heating it to plasma for a brief moment before subsiding. White eyes laced with his pinkenergy began to scan the area carefully, taking in the sights.

"Where does the time go...?"
  Mephilis / Mephilis / 1y 161d 12h 42m 27s
Crouches down on her level now looking her eye to eye and grins. "Well I like to try and keep up with the surprises, even if I am always the predictable one"
  Defiant / Sonicspeedx13 / 1y 169d 41m 57s
Squeaking a bit as she rolled back tucking her head in so that once she finished her roll she would be in crouching position once again."Big ol meanie." her tongue now poked out at him. "But I like surprises."
  Azzy & Drue / Druecilla / 1y 169d 2h 21m 30s
"Ah yes I'm sure your ol' heart can handle a bit of a shock, maybe... possibly." He would gasp and would push at Drue's forehead in an attempt to make her roll as she is in the crouch position. "Lets find out right noooow!"
  Defiant / Sonicspeedx13 / 1y 171d 6h 43m 49s
Sitting at one of the tables Lilly got her drink and a small snack. Sitting there by herself she smiled and pulled out her book.
  Lillyana / Zaida / 1y 173d 2h 18m 11s
Squeaking lightly​as he spun her around she clenched the drapes a bit tighter now as she smiled lightly. "You could've given me a heart attack if my heart was indeed a normal heart." Within a blink of ones eyes she was down and on the ground in the crouched position.
  {Rawr.} / Druecilla / 1y 175d 13h 23m 20s
Sandman slowly entered the Palace looking through the hallways as his foot steps ring out around the halls. [b "I haven't stepped in this place in a long time."] He speaks softly to himself. Then he continued onward hearing voices further inside of the Palace he moves further inside no longer talking to himself no longer speaking to himself .
  Sandman Timeless Mage. / MrSandman / 1y 176d 2h 6m 58s
[center [h3 Guardian]]
The beast yawned, stretching much like a large cat. The dragon arched its back, then simply circled a few times, laying back down. It rested its head against its side, tail curling around. Small tendrils of smoke curled upwards from its nostrils as it kept watch.
A forked tongue flicked out of its jaws, testing the air. The dragon could often be seen resting in the shadows, keeping watch of the place, acting like a guardian. The beast asked for very little, content with a sunny area to bask, shadows to lurk, and the occasional pet by the residents.
  Guardian Dragon / Dragoncita / 1y 176d 6h 2m 55s
Watches her and with so playful grin tries to push her so she swings about."Never too late to learn it!"
  Defiant / Sonicspeedx13 / 1y 177d 33s
"Patience has never been a virtue of mine."Laughs lightly and dangles from acrobatic sheets from the ceiling.
  Druecilla {School Girl} / Druecilla / 1y 177d 6h 1m 40s
"Somethings can be fun if you make it sooo!" Grins at her before poking her forehead. "Patience is a virtue... so they say"
  Defiant / Sonicspeedx13 / 1y 179d 2h 33m 4s
"Nothing is fun. Buttttt I'm hungry now ." Grumbles. "Hurry up tots..." Friggen preheating oven."
  Druecy / Druecilla / 1y 179d 2h 37m 48s
"Yours too? Well ain't it our lucky day!" Fumbles about behind the couch before finally flipping over and finding his way to sit next to her even if the means to do so was awkward but he is quick to sit up.

"Let us be lazy togather!

By doing...

Nothing I suppose"
  Defiant / Sonicspeedx13 / 1y 179d 8h 12m 56s

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