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Tiger looked over at the guy like he was crazy. 'What the hell, did I smoke something or' he frowned looking right at him "Wait, you mean let me get this straight, I am in another dimension, this isn't my time zone what on earth are you talking about and the guardian angel of secrets? What do you mean I have to find out people's secrets can you stop talking so fast!" he exclaimed kind of in a panic realizing he might never go back home.
  Tiger Baby / pinkbabygirl / 8y 323d 23h 4m 13s
is this dead then? Cause you were on last 21 hours ago, but its been 23 days sense you last posted. It makes me wonder if your still into this or if not why you didn't tell me. Not to be mean or anything, but I am going through and editing stuff, so I need to know.
  Angel of Flame. / toitwin / 9y 89d 23h 57m 37s
Angel laughed slightly. "Now right now there is no way home, unless you figure out everyone's secrets. I have said this already. The way home is Gone. Its closed off. Think of it as a gate. Or better yet a door. and to open it you have to Figure out everyone's secrets. However if you don't You may die here. Yes there is food, but It would depend on what you consider food, compared to what we do." Angel shrugged. "You are in the town of Secrets. I am Angel, the guardian of secrets. You may not as well keep looking for the sign, cause there are none here that lead to the other part of the world."
  Angel of Flame. / toitwin / 9y 113d 18h 44m 1s
"What I don't understand why dying? And who are you exactly, and where am I? And what do you mean closed off? Um aren't there any food places here I have money and debit what the hell? I need to leave" he said and with that turned and started looking for a bus stop sighing as he did wondering what kind of mess he got himself into now.
  real Tiger / pinkbabygirl / 9y 113d 19h 5m 49s
Angel nodded a yes to Tiger. "Your side of town is gone. We shut our gate to it, however the sad thing is it won't open ether until you A end up finding out everyone's secret or that you end up dieing." Frown now Angel nodded another yes. "Food is this way." moving his hand to the left Angel pointed to the little manner ontop of the hill. "My home will be your home until you leave."
  Angel of Flame. / toitwin / 9y 117d 4h 39m 7s
"Town of secrets, well I should really get going to my side of town Birchmond, have you heard of it?" he asked as he looked at him hopefully as he looked around then his stomach growled really loud and he groaned then blushed "Man I'm starved is there anything around here that sells food?" he asked again rubbing his stomach.
  real Tiger / pinkbabygirl / 9y 117d 15h 24m 10s
Angel just laughed at the boys requests about things and just went and followed him slowly. With him coming back he just smirked. "I said my name is Angel. You are in the town called secrets. I am the keeper of secrets." Folding his wings up to look just like a normal person Angel offered out his hand. Angel kept talking however with his hand out there. "You came through our main gate to our city, however we only allow one person at a time in so we do not have to worry about a bunch of people coming and finding it."
  Angel of Flame. / toitwin / 9y 117d 16h 21m 3s
Tiger looked over and kind of went 'what?' then smartened up and straightened up "Uh, what where am I, who are you, where is the bus stop...and uh well I gotta get walking need to find a map or something" he said waved and started heading off towards a street named 'what?', after a few minutes of deciding what worth this man was going to be and also taking a good look at the wonky wings he walked back over.

"Hey I'm Tiger, what you say you're name was again?" he asked trying the polite approach.
  real Tiger / pinkbabygirl / 9y 117d 17h 24m 37s
Angel felt the presence of a new person in his little domain he called the place of Secrets. Angel looked over to one of the guards and had them close the only opening that was left open to their little area. as his smile grew Angel seem to feel the need to go and see this new person himself, but he was going to wait to do that. He was after all the keeper of secrets. he wouldn't be shocked if someone came to try and get him to tell him all the secrets.

Angel was walking down the streets of the city and smiled. He kept those who knew him close, but he also kept guards as well. They looked some what like him, but they didn't look as...Beautiful. He looked over himself at a mirror. His almost sculpted body, however that was not what he was talking about. far from it. Shooting right past his shoulders to his golden red wings. They were the envy of all the other people here. They are why he was put as keeper of secrets. It was easy however to get them.

Angel came face to face with this New comer on his own time, however what he didn't expect was to come so far in the town quickly. He went not only across town, but across some fields as well. "Well Hello Mew Comer. I am Angel."
  Angel of Flame. / toitwin / 9y 117d 23h 38m 51s
Tiger was starving as he headed down the street away from his house usually he took the bus but that seemed like nonsense. It was too expensive just to go somewhere by bus that was only fifteen minutes away so he decided to walk there instead. Tiger sighed as he sung out loud to himself wishing the trip could be cut down shorter he wondered the streets and felt his neck hairs rise.

He was starting to get an icy cold paranoia feeling, he slowly turned his head and gulped. Someone was actually following him, he was starting to feel that itch at the back of his hand when his nerves where getting to him he gulped as he started moving a bit quicker but the other person only increased his speed. He cursed inside his head before realising the faster he went the faster this other man went, and the man didn't look friendly, muggers never did.

Tiger kept trying to keep his speed so that it was still way faster then the other guy's, but when the guy really gained speed and was right on his heel. Tiger took off running and the guy suddenly picked up speed to and tore after Tiger. Thank god that the guy only had a knife and not a gun, like his usual kidnappers kept on them. Tiger knew how to run fast when he needed too.

Tiger ran as fast as he could, trying to get away but the mugger was gaining and gaining on him, finally Tiger saw a break. He could run into that alley way and run as fast as he fucking could or he could, you know die. He took the first option and raced through the alley way, the mugger seemed not to follow him but there was no way Tiger was going to slow down well until he came out of the alley way.

His eyes fell on the structural designs of the buildings and weirdly enough it was day time plus blue dust covered him from head to toe. He suddenly spun around when he heard a noise to see if the mugger was still behind him but instead he just saw a brick wall.

"Huh?! What's going on?" he exclaimed out loud.
  real Tiger / pinkbabygirl / 9y 118d 15h 20m 25s

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