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Lumina is just a normal girl, finishing college and now working her butt off doing what she loves most. Now at the age of twenty one, she works at the local hospital as a nurse working on her degree to become a full time doctor. She is as good at it gets. Spending her time at the hospital during the day, she spends her nights at school, working on her degree, she has no time for any drama or any love life. What happens when she meets a constant visitor who always gets himself hurt. Would he ruin her routine by spending time with her everytime he was hurt, or would he just leave her be?


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Lumina didnt know what to say to him. She tried to put up an act of being strong so he wouldnt sense how weak she was. The last thing she wanted was him to find her weakness and just take her home forcefully once more.

The table fell silent, so she took another wip of her wine before she spotted the food. A small smile crossed her lips, only eating this kind of food when she was treated. All of her money went to her school and for supplies, so this was definitely something she was looking forward to.

"Thanks. Im glad you dont feel sorry for me. Lets just put this behind us? Maybe I....We can get over this faster. By the way thanks for dinner. Its really nice" she said, keeping her eyes away from his clear blue eyes. For some reason when she looked into them, she completely forgot about the terrible act he did.

Cutting off a piece of her steak, she took a bite and closed her eyes, just savoring all that succulent taste. "Mmm. Delicious" she said happily.
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Lars poured himself another glass of wine just to have something to do to ease his nerves. Facing the girl now two weeks after what had happened felt surprisingly hard, looking into those beautiful eyes made him feel like shit and he felt ashamed of it, knowing how much harder it must have been for her.

"I'm not really expecting you to forgive me, to be honest.. and I'm certainly not pitying you. Lars murmured, feeling somewhat relieved as he was taken by surprise by her words. Lars found himself oddly out of words as he had not expected Lumina to react this way and he was grateful when the awkward moment of silence was broken by the waitress finally arriving with their dinner.

As Lars tried to concentrate on the juicy medium steak, his bright blue eyes kept trailing back to Lumina whom looked gorgeous in her orange dress, so different to how he remembered her the last time, angry and frightened. "So, how do you like your steak?" Lars spoke as he broke the silence, clumsily trying to block his mind from wandering back to what happened.
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Lumina stared at him in shock. Why would a rapist apologize for any of this? She found him crazy, but at the same time he was apologizing and offering to help her out. "Look. I dont know what kind of game your trying to play with me, but Im fine. I dont need you pity. I can handle this all on my own" she sighed and took a sip of the wine. It was really good to her surprise. And even though she was allowed to leave, it wasnt often she could have dinner like a princess.

"I dont know if I can forgive you so easily. Its been such a long time, but it still haunts me. I know ill definitely try though" she said calmly. "Thanks for apologizing though. It makes me feel like your not just a rapist" she took another sip and waited for their dinner.
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"Please, can I even at least help you in some way? Your career, some financial things? Whatever it is.. I have some connections. And of course I'll leave you alone. I just wanted a chance to tell you I'm sincerely sorry. That's it. Just think about it." Lars continued calmly, sipping his glass of wine after. If he was getting nothing out from trying this, at least the steak would be fine.

"And don't think I'm holding you here against your will. You're free to go. I'm glad to see that you at least seem to be OK." He sighed, emptying his glass of wine after. Lars didn't have any stupid fantasies about this meeting going any different way but what mattered to himself was that at least he had tried.
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Lumina's eyes finally met his as she kept quiet. She had nothing to say to him, her last words still ringing in her ears as all the memories came back through her mind. His roughness, his inability to listen to her, his lying and threatening all buzzing through as he ordered the drinks.

She was about to say check, when he had ordered her food. Sighing softly to herself, she glanced at her fidgeting fingers, feeling very uncomfortable, sitting in front of the man that raped you hard. When he was done, she began to speak "Dont remind me. I didnt know who I was meeting today. The last person on my mind was you. I just ask that you please leave me alone" she said quietly. Since there were many people around she didnt want to make a scene, or leave him rudely.
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Lars summoned the waitress, knowing that there was only a one thing and a one thing only that could calm Lumina down. "A bottle of white wine for myself and the Miss. Half dry. Thank you." He murmured, sighing a little as he tried to catch Lumina's wandering eyes with his own. A moment later the waitress was back, their glasses were poured and Lars ordered them both a pepper steak, sparing Lumina from having to make decisions. As the waitress left again, Lars finally spoke out with a soft tone.

"I was pretty sure you wouldn't show up.. And I wouldn't have held it against you. I fucked up your life... And I'm sorry about it. I wanted you to know that if there's anything I can do.."
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Lumina couldnt move her feet. Her eyes stayed focused on Lars who was staring down her figure. As she slowly began to turn around in an attempt to run for it, she heard the butler and sighed softly, thinking in her head she was toast, doomed, ready to be attacked at any moment once more.

When the butler directed her towards Lars' table, she had no choice but to follow, not wanting to make a scene. As the butler pulled out her seat, she sat down and refrained from looking at Lars. Her eyes scanned the fancy restaurant, looking at the chandeliers and paintings that covered the walls. It was beautiful and it kept her from even looking at the monster before her.
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Lars couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted Lumina whom looked so much different now in her gorgeous dress and curled up hair. He bit his bottom lip as he gazed her briefly up and down, noticing how badly she froze in place when she saw him. Lars understood he needed to seize the moment and do it quickly before she'd turn tail and run. "If you would guide Miss to the table.." He nodded at the butler, thus taking advantage of the fact that Lumina was probably too shocked to do anything else than to be herded to their table without a further scene.
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Lumina had been failing her tests at school recently. The terrible incident really affected her, not only physically, but mentally. And with her concentration and focus gone, she was about to lose everything she's been working so hard for. She couldnt study well, her mind wandering her home, looking over her shoulder every second, just trying to get Lars out of her mind.

After the next few weeks it was slowly getting better. Her job had given her a few weeks off and with that, she was able to catch up on school work and bounce her grades up a little. Even though she seemed okay, she carried pepper spray in her bag along with a pocket knife at all times. She wouldnt speak to a guy unless she knew him well enough and if they looked the slightest bit like Lars, she made a run for it. It began shaping her personality and now that she was cautious about everything, she lasted much better. But in the process she created many more fears.

THe next day, she finished her classes and headed to work, finding a rose on her desk, she read the card and blinked curiously. Having no clue who this was, she decided to go anyway, to maybe get some relaxation time after work.

Once she arrived home, she wore an orange dress that went just past her knees, along with matching shoes. Curling her hair just a little, she did her make up and grabbed her bag, hurrying off before she was late. As she entered the restaurant, she looked around, wondering who could be inviting her to such a place.

Then it hit her. Her eyes fell onto the familiar blonde, pacing the floor. Her heart stopped and she froze, her eyes glancing back to the door.
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Back at home Lars focused his full attention on intense training, forcing his thoughts elsewhere and eventually forgetting what had happened. Lumina obviously seemed to have the guts to pull through it, as was shown by the events of the following morning, something that funnily enough gave Lars some peace of mind. A couple of weeks passed before Lars found himself thinking about her again and some parts deep inside of him wanted to contact her, if not for anything else than to see that she was truly doing ok and that he wasn't the kind of monster that she probably believed him to be.

After spending a long night rolling on his bed, Lars came up with an idea. The following morning he sent a single white rose to Lumina's office with a little card attached to it, bearing a simple inscription : "I'm sorry. 16:00 Chez Dominique." The rest was up for her to decide. All he could do was to offer her a safe place to meet and the city's finest restaurant was exactly that because Lumina would know he wouldn't try anything as long as they would be surrounded by other people.

The day crept on an on and Lars found himself glancing at the clock constantly on his morning work out. He took a long, hot shower and slipped into to his dark, tailored suit, finding himself feeling a little bit uncomfortable, almost like being a teenager again and about to go on some fucked up, twisted first date. A while later Lars found himself pacing around the finest restaurant in the city, looking more than a little bit out of the place, wondering if she was going to show up. "Hey.. At least it was worth the try."
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Lumina watched as the rapist place her house keys on the table. She eyes him carefully and kept her hand on the pocket knife behind her back. "Why do you care anyway? Just let me take care of this like the trash you made me feel last night" she said clenching her hand into a fist.

When he left, she walked towards the kitchen table, staring down at her food. She felt no appetite to eat and with this feeling of anger and hate inside of her, she ran her small fingers through her hair and wiped off the tears that formed in her eyes. She was helpless once again and now that she was in her parents home, she felt like they were watching over her disappointedly.

Grabbing the keys in her hand, she made sure everything was as neat as it could be. She packed up all the food and carried it with her as she left her parents home. As she walked down the street in her scrubs, she hurried home, trying to escape from wandering eyes. When she made it home, she quickly locked her door shut. She had a huge test today, she didnt want to miss any of it, so as she hurried off and got dressed in her school uniform, she got into her car and drove to school, not caring about the way she was feeling.
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"You know, Fuck this." Lars cursed as he abruptly stood up. He had been tried to be as nice and caring as he could, but for now he just wanted to get away from all this and put it all behind. "You obviously haven't killed yourself so I don't have to be here further to babysit you. I'm sorry and that's it. Oh. Your keys." Lars groaned and pulled out Lumina's keys from his pocket, planting them on the table for her to see.

"Meh.. And I called you in sick for your work because you probably could use a couple of days to collect yourself. So that you know." Lars spoke out tired and fed up, checking his pockets that he had everything he needed before he made his way past Lumina whom was standing in the kitchen's doorway. The main door opened and slammed shut soon after, followed up by a loud rumble of V8 being fired up. He was gone.
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As Lumina made her way downstairs, she could smell food. Not just regular food, but newly cooked food. Last time she was here, it was over years ago, whered he get the ingredients to make it.

When she heard his voice, she shivered and walked in, staying at the doorway of her parents kitchen. Seeing him eat the food, she shook her head. "N-No. I dont want any of your food. Y-You bastard! Who said you can even come in here!" she said her face going from scared to angry within a second.

"Stay away from me. I dont need anything from you" she said, backing away from him.
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Lars woke up from his brief rest as he heard someone showering upstairs. He sighed and stood up, rubbing his tired eyes as he made his way to the kitchen and started to prepare a breakfast for them both. Some moments later the water was already boiling for the tea and by the time Lumina stepped carefully down the stairs, the breakfast was already waiting on the table.

"Hey.. In the kitchen." Lars replied softly as he heard Lumina calling him out. "I made you some breakfast, some juice, some eggs, some bread and some tea, if you'd like.. I didn't poison it, which I now will prove to you by taking a bite.." He tried smiling at her a little bit, but he ended up feeling rather rather hollow as he sunk his teeth into his loaf of bread. "Please.. You need to eat something, Lumina." He sighed and looked up into her beautiful eyes for the very first time after everything that had happened.
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Lumina stayed in her room for about another hour before she heard a few sounds downstairs. She gulped and shivered a little, knowing that Lars was probably down there to check up on her. Biting on her lower lip, she shifted in her bed, letting her legs fall to touch the ground. Looking at her clothes curiously, she noticed she was still in scrubs. The thought of last night came over her and as she stood on her feet, she could feel the pain between her legs as she walked to the bathroom.

She walked funny, like she had some kind of sexual disease, but she managed to reach the bathroom. She needed to get everything, all the proof of last night off of her so she stepped into the shower and washed off all the dried fluids on her legs. It disgusted her to see everything, but the worst part was knowing she wasnt a virgin any longer.

Once she finished, she wrapped a towel around her waist and hurried into her closet. The pain between her legs was beginning to die down the more she stretched and got used to it. Although a pain in her pelvic area was still there and she hoped that it was the pills he had given her.

Shuffling through her closet, she managed to find clothes that still fit her. It was a tank top along with some denim jeans. As she dried her hair, she let it flow down, covering up to her shoulders. But once she was ready, she opened her bedroom door and slowly made her way down the steps, carrying her phone in her back pocket. She was nervous and if he did touch her, she grabbed the pocket knife in her drawers, remembering she hid it there if there was ever a robber. Sliding it into her other back pocket, she walked down the steps. "H-Hello?" she called out.
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