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Link glanced off to the side. He lived by himself back in Ordon but the village people were family enough for him but he falt that if he left he'd been doing himself more harm. "Princess, um with your permission I'd like to work under you as a protector of sorts. Thats only if you would allow it."

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  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 203d 3h 29m 6s
She smiled, "Thats very true... I hope that you and your family back in ordon will be in peace now..." She said with a gentle smile but has a bit of sadness in it.
  Zelda / Mekwan1 / 10y 203d 3h 33m 20s

Link blushed gently as the princess kissed him, clearing his throat slightly. "It was the minimum I could do your highness; the whole land was at stake after all." He tried to make it seem like it wasn't such a hassle; after all she had helped him too.

  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 203d 3h 36m 30s

She smiled and gently put her arms behind her back, "I'm unharmed Link... I owe you great debt since you have just slaid Ganon..." She said and walked towards him and gave him a grateful smile then kisses him on the cheek, "Thank you so much..."
  Zelda / Mekwan1 / 10y 203d 3h 46m 41s
OOC: okay.... *Bigins plotting*

Link sighed and pushed back the blonde hair that was slung infront of his eyes; it had been long and arguous but he had just defeated the evil lord Ganon. With a resolute sigh he turned back to the princess of Hyrule, Zelda. To him, her beauty was immesuarable; he did not value her just as a princess but as a friend and person. With all that had happened he was surprised, and happy, to see her still standing strong. Normally a female would have cracked under presssure. Well, any female he knew. Link gave a small smile as he watched her. "Are you alright? Are you unharmed?"

OOC: By the way, what time frame? ][Like after twilight princess or ocarina of time?]
  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 203d 3h 52m 46s
Oh um... How about Link just saved Zelda and ganon is longggg gone now :3 but link really wants zelda to stay with her in his place or something idk lol
  Zelda / Mekwan1 / 10y 203d 18h 32m 7s
OOC: So, what's out plot going to be?
  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 204d 5h 5m 21s
Okay :D koool
  Zelda / Mekwan1 / 10y 204d 16h 31m 39s
OOC: Okay,. whats the plot? And is this picture alright? And do you want first post, cause I can post first once I have a plot.
  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 205d 7h 17m 3s
Okayyyz I would love for you too :DD
  Zelda / Mekwan1 / 10y 205d 19h 15m 48s
OOC: Joinage maybe?
  Link the Hero / SilverShadow140 / 10y 206d 1h 24m 26s

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