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Roxas sighed and rubbed his tired blue eyes with his palms,listening to Axel talk and let out a little snicker,"Axel,you won't do anything,you don't have the guts!",He let out a small giggle,joking around with the older male as usual,that's how they always talked,but he had no idea the older boy was serious this time."You know,your hand is giving me a wedgie...",he pouted.Axel...What are you doing..?,He thought to himself,suddenly realising he wasn't acting normal...At all...

Roxas nibbled his lip before pushing on his back and sliding down his chest and belly,wrapping his leg around the male's waist,forcing the other male to re-position his hands to carry the younger boy."Axel,what's a-matter?",he said,pushing his bottom lip out and looking into the boy's eyes."You're acting very out of the ordinary...Are you feeling okay?",he put his hand on the other boy's neck to see if it was warm."You aren't running a feaver..."
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Axel rolled his eyes and continued walking. Perhaps he should pick up the kink of putting a cloth Roxas' mouth so he wouldn't speak such nonsense. Naw, he could never. How else would he hear the cute little cries that came out of him when he was using "his" to plunge in to--

A little voice inside of him screamed, he told it to "shut the hell up and let him fantasize about the under-aged boy."

"I swear Roxas. If you honestly got your boogers all over my organization coat you're going to get punished." He warned in a very soft monotoned voice. Showing he was serious and already had a punishment in mind, and if Roxas' didn't choose his words carefully he would receive that timed ten.
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Roxas grumbled as he was picked up,propping himself up in his and,his elbow going into Axel's back.Roxas blinked as he felt the hand on his booty,he blushed and wiggled slightly,but didn't say anything.Blinking again,he sniffed,then.."ACHOO!"...blushing,he went back to being silent."I snot on your back.",he said quietly."Axellll...",He whined,pouting."You're hurting my tummy...",he reached up and played with one of the red-heads spikes."Ooooh...pointy..."

<I don't care what you say,we're continuing >:c>
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Axel turned around to face the blonde, raising his short brow slightly [hardly changing the expression how he wanted to], he grinned. "You're so weird Roxas. I'm perfectly fine. You worry to much." He laughed and walked over to him and placed his hand on the other's forehead, "You sure you haven't already gotton sick? If that's the case I should help you." Axel bent down slightly, wrapping his arm around the blondes waist and lifted him up, throwing him over his should. "I'll take you to your room." He laughed as he began walking.
He looked over to where his hand was, having a feeling it wandered itself there...right on the youngers bum. Perhaps he could pull it off as that's the esier why to carry him in this situation...
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Roxas processed what the red head had said.<rhyming :D!>He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and nodded slowly,"Yeah...I guess that sounds right.",Roxas said,letting out a small smile.He began to lay his head against Axel's chest before feeling the arms release him.He could tell that Axel was fighting some kind of inner battle with himself.Intrigued,he asked,"Are you alright?",before taking the lead.

Looking back,he answered his other statement,"Yeah,that'd be him to get mad at one of us getting sick...".Bringing his hands up so they were resting on the back of his head,he closed his eyes and continued walking down the familiar hall.Somewhere deep down,he knew that Axel was planning something,but he didn't heed his own warning and let his friendship with the older male shroud his thought.
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Axel looked down to Roxas' raising his short brow slightly and just putting on a grin, "We're both wet and with that comes cold- which I see you're already are, so why not puy our body heat together?" He explained. Trying to keep as nonchalant about the question as possible, but it was strangly hard.
The back of his head was screaming at him; "Can't you just tell him already!? You adore the kid!' and, "Push him down! No ones around!" as well as the one that he really had to push back, "You're both wet, and withthat comes cold- and to warm you both up you need SKIN TO SKIN CONTACT!"

Axel shook his head,trying to rid himself of all these thoughts as he let go of Roxas. "Let's go get changed. If we stay in these wet clothes we could get sick. -Xemnas wouldn't be too happy about that." He explained, motioning his hand forwards.
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"What just happened..?",Roxas thought to himself.To say the least,he was confused beyone words as the corridor of darkness appeared.Feeling the light touch of his hand and then a little push,he lead the way through the darkness and came out on the other side in the castle,feeling the older male's eyes on him as he went.He put a hand to the back of his head in confusion,no longer feeling the spikey awesomeness spikey locks of hair.But the cold dampness from the rain.

Roxas felt his teeth start chattering ever so slightly from the cold before feeling arms around his shoulders and what he assumed was Axel resting his head on his own.Feeling the same warmness in his cheeks as before,he lifted a hand and put it on one of Axel's arms."O-...kay.",he responded quietly to what he had said.He began to wonder what Axel's motives were as he let the closeness between them warm Roxas up."Um...Axel?",he asked,"Why do you have your arms around me?",he said quietly,letting out a nervous,but curious smile.
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Axel began leading them back to the castle, he didn't say anything to the little one following along behind him. He felt so awkward about it, the red-head felt he should say something, but no words came to mind. -And walking was just taking longer.
With a swift motion of his hand a portal appeared in front of them, "Come on Roxas, we both need to get out of this rain." He said with a glance over to him. Axel touched the blondes shoulder and pushed him through the portal, following right behind.

They both ended up in the middle of the Castle, he looked down at the blonde and wrapped his arms around Roxas's shoulders, leaning his chin on the others head. "Okay Kid. We're going to go get dry and hope we don't get bombarded with another mass of missions."

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couldn't shake the feeling that the words he had said had a hidden meaning.He nodded,"O..kay.",he said,too much on his mind to argue as he waited for the immature boy in a grown body to lead the way.Even though he still had anger inside him,he was just glad his best friend was talking to him again.
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Roxas continued looking at the ground,almost sure Axel was going to walk off and that would be the end of it.That is until he heard the older male say 'Damnit kid.',he had begun to turn toward the Axel before he felt himself being pulled closer.He was surprised at this but didn't say a word as his eyes were covered.He felt the other's body heat against him and wiggled slightly in response,wondering why he was doing this.His breathing stopped as he heard the whisper in his ear and Axel's warm breath there as well.For some reason unknown to him,as he heard the older male's words and felt how close he was,a sudden warmness crossed his face,making him look down and close his eyes in embarrasment.He softly put a hand on the arm around his body before he was released and felt Axel take a step back.It took a second before he turned and looked at him again,slightly confused and slightly dazed.What was all the sudden niceness about?

As hw watched the older male pull his fingers through his red,soggy hair,he
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Roxas was close, too close, far to close!
It was all Axel could focus on, and when he finally gave in and made eye contact that anger-filled face that looked on the verge of tears [little did he know the other had and was actually crying] was far to much! He couldn't even think about saying anything in response to the other's yelling. That is, until the other turned, Axel perked up, trying to see what Roxas was doing. Unable to see but hearing just fine.

The color drained from his face, "Hate"? "Never talk to"? Were those words in the dictionary for when it came to Roxas? "Damnit kid." He groaned, slamming his palm against his forehead.
Axel was going to cross the boundary.
The red-head bent down, his left going around the blonde's ahoulder and covering the blue orbs, his right hand wrapping itself around Roxas's body, pulling him in to Axel's torso. Axel leaned down, his lips near Roxas's ear. "I've never hated you, and I never will through my entire exsistance. Commit it to memory." He whispered, using the index finger of his left hand to tap along Roxas's forehead. As if that would make him remember forever.
Axel chickened out. He couldn't tell Roxas. That would be dirty.

The eighth Nobody of the organization stood, releasing his hold on the other and took a step back. Running his gloved hand through his wet hair, that was no longer spikey in the least and now hung to around his shoulders. "Come on Roxas, Let's go home. -Less I just leave you behind."
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"I just want to know what I did to make you hate me so much...",he said quietly,his throat somewhat hurting now from the cold that was developing from the rain,and partly from the yelling."I'll never talk to you again but please tell me what I did...",he softly.
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Roxas immediately closed the gap between them as the older of the two took a step back.The anger he was feeling was apparent in his eyes as he stood inches from Axel,staring up at him with peircing eyes.He knew that this little incident would shatter anything they had left between them,but he didn't care!Axel was being a total jerk and he couldn't figure out why.Did he do something to upset him?He couldn't think of anything that he had done in the past that could bring about what was happening between them lately.

He pulled his arms up and gripped his own hood in frustration,"You know exactly what I mean!",he yelled up at the older male."You ignore me an-and avoid me!What did I do?!",his voice rose louder and louder as he yelled at the taller male.Trying to hide the tears,he turned away and rubbed his eyes."It's just...whatever...",he said quietly,his voice nearly being drowned out by the rain as he remained quiet,not looking at the significantly taller male.After a while,he sighed,
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Axel took a step back as the other stood, yup, it was him alright. The very person he wanted to stay away from at the moment. He disliked avoiding the other but it was the only thing he could do! While they were together so much the mentally aged niteen year-old would get undenyable urges. So bad that the red-head would feel terrible and disappear for a few days on "missions" in which he would plead to obtain dispite hating always getting stuck with the icky ones. -But those were better than staying with Roxas, someone he might literally jump and pull in to an alley.

Getting back in to focus Axel looked down at the blonde, then around to where they were, going back to the younger one. "What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine. No need to get all snippy!", Axel said with an unwanted tone in his voice as he avoided direct eye contact from Roxas. Yet he could feel the others frustration and sorrow and he could only guess the reason why, but he felt he was right. "What? Little Roxas upset that I'm not spending all my time with him? Come on kid, I have other things to do than baby sit." Axel explained with a wave of his hand, while his inner voice was telling him to "Shut up, you don't mean these things!". -But Axel couldn't help it. He needed some sort of an excuse, the truth would just tear them both up in side if it was said allowed, and the fire-weilder just couldn't let that happen, Roxas was far to special to him. So special that he would give him up to protect the blondes innocent little mind. He couldn't dirty it.
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It was unmistakeable who it could've been.Nobody had the same voice as him..."Dammit...why me?",he thought to himself before feeling a wave of anger.Standing up quickly,he looked up at the taller male with a look of fury in his eyes,but also of sadness,the hood was still covering nost of his head,but his hair was no longer spikey due to the rain,"What's your problem?!",he yelled at the older male,tears not visible due to the rain.
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