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2215 AD

With the Earth's resources ever dwindling, the governments of the world came together with an idea. They wanted to prove the concept that man could survive on other planets. Thinking it was the best place for it due to access, they began construction of a colony located on the moon. This colony would be capable of housing millions in a sustainable fashion.

The project went underway and things moved along smoothly, but toward the very end of the project a bump appeared that they didn't foresee. It seemed that, because it wasn't intended to be a particularly permanent solution, but more of a proof of concept, the various governments involved began to bicker about what would be done with it.

After a few years of these arguments, the project was scrapped, leaving behind a nearly perfect colony on the moon. Bureaucracy won out in the end.

2255 AD

Forty years had passed since the moon colony was abandoned and with nothing better to do with it, the countries that were involved came to an agreement. A third party, a private corporation named Ascentia, came forth with a proposal to buy the colony from each country and commercialize it. Without being able to come to an agreement between them, the countries agreed, taking the money and washing their hands of the project.

Now, Ascentia is gathering a crew of individuals that are the best in their fields in order to go to the colony and prep it for inhabitants. Those going on the mission should expect to be on the colony with just their crew mates for an extended period of time as it must become sustainable in the long run before others will start arriving. All equipment needed for their mission will be supplied by the company. Any additional items may be allowed, but will need to adhere to a total weight limit.


Now then. Just to say this now, I'm not expecting people to come flooding to me asking to join right away. If you have an interest in this, if you've said to yourself "Wow! That sounds awesome!", then either PM myself or feel free to post in here. The rp isn't "officially" starting yet, as I'd like to get a feel for the people being sent on this mission. We're not sending six mechanics on this jobs. Fields need to be more diverse to account for different aspects of the job. As it stands, the only jobs designated to people are Botanist and Medic. The list will be updated as more people show interest.

With that being said, as mentioned earlier, just post in here if you're interested. Let me know what you're thinking, if anything, for your character and I can help you along if you so choose.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Great! Thank you.
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 12h 15m 29s
Oh, it's a role we certainly need. You're more than welcome. I'll let you know when we're ready to start.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 23d 12h 22m 50s
Oh... I misunderstood what you meant. Sorry. I thought those were the job ads that you thought of that would be needed. I didn't realize they were filled roles.

So I'll just keep the one character then, if you don't mind me joining. Computer Engineer and programmer (designs systems for auto space living like life support (oxygen), Security, and such like maybe the Engineers on Star trek?

Thank you for at least considering me anyway.
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 13h 26m 36s
We do have a medic as well. Sorry. I mentioned that in the setting. The two that we have for sure or Medic and Botanist.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 23d 13h 34m 2s
So... that's two or three right now, right? I would maybe think about playing a second character if you needed it... a lady who is about 33, who is basically just a medical doctor to keep those on the mission alive. She would have just the things she would need to make sure they made it back to the space station if one of the astronauts fell ill. So, she can't do surgeries as there are no facilities, but she can treat space sickness, treat little problems, and keep someone stable until they could get a ride to the closest space station with the right facilities.

The second character would be more just a drop back character when people needed health care, and probably not the main character I used in every role play though I will understand if you say... "ah... no. We need all six to be dedicated main hero characters"

Check with you again when you have a team... or something.
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 13h 37m 42s
We're currently lining up an electrician/mechanic, though we could use a dedicated mechanic as well.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 23d 13h 51m 45s
That's his or her problem. I'm there to make sure that human life isn't wasted over some thing that can be the result of tired eyes and fumbling human fingers.

Do you have other takers yet?
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 13h 53m 33s
Entirely plausible. Just be mindful that our Botanist probably won't like you.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 23d 13h 55m 19s
He was simply going to have a program to make the area tolerable without fear of oxygen or atmosphere within the sphere. If there are only 6, I can see why that sphere isn't even needed. I misunderstood to think they were trying to redesign it so that they would fill it with a colony once they were sure it was working right.

He was simply going to have the computer to be sure that that stuff wouldn't fail once they started bringing people there to live.
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 13h 56m 56s
He wouldn't have a team of 12. We're going to be individuals up there and there will only be around six of us. There is going to be a botanist overseeing the plant life, so I'm also a bit confused as to what the computer program will be adding. Don't get me wrong, though. A computer science engineer is a pretty useful role to fill.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 23d 15h 11m 57s
Computer programmer and Engineer

Has a program that might run the colony's greenhouse field. He has created a program with the computer that given the right amount of water and plants, can make a portion of the moon livable without spacesuits. This same system has already proven beneficial in the space stations that surround the Earth.

With the computers to run the system, there is less chance of errors, and since it doesn't need to sleep, there will be no problems with shifts. Of course, he needs a team of 12 engineers to keep watch on it's mechanical aspects.

There is also a back up program, but Mike would have a condition black posted when they did maintenance on the system suggesting space suits anyway to make sure accidents didn't occur while the main systems were off line.

How is this?
  Mike / DewLeaf / 9y 23d 19h 7m 51s
For the record, as these are more or less the best people in their fields, if you're planning a character, they're not 17. End of story. This isn't a teenage pleasure cruise. Your character would be young if they were in their mid to late twenties.
  Kyle J. Mitchell / Junkyard_Dog / 9y 24d 1h 44s

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