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Demon prince and a vampire princess fall in love. How disgracful to the royals but they don't seem to care.

And the rest i guess we could make it up ahaa ☺


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She felt relieved once she saw that he was no longer alive. All of the soldiers thy were with him stood there shocked. "Now, I'm the heir of the vampire clan and there will be some changes around here." she began as she made her way next to Tsukane, slipping her hand around his arm. "He's a Demon, and I-I love him." she didn't know how they would react but the changes were highly needed. She no longer wanted war or conflict between the demons and the vampires. She smiled as she smiled up at him, then looked back to the soldiers. When she was about to speak again, it felt like her heart was about to burst. She feel on her knees on the ground and clutched her chest. There was so much pain. 'what's going on?' she thought as her vision suddenly faded to black.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 225d 10h 1m 46s
Tsukane can see the truth in her eyes and simply lets her go and nods a few times. "If you want him dead, let me do it. Don't let that type of thing be on your shoulders." He says walking over to her father and slamming his hand against his chest hard, feeling a sickly black essence crawl out of his hand, he watches as her father goes limp against him. He pulls the black extension of himself out of her father and lets him drop to the ground, trying to hide the black in his eyes as he walks back to her side.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 310d 3h 21m 54s
She looked away as she held on tightly to him. "He doesnt deserve to live. And im pretty sure he's not a normal Vampire." She was sure of it. When she watched her mother parish when she was little, her father wasnt in sight. Her father would usually watch with amusment, but he wasnt there and there was only a beast. She sighed. "He's not trustworthy, and he would steal the pendant even if we had peace." She looked in the distance from the sky, and saw a cute cabin. She smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 310d 11h 3m 37s
Seeing what Sayomi was about to do, his body begins to react on it's on. He takes flight before swooping over and grabbing her. "You don't want to do that Sayomi. It's not worth it. It won't bring her back, nor will it make you feel good. Having the death of someone on your hands is not something you want to live with." He says looking her in the eyes and before pulling her closer and just holding her there. "We will discuss our living arrangements and what happens to the two kingdoms tomorrow morning, once everything has calmed down and you two grasp the fact that we're married and the feud is over." Tsukane says taking off into flight again before flying them both to a cabin he runs away too all the time.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 318d 19h 7m 6s
Her father'e eyes grew big as he took one step back. He must have realized now, that both countries are going to be one. But what she really thought was that he was terrified of her power.

She never let the sword drop from his neck but more closer to his neck where it made blood run down his neck. She couldnt stopwhat she was about to do. She was done with her father. Her eyes burned with purple/red as she pulled the sword back and when to kill him. She wasnt going to let a monster like him live in a world like this. Not after all he did. He killed her mother...
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 319d 4h 19m 45s
Tsukane was just about to tell her what had happened before she's talking again. He changes into his normal form before stepping in front of his fathers way. "Tsukane, what nonsense is this blood sucker spuing. Tell me that my own son didn't do such an awful thing." His father says, and unlike Sayomi and her father, Tsukane is extremely close to his dad. "There is no law against marrying a vampire, father. You and a lot of others may hate their kind, but they are no better than us, nor are they worse than us. They have things in their kingdom that we have in ours. We share a lot of similarities in the two kingdoms, the only thing seperating us is this forest. If I can manage to fall in love with the princess after being raised to hate their kind, you can move your prejudice aside and do what makes me happy." Tsukane says not letting his eyes waver from his fathers once.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 322d 15h 52m 57s
She fluttered her eyes open after a while on the ground. "What happened?" She asked herself allowed as she looked around. The two kingdoms were glaring at each other. 'When did Father come back?' She thought. She didnt speak of Tsukane anywhere. Then she rememenberd. The book. She must have not put it back and her father found it missing. 'Oh no...' She thought as terror fell onto her face.

Something inside of her was building up as she tried standing up. She felt a little bit shakie. She noticed something different though. Her whole appearance was different. Her clothes from before were now blue and her pendant was on her head. She also had a sword that was around her waist. She slid the sword, and walked into the middle of the two kingdoms. She said as she looked at the two. They seemed a bit confused, since they were looking at each other murmuring under their breath. She had no other choice but to tell them. "We're married." She said as she looked up to her father. He had anger in his eyes. The look in his eyes scared her more than ever. But she had power now and she was going to end this. She walked up to her father and put the point on the sword to his neck.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 323d 5h 15m 31s
Tsukane looks over Sayomi's shoulder at her fathers kingdom before being pulled up in the air for a bit. Once he drops, he lets his wings come out so that he doesn't hit the ground hard. He runs over to see his own father coming at them with their army. The moment Sayomi begins to fall, Tsukane is right there holding her. He looks at both of the kingdoms on either side of the field, both glaring at the two of them.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 331d 7h 38m 39s
She looked through the bush that they were hiding behind. They looked like the ones from her Kingdom. ‘Father’s Back?!’ She thought as terror ran through her body. ‘H-How did he-‘ She couldn’t finish her thought. She noticed her Father standing in the front. She took her pendant in hand and looked at it. The light that used to be in it started getting brighter. “Uh Tsukane.” She whispered. The light was shining bright that the soldiers and her father could probably see. She knew this was going to be bad and get ugly. Soon the light was shining on her and she started drifting up. She held onto Tsukane, hoping that it would help. She couldn’t hang on much longer. Her grip loosened and drifted higher into the air as the light covered her where you could barely see her. She was terrified. But in the light she could make out her Mother. Her mother looked like she was smiling and came up to her hugging her. Then her mother went inside her changing everything. She drifted back down but she fell unconscious.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 331d 15h 34m 38s
Tsukane heard it, he heard the roaring sounds of an army making their way towards them. Tsukane grabs Sayomi and lifts them both up and into the tree, putting them on the highest and sturdiest branch he can find, making sure they're hidden by the bush of tree, but still unseen by anyone coming in for an attack.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 335d 2h 19s
She was suddenly lifted off the ground after a nice kiss from Tsukane. She was finally married with someone she was in love with. She knew that sooner or later, her father was going to find out. She thought about that as she and Tsukane were at the tree where they had met. She was really happy about what happened today, but she was worried for some reason. She just couldn't put her finger on it. She shock her head a bit and tried not to worry to much about it.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 335d 2h 34m 36s
Tsukane stands there staring at the purple pendant before lifting his eyes up to Sayomi's. He leans in and kisses her again before turning towards the minister and bowing to him. He lets his wings break from his back before grabbing Sayomi and flying them both out of the door and to the tree in the field that only they share.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 335d 14h 5m 32s
She watched as the pendant fell back onto her chest. The light slowly faded away leaving a now bright purple colored pendant, that used to be a dark red color. She looked down at her hands that were intertwinded with Tsukane. Her skin looked a bit more paler than normal but that'sall she noticed at the moment. Her whole body and life was about to change.
  Sayomi / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 336d 21s
Tsukane and Sayomi just stand there looking at the gem as it shines and fills with the two colors. The minister has to cover his eyes from the bright light, but it doesn't seem to phase either of them. They just stand there holding hands watching as the gem floats between them.
  Tsukane / pandachi / 8y 337d 1h 29m 8s
She looked down as a small red light flowed from her hand. 'What's going on?!' She thought. She noticed her necklace rise up from her chest and the light from her hand hitting it. She could feel power flowing through her body, almost like her body was changing. She didn't know what to feel at the moment. she stared at the pendant almost as if she couldn't look away.
  Ally_Kat94 / 8y 337d 1h 57m 12s

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